Kundalini Living

Poems and quotes from Linda Li

It is the Divine in me expresses the love and light. It is the Divine in all of us share this love and light. Sharing the love, light and wisdom for the greater good for all.


Enlightenment is the lotus flower
Come up from the deep
Muddy water
Yet pure, radiant
Along the way...

Shed the old
Grow the new
Absorb the good
Eliminate the useless
Come up to reach the Sun
To reach The Divine
With an open smile
And a beautiful open he
Lotus, the reflection of enlightenment
I am you.
You are me
Heavenly blessings we are.
The lotus and us.

Peace presents when there is no judgement within you
Judgement of yourself
And judgement of others

Divine Mother's blue permeates every fiber of every being on the planet.
It is in this blue you find your rescue
It is in this blue you rest your soul
It is in this blue you fulfill your mission
And it is in this blue you find your way home...
Rest in this blue, and Mother will rescue you
Bathe in this blue, and Mother will caress you, sooth you and rebirth you
Only Divine Mother's blue
Rest your soul


Soft gentle pink
Divine Mother's energy
Touch my healing wounds
My wounds healed
Soothe my lingering mind...
My mind stills
Hug my eager wings
My wings rest
Fill my empty heart
My heart fulfilled
Yes, it is Mother's gentle pink
I return
Fly high
With Angelic wings
And human spirit
All that wounds
Dust away in the pink
All that doubt
Melt away in the eternity
Only Mother's love
As gentle pink
Heal the wounded wounds
Soothe the wounded minds
Carry the wounded soldiers
And me with the Mother
In the pink
Become the pink
As Mother's pink

Ancient Glacier tells the story of Himalaya and human kind.
It is this precious gift from the past, you trace your originality
It is this precious gift, you find your way to the future
It is this precious gift, you know the reason you are here
And it is this precious gift, you are moving forward with resolve and determination ...
And only this gift can lift humanity to a higher level than human kind had never been
Powerful gift and powerful story of Ancient Glacier
Thank you for being here and now
And show the way for humanity to follow
Thank you for showing the future of human kind, which is so bright, even you shy away and disappear
Oh Ancient Glacier
The light of the world
The savior of the man kind
Thank you


It is the love string us together
No matter where you are
I am here to love you
No matter what you say
The love is the only reason behind it...
It is the love always bring you to me, me to you
Together we are the love
And we are home together
With love


The love from my garden
Sprouts out with Divine perfection
Bathe in the joyful tears of Mother Earth
And greet the world
With Divinely beauty
Oh this NOW moment...
I am lost in the joy of my garden
And drunk in the love of my garden
How Divine
My garden
My paradise

Immaculate concept, Divine Mother and Mother Mary. May we be held in her sacred heart, be healed one by one.
May we hold our Divine blue print in our hearts, heal ourselves and our loved ones.
Know that is our original design and DNA.
Know we are perfect in our original design
And know we are returning to our immaculate concept...
Our Divine blue print
Our original design and DNA
Affirm it
Claim it
And see yourself live it every moment of every day


In the field of tulips
I sing
In the field of tulips
I dance
In the field of tulips...
I connect
With Divine
And Gaia
In the field of tulips
We are one
And Mother Earth
Yes, in the field of tulips
I find me
With Divine
With Tulips
And with Mother Earth
Because we are in harmony
We are one


In the love of roses
I see you
And shine
In the shine of roses
I smell you
Fragrance of
Love and
Fragrance of Divine
You and I
We dance in the light
And love of Divine
My beloved roses
Become me
And I become roses
Beautiful roses
We are roses

Feelings of gratitude
Beyond words
And flowers
It flows through me
As waves of love and sound...
Come and go
Between me
And the Universe
It becomes me
And the Universe


Resting in the arms of love
Let the Divine shower you and recharge you
Know your path is petaled with
Divine love
And ease and grace...
Know All is well
All is well


It is the purity in you
I worship
It is the Divine perfection
I mirror
It is the white light...
We share
And it is the inner beauty
We reflect
We are Divine
And pure
And perfect

Deep down in your heart
There is music
The music of love
Heavenly sweet love
Sing that love...
With your instrument
Sing that love
With your grateful heart
Sing that love
With deep silence
Sing that love
With breathless breath
Know that is the music of you
Music of your heart
And the music of the Universe
Play that music
That is the music indeed you want to play


Yellow is the color of wisdom
The wisdom you are so drawn to
The driving force of your Divinity
The wisdom in your heart
Guide you as your compass...
Lead you in whatever way you need it
Be the wise one you come here for
Be the Divine way shower you were born to be
And be the one bearing the Divine wisdom
In your speech
In your love
In your daily activities
And most importantly
In your heart
Make space for the wisdom
To guide you
And walk with you
Know wisdom always wins
In the world of confusion
Wisdom always shows
In the world of the superficials
Wisdom always stays
In the world of changes
And wisdom is always with you
Even there is nothing left in you
You still have wisdom
And that wisdom is all you need
To begin the new again, and again, and again...

Pray Mother Earth
To give her children life and new life
With unconditional love
And abundance
Pray Mother Earth ...
Bless her children with peace and prosperity
Bestow her children with love and mercy
Beloved children of Nepal
May Mother Earth bless you with peace and love
Clothe your body
Feed your heart
And feed your soul
It is the Himalaya
You worship and surrender
And it is the Mother Earth
Your soul dwells on
Mother Earth
And Himalaya
People in Nepal
Beloved the souls
Thank you for the sacrifice
And pray Mother Earth
To bring you again
To the Himalaya
Again, the sacred Himalaya


The spiritual path has no end
Only the journey ends
Once your journey ends
You return home, rest and prepare
And next journey begins...
Cycle goes on and on
This journey though
Is a little different
Because it is a journey with the masses
A journey with great responsibility
A journey Divine heavily involved
And a journey of an end of an evolution
Enjoy your journey dear light workers
it is meant to be enjoyed and explored
Explore your journey
It has literally no limitations
What the journey has is the endless possibilities and tremendous joy
A extraordinary journey indeed
A journey of love
A journey of Divine
And a journey home eventually


It is your twin's love
You are yearning for
It is the twin flame connection
You feel
In your heart...
In your soul
In your ancient DNA
Every moment of the day
The yearning grows stronger
The yearning for
His look of love
His warmth of touch
His belongingness of hug
His gentleness of caressing
His passionate kisses
And his longings of connection
Soul to Soul
As one
And eternal