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Divine Message for Lightworkers and Humanity



Divine decree on Gamma Rays and Ascension

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have monumently important news to share with you today. Yes, full moon is important, Blood moon is important, but what we share is more important and we hope you heed it, and ponden on it and remember it with your heart and soul.
So, what i...s the message we bring? Dear ones, what bring is Divine Mother's love and wish and Divine Mother/Father's decree. Yes, Divine has decreed that by September 27th, which is today, the full moon day, the world population will be awakened to a whole new realm, we would go that far and say a whole new spectrum of light. Yes, you heard the term Gamma Ray Wave X. Yes, indeed, the world is coming to a whole new place, a whole new vibration and the population is going to wake up and realize that somehow they feel different, their heart is all of a sudden yearning for something, something they havenot yearned before, and that something is Divine Mother's love. Yes, Mother's children are going to wake up and look for Mother's love, yearning for Mother's love and this time they will get it, feel it and their heart finally will open to it, and that is what is going to happen this time around, and that is what this Blood moon is about. It is about Mother's children suddenly waking up to Mother's love, and waking up to their divinity within and waking up to their love to Mother/Father God and their divine sisters and brother and their divine family, their origin, and that is all going to happen from this point on, and in the next year and half. The reason we say year and half is because it takes some time for all the different groups of souls to wake up, and it takes some time for the deep sleepers to awake than the lights slumbers. But they are all due this time, all due to wake up to the roses, and see their true beauty and their own divinity, and that is fundamental and that is the news. It is the first time in human history to have such a gigantic population, all of a sudden wake up to their divinity within, first time ever. And that is why we, the ascended masters and company of heaven and Divine, are all on high alert, watching over billions of souls on the planet day and night, adjust the incoming powerful Rays and make sure it is being altered to suit population at large as well as the light workers in general.
Till now, the intensity basically level up and the light coming in from now on will be consistent for a while till we see the result we anticipated and Mother had designed, and we may have adjustment by then. But for now and from now on, the intensity will be like this for a while, we wish you to heed the message and work with it, not running from it because you can not run away from Mother's love. It is every where, and it is in everything, it is the fundamental element of you and everything else on the planet. It is the love existing in the universe, the only love and true love. And it is you and your divinity.
Dear ones, that is the message we brought today. Yes, it is intense. We can feel it and we can feel you as well. We heard you and we heard your prayers. We understand adjustment is not always easy, but dear hearts, it is the process, process of this great shift and process of enlightenment. What we can advise you is to relax and breathe. Breathe in Mother's love and breathe out everything not serving you the highest good, just breathe and let the energy flow through you and anchor into Gaia. Breathing has tremendous calming and healing effects as you know, breathing is also the way to connect with Divine, with the Mother and Source. Keep breathing and let everything else go and know all will be well, all is planned out and all is for the best of the planet and for the best of you all. And that is Mother's plan, Mother's wish and Divine's order.
So, keep breathing dear ones. Know we love you. We watch over you, we are diligently working out all the kinks to make sure the Gamma Ray can come into the planet as smooth as possible. Let it in and dance with it, breathe it and know it is Divine's gift and Divine Mother's love for Gaia and her children. It is essential for Gaia's shift and your enlightenment. Without it, you won't be able to achieve enlightenment, not in physical form. So, take advantage of it, breathe it and let it do the wonders for you. You are in for a great treat from the Mother. And that is all matters.
We love you dear ones. We know what it means going through physical ascension without years of serious training. But with Divine's help, all is possible and all is happening. Let it happen. Let Divine's gift sink in and let enlightenment come to the planet, a planet that is so deserving and a planet is so loved by you and divine. Let it all happen dear ones, and it is time, and it is happening, we are thrilled and overjoyed indeed. So it is.


Divine decree on where we are and our deadlines

Divinely loved children of Gaia, tomorrow will be the fundamentally important day of the year, the Equinox. We, the ascended masters and company of heaven, want to address you on the day before this important occasion, and give you an update on the happenings behind the door.
Yes, Divine had decreed that by Equinox, the first wave of ascension should have, by and large, landed on new earth. Humanity at large should have been informed or awakened to the fact that ascension is happening, Gaia is shifting and new earth is birthing. That picture seems almost accurate by now, and by what we see, at least at soul level, humanity has been informed of the ascension and of the opportunity to decide whether to proceed in the face of great shift. Of course, as you prodicted, most of the souls are waking up to their original design, which is to come here at this moment to witness the ascension and experience the physical ascension. Due to the intermediate amnesia, they forgot their purpose till now. They wake up and realize that there are a lot of work ahead of them, but they are up to it, enthusiastic about it and that is what we want to see and that is what we do see.
So, let's go back to the Divine decree. Divine decree says that humanity by and large should have awakened by now, but in your reality, in your world, it is far from that, at least in your mind and from what you see and experience. Both are true dear ones, in our realm, all the souls, or most of the souls already awaken to their purpose and their mission and do know what they need to do next. But that is in the higher realm, it takes some time to manifest in your world, the physical plane, and that is the difference between us, and that is the difference in reality now. However, in next few weeks and months, these souls are going to wake up in their physical world, it means you will see huge numbers of people suddenly waking up without much of the preparation or training, and that requires huge amount of the attention, attention from us and attention from you dear ones, and that is why we, the company of heaven and Divine, have been so desperately trying to get you ready, so when humanity awakens, you will be ready, standing there, greeting them with your loving peaceful presence and help them whenever and whatever they need. We understand it is a huge undertaking and a lot is at stake, but dear ones, we have heaven and Divine, we have Divine's unconditional love and support, and we have ascended masters, and we have you, our beloved army of light workers and Divine Angels, walking on earth, fully awake, fully armed and ready to work, and that is why we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, are so confident and feel so privileged to be able to be the bridge between you and heaven, to work with you, hand in hand, together, usher in the new age, and grant the permissions and welcome humanity amass. What an honor and what a privilege. We are indeed overjoyed and overwhelmed by all that is coming.
Meanwhile though, we still have lots of work to do to get there. Yes, even just few weeks away, we still have tremendous tasks needed to be completed with great care and precision. Anything involving a soul is a great honor and great task. We take great stride and make sure everything is absolutely proceeding perfectly. Every step will require great accuracy and perfection and we do that hundred percent of the times, no exceptions.
So, now, you understand how we work a little bit, and understand why you feel we pressure you dear ones, to some degree, we did and we do, but that is all because we have so much in our plate, when we say our plate, it means yours too dear ones, we are in this together. That is the Divine decree, and you know what Divine decree means.
So, now, let's go back to the Equinox. The reason we say pressuring you is precisely because this equinox. According to Divine's design, it is the deadline, the deadline for the first wavers to ascend, getting ready for the next mission, and the deadline for humanity at large to wake up. Did we beat the deadline? Yes and no. Yes, we did wake up most of the souls and they are going to come out of the slumber in next few months. However, we did not completely get the first wavers ready to their next mission, but Divine did give us some lee way on that one. Divine knows we have so much to do and so little time. Divine knows each and every one of you are absolutely doing your best, trying your most and that is enough, and Divine also knows you are almost there, against all odds, you woke up fully and almost ready to lead and teach humanity, and that is more than enough for Divine Mother to celebrate, and more than enough for us to take a deep breath and say hallelujah!
Dear ones, that is where we are, you and us together. We are pretty good in terms of completing the Divine decrees, not 100%, but almost, and that is absolutely a miracle considering we are working from different realms, and trying to coordinate and achieve the same goal. Divine miracle indeed. We, the ascended masters and company of heaven, can not sing hallelujah enough.
We love you dear ones. From the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you all, each and every one of you, Divine Angels. Without you, we wouldn't be here, celebrating and ushering in the grand Golden age, and a brand new human race. Indeed, each and every one of you did a splendid job, with great dedication and perseverance. We salute you. We love you, we admire you and we worship you.
We love you. We will be back in couple days and give you more news on upcoming the blood moon and happenings around that time. But for now, we salute you and say good bye. Indeed, great love and great honor to work with you all. So it is.


Divine decree on All systems go again

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have an important message to share today. Divine just decreed that humanity's ascension has reached a point that "all systems go" is on again after a short break. Now the momentum is picking up and the intensity of energy will increase substantially. Yes, coup...le days of break here and there is indeed needed. These kinds of breaks give you chance to integrate the energy and let it work it's miracles, plus humanity's capacity is still developing, it needs to be managed delicately, so we only can go fast as humanity is capable of receiving. And that is the reason we periodically give breaks, ascension breaks you can call it.
Now the game is back on again dear ones. The energy game if you will, the love game, the love from the Mother, from the Cosmo and from the source, is coming at an unprecedented speed and intensity, coming to the planet at great volume, will flood the planet again with great focus and intent, for the ascension of humanity. Dear ones, time to buckle down and do the work, healing work, heal yourself and heal humanity. This energy particularly penetrates the deep wounds, old die hard beliefs and distorted teachings, all will be dug out for releasing and washed away. Let the healing happen dear ones, and make the release complete so that you can get on to the next phase. The purpose of this "All systems go" is just for that, complete the healing of the first wavers so that they can move onto the next phase which is to help humanity, teach humanity and lead humanity home.
We, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have been busy taming the incoming energy, alter the intensity and direct it to the designated areas. Now, we will shift the focus and let more light in and less interference so that humanity will be able to receive more. It is a team work indeed.
That is the message for today dear ones. Busy time indeed, heaven and Divine is busy directing the mass ascension of Gaia and her children, and you and humanity are busy ascending, exciting time. We love what we see, and we love what we do, rewarding with great responsibilities involved, made our time and effort worthwhile.
Dear ones, in this beautiful morning, we wish you peace and trust, trust heaven and Divine, trust the process, and know all is going well. We pray that you focus on your ascension, focus on your beautiful temple and focus on Divine love and let it penetrate every cell of your body and let it heal, and know all of these is for your greater good and the greater good of humanity.
We love you. We love humanity. Go with peace, great love for you all. So it is.


Divine decree on the adjustment of incoming energy

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have an extremely important message to share today. Divine just decreed that humanity's ascension has reached a critical point that "All system go" policy will be adjusted, and tame down so that all the light workers and humanity will have some breathing room, a li...ttle break, adjustment time. That is the Divine decision for the moment, and that decision is based on the reactions you all have to the intensifying energy bombarding the planet currently. humanity at the point that almost breaks its perpetual patterns, and that breakthrough needs to be handled delicately and gradually, gradual we mean tune down the momentium a bit so that it won't be explosions and won't be too harmful for humanity. And that is the situation on earth, and that is the decision came from. Other than that, Divine and heaven also considered dear light workers progress and try to manage the intensity level so that all the pioneers and first wavers at the frontier have little breaks here and there, have a rest after intense periods of working.
We love you. We love humanity. Humanity's ascension has been going so fast and reaching so far and vast. As ascended masters and company of heaven, we are so pleased to see the result so far, encouraging signs all over the planet, and we indeed feel so proud of humanity and dear light workers. We cheer for you dear light workers. We cheer for Divine and company of heaven. Grand event indeed.
That is what we have today. We love you. All is working well, and all is progressing according to Mother's plan. We are all busy conducting our parts of the duty, and we are all so eager to meet you on the new earth. The new earth is now already occupied by some of you dear light workers. You are so excited here, you are so thrilled and busy planning what to do on this brand new home, and you are so eager and waiting for your dear family and friends to arrive. What a scene, beautiful! We, on the other hand, are watching all this unfolding in front of our eyes, almost impossible but yet happening. Thank Divine and heaven, it is happening, and happening fast. We congratulate you and humanity. We congratulate ourselves and heaven. And we congratulate Divine. The party has begun, the celebration is indeed already started.
We love you. We love humanity. In this beautiful day, we pray that you focus on your ascension, join the party and celebrate with your fellow light workers and humanity. Make this day count, make history glorious and make humanity a great brand new human race. We love you indeed. So it is.