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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Mother Mary on the arrival of ascension army

Dear ones, I am Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus and mother of you all. I come today to share love and share great news. The planet at the moment is full of love dear ones, the love from divine and the love of Mother. Beautiful love energy is hovering over the planet and flooded the planet, penetrating every cell of yours and every partic...le of the universe. Yes, it is love and Divine love. It is every where, and in everything. Enjoy it dear ones, enjoy this divine love to the fullest. It is designed for you to take advantage of it, grow with you and become it. It is part of you, and it is the divinity of you and in you. Yes, it is profound and yet subtle. It is in your DNA and yet coming to activate your DNA. It will fully equip you and arm you so that you will be the warrior again, be the spiritual warrior and serve the Divine and Mother. It is all for your greater good indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I love you dear ones. I bring a great news to you today. The ascension army has arrived on the new earth, and divine and heaven has been celebrating with you and the new arrivals nonstop. Yes, we are overjoyed and we are indeed so thrilled to see you here on the new earth. The new earth is so beautiful beyond your expectations and you are like a new born baby, exploring the new earth with your wonderours eyes, you are so in love with everything here, and everything on the new earth seems familiar but yet so freshing. You are in the wonderland, try to figure things out and try things out. What a beautiful scene.
Dear ones, we made it, we made it to the new earth, the 5th dimension as we planed. What an achivement, in such a short period of time, a miracle. Divine cannot even fathom how you made it but you did. Now you are proudly arriving at the 5th dimension with great expectations and excitement. Job well done dear ones! I am overjoyed indeed. From this point on, our journey will be easier dear ones, not easy but easier. Easier because you have already achieved a certain level of vibration and higher realm, and the low realm and old energy won't be able to touch you. It is easier because you have had released the majority of the past programs and old teachings so that the distortions and disbliefs won't be able to fool you again. It is easier because finally you have had your heart opened and let divine in so that divine will be your copilot and your ship will be steered to the directions your soul so desires and divine so wishes for you. Yes, it is going to be easier because you will have an army of companions and army of love, dear light workers, join you on the path and serve together. And that will make your life so much easier and enjoyable and less lonely. Dear ones, what an exciting moment it is! We are so thrilled and cannot describe how happy and proud we are.
Divine has decreed that the grand celebration has began and it will last till the last beloved light worker arrives. Yes, dear ones, we are having a grand celebration and the celebration is going to last for a while. We laugh, we sing, we dance and we laugh. It is a great occasion and a great celebration. Mother has been waiting for, and divine and heaven has been working hard for. Indeed great moment to reward ourselves, we do deserve it, over thousands of lifetimes' s hard work. We finally arrived at our destiny and achived our goal. What an amazing achivement it is. Indeed divine!
I am Mother Mary. I am so happy for you, each and every one of you, congratulations dear ones, congratulations on your arrival, congratulations on your achivement and congratulations on your enlightenment. You are all my heroes, and my great love. I love you indeed.
In the upcoming days and weeks, I will continue to guide the rest of the light workers who are on their last leg of the journey. I will continue to to give you updates on what's happening on the new earth, and what's happening on earth and what we are going to do next. All will come in due time. But for now, let's celebrate, celebrate your achivement and celebrate the fact that you made it, against all odds, you made it. Let's celebrate, you and I together, we celebrate this beautiful moment, historical moment and moment we all have been working for and waiting for. It is here, grand and worth a grand celebration indeed.
I love you dear ones, with my great love and adoration, I wish you a great celebration and great break, you deserve it, you made it and that is all that matters. With love, I am Mother Mary. So it is.


Mother Mary on Divine decree

Mother Mary says the current situation in the 3D world is not necessarily ideal for our dear light workers in a sense that the die hard hard lines, the residual of the dark are relentlessly trying to survive this Divinely powerful energy by fiercely attacking our dear light workers. The best way forward dear ones is to stay vigilent and p...rotect yourself when you see the need. Know the dark ones are dying hard and trying hard, and Divine is dealing with them as we speak. Divine has decreed that the dark force leaves the planet immediately regardless their Linage, regardless their origin and their original mission, and now all the previous missions are expired, and they need to put off everything and anything they are doing and leave, just leave, nothing else they need to do or say but leaving the planet, and that is the Divine order, and Mother's wish. Anything defying that order will have great consequences, and Divine will inform them Seperately about the consequences, so I am not mentioning it here but will be sever. They need to hear this Divine decree and leave now. No more room to maneuver, manipulate or even to breathe here on the planet. It is time, last call and last call indeed.
I am Mother Mary, the Mother of all. I come today to deliever Mother's decree. Divine Mother, the great Mother of us all is concerned for the wellbeing of our dear light workers and humanity. Divine Mother has seen enough of the dark play and intrusion and want it to end now, immediately so that the light workers can finally and completely be free from any form of attack, and focus on themselves and their ascension. No more fool plays and no more Negotiations, Divine Mother declared. All dark ones are done here on Gaia, and job well done but time to go. Gaia needs breathing room, Gaia needs peace and quiet while her children are ascending. And dear light workers need peace of mind in order to finally ascend and land on the new earth, any distractions should go and eliminated. And that is Mother's order and Mother's wish.
Dear ones, I am Mother Mary. I love you. Yes, ascending army of light workers is landing on the new earth so is the first wave of the humanity. They are overjoyed by this opportunity and they ascend by leaps and bonds. Gaia is extremely happy about her children's achievement so far and looking forward to the rest of them following suit. All is moving forward smoothly and nicely. Divine and company of heaven are extremely overjoyed by what they see and humanity's effort. All is indeed beautiful beyond words.
Mother Mary's journey of ascension is not necessarily smooth as she moves along with the rest of the light workers and humanity. Due to the nature of her mission and Divine connection, Mother Mary's journey and life constantly being altered and changed so that she will be safely maneuvering through the blocks and get to where she needs to be, and that appears to be a great burden for her And light workers alike. Yes, we come here to change the world and help humanity, but we also come here to eliminate the dark, now the residual of the dark, and that has proved to be challenging since the beginning because dark tends to be ruthless and desperate, and light tends to be kind and innocent. When you deal with ruthlessness with innocence, you tend to lose the battle, and that has been Mother Mary's life experiences, and light workers overall because light workers simply have more light in the heart, kindness in the heart and forgiveness in the heart, and they operate from the heart and they see things from the heart, and that is what light does, and light workers do. But in situations like dealing with the dark, dear ones, be vigilent and be ruthless like the dark, and be strong and powerful like light. When your power of light shows up, the dark shrinks simply because their nature is weaker than light, and that is the design. So light always wins over the dark, and dark disappears. But the approach needs to be careful and well thought out so that you won't get overwhelmed and scared, that is the dark wants to see, the dark wants to see is you are sacred, and then they win, your light shrinks. Dear ones, we all have been dealing with them, in past lifetimes and this lifetime. It is common we face them in our lives. But it is not common to become their victims simply because we are stronger in the core. However, they do attack and they do do whatever it takes to bring down the power of the light, and that causes a great deal of ups and downs of the vibrations of the light workers and the world at large, and that does cause the delay of ascension of light workers and humanity, and all that needs to stop, right now. Divine has ordered and Divine will stop that instantaneously and dear light workers now is your turn to turn up the light, disappear the dark, and brighten up the planet, the whole surface of great Gaia, it is time indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I love you dear ones. In this intense and critical moment of the ascension history, I am intensely waiting and hoping all of you ascend sound and safe, no more ups and downs. Keep going forward and upwards, and till you land on the new earth, our new home. I pray that you heed Mother's call, protect yourself, approach the residual of dark with your power and Divine light, with the intention of disappearing the dark instantaneously, and you will, that is the Divine order, and that is Mother's order, no one can and even try to disobey. That way, you will no longer encounter any obstacles, no more hiding behind, and no more fear of the dark. They are done here, and they have to leave. Send them home with your love and light and your power. Let them go smoothly and quickly so that Gaia and humanity will have peace finally, and humanity will ascend peacefully without any further delay.
That is the message I brought today. I love you. In this beautiful morning, I wish joy and peace in your heart. I wish you go about your day and know we love you, Divine loves you, and only love exists on the planet, in you and in your heart. And only love is the way, the future, the future of humanity and the future of the planet. Love is indeed. So it is.


Mother Mary on physical ascension

Mother Mary says the current energy is very beneficial for the overall health and ascension in the physical sense because it is refining every part of your physical body, nerve system and immune system in particular. Every cell of your body is being recalibrated and refined so that eternal youth and health is possible. Yes, when you are in... the middle of it, all you feel is the impacts of the rebirthing which is not an easy process, and you then feel discouraged, downright frustrated or even dislike it. But dear hearts, it is a process of rebirthing in the physical realm, it is a divinely designed, long delicate process, and never can or should take it lightly. That is why the army of light beings hovering above the planet, are monitoring the situation literally every minute of the day and every day. It is Divine's desire that all the light workers being well taken care of and guided by Divine teams, and humanity as a whole will be monitored diligently by the company of heaven, every step of the way, we follow and monitor and make sure every one of you is sound and safe, going through this process successfully and safely.
I am Mother Mary. I am the Divine Mother in the Christian world and the rest of the planet. I come today to cheer you up. Dear ones, the process of ascension has been extremely demanding historically. Only because Divine has decreed that All Systems go and All help available, has been possible for army of light workers to ascend fast and safe, and humanity at large to ascend at a measurable speed, also sound and safe. You can see that is why, dear ones, Divine and company of heaven have been diligently sending love and light to you all, have been constantly sending light beings monitoring what is happening here on earth, and what is happening with your physical body, and what is happening to humanity at large. It is a gigantic project to say the least, and that is why we, in the higher realm, have been so busy doing all the guiding, healing, supporting and over lighting in the hope to eliminate and mitigate the adverse effect you are feeling in the physical plane. However dear ones, we can only do so much, because each and every one of you chose a different physical body when you incarnated, and chose a body you believed would be the best for your mission and ascension. And that means each and every one of you ascend differently from the other, heal differently from the other, feel the energy differently from the other and even rebirth differently from the other. Sounds farfetched but it is true. So you have to literally listen to your own body, study it, understand it, provide what it needs, serve what is the best for it and work with it with complete trust and commitment. That is my advice for you and that is my wish as well.
I am Mother Mary. I love you. I understand what you are going through. I have ascended in the life as the mother of Jesus. I know what it takes to ascend in spirit and in this life I am going to ascend again, in physical body and in spirit, together with you all, we ascend together, and we serve together, serve the Mother and serve humanity.
That is all for today. I pray that you take care of your temple, let the energy do its work, release all that no longer serve you and rebirth a new you, a beautiful, divinely new you. I can't wait to see all of you on the new earth, our brand new home, new play ground. We will build a brand new civiliazation on it, a brand new galactic society on it, and most importantly, a brand new unverse. Dear ones, what a beautiful future we have, and what an exciting time it is. Please be the love of mine, take care of your greatly important body, and please heed my loving message, ascend with me and ascend sound and safe.
I love you. My heart is yours, listen to your heart, and you will hear the love of mine. My love for you is eternal, and my love is eternal. Mother Mary loves you indeed. So it is.


Guan Yin on the readiness of next phase

Guan Yin says that world affairs today are quite encouraging, it is going the direction Divine has hoped for, and it is encouraging because finally, after all the time and effort dear light workers and ascended masters put in, the world is moving toward a better place, a peaceful place and a more humane place. The world leaders are waking up ...daily and seeing what they have done and what they need to do for a better humanity. The speed of their awakening is astonishing, and the power of collective is increasing by the moments, and all of this is due to the hard work of dear light workers and we, heaven and Divine, are extremely happy and proud of you all and salute for your achievement, and all is so beautiful indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I come to give you an update on world affairs, the current movement of the collective energy, and what is happening behind the scenes.
Divine and heaven have decreed that Gaia and humanity are ready for the new earth, and are ready to rebuild their home on new earth and the restoration process is going to begin very soon. What that means is that dear light workers, you are ready to start your next phase of the mission, to restore Gaia and humanity, to rebuild a brand new earth, a brand new home for yourself and humanity. Yes, the restoration of the Mother Earth and her children's home. An unprecedented gigantic event is about to begin, and heaven and Divine will be the prime director and prime monitor this time so that all aspects of the restoration will be monitored, and made sure it flows with the law of nature and law of Divine, and all aspects of the restoration will be strictly watched over so that no more damage will be added to Gaia and her children, and all for the greater good of all. And that is the exciting part of the message, and that is the Divine intent and Gaia's wish, and that will be the goal of humanity as well.
All is going so well dear light workers and humanity. All is developing according to the plan, Mother's plan, the planet of heaven on earth, indeed is happening. We are so content and happily monitoring all aspects of this grand unfoldment of Mother's plan. We indeed are grateful for all of your hard work and dedication. Only you, dear light workers, along with company of heaven, can make this happen. For that, I applaud you, salute you and for humanity's sake, I thank you!
I am Guan Yin. I love you. You are ready for the next phase, and we are too, we are going to continue to monitor the ascension army and make sure their arrival is sound and safe. Meanwhile, we will be closely working with the restoration team, army of the light workers, to start the process, and make sure every step of the way, we walk together, we talk to each other, and we communicate with humanity to make sure humanity has a say about their new home, new planet, and finally we make sure all parties are happy and look forward to a brand new civiliazation and a brand new home.
I love you, each and every one of you. We are journeying together. On this beautiful path, Guan Yin is journeying with you. She is indeed a great leader, a great spiritual warrior and great love of the Mother. Together, you, dear light workers and Guan Yin, build the new earth, new world, new civiliazation and brand new humanity. All is doable, all is in the plan, all is happening and all will prevail. So it is.


Guan Yin on currently happenings to the world and physical body

Guan Yin says at this stage of the ascension, the so called ascension symptoms are very much normal and yet very important to pay attention to because your physical body is going through the rebirth, recalibration and reconstruction process and as result, not only do you feel high vibration coming to the planet, you also feel quite a bit of th...e changes inside out, and some times changes can be scary, strange or even out right terrifying. So paying attention to the changes physically will give you a sense of safe, secure and comfort. Your body notices your attention and appreciates that, and as result your body sends signals back to you and let's you know what is happening, where it is the happenings and how your body feels about those happenings. And that is the ultimate communication you have with your innate, your body and yourself. And that is why your attention is so critical to your body and to the process-very appreciated attention indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I come today to brief you about the physical ascension and what is happening to the planet at the moment. The planet is going through extreme changes, just like your physical body, Gaia's physical body is going through all the remapping, recalibration while releasing. And you see the result of that is the chaos, chaos in all areas and all over the world. And it is going to last for a while till all the dirt is dug out, released and cleared. And Gaia will be happy about that as well. We, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have been busy working with Gaia and helping her to go through this critical moment of the shift so that humanity won't have to be lifted up or moved in order for Gaia to have a total shift. And that requires great deal of cooperation between us and Gaia. And heaven and Divine have been very attentive in this matter to make sure all the parties are doing their job with great precision so that all the collaberation goes smoothly and Gaia's great shift goes harmlessly for her and her children and humanity can continue to focus on their own ascension. It is a great experiment going extremely seemless and smooth. All parties involved are happily conducting their own task except Gaia and heaven have to be in between for the sake of Divine and humanity. That is what is happening behind the scene. Humanity's ascension is going extremely well. According to the Divine plan, everything is in order and Divine timing, running like a clock indeed. We, the company of heaven and Divine are extremely content with the process so far and where is heading. All is perfect, and all is well indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I come today with great appreciation for you all, dear light workers and humanity. All the time and effort you put in, and all the results and outcomes we see are perfectly rewarding and matching. For that, Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers will have great honor when ascension completes, and all the dear light workers will achieve great spiritual advancement when ascension completes, and Divine and heaven can't wait to hand that honor to you all and celebrate the achievement with you all, Celebrate all that you have done for your self, for the sake of Divine and humanity and all that you are as Divine change agents. For that, Divine indeed is very content and grateful.
I love you. I love humanity. Humanity's ascension is going so well, and your full enlightenment is going so fast, and I am so amazed and so encouraged. That is all I have today.
I love you. For the ascension sake, I wish all of you to continue to pay attention to your physical body, pay attention to what your body is telling you and work with your body and respect its needs. Your body is indeed your temple. Your vehicle for the soul. It is a great gift and deserves great loving care from you.
I am Guan Yin. In this beautiful moment, I wish to convey my love to you all, and wish you a smooth ride and successful process, especially now when the incoming energy is so focused and intense, and your rebirthing process is so delicate and critical. It is my deepest desire that you love the process, and love your body. And it is my wish that you heed my advice and give great attention to your beautiful temple and great care. I love you greatly. So it is.


Mother Mary on Divine human and her incarnations

Mother Mary says that your journey on earth so far has been greatly enhanced by how you feel physically and energetically dear hearts. It is indeed a journey of the soul and a journey of the energy being. But being a divine change agent, a source extension incarnated human being, your journey is also greatly humanize and filled with human ...stories, desires, dramas and ups and downs. As human being, you experience it all and you love it all. Being human is such a complex and enchanting experience, yet such a demanding and sometimes devastating experience as well. But over all, being human is what we love to do and being human is most exciting experience a divine angel can imagine.
I am Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus and mother of all. I come today to share my experience with you and cheer you on. Being a Divine change agent myself, I know what it feels like being human, being an outcast most of the times actually because the nature of our duty, and being chastised by the authorities and main stream, and being marginalized by the society. Yes, that is how majority of light workers feel and that is true in the old energy. Light workers are the outcasts, the marginal group. But dear hearts, it is all changing in this new energy. It is our turn now dear hearts. It is our time to shine once and for all. It is finally our time to show the world, to lead the world in how to be a human, a Divine human. Being human with Divine within is the reality, and being Divine human is the way the new world functions and new civilization works. Every one will recognize their own Divinity and Divinity in others. Treat each other with love and respect, and ultimately like brothers and sisters and oneness, one love. And that is the Divine human, Divine society and new Golden Age. Yes, you may feel that is a long way to go. But dear hearts, consider in a hundred years ago, the modern life was not even imaginable, yet humanity managed to achieve it and live an extraordinary modern life now. Humanity is a great race and driven civilization. Anything is possible. It does not matter it is technology advancement, social justice advancement or life death, spiritual advancement, humanity manages well and advances itself with amazing speed. And that is the sign that once you put your heart and soul in it, everything is possible. And that is the human spirit and that is what I am talking about today, the advancement of humanity and the advancement of being human, from being human to being a Divine human. And that is the near future of humanity, it is coming and coming fast with great momentium and great joy. The heaven and Divine watch it with great satisfaction and great confidence. Humanity has finally mature enough and advanced itself to adulthood, mature spiritual adulthood. For that, heaven smiles and Divine sings the praises.
Dear hearts, I am Mother Mary. I love you. Enjoy your humanhood. Enjoy your journey on earth. Know how precious being a human is, and how exciting experiencing a human life is. Mother Mary knows that. Mother Mary always enjoys being human and enjoys everything human life has to offer. It is a great pleasure to be human, Mother Mary always says, and so much fun she feels. It is indeed a great opportunity for a soul to be able to experience human life, gain the wisdom and grow spiritually.
Mother Mary has had the privilege to incarnate on earth over and over, carrying a great deal of Divine light on great missions. During these incarnations, sometimes the mission was so critical, Mother Mary often had to team up with her twin flame and other soul mates, incarnated as husband and wife, mother and son, or other arrangement so that the light they carried was so great that their Divine mission got accomplished. Other times, Mother Mary comes alone, simply wanting to be a human, to be a mother, a daughter, a wife, a husband or a son, and experience the pleasure of human life, the pleasure of relationships and the pleasure of being human. That is the best, Mother Mary says because you don't have any other agenda other than being a human, and enjoying a human life which is Mother Mary's favorite thing to do. Yes, being human is Mother Mary's favorite thing to do, except being an angel, a Divine angel.
Mother Mary loves you all. Mother Mary has great deal of love for all of you, especially the ones Mother Mary reincarnated with over and over. Yes, Mother Mary loves you dear ones, regardless of whether you had been her mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, husbands and wives, lovers or friends, the list goes on and on. Indeed, beautiful souls, beautiful lives and beautiful memories. Mother Mary remembers everything, every life and each and every one of you. All is so vivid and beautiful.
Being human has enhanced that bound tremendously, Mother Mary says. Treasure your relationships, they are your soul mates, your twin flames and your friends forever. They are there for you and for you only. It is a great sacrifice for a soul to incarnate for the sake of completing your mission. And it is a great honor for a soul to be able to be chosen by you as a team. Team work indeed, beautiful design.
Mother Mary is sentimental today because Mother Mary loves human life, and very often she feels the urge to share with you all. For her, that is invaluable. To share life, share life experiences, share emotions and share love is beautiful, Mother Mary says, and that is what life is about.
Go ahead dear hearts, have a beautiful day, share that beautiful day with these beautiful souls in your life, love them, laugh with them, dance and sing with them, it is fun, it is a great pleasure only humans can have, enjoy it, and enjoy it to the fullest so when you leave, you will have no regrets, because you indeed enjoyed your life to the fullest.
Mother Mary loves you. Mother Mary is with you on this journey, a great journey indeed. Mother Mary feels so honored to share this journey with you all. Indeed, Mother Mary loves you. Mother Mary cheers you on. So it is.


Guan Yin says in this stage of the ascension, it is all about the physical body...

Guan Yin says that the incoming energy is in fact intense and penetrating. It has the effect of activating your ancient DNA and upgrade your glands and physical structure and wake up the cells. It is time for the physical maintenance. Yes, give your body the most attention and care, and know your physical body actually has sensory systems whic...h can guide you by its senses. Following the guidance of the body will make the connection between your essence and your innate stronger, and make your intuition stronger and more prominent to you. It is a team effort, it is between you and your physical body, your innate. Now, after waves of the intensified energy upgrades, your physical body is much more capable of communicating with you, giving you signals of wants and needs and what is good for the body and what is not.
At this stage of the enlightenment, it is all about the physical body. Yes, it doesn't sound spiritual but what your physical body can do and will do determines how far you can go and where you will be spiritually and energetically. What I mean by that is that your physical body has to go through a series of upgrades and rebirths in order for you to achieve full enlightenment. If for some reason, your physical body is not capable of handling the upgrades, the activations and then the process can be hindered or even stalled, and achieve enlightenment in the physical body can be extremely challenging. And that is why I say that at this stage, your physical body decides how far you can go and how deep you can achieve and it is the deciding factor. Besides your physical conditions, your physical body is actually destined to be able to handle the Divine light, go through the rebirthing process and achieve enlightenment. Of course, in modern life, there are many factors we have to consider in the process of enlightenment, the food you consume regularly, the air you breathe in, the water, and more important than you think, the so called medicine or drugs you intake, are all considered obstacles in the process of enlightenment. We, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have long been concerning about the condition on earth and the feasibility of enlightenment. But dear light workers and humanity, it is the condition Gaia has, it is the condition humanity has set up for itself, and it is the condition humanity has to overcome on the way to enlightenment. And it is Divine's will that light workers and humanity being uplifted if the conditions get too harmful and damage becomes too great, and it is light workers's Divine mission to lead humanity out of the current conditions and give humanity a brand new earth and better suited environment for ascension. And that better suited environment is here now dear light workers and humanity, a brand new earth, better air and water is coming to the shore of Gaia and for humanity and better living conditions will be the next dear ones.
I am Guan Yin. I am the Divine Mother of the east, and the rest of the planet. I am here today to give you some guidance on current conditions on the planet and your process of enlightenment.
Yes, there are sages who have achieved enlightenment through out the human history. And they have left behind enormously valuable Divine teachings on how to achieve and what is enlightenment. And for that Divine and company of heaven have great respect and appreciation for their achievement and contribution to humanity. And for that I say love them, study their path, gain wisdom from their experiences and most importantly apply to your own process. Invaluable lessons indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I am the Mother of humanity. Humanity's ascension is my deepest desire, and humanity's well being is my daily goal. Yes, seeing humanity's progress and achivement on the path of ascension is my great delight, and walking and working with dear light workers is my great pleasure. Without dear light workers' great effort and diligence, humanity's progress would be so different than now, and heaven on earth could take forever. And for that I thank you dear light workers, and for that heaven thanks you dear ones and for that humanity kneels down for you indeed. Great contribution to Divine and humanity indeed dear ones you have done, and for that I love you. I love your dedication, I love your perseverance, I love your courage and I love your time and effort. Heaven and Divine indeed are so proud of our dear light workers and so precious dear light workers. It is Mother's heart felt desire that our dear light workers have greatly appreciated, and know you are so loved by Divine and so appreciated by humanity. And it is our job to make sure all the light workers, every single one of your, ascend and ascend well and ascend with great pride and great joy. Yes, it is our deepest desire, and it is the deepest desire of ascended masters and company of heaven indeed.
We love you. We treasure you. You are the representatives and ambassadors of us, of Divine and of the Mother. You are walking on earth for us, for Divine and for humanity, and you are doing a great duty for us, the ascended masters and company of heaven and Divine, and you are doing great, each and every one of you, doing a great duty and doing a great job. For that, we, the Divine, the company of heaven and ascended masters salute you with our heart felt love, overwhelming love and serenity. We love you. Thank you for your greatness and thank you for all that you do and you are. We love you. We adore you to no end, and we appreciate you. I am Guan Yin. I love you. Indeed, my love is with you always, and my love is you. So it is.