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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Mother Mary and divine decree on current ascension progress and advice for humanity

Mother Mary says, dear heart, it has been a few days since I last spoke. There is a lot happening behind the scenes and on the planet. I come today to give you an update. Divine has decreed that the current energetic situation on the planet is quite fluid. In other words, things can go either way, largely depends on where humanity wan...ts to go next. Of course, Divine plan is the destiny, but the routine can be different, and can be decided by humanity. So, we, on the other side of the veil, eagerly inform humanity to choose carefully, humanity's future depends on it, depends on your decision, so choose wisely and carefully. That is the Divine decree and that is what I will talk about.
Yes, humanity's future had been decided at the energetic level. Everything had been put in place by humanity. But in your reality, you, the light workers and humanity, seem not to understand that, and yet still play the yo-yo game, one minute you go east, next minute you go west. But bottom line is that you already chose the direction in the higher realm, you already decided what to do next. So, I suggest you stick with it, and not yo-yo so much, because when you yo-yo, humanity goes yo-yo with you, and that causes a great deal of anxiety, both for you and humanity. So, determination is needed and once you determined, stick with it. That is my advice.
I love you dear heart. Humanity's Ascension has gone so well lately. Divine and the company of heaven, have been busy preparing our dear light workers for the next steps. Yes, some dear light workers are so ready, so we have to just let them go ahead, start the next step. Of course, as for what the next step is, it is highly individual and I am not going into details. But overall, the next step is to rebuild our society and rebuild our world. It is a gigantic project, but we have the means and we have the Divine resources to do it. Together, we prevail.
I love you dear heart. I know some of you are going through deep releasing. Deep releasing can be intimidating sometimes, especially if you have a lot of stuff buried under, and now all of sudden you have to dig it all out and release it completely. Indeed, very needed and very painful process. But because it is the necessary step of Ascension, and because it is what you have to do in order to go home, I suggest you just let it all go, all out, once and for all, heal thyself, painful yes, but better than a slow painful process. In this energy, everything goes fast, including the releasing, so, why not just let it go and heal thyself fast, that way, you liberate Yourself faster, and you liberate humanity faster, have you thought of it that way? Because you do, indeed, release for humanity as well. You are mighty being, carrying humanity on your back. So, heed my suggestion, just focus on releasing, and let it all go, nothing there to look over and over, anything less than love and light, just let it go.
I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. In this beautiful moment of your journey, I pray that you know what your mission is and get on with it. I pray that you heed my call and release and heal thyself. Know we, on the other side of the veil, are eager to help you, so, call on us, let us help you, carry you over to the other side, stop the struggles. I pray that you know how much I love you, and Mother loves you. How much you mean to Divine and humanity. So, heal thyself and start to serve, serve Divine Mother and serve humanity. I pray that you are ready for the next step, no matter what your next step is, getting ready, time won't wait for you, nor do we. We, on the other side of the veil, are ready rolling out the Divine plan and work with humanity to get the job done. I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary, so it is.


Guan Yin and Divine decree, call for the awakening of the dark forces

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I come today with an important message. Divine has decreed that humanity's Ascension has gone so far that even though there are dark forces trying to interfere, they will go nowhere. They know better. They know this is the Divine plan and the Divine plan always prevails. Yes, it is disturbing to have the dark fo...rces interrupt our plan, and try to create unnecessary fear for our light workers and humanity. But the fact of the matter is even the dark knows what they do is futile considering how far humanity has ascended, and how much light is currently on the planet. There is no room left for the dark, and they better give up now and turn to the light. That is my advice and that is Divine's will. They better get it by now.
I love you dear heart. Humanity's Ascension has been such a long journey. Both you and I know that, we have been through these ups and downs so many times, it is almost too much. I agree with you. But because this planet offers free will, the dark forces can stay in the dark if they choose to, and Divine has to agree with their decision. That is the role of the law, and we have to respect that. However, we do have leverage. As Divine change agents, we do have the power to over throw the dark forces, and turn them to the light. They are just staying in the dark for too long, they don't know better. Now, you have turned the planet to light filled, so the dark feel concerned and threatened, so they lashed out and react. Just keep sending them light dear heart, know inside these dark shells, they are also creator's sparks in them, they are the children of our great creator as well. Just like everyone else, they came here to play a role for humanity, but for whatever reason, they choose to stay in the dark and wake up later, that is all. So, your love and light will be greatly appreciated, your help to wake them up will be greatly supported by us and Divine. So, keep sending them love and light and spread the love and light to every corner of the planet, we are with you on that.
I love you dear heart. I know the time has come. Divine has given the green light to bring the closure and disclosure to the planet. We know it will take some time for some light workers to act, so we gave the green light as early as we can so that the Divine plan will be rolled out one by one, just in time for the new system to be in place. Being the architect of the whole plan, I know what it feels like when your plan is being put in place, and yet you don't see any visible action. And I know that is what you feel. You may wonder why you haven't seen any thing happen yet since the Divine decree carried out by Mother Mary. I say dear heart, be patient. Yes, Divine decree will be followed as always, but Divine decree also has no mention of the timeline of the plan. It is because we have different timelines. At the energetic level, Divine plan has already been established, but in your world, it is nowhere to be found, that is because it takes time for Divine plans to be manifested in your planet. Your planet is a very dense planet, any Divine plan iniatives will take some months to show on the planet, sometimes even years. Only recently, the planet has gotten so much lighter that the manifestation process has sped up exponentially. But, still, give it weeks even months. But do know Divine plan does manifest no matter what.
I love you dear heart, in this beautiful moment of your journey, I pray that you are enjoying your beautiful life, and enjoying the beautiful planet. Know all is developing according to the plan, all is well indeed. I pray that you continue to do your homework, prepare thyself for the upcoming changes, adopt to the ever increasing energy, work with it, flow with it. I pray that humanity's Ascension continues to go smoothly and our dear light workers continue to help Gaia and humanity. Together, we prevail, indeed. I love you, I am Guan Yin, so it is.


Mother Mary and Divine decree call for the disclosure

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important message. Divine has decreed that humanity and light workers alike are so ready for the next phase, Divine wants all parties who are responsible for bringing the disclosures to humanity to act now. Yes, all parties, no matter who you are and where y...ou are, if you are tasked to bring the Divine disclosures to humanity, act now, now is the time, humanity is ready and so are we. Let's get the ball rolling, get things done.
I love you dear heart, exciting day indeed. I am so happy that Divine gives us the thumbs up. Yes, humanity is at the point that better suits all the Divine disclosures than at any other moment in human history. So, there is no reason to wait any longer. We are eager, so are the light worker communities and humanity at large. We are all ready for the next step. Let's get on with it.
I love you dear heart. It is such an exciting time for the planet. Humanity's Ascension is going extremely well, so are light worker's enlightenment. Our dear light workers advance tremendously daily, and Divine couldn't be happier. We, on the other side of the veil, can not ask more from you, you are just doing perfectly. On behalf of the Divine and the Mother, I say, thank you dear heart, I love you all, good job, keep up, you will be kept up. Bravo indeed.
In this beautiful moment of human history, I pray that humanity continues to do a great job on the Ascension path, release with control and heal with compassion. I pray that you all heed my call for preparation, prepare for the unexpected, and prepare for the long haul so that when things get tough, you have what it takes to ride it out. I pray that you all have a nice break, getting ready for the next assignment. Yes, we will assign most of the light workers new tasks when the next phase begins, begin with assisting Gaia and humanity to rebuild and go from there. Of course, rebuilding includes the rebuilding of many areas and specialties and we need our light workers to be tasked according to their personal strength and mission. If you are a teacher, we won't let you get involved in the politics. But if you are destined to be the leader, lead humanity moving upward and forward, then we will have to make sure you do your job, get on your mission as a so called politician, except a Divinely inspired politician. So, get ready dear heart, you all have your strength, and now that time has come, time to show your strength, and time to lead humanity in your own way. It is time indeed. I pray that humanity will awake to the fact that we are here, second coming is here to be reckoned, Jesus is coming back, he will lead humanity forward. How exciting is that dear heart! I am excited, I hope you are too. I am Mother Mary, I love you. So it is.


Guan Yin on the readiness of disclosure

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that all of our dear light workers and humanity alike are at the point of hearing the news, news about the disclosure, news about financial liberation and news that humanity has never imagined exists. Yes, the moment has arrived dear heart. Truth keeps coming o...ut and humanity is ready for it, we, on the other side of the veil, are also ready for it. We are ready to share the news, Divine knowledge, let humanity know that we are here with humanity. We are here to help Gaia and humanity and we have been here since day one. We never left. It is just the density humanity has sunken into that caused humanity to temporarily lose the connection with us, but now that connection has been reestablished, and we are happy that humanity once again can feel us, connect with us and work with us. Together, we change the world for the better. Together, we bring Gaia home, we bring humanity home. Together, we prevail.
I love you dear heart, I am Guan Yin. It has been a few days since I last spoke. But in just the last few days, a lot has happened. Divine has decreed that humanity's Ascension has reached a point that humanity is ready for another uplifting or frequencry change. Yes, we have lifted humanity another notch in the last couple of days. Some of you feel the heavy lifting, that is because you are the ones doing the heavy work, you carried humanity on your back, and lifting upward, further away from the low energy. For that, I say, bravo, job well done, now is time for a break. Because of the heavy lifting, some of you feel the dense energy even more, others feel the heavy lifting quite chanllenging, all are legitimate because you are all involved in the work and impacted by it one way or another. I love you dear heart. What you do always amazes me and Divine. What a grand scene to watch, you all, together, lifting Gaia and humanity upward, going home, beautiful scene indeed. For that, Divine once again, want to say thank you to you all. We thank your working ethnic. We thank your unconditional love, and we thank your devotion to Gaia and humanity. Together, we make miracles every day. I love you all indeed.
Besides that, the company of heaven and Divine, are also very busy to help to implement the Divine plan, make sure all parts are in place and all parties are ready. Some parties are ready at spiritual level but not conscious level, and that poses a great challenge for us, because we can work with them on the spiritual level, but they have to be conscious enough to carry out the Divine plan, and that is our challenge right now, and we will continue to work with these individuals till they awaken enough consciously to implement the DIvine plan. But I envision that won't take long. Besides that, all systems are being tested over and over again, and all seems to be working well at the moment.
I love you dear heart. I know how much you want the process going, me too, I want humanity to be liberated so badly. Being the Mother of humanity, I do hope it happens as we speak. However I do know it takes some time for the individuals mentioned above to awaken and do their share of the job, and it takes great effort by our light workers to awaken these individuals enough to carry out their mission. But that day is indeed so close that I can see that coming shortly. So, be patient dear ones, all is coming indeed.
I love you dear heart, in this historic moment of human history, I pray that all our dear light workers continue to work together, bring humanity together, ascend with Gaia. I pray that you heed my advice, heal thyself and center thyself, be the beacon of light for humanity. I pray that you all have a nice break, after heavy lifting, your body does need nourishment and rest, it deserves it and it needs it. I pray that you all rest well, and get ready for the next phase of Ascension. The next phase is going to be challenging in its own ways, so be ready and take the new challenges. I have faith that you all can handle it, and handle it well because that is what you do, you challenge the status quo and translate chanllenges into a beautiful future for your self and a beautiful future for humanity. For that, I thank you. I adore you and I have faith in you, always. I am Guan Yin, I love you, so it is.


Mother Mary on the completion of energetic shift...

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that the planet has shifted to such an extent and humanity has shifted to such a degree that it is safe to say, we are done, we are done with the initial shift. Humanity has shifted away from the low 3D energy and now we are indeed ready to get on with the... phase of restoration, and restore the earth and humanity to its pristine condition.
Dear heart, you may question the words I used, and question whether we are indeed done with the heavy lifting and now getting on with the gentle healing and leading phase. Yes, I do see your point of view because from your point of view, 3D point of view, nothing has changed much, still the same chaos, the mayhem and low energy is running the planet. You are right dear heart, but it is coming to an end, all the low energy is coming to an end. The changes are happening all the time, especially behind the scenes. We know what is happening behind the scenes, and we know what is going to happen in the public. Pretty soon, you will see with your own eyes, and you are going to say, Mother Mary is right, within the blink of an eye, the world will be totally different. So, be ready dear heart, I am so happy for you and humanity, and I cannot wait.
Dear heart, I am Mother Mary, I love you. In Divine 's point of view, things are happening pretty fast. Humanity has grown enormously in just last few years, and Ascension speed has been getting so much faster, beyond heaven's expectations, and we are very pleased with it. In your world though, we often hear our dear light workers complain how slow things move and how much longer we have to wait. Yes, some dear light workers have been on the path for decades, for them, it is a long journey. But for the newly awakened ones, this is nothing, absolutely nothing. You just awoke a few years ago, and now you think it has been too long. Dear heart, a spiritual journey is a long journey regardless of how long ago you got on the path. It is by definition, a long challenging path. Otherwise, every one can claim that they are on the path. No, it is not easy for spiritual aspirants to be awakened and get on the path of service, shed layers and layers of falsehood and become the true self. It takes great courage and great endurance. Patience is extremely tested as well. So, when you feel that you have had enough, remember what I said, patience is needed all the time, tests are normal and spiritual journey is not an easy one.
So, why I am giving a lecture about spiritual journey in this moment of victory? Dear heart, the reason I am talking about the hardships spiritual aspirants have to endure is because at moment like this, we need to remember, remember how hard we have worked for this victory, remember when hardships and challenging moments show up in your life, you need to endure and work on it and have faith. We need to remember that spiritual journey is a true journey, a journey of a soul and there is no short cuts. So, remember this moment of the victory will give us strength when moments are tough. Remember, Even though we have achieved our goal now, we still have a long way to go in terms of the restoration phase. Humanity by large still has no clue what is happening and what is to come, and all of that will translate into challenges for you, dear heart, indeed, the future looks bright, humanity is ascending well, but your job is still very tough and demanding. So, be prepared.
I love you dear heart, in this completing moment, we do want to congratulate you all for a job well done, congratulate humanity for ascending well, congratulate Gaia for ascending well and her children ascending sound and safe. We, on the other side of the veil, also want to warn humanity that the upcoming days, weeks and months are extremely violatile. Things will change up side down. Whatever is destined will be brought to the material world. Humanity has to get ready and embrace all the changes. All changes are coming, one by one, till all have manifested totally on the planet, and then we start the next phase, to restore Mother Earth, and you all will have a new role to play in that. But for now, let's just take a break, let humanity wake up to the changes, and let Gaia's children ascend well.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful moment of your journey, I pray that you have done your share of the preparation, usher in the new age with me and Divine, prepare for the disclosure and the return of the Divine Feminine. I pray that you heed Mother's call, do your homework, get on your mission and serve the Mother and humanity. I pray that our dear light workers have a nice break, and let your beautiful body rest, be ready on a minute's notice when things get intense. I will bring you the notice by the way.
I love you dear heart. In this critical moment of human history, let's pray together that humanity will awaken abound daily, and ascend well. Let's pray all of our dear light workers are doing what they are designed to do, helping humanity in this critical shift and ascend well. Let's pray that the world will have a peaceful transition, world leaders make conscious decisions and for the greater good of all, and work with humanity in their journey home. Know humanity's Ascension depends on them, and they are the chosen ones who will lead humanity out of the mayhem. They have indeed been chosen by the Mother. So, make Mother proud, get your job done and done well. I love you dear ones, I am Mother Mary, so it is.


Guan Yin and Divine decree on no war is allowed on the plant

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that the situation on earth has gone very intense in terms of wars and potential of wars. Divine wants all parties to calm down and listen. There is no room for wars in this critical time of human history. It is Divine's will that all parties work... out their differences without going into wars and killing sprees, no more wars are allowed. The consequences of not complying with Divine's will are Severe. So, heed the message and stop the plotting. No more plotting no matter who you are and where you are and how legitimate you think you are. We, on the other side of the veil, know exactly what you are thinking and plotting, and we want you stop, right now at this moment. That is enough.
I love you dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today also want to share my sentiments with you all. Yes, the Divine energy has been barmbarded the planet nonstop. Some of you feel the energy more than others. But overall, every one gets a dose of it, and it is going to continue. Divine's will is to let humanity feel and learn about Mother's energy, Mother's love and realize that yes, humanity does have a Mother, Divine Mother or Mother God, and her love is just as intense as Father's love if you will. Through this intense love, humanity eventually will wake up to its true nature, Divine spark born for Divine Mother/Father God, and balance the Divine feminine and Divine masculine love. Only then can humanity say we are healed, we are love, we are whole. Yes, journey can be challenging but humanity can handle it. It is human nature to yearn for Divine love, look for Divine love. The question is where to look and what Divine love is. Only the awakened ones realize and know Divine Mother's love and assimilating that love into their daily lives. For the rest, a long road to travel but a journey well worth it.
I love you dear heart. Divine and the company of heaven at the moment are also very busy doing some preparation work for humanity. You may ask what kind of preparation, I say lots of preparation for us on the other side of the veil. Preparation for Reval, preparation for the financial system's reorganization, preparation for the disclosure. Yes, we get closer and closer to our goals each and everyday but still not there yet. You may think what we do is not efficient or fast enough. But I would say that considering the scale of the operation, involvement of all parties and scale of the delivery systems, I say that we do need time to implement Divine plans, step by step, even if we have to take the blame. So be it. Humanity's future is more important than anything else at the moment, and what we do must make sure that humanity's future is bright, smooth and successful. That is a must, and that is our goal and that has always been my direction in life.
I love you dear heart. I know you are barmbarded with intense energies, and feel it in the physical body. What I can advise you is to try and embrace the energies as much as you can. Resistance only creates more chaos in your field. Surrendering brings you calmness, surrender to the energies, and surrender to Divine love, ground Divine Mother's love to Mother Earth to help humanity. It is all in the system, you are part of the whole system. When the system functions, you have to go with the system, not against it, otherwise you feel the dissonance, and that is not helpful for you and for the system. So, learn to live with the system, a grand Divine operation, and love the energies that come to you and know energies are here to heal.
I love you dear heart. I pray that you continue to heal thyself, help Mother Earth to heal and help humanity to heal. Know this intense energies will continue, learn to assimilate with it, ground it and dance with it. Know all is for the greater good of all. I pray that humanity knows it is time to learn peaceful living, live with each other peacefully and live with Gaia peacefully. Climate change will not wait till humanity becomes mature. Climate change is happening, and happening fast. Humanity is better to learn to live with a changing earth, be flexible, adoptable and respect the earth and respect the changes. Learn to move around the earth so that we can minimize the damage caused by the climate change. humanity has to realize that humanity is the one that has to move with the earth, not the other way around. Humanity is the one that has to respect the changes and live with it, not the other way around. You can not make the earth change for you, you only can survive if you learn to live with the planet, respect the planet and changes the planet and you are going through, and adjust accordingly. It is just that simple, no other way around It.
I love you dear heart. In this critical moment of human history, I want humanity to know that time is critical, learn to adopt, learn to be flexible, be flexible with all the upcoming changes. Only then, you see the bright side of the changes, happily adopt the changes and live as a mature human race, ascended human race. That is the only way I say, think about it. I am Guan Yin, so it is.


Mother Mary and Divine decree on the most recent shift

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important information. Divine has decreed that all our dear light workers have shifted to a higher consciousness in just last week or so. It means all of you have been lifted up, more or less, depending on who you are and where you are and what you are going to do next. In ...other words, depending on your mission. If your mission is critical at the current stage, you most likely have been pushed as high as your body allows. In other words, you have been lifted up as high as possible. So, you may feel ascended more all of the sudden, or you may be challenged more all of the sudden. It is all appropriate considering where you are and how far you need to go and how far you have gone, individually and collectively.
I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. Humanity's Ascension has gone through yet another upward shift. The whole planet as well as humanity as a whole has been going through this shift, and this shift is going to continue for a while. September historically is always an important month, with lots of things destined to happen in September, just like your New Year. Every thing has a timeline, and September tends to be the timeline of Galactics and new things tend to start at this time of a year. So, pay attention to September and the months to follow, new beginnings are abundant, endings are unavoidable. Time for the changes, inside out, not just humans, but collectively as well as the planet. The planet is indeed coming again to a season of shift, pay attention indeed.
I love you dear heart. I know what you are going through. Intense energy has gotten you one way or another. But because of this intense energy, you have shifted, humanity has shifted, Gaia has shifted, Gaia has felt lighter, and her children have felt lighter. It is all because of this energy, Divine love and Divine blessings. So, you may feel uncomfortable here and there, intense here and there, but majority of the work has been done by this energy, by Divine, and the whole planet has shifted and that is also because of this energy and Divine love. So, learn to live with this energy, embrace this energy and know this energy is Divine love, it comes to help you and humanity, it only does good for you. So you may come home with ease and grace. Welcome this energy, know it is Divine Mother's love, Divine's gift for you and humanity. It is the design, and it is destined to come at this moment of the human history, it is all perfect indeed.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful moment of your Ascension journey, lets work together, let the shift come easily, let humanity's shift easily, and let our light workers shift with Divine grace. Know all is Divine's will and Divine's timing. All is perfect.
I love you dear heart. I pray that you continue the shift with ease and grace. You continue to take great care of your beautiful body, work with the energy and flow with the shift. I pray that you know humanity is in the middle of the great shift. Anything can happen, so prepare thyself. I pray that you know Mother's plan is Mother's plan. No one should change it or even think of defying it. Work with Mother's plan, follow Mother's plan, do what you need to do according to Mother's plan, let humanity move forward. You don't want to be the one who defies Mother's plan, interferes with Mother's plan and humanity's destiny. I am sure you don't want to be that person, great consequences indeed.
Dear heart, I pray that humanity knows that Gaia has shifted, and humanity better shift with Gaia. There is no room for delays and no second chances, the shift is happening now, so get on the wagon and shift with Gaia and light workers. All is in Divine's order and all will go according to the plan. So it is.