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Divine Message for Lightworkers and Humanity



Divine decree on major shift and milestone

Dear loved children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven and ascended masters, come today with an important message to share. Yes, Divine has decreed that Gaia's great shift has encountered yet another milestone and will continue unless a catastraphic event happens, and that will change the course of direction of course because Divine always... makes sure the safety of Gaia and her children is the first priority during the entire great shift.
So, what this message is saying dear ones is that the great shift has been going quite smooth and speedy, and we have reached another benchmark, milestone in terms of the gratitude of the shift. We don't want to get too technical but want to share this milestone moment with you so that you understand the shift is still going on and going deeper and more profound and the result of that is going to impact you, Gaia and humanity at large.
So, what kind of impact can you expect in the near future? we say earth quakes. Yes, it sounds redaundant but we want to give you a warning so that you can prepare, mentally and emotionally. We know that there are earth quakes happening around the world all the time, but we also know that the earth quakes we are talking about are at a different degree and at different alititude and will have a tremendous impact on the regions and people in these regions. We don't want to sensationalize this message but want to share what is happening with Gaia and what is to come for humanity so that we are on the same page so to speak.
That is all we have today. We love you. We understand the majority of the dear light workers are still digesting the Gamma Rays and going through the deep purification process. That is understandable dear ones, and that is going to last for a while till you are cleared inside out, filled with Mother's love and ready to get on the path of Dhama. That is what we want to see and that is what you want to achieve. And together, we will acomplish that goal dear ones, in the near future, before the masses awaken in the spring of 2016, by then, you will be well equipped and ushering in the new humanity with us all. So, keep doing your good work dear ones, meditate, do Yoga, Reiki or whatever form of healing you prefer and heal thyself, and heal the planet. Know we love you, we are here for you and we are here for Gaia always.
In this beautiful morning, we pray that you heal well, inside out and you love thyself and have compassion for thyself. Let the healings happen and let the healings heal. Know you are loved, precious ones, you are indeed precious to us and to Divine. So it is.


Divine decree on all systems go and politics

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heave, come today with an important message to share, we hope you will heed the message.
Divine has decreed that all the systems, all the ascension parties, all the light workers and all the divine teams are on alert and ready to proceed again, to proceed forward and... upward to help humanity on a scale never seen before and without a road map.
So, what does that mean beloved children of Gaia and dear light workers? It means we, the company of heaven and you all, are on duty call again except this time the duty will be solely to focus on humanity. Since all the light workers are already ascended to the new earth sound and safe, and now the focus has shifted to humanity at large, especially certain regions where the incoming light quotient has been increased dramatically and the souls in those regions are ready to wake up in the physical realm and need some guidance and explanations and help, and that requires dear light workers to take up the chanllenges and walk with them, your brothers and sisters and help the wake up souls. That is the message, the urgent call we brought today.
We also like to talk about politics today. The presidential elections in certain countries worth the attention of yours. Who you elect is what you will face in reality. Spiritual aspirants are strongly encouraged to run for offices and lead by example and that is clearly the desire of heaven and divine, and that is also the design dear ones. Sit down with your heart open and ask for directions, are you ready to jump in to fulfill your divine duty? Are you ready to run for the office you suppose to run? Did you heed the call of your higher self? Do you get enough hints or you need more? It is time, each and every one of you dear light workers. Some of you are meant to run for the higher offices and it is time indeed. Divine and company of heaven has been waiting for you to get ready and are literally watching every thing you do and hoping you start the maneuver toward that direction, at least start feeling the need and desire to lead, lead in the powerful positions with the single goal in mind, which is to lead humanity out of the current chaotic place to the new earth. Dear light workers, indeed it is time. It is time to jump start your political career and get in the race. It is time to think big and act big for divine and humanity. It is time to walk out the shadow of self doubt and insecurity and confidently walk into the role you designed for yourself. It is a big shoe but it is your shoe and you are destined to wear it dear ones. And we know you will wear it perfectly and beautifully. Even though you don't feel it now, but please give it a try, give it a thought and give it a chance and know you are destined to run, to lead and destined to win dear hearts, heed us, you are destined to win, win the elections, win the hearts of the earthly souls and win the power for Gaia and humanity, because it is the design, your dharma, your destiny and your goal in this incarnation. It is time indeed. We cheer you on.
That is all we have today. We know you all have a nice break, but now the break is over, time to jump in and time to work again. We know by now you all understand the routine and you all have the skills ready. Dear ones, we love you. What an exciting time it is. Go have fun, have fun with whatever you do, either running for a office, or teach or heal or simply enjoy your new life on new earth. Have fun, celebrate and enjoy and know what a precious life you have, and what amazing opportunity you are blessed with in this moment of history. Live it in joy and happiness and live it in Divine way, hallelujah!
In this beautiful morning, we pray you go and have a fantastic day. We pray you get on your path of success and get on your dharma. We pray your joyful day and joyful new life on new earth. We love you. So it is.


Divine decree on the start of the next phase

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven and Divine, come today with an important message to share. Divine just decreed that all the light workers who have arrived on the new earth throughout the last few days, weeks and months, are now ready to explore the new earth and further develop their new homes. In another ...words, the restoration time is coming, and the restoration has begun. Yes, sounds a little too early or strange to some of the light workers and to some degree because in reality, you still live in the old matrix, interact with the old matrix and it is hard to imagine a new matrix on top of this old, collapsing, chaotic 3D matrix. But dear ones, what if we tell you that the old matrix is no longer there, it no longer exists, it only exists in 3D illusion, even that it is crumbling and crumbling fast. So we say dear ones, it is gone forever and it on longer exists in the new earth.
The new earth is like a brand new canvas, and waiting for you to draw, design on it. Draw a beautiful picture on it, and all of you, together, design it, design a beautiful home for yourself and humanity. And that is the Divine decree and that is your next mission. Restore the earth to its pristine condition and restore humanity to its original blueprint, a new human race and brand new civilization.
To some of you, it is seems challenging to imagine a new earth, a new home with a new civilization. It is almost impossible to find a starting point. We understand that dear ones, it is because there is no precedent in history you can refer to, there is no road map you can borrow, but dear ones, there is a map, a Divine plan in place for you to follow, and that is the grand design of the Mother for your new home and humanity. Divine's plan is for you to follow the design, Mother's design, work together, with humanity in this restoration process and pretty soon you will realize that all is in place for you to follow, there is actually not much challenges in this process. So, keep the faith dear ones, even when you feel lost, confused, keep the faith and know that faith will find you home and that faith will lead you home and that faith will lead you where you need to be, step by step may be, but always leads you where you need to be. That is the design, Mother's design, and Mother's love for you all.
That is the message for today. We know some of you are still working on stablizing the energy and anchoring yourself on the 5th dimension. Take your time and be patient with yourself dear ones, it is ok, it is ok to feel wobbling sometimes, it is ok to feel strange to the new energy and it is ok to let yourself just sit down and breathe and know all will be just fine at end of the day, it is just the process, it seems challenging to go through, but dear ones, it is this process which will take you to the new earth, birth a new you and eventually a new human race. Yes, it is a process but a beautiful one, a Divine one, go with it without control from the mind and ego, and go with it with a joyful heart. It is indeed a beautiful and deeply rewarding process, and some day you will look back and really appreciate yourself for doing it. And that is our experience as a human when we incarnate and ascend, and that is the recommendation we give you as your loving brothers and sisters and divine team and guides. Go for it dear ones, a great adventure, yes, a great one, unprocedented one and deeply rewarding one and a greatly blessed one, the one you cannot miss.
We love you. On this beautiful morning, we pray that you enjoy your beautiful existence, and your beautiful body. Know all is going very well and Divine is extremely content with all of you and your progress. Take it easy and relax, and know it is time to start a new, a new earth for every one, a new civiliazation for every one and a new human race for every one. Bravo, we say, job well done. We love you indeed, so it is.