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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Mother Mary on taking care of physical body

Mother Mary says dear hearts, I am Mother Mary. I come today to show you love and give you strength and encouragement. It is critical that you take care of your physical body while you are doing your light worker work so that you can be sustained and stay on the planet as long as you can.
Your physical aspect is very often neglected due to the old beliefs, age... or circumstances. But the importance of perfect health seems not being emphasized enough. No matter how much drive you have and how much you want to serve dear hearts, you have to have a strong physical body and stamina to be able to get things done and to accomplish your goals. So, come back to the basics, before you start anything in the mornings, ask yourself how do I feel today? Is my body happy, recharged and resilient? If not, why? What can I do or should I do to make my body feel better, feel more healthy and energetic? That should be the routine you go through every morning and that should be the priority you take into heart before anything else dear hearts. Only then, can you say that you are taking care of your physical body and taking care of yourself. By definition, "self" means both your soul self and your physical self, and both need your 100% care, love and attention. That is the desire of mine and desire of divine. Divine wants you all physically healthy and soulfully happy and content, live a heart centered loving life with the goal in mind, and act on that. That is a spiritual being live a spiritual life, acomplish your spiritual agendas one by one. There is no other way to do it dear ones. Only when you live in harmony with your physical self and soul self will you be in a position to serve, serve divine and serve humanity. That is the message I bring today and that is also my deepest wish and desire.
Being Mother Mary is not always easy. The reason I say that is because Mother Mary's to do list is always long and amount of workload plus pressure can be overwhelming. In order to overcome all that stress and overwork, a perfect health is a must dear heart, regardless of how important the task is, your health should always trump the tasks. And that is critical and that is something you always keep in mind. Otherwise you would easily compromise your health for everything else and that is not what we want to see to happen.
I love you dear ones. Let's talk about physical ascension for a moment. Physical ascension is a delicate process. physical aspect of the ascension is just as important as spiritual aspect. Heaven can not emphasize this enough. Spend as much time and attention to take care of your physical body as you do the spiritual aspect of your ascension. Know what you eat is more than critical at the moment because your body is desperately trying to overcome the shortcomings the environment has been compromising you by demanding huge amount of nutrients from the food you intake and water you drink and other supplements you consume. Anything counts, and that is why we say eat healthy not only for your survival but also for your rebirth. Take the vitamins if you have to, take the supplements if you need to, please give your body what it needs and make sure the demands are being met so that your DNA reactivation can be successfully accomplished and your rebirthing can be pain less and smooth. Dear hearts, you are going through the rebirth and you are also going through the age reverging. Once your ancient DNA goes though the activation, your original blue print come online, you will have the change inside out acomplished and your body will eventually repair Itself so that you will grow younger and younger, not in the age sense but in the sense of health and vitality, and that is precious and that is the goal and that is why you need to do whatever it takes to make sure your body is taken care of, and is provided all the necessary nutrients so that you will succeed at end of the day.
Dear ones, I am Mother Mary, and I love you. I pray you take care of your precious body and your beautiful soul. Nurture yourself with divine's love and light, and nurture yourself with self love and self compassion. Know all is well and all is in process. Happily serve and happily live. Yes, live in joy and live in divine love. All is well indeed. Mother Mary loves you, so it is.


Guan Yin on next phase

Dear hearts, I am Guan Yin. I come today to share love and give you updates on what is happening behind the scenes.
Yes, Divine has decreed that all the light workers are ready to get on with the next phase of ascension, which is to help Gaia and her children to clean up the mess and restore Gaia to her pristine condition and restore humanity... to its original design-a spiritual based society, an enlightened human race and a civilized planet where every one can visit and interact with. And that is the next step for all of the light workers and next phase of ascension.
Talking about ascension makes some of you believe that is an individual advancement and individual physical rebirth. It is true dear hearts, but once each and every one of you ascended, the next goal will be bringing Gaia and her children to a higher consciousness and ascend too. An aspect of the ascending humanity and ascending planet, and that needs the help of light workers and Divine. And that aspect is the important aspect in next phase of the ascension and that aspect is what we will address over and over till all the issues are addressed, all the light workers heed that call and all the Divine love and support teams are in place. And that is why I am here today and emphasize it. Because Divine has literally just decreed that all aspects of ascension need to be addressed to you all, especially now, since you all have been lifted up to the new earth, vibrating at the 5th dimension frequency and ready to get on with the work you are assigned to do. Yes, Divine is literally following up with the steps of Gaia's ascension and humanity's enlightenment. Yes, Divine indeed plans ahead of the time, but Divine is also very flexible and going into the details so that all areas will be addressed and all parties will be informed and Gaia is happy with where things are and where her children are heading. So, all these issues will be addressed by me and the Divine team and company of heaven, and sometimes, the archangels who are deeply involved from the beginning. I personally have been and will be always in the center of it, and will always make sure all issues are resolved to Gaia's satisfaction and Divine's content. Even though sometimes it means making some parties unsettling or unhappy, but that is the way it is and things have to be done. we have to move forward and upward, and that is the Divine's will and that is Mother's will, and that is what we will do, what Mother Mary and I will do regardless.
So dear hearts, you hear me talking in scripted language and may not be sure exactly what I am referring to. I understand your curiosity and the desire to know more. But let's just leave it like that. Leave it to the millions light workers and leave it to humanity because at the end of the day, all of us, regardless where you are from, what is your mission and how long you have been on earth, at the end of the day, we all, I mean all souls and all light beings who are involved in Gaia's great shift, we all do our best to serve Mother and serve Divine, and make sure Gaia is safe and her children are safely ascending. Nothing else matters. We can have our differences in how to handle certain things, but the goal is the same, the love is the same. We are all loved by the Mother and we all love Mother and her children, and that is the key, the glue that keeps us together, always.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. I brought you this message so that you know that even we, the company of heaven and Divine, differ from time to time, and get on each other's nerves in human term, but we never let that deter our effort to serve, or deter our work. We always find a way to communicate back to the harmonic and loving relationships. I wish you dear ones, to borrow this idea from us, work out the differences and work together on your path home.
That is all I have today. I love you all. I know the spiritual path is not necessarily an easy path on planet earth, but it is the most rewarding path and it is what most of us want and desire. Dear hearts, be patient with yourself and others, know what you experience is most likely experienced by others, and what you need to obtain is most likely needed to be obtained by others, and that gives you a perspective and which makes things easy to be accepted and also will help you and expand your view on things and experiences.
I love you. I love your experiences. I adore your devotion and persevances and I applaud your effort and dedication. Thank you all for your hard work, and thank you all for your love for Divine and me, I appreciate that and remember that.
Dear ones, I pray that you heed my call for the continuation of your hard work. I pray you heed Mother's call for your devotion and dedication and please heed Divine and company of heaven's call for your loving support and partnership. Together, we will get the job done and done well. We always get the job done and done well, and I am sure this time too, we will. So it is.


Mother Mary on Divine Decree and next phase

Dear hearts, I am Mother Mary, the Mother of you all. I come today with an announcement to make. Divine just decreed that all the 144,000 Angels have ascended and ready for their next assignment. Yes, their mission is so critical to the Divine plan that Divine has a specific schedule just for these 144,000 light workers, my love and my angle...s.
Yes, you are my great love dear ones. Remember that we came together from the very beginning and never separated again till now, yes we are ready to go on to the next mission and next project, and some even ready for the next universe, which we will join you later. But for now, majority of you will stay here with me to start the next mission and build the new earth, our new home, how exciting dear ones, I cannot wait.
Yes, it is hard to imagine that we have come this far but we did, with Divine's help and support, we did, over hundreds and thousands of lifetimes, we made it. What an accomplishment. I thank Divine for its love and support. I thank you for your hard work, dedication, persevances and your unwavering love for Divine and me and Jesus. I love you all, deeply in my heart, you are my great love, my heroes and my all.
Indeed, it is hard to say good bye to the ones who are leaving for the next project, next endeavor, but I will join you soon we finish this project, and as matter of fact, all of us, all of the hundred forty four thousand will go on to the next great adventure together, some go a little early, but all will, after this mission is done, and we will create a brand new universe together, a brand new one dear hearts, great adventure.
Now, let's come back to the current one, the one we are still in the middle of and the great one which we we strived so hard for and we are finishing so splendidly. Yes, humanity is ascending, and we have ascended dear ones, now what is left is to help humanity finish the ascension and build a brand new earth. Yes, sounds daunting but dear ones, we have already approved to Divine and to ourselves that we, once determined, can do anything and everything. We are the Warriors in this universe and in the great Cosmo. We are the heart of Divine Mother/Father God, and we are indeed invincible. Dear hearts, let's get on with it, get on with our next step and finish the mission and go home which will be a new universe.
Now, I know that the current situation on earth is still vilatile and chaotic. But dear ones, that is something we are familiar with, aren't we? Remember in your past lifetimes, you always came to the dark, fought to your last breathe, brought your beautiful light to the dark and lightened the planet little by little, pieces by pieces, and eventually we got to here, today. Yes, we all have been there, done that and we all have won the battles, over and over, winning the battles and that is what we do dear ones. And Mother Mary was with you in these battles, we fought hard but we always won at the end because light always wins, dear ones, always. So, put your shields on and get into the battle again dear ones, except this time the battle is with yourself, overcome your fear and hesitation and procrastration, and for whatever reason you are not motivated, get on that, and know it is time and time is not on our side, time is on humanity side and we need to help humanity.
I love you dear ones. Deep in my heart, I am so ready to get on with you all, get on our exciting adventure together. I love the scene, I love to work with you and I love the fact that we work together and walk together, great pleasure indeed.
On this beautiful morning, I pray that you heed Mother Mary's call, you understand Mother Mary's love and you are ready to go with Mother Mary, get on the next phase, finish our project, together, let's do it. I love you indeed, Mother Mary. So it is.


Guan Yin on the begining of the restoration of Mother Earth

Guan yin says dear hearts, I am Guan Yin, I am the Divine Mother of you all. The current energy is from the Mother, divine feminine and is from us. It is designed to balance you and humanity, balance the mascular and divine feminine within each child of the Mother, and it is doing a great job dear ones. It is doing a great job because it is tim...e, it is time for you and divine feminine to be revealed and respected, it is time for you and humanity to wake up to the fact that they do have a Mother God, who gave birth to every single thing in this universe as well as the rest of the Cosmo. It is very important that humanity finally wake up to this fact, and start to see the off balance situation they have been living in and how they can get out of it, and eventually live a balanced life as designed. A balanced spiritual being living on a balanced planet, and that is what this energy does and that is what is coming. Anything off balance will be tipped off again and agai till it balances itself. Of course, humanity itself is going to go through tremendous adjustment and balance acts until all the actions are balance out and all the energy being absorbed, asimated, and integrated. Yes, it is a long process by it is the critical, or you can say the final process of enlightenment of the masses, balancing the mascular and feminine energy in each individual as well as humanity as a whole. Gaia, herself is also doing this balance dance right now. Her action of course will impact her children and the planet. So all the balancing act will indeed dominately influence how you feel, how you act and how you function in your daily life dear ones. My advice for you is to go with the flow and do the balance dance with Gaia and the rest of the humanity. Only then, you will feel everything is flowing in your favor and serve you a purpose. And everything will flow smoothly and successfully. It is all about the flow, flow with it, not against it. And that is the best advice from me, and the company of heaven. We are doing our best to dilute the incoming energy so that you won't feel bambarded and overwhelmed. However dear ones, know this energy is going to continue for quite some time, and it will impact every corner of your world. Even though it may not be so obvious yet, but it will, it will have long lasting effects on each and every person on the planet, and it will serve every soul well and that is the purpose and that is the design.
So, heed the message and work with it, not fight against it dear ones. Best way to go is to work with it, and follow your soul's desire and dance with it.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. I love your perseverance and I love your dedication. Each and every one of you have been doing a great service to Divine and humanity. And divine has great deal of appreciation toward you dear ones. Thank you for all that you do, you do for yourself, for me and for humanity. Humanity is eternally grateful for what you have done and humanity is following suit and serving the divine and Gaia. All is beautiful and all is well played out. For now, you all have been on the new earth and experiencing this tremendously powerful new earth vibration and energy, and this is going to be the way of living and this is going to take some time to get used to dear hearts. Let your body relax and just breathe, breathe in Mother's love, Divine's love, my love and Mother Mary's love, and keep breathing. Know we are all here to help you, walk with you, and most importantly make sure you all are ok and protected and loved and on track. And the good news is that you all indeed are doing great job adjusting to this new energy and trying to get used to the intensity and you all are having great help, love and support.
Be well dear hearts, know Guan Yin is here with you. She is indeed a great being, great spirit, great love of the Mother/Father God, and doing a great service to Divine and to you all. Love her, embrace her and support her. Know what she does is for the greater good of all, and is for the sake of humanity, and that is her mission and also her love, her love for the Mother, her love for you and her love for humanity, and she is doing her best because of this love, and for this love. She is indeed a great love of mine and the heart of the Mother. We love her indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I pray for you love and peace. I pray that you take it easy, go with flow. Know Mother loves you all, and Mother watches over you and all is well and all will be just perfect, like the design, and it always is. With love, from Guan Yin, so it is.


Mother Mary on Divine Decree and the Completion of 144,000 ascension

Dear hearts, I am Mother Mary. I come today to inform you of important news. Divine has decreed that all the light workers by now have all reached 5th dimension, and have all ascended. Yes, all the dear light workers have ascended, it may not be obvious physically yet, but yes, at conscious level, you all have reached the 5th dimension and safely arrived at the new earth.
Dear ones, I am Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus and the mother of you all. I am thrilled to see you all have arrived at the new earth, one by one, we counted and counted and number is correct, all dearly loved 144,000 old souls, dearest light workers, you all have made it. Divine Mother finally can breathe a little, because it is such a critical matter, and Divine Mother emphasized over and over that no matter what, we need to make sure all the light workers ascend sound and safe, that is the first and foremost important task, and Divine and company of heaven has to make sure to achieve, and first and foremost, we, dear light workers, have in mind and strive for, and now we succeeded. What exciting news dear ones.
Divine and heaven is celebrating as I speak. The company of heaven and Divine can finally say to Divine Mother, yes, Mother, we did it, the first wave of light workers have all safely arrived at the new earth. Some may feel a little wobbling but it is ok, they will need a little time to adjust, but they are sound and safe and they are safely anchored on the 5th dimension.
So yes, dear ones, you all made it. What an amazing achievement. Without too much of the hurdle and struggles, you safely landed at the new earth. I am overjoyed and I am content. As you know, it is not easy to make me content, but this time I am indeed content. As the mother of you all, as the divine change agent, I have personally ascended over and over. I know what it takes to rise in dimensions, and how much it involves to ascend. Yes, it is a strenuous and time consuming process. It is a delicate and demanding lifestyle, and it requires great deal of perseverence and strengh to achieve this task, but you all did it and made it. Yes, you do have great deal of help from heaven and Divine, your higher self and your team have been working nonstop for you and make sure you are on track and made it, but all that support and help has to have your agreement and acceptance in order to make it count, and you did. You are so in tune with your higher self and your team, work together like a unit. And all is so encouraging and so beautiful. We indeed made it, as a team, indeed we made it.
Now Divine has decreed that once all the light workers arrive at the 5th dimension, we, the divine and company of heaven and ascended masters, together with you all, will have a grand celebration. We celebrate what you have achieved, we celebrate what you have become, the grand masters, we celebrate your achievement over hundreds and thousands of lifetimes, and we celebrate humanity and what humanity has become and achieved. Yes, the grand celebration has begun, and Divine Mother has invited all of you, come and join us at your sleep or awaking hours, join us and celebrate, join the party and have fun. Come and join us dear hearts, let the party begin, let's have some fun, let's celebrate and celebrate with us all, grand celebration has begun indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I love you dear ones, all of you. It is such a privilege to work with you all, and walk with you all. It is a long journey but a great journey, worth the time and effort. Now we see the result of our work, what an amazing establishment, in grand scale, it is indeed great achivement.
For now, Divine has decreed that all the light workers deserve a break, a long over due break dear hearts. You have worked and worked so long and now let your body and soul relax and rest, just rest, no agendas and no pressure or business to take care of, the only business needs to take care of is to relax and rest well. Know Divine has decreed, and no one can pressure you to work, including yourself, time to relax and recharge. When the time comes, you will be informed of next step, and you will know it is time to go to work. But for now, just let Mother's love and Divine energy love you, embrace you and lift you up, all you need to do is to allow and relax. Relax the body and relax the soul indeed.
I love you dear ones. In this beautiful moment of the history and beautiful moment of your new birth, I pray that you adjust well, rest well. Let the Divine love in, and continue to support you till you are ready to stand on your own. But for now, just allow and relax, know all is well, all is in Divine order and Divine timing. You all made it, sound and safe to the new earth. Only thing you need to do now is take a break. It is Mother's loving order and it is my deepest desire, you rest well and take care of your precious temple. Only time can tell how important it is for you to take care of it, and how precious it is to you and to us. I love you, with my great love and deepest care, I say adieu. I love you, so it is.


Guan Yin on Achievement of Ascension

Guan Yin says humanity has indeed overcame a great hurdle, energetically had a great jump, such a big jump. Yes, humanity has all jumped on to the ascension wagon, gotten on the ascension path and started waking up by millions daily in reality. That is a miracle by any standard, and that makes us all in awe and greatly appreciate what all the l...ight workers have done and have been doing. It is indeed remarkable. Grand achievement we have achieved together, and heaven and Divine have been so overjoyed and cannot express enough how grateful Divine and company of heaven feels about our beloved light workers, and how much love we have for you all, each and every one of you, we indeed love you, appreciate you, appreciate what you do for yourself and for humanity. It is indeed divine.
I am Guan Yin. I am the Mother of the east, and the mother of you all. I come today to let you know how precious you are, and humanity is to us and to the Mother, and how much your ascension means to me, and to divine. Yes, it is something extraordinary that has happened on the planet over last few weeks, especially the last few days. All of a sudden you all have jumped and right into the 5th dimension, and humanity is also so eager and ready to follow suit. Yes, it has been so long and so much preparation, but dear ones now think back, what a miraculous event it is, even though you indeed have to work hard on it, some over decades, others are only working on it for few years, even less than few years, but yet you still made it. Do you realize how miraculous it is? Never heard of in any scale in history, not just human history, it is indeed miraculous. Even Divine has to say that you all have done such an extraordinary work, and made the impossible possible, achieved an unprecedented achievement in the history of the universe, and Divine is so ready to crown you, you all, for all that you had done, and for all that you have contributed, contributed to Divine record, contributed to Gaia and her children, and a great list on your award and such a great honor you have earned for yourself, your higher self and your great soul family and soul group. Indeed a great honor.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. What you have done is not only for yourself, but also for me. Personally I bow to you, I thank you and I honor you. Yes, it is my great honor to have you on my honoree's list, and it is a great pleasure to see your success. Gaia and I have such admiration and adoration for you, for what you have done for yourself and what you have done for Gaia and what you have done for humanity. It is indeed a great appreciation from us, a great namaste to your soul.
From this point on, we will have so much more to tackle, but will with great ease and grace. Yes, we have achieved a level of consciousness that it makes everything so pleasurable and enjoyable. You no longer see what you do as work, you will see it as the labor of love, great love, love for yourself, love for Gaia and love for humanity. That love is so prominent that you will be so eager to jump in and help. And that makes everything easier and joyful. And that is what our duty is about. The love for Divine and humanity trumps everything else, and the path of service becomes the path of life and joy, and that is the design and that is the mission and that is coming next dear ones, it is coming indeed. But for now, Divine has decreed that you, dear light workers, you all deserve a break, a restful break, a lovely break, a break relaxing your body and a break relaxing your soul. Just let everything else go but rest. All has been taken care of for you and all will be taken care of in due time. All you need to do now is to rest and relax. Let your body rest as it is so deserving and in need of it, and let yourself take a break, a break from work and a break from the world, just relax and enjoy, enjoy the beautiful you, enjoy the beautiful Gaia and enjoy your beautiful life. All is good and all is well, indeed. I am Guan Yin. I love you. So it is.