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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Guan Yin on managing of human emotions

Dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I heard your prayers loud and clear. I understand that in this intense time, emotional season, people tend to be on their toes, anything can tip them off. Not mentioning opinions about their favorite sports teams or presidential candidate. It is understandable that humans have emotions and act on their emotions at the moment when emotions are being stirred up. But being a light worker, a spiritual aspirant, the very chanllenge is to manage all sorts of emotions to the point that all of these emotions become a tool, only useful when need them. Otherwise, they stay centered in the heart, and wait for the owner's calls. Imagine in this way, these human emotions are like the pets you have. No matter how much you love them and they love you, they still are your pets, your friends, not your owner or your boss. So, when the time comes, you can play with them, enjoy them and even train them, but you never let them run your life. Same thing with emotions, you can experience your emotions, enjoy your emotions but never let your emotions run your life, or be your boss. because you are a spiritual being, you have a soul purpose, you are more than emotional being. When the soul rules your life, you serve your purpose. When emotions rule your life, you become a puppy, no way you can achieve your purpose in life. Then your life becomes a moment by moment circuits, and that is not the desire and not desirable.
So, being emotional is not a bad thing. Being able to manage your emotions is the key, critical skills of a human being. Of course, we all have emotions, and from time to time, we lose our cool to emotions, and that is understandable, the key is to get back to your standing, get emotions tamed, that is the process of enlightenment actually. Only till you find your way to be able to tame human desires and emotions, fill yourself with Divine love and light, function under the spiritual law, walk as a wise being, then you find your real home, manage your human aspects well, and you then become a master walking on earth.
I love you dear heart. In this intense election season, I pray that you find your inner wisdom and peace, live as a true master, shine your light to others and help humanity go through this enormous test. Don't engage in the name calling and emotional outbursts, go inward as needed now and stay in peace and love, let Divine do its work, let humanity learn its lesson. And together, we bring humanity out of this mayhem, usher in the Golden Age, help Gaia to restore and together, we prevail.
I am Guan Yin, I love you. So it is.


Divine warns the toll the election has on the public

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that the U.S. Presidential election has taken a toll on the Ascension of American people, and Divine wants it done as soon as possible. In other words, the election result should be the result so that no more delays after the final result r...eached on Election Day. It is foreseeable that there are going to be great upheavals after the election is over. We, on the other side of the veil, understand that. But for the best of the humanity's Ascension, Divine is really concerned about delaying the result of the election. That will drag the election longer than it should be. So, Divine wants to convey Divine's concern to humanity and want to warn all that involved that no more delays, regardless of who you are, and what you think you are doing. The election is the election, the result is the voice of people, respect it and move on. That is the message and that is what we want to convey.
I love you dear heart. In the days to come, more and more chaos is being predicted and that is understandable. Because it is election season, emotions are running high, plus the Ascension and Ascension related emotional outbursts and releases, it makes the world seem intolerable, and almost dangerous. It is in someways. But dear heart, remember, even this presidential election is a designated event for humanity to see who they are, and how far they have gone in terms of inequality, racism, sexism and societal issues and more. All these buried issues are being dug out, and have a chance of being released to the public so that humanity has a chance to see where they are themselves, and correct the course if they need to. So, all that chaos and releasing serves a purpose, a purpose for the greater good of all concerned.
That being said, we do want humanity to know that there is a boundary as to how far any of these releases can go. You can't go too far and dismiss the effect on humanity. That is not allowed by Divine, and that doesn't do any good for anyone. So, be careful with the release, be gentle with the approach and be consistent with the Divine plan. Don't go too far, that is my advice.
I love you dear heart. I pray that the U.S. Presidential election will be a peaceful one. No matter what happens, the result will be the design and Divine design never fails. I pray that humanity's Ascension is going according to the plan. No one, absolutely no one can or should try to derail the Ascension plan. It is the Divine plan, and the Divine plan is always prevails. I pray that you all find your inner peace, and stay there and let humanity play out. No matter what is the result, accept it and move on. I pray that even if you don't like the electon result, just treat it as Divine's will and work with it and accept it. Being Divine's change agent, you need to be able to adapt to the changes, big or small, all part of the equation. No revolts, just be acceptive and peaceful solutions will come. I pray that the American people see this election as a mirror of where they are and what they are doing to their fellow brothers and sisters. Learn from it and move on. Know Divine has a plan, and Divine's plan is due to be playing out. I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. So it is.


Divine warns the upcoming masculine energy

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with important news. Yes, it has been few days since I last spoke. Divine has made quite few decrees. Today I am going to share a couple of them with you. Just yesterday, Divine has decreed that the planet earth has been bambarded with very intense masculine energy in the hope of balanci...ng the patriarchy energy and Divine feminine energy. In order to achieve the balance, we do have to increase the intensity and continue the work till we see the results we want. So, in the upcoming days and weeks even months, some of you will feel heavy masculine energy and that is normal. That is because you are being tasked to anchor this Divine love and light. I know a lot of the light workers have been anchoring Mother's energy till now, but the assignment has changed. We acknowledge the adjustment and change. because the nature of the masculine energy is different from Divine feminine energy, it will take some time for some of you to get used to, which is ok. We know that, and we will work with you to make sure you are comfortable with the change.
Besides that, Divine also decreed that due to the intensity of the releasing on the planet right now, Divine deems that it is necessary for our dear light workers to stay put, stay heart centered and let humanity do their job so that you won't be impacted by the release too much. The key is to stay in your own orbit, your heart center and be detached from the chaos.
I love you dear heart. It has been quite a few days for us, the ones in the high realms. We have been so busy in terms of predicting where humanity is heading, and how we reacte accordingly. We also have to make sure all of our light workers are in good shape, and that takes tremendous effort and attention. Because of the nature of our relationship with our dear light workers, we are deeply touched by what our dear light workers go through. We experience what they experience, and we grow as much as they do. So, for us, it is also ever growing experience. Besides working with each and everyone of you, we also have to make sure Gaia's shift causes minimum damage to all, and so far we have been successful. We are very pleased about it. As you know, when Gaia shifts, all her children shift with her, and that gives us a great deal of attention. We do whatever we can to guarantee Gaia and her children's safety. The entire operation is based on that principle so you can imagine how serious we take Gaia's every move and her children's every shift. Because we have tremendous support from all sources, we do achieve our goals whenever there is a shift, and we will continue this practice till Gaia is done.
I love you dear heart. I know it is election season in the U.S, and the whole world is watching. We too, watch from above carefully and can't wait till it is over. No matter what the result turnout to be, just believe it is the design. It may not be the result you would hope for, but believe that is the the best for all concerned. That way, you won't be disappointed, and have a better understanding than most. So, when people react, you will sit quietly and stay centered, and that is what we need you to do.
I love you dear heart. I pray that humanity continues the journey nicely and heals itself nicely. I pray that our dear light workers continue the loving support for Gaia and humanity, and know all is well, and all is developing according to the plan. I pray that you heed my call and stay in the heart, detach from the releasing. I pray that humanity knows what is to come is destiny and won't fight against it. I pray that all of the dear light workers heed my call, Divine's call for preparations and prepare thyself emotionally so that you are equipped well in the face of chaotic world. I love you. I am Guan Yin, so it is.


Divine decree on another upcoming quantum leap

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that all of our light workers and humanity have reached a point again, ready for another big shift, or rather quantum leap. Yes, Gaia has already been lifted up, and now it is humanity's turn. We, on the other side of the veil, are ready too, to he...lp you in this gigantic jump. So that together, we get humanity going, and we will get the new earth put in place for humanity. Sounds daunting but dear heart, you have done this before, together, we have indeed have done this over and over again. It is not a new experience by any means. That being said, I do want to warn you and humanity. This time it is tad different. This time, you have humanity on your back, and this time humanity is more or less aware. Yes, being aware is a good thing, it means humanity is one step closer to being awakening. But the down side of it is that when you carry someone on your back while that soul kicks and screams, it can be annoying and agitating. So, be warned by that, and know when humanity kicks and screams, just let it be. Know your mission is for Gaia, for Divine and know you are doing a great deed for humanity, and that counts.
I love you dear heart. In this political climate, it is rather difficult to make any progress if you are still attached to the current society. My advice for all of our dear light workers is to detach and be an observer. No attachment needed. Even though the current climate made it like your life is on the line, which is not true, you still have the option not to engage, not to invest your emotions because no matter what you think or like, things are going to develop according to Divine's plan. Why waste your precious energy on something is dying, and not in your control? Why not stay within your truth, your Divine mission, and let humanity play out their lessons, so we can go home quicker. Your involvement does not really make a difference, but delays the Divine plan. So, heed Divine's call and stay out of the mayhem, let the show play out and let humanity know that you are here to carry them home, that is it, no more, no less. You are indeed the ones who carry humanity back home, the new home, new earth. And humanity is ready, we are ready, let's go home together.
I love you dear heart. Besides the current political chaos, Gaia has also been shifting dramatically lately, and she is continuing in the position which predicts more shifts to come. So, be prepared for that, and know Gaia is coming home too, so welcome her children home.
I love you dear heart. I am Guan Yin. I pray that you all have shifted well, adjusted well and are ready for the next round. Next round is going to be more or less dramatic for some, so be warned and prepare thyself. I pray that humanity heeds my call and stops the struggle, go home with Gaia and rebuild a new home for itself, all is ready, including Gaia and her children, except humanity, because humanity has its free will. But remember, free will only can go so far, if humanity goes too far with its free will, then it's free will will be taken away. You don't want to do that. Divine does not intend to do that, but Divine does have the option. I love you dear heart. It is time to go home. Gaia is ready, we are so ready, let's make it happen, let's make humanity and Divine proud, carry Gaia's children home, and carry humanity home, once and for all. So it is.


Mother Mary updates on Gaia and...

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with exciting news. Divine has decreed that Gaia has reached a point of balance for now, and her children are ascending well, humanity in turn, has better chance of balancing and releasing. All is well indeed.
I love you dear heart. In just the last few days, Divine and the com...pany of heaven, have worked out so many dilemmas, and have put Gaia and humanity in a much better position. For that, I thank all of you and Gaia and the company of heaven. Together, we have overcome yet another big hurdle. Indeed, humanity is very appreciative about that as well. Together, we are invincible.
I love you dear heart. In the near future, humanity is going to go through another great shift. Not just Gaia, but humanity alike is going to be tested, a big test so to speak. So, be prepared dear ones, a big shift coming, again but not like the last one, a bigger one. So, buckle up and have a fun ride.
I love you dear heart. In this critical moment of humanity's awakening process, lots of our dear light workers have been working tirelessly. For that, Gaia and the company of heaven are extremely thankful. Yes, it is a group effort. But within the group, there are always souls who are extremely dedicated to Gaia, and work extremely hard. Divine and the company of heaven, have always been paying attention and have always been touched by those souls. A great love for them indeed. Divine has decided that when the reward season comes, those souls have to be the first ones to be rewarded, rewarded for their hard work, rewarded for their dedication and rewarded for their warrior spirit. For that, Divine and all of us really agree and really appreciate them. As a soul group or as individual souls, they deserve our praises and they deserve our recognition and Divine's acknowledgement. For them, it may seem that it is their job. But for us, it is their devotion to Divine, their love for the Mother and their love for Gaia and humanity. It is character and strength. Great love for them indeed.
I love you dear heart. Ascension of humanity is at the earnest point. We, the Divine and the company of heaven, are very excited about what is to come. Yes, more exciting news indeed. Humanity may be in for a shock, but for the long run, it is a blessing in disguise. So, take it with stride if you have to, dear heart, know all happens for a reason, no judgement, just stay in your heart center, let it all play out.
I love you dear heart. I pray that you continue to prepare for the upcoming months and even years. Prepare to ride out the chaos and preapare thyself for the upcoming Golden Age, a beautiful era has begun. It is our era, our dream. I pray that you heed Divine's advice, continue to apply yourself to wherever you are needed and help Gaia and humanity. Know all is developing according to the plan. No trial and error. Just have faith and know things are coming down quicker than you think. So, prepare thyself. I am Mother Mary, I love you, so it is.


Guan Yin warns light workers to stay centered for...

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with an important message. Divine has decreed that the situation on the planet is quite intense, Divine wants all of our dear light workers to go inward and stay in peace. Let things play out so that humanity will move forward.
I love you dear heart, I am Guan Yin. It is in Divine's int...erest that humanity and dear light workers move forward with Divine plan and move forward with Gaia's permission. Yes, Gaia has given permission for her children to move forward on the Ascension path, so that humanity and Gaia's children will be finally liberated and focus on Ascension and ascend well. Yes, the energy is strong and intense, but Gaia's children have long been prepared, so are the light workers. Humanity may be the only group that needs help the most, and that is why we are here, Divine is here. We are here to help Gaia and humanity. we are here to make sure the Ascension of Gaia and humanity go well and smooth and succeed according to Mother's plan. We are here because our dear light workers are here, they are ourselves walking in human bodies, they represent us, so we are here, we are one, we are together, and together, we get this show going, we get things done, go home with Gaia and humanity.
I love you dear heart. In this critical moment of history, I pray that you are continuing to prepare thyself, getting yourself ready for whatever may come. Know whatever comes, is the design, so welcome it and enjoy it. I pray that you all have ascended well, along with your beloved family. Know Ascension has come to a point of the most intense journey. So, journey well dear heart. I pray that you all heed my call, Divine's call for actions, go to the heart of the world, help your beloved brothers and sisters, pull them along on the Ascension path. Know that the more who ascended, the easier it gets. So, try to help as much as you can, let humanity see how powerful you are, how helpful you are and how easy you made their path of Ascension.
I love you dear heart. Ascension of the planet and humanity have come in earnest. Be blessed, be aware and be present, know all is coming shortly, one after another. Humanity is ready, you are ready, we are ready. Let's do it. Let's go home, our beautiful new home, you and I have worked so hard to build it, now is time, indeed. I am Guan Yin, I love you. So it is.


Divine decree warns the upcoming intense shift

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that over the next few days, things on the planet will be more intense. In other words, planet earth is going through an extreme intense shift, so it is the consciousness of humanity. As a result, things tend to manifest without w...arning. Light workers will be the ones who see it first, feel it first and benefit first. So, prepare thyself dear heart, be prepared for the mass changes. It is time.
I love you dear heart. In this critical moment of human history, I want all of you to hear me, to hear Divine and act accordingly. Yes, the time is intense, but it also needs a great deal of caution from you all. You need to be present and be aware because then you know what to do and how to proceed when things happen all of a sudden. I am not saying good things or bad things, I am saying things we put in place, now are due to be manifested on earth, by each of you, together, we bring the changes to earth and humanity. So, be present and stay centered and peaceful. That is what we want all of you do.
besides humanity's Ascension, we also want to share what is happening to the planet and her children. Due to the recent shift, planet is now readjusting itself, energy wise, it means a great deal of adjustments are needed, so that Gaia can find her balance again, and her children can feel the balance. It is about harmony and balance at the moment. So, stay in the heart center, balance thyself so Gaia will be balanced, Mother Earth can be balanced, and that is how you can help the planet at the moment.
I love you dear heart. Time is running out, we need to help Gaia and her children. I pray that you heed my call and Divine's call, roll up your sleeves and get to work. I pray that you know Divine loves you and supports your journey, and get on your journey fast and start to serve. I pray that you all heed the call from Divine, prepare thyself for the upcoming changes, be open and embrace the changes no matter what the changes look like, or how they manifest because no matter what, they were designed by the Divine and you, and they manifest according to Divine's will and Divine plan. So, no judgement, no hesitations. Accept the changes with your beautiful heart, be happy for Gaia and be happy for the Mother and humanity. That is what we want to see and that is what you need to do dear heart. I am Mother Mary, I love you. So it is.


Guan Yin and Divine decree announce the begining of Mass ascension

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers and humanity have come to a point that anything can happen without warning. What I mean by that is that the current energy predicts that all the events could happen at once, although it is unlikely, b...ut possible. Or all the events could happen in sequences, but due to happen now. So, be prepared.
Dear heart, I am Guan Yin. Since last time I spoke, a lot has happened both on the planet and in the inner plain. We, on the other side of the veil, are busy with all these happenings. There are a couple of things I would like to inform you of today so that you have a glimpse of the scheme of things. First, Divine and the company of heaven, have decided to push a little harder in terms of light worker's involvement and engagement in the Ascension process. Yes, our dear light workers have been carrying a tremendous burden for humanity, and do an extraordinary job in terms of bringing in the light and changes to the planet. But you also have light workers whose solo mission is to bring the love and light to the planet, besides that they seem not engaging much in the changes in the society and themselves, and that needs to change. We need each and everyone of the light workers go there, mingle with your brothers and sisters, spread the Divine mission and messages so that the whole Divine plan gets implemented quicker and smoother. Second, we need to inform you that the Ascension of the masses had officially begun. We mean all of the children of Gaia, every soul on the planet, Ascension has officially begun so that the next few months will be so pivotal for majority of the planet and the human race, because some souls are not fully prepared, but in order to make it, their soul has decided to give it a try. So, we want to warn humanity that the critical moment has arrived. Humanity's future is going to depend on how humanity handles Ascension, and how Gaia is going to do in next few weeks and months. Critical time indeed.
I love you dear heart. In this critical moment of human history, I warn you to get on your path and start to serve. We need you, humanity needs you and Divine needs you. No more leeways and delays. We are at the critical point, humanity's future depends on all of you, start the path of service now.
I love you dear heart. I pray that all of dear light workers know what to do with their purpose and mission. I pray that our dear light workers know the time is now, no more luxury of time, no more waiting games. You have waited long enough. Get off your high horse and get down to work. I pray that Divine plan gets implemented soon so that humanity knows what is going on and act accordingly. I pray that all of our dear light workers heed my call for action, and know your time is running out. Roll up the sleeves and help Gaia and humanity. That is the message for today. I will be back with more importantly news shortly. I am Guan Yin. I love you. So it is.


Mother Mary and divine decree call light workers for action...

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers need to heed the Divine calling, and get thyself ready for the mission. There are some dear light workers have been on the fence for too long, and Divine wants to make sure that those light workers know the tim...e for sitting on the fence is over, absolutely over. You will not be able to sit on the fence anymore. The energy is too strong, it will knock you out. So, come down to earth and start the mission now.
I love you dear heart. It is Divine's will that everyone of our dear light workers is getting themselves ready for the upcoming Golden Age. Divine noticed that lots of light workers still have a great deal of self doubt, and unable to liberate themselves from the 3D shackles. It is understandable that the old 3D energy is dense and hard to liberate from it. But because Divine's Feminine energy has been bambarding the planet for so long and the intensity has increased so much more that Divine feels that it is time now that all of the light workers get to work, and get thyself completely free from the mayhem, and completely ready for the next phase.
Yes, it is easy to say but hard to achieve. But dear heart, this is the life you have designed, and planed, and we have put into place. Only till now, we have the luxury of working on this plan and achieve this plan. As you know, it is a path that is eons of the making. Take the opportunity dear heart, and let's make it happen, let's make Mother proud, and go home proud.
I love you dear heart. The planet earth right now is also going through yet another intense shift, natural disasters and earthquakes tend to happen when the shift gets too intense. So, watch out for the national events, get yourself ready.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful moment of your journey, I pray that you all are doing your best and getting the ball rolling. I pray that the Divine plan will be rolled out soon so that you all and humanity can be totally liberated. I pray that you know we work very hard behind the scenes and we hope you do too, so that together, we usher in the new age, the Golden Age. I pray that you heed my call for action, get on your path and complete thy mission. I love you, I am Mother Mary. So it is.