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Divine Message for Lightworkers and Humanity



Divine and company of heaven's warning

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven and ascended masters, come today with an important message to share. Humanity has reached a point that Divine feels the need to intervene, another words, Divine intervention is needed to get humanity back on track, the track of ascension so that humanity will safely land on new earth in a timely fashion.
Yes, Divine is indeed concerned about where humanity is going at the moment. World wars are not going to be an option and Divine makes it very clear, and humanity knows that and will do whatever it can to avoid that. It is the so called dark force which is pushing hard again to get humanity off track of ascension and drag humanity into yet another world war, and get humanity bogged down in the mud so that they can control the planet longer and slave humanity longer and that, dear light workers and humanity, is not going to happen this time. It is not in Divine and company of heaven’s agenda, and it is not what humanity wants and Divine and company of heaven will make sure it won’t happen and will do whatever it takes for humanity to safely ascend. For that, we need to make it very clear that Divine and heaven are together with humanity and light workers, we will not allow any attempt for a world war, we are not tolerant of any attempt of dragging or delaying the ascension of Gaia and humanity, we are not a bit hesitant to intervene of any attempt shows up on the planet, and we are more than ready to act on behalf of humanity if any dark force pushes out of limits an gets its way. We are here with humanity, and we are here with Gaia and for Gaia. Nothing can deter that, and absolutely nothing can interfere with ours and Divine’s goal which is the ascension of Gaia and her children. We are absolutely sure that Divine’s intervention will stop any attempt of delaying Gaia and her children’s ascension. And we are absolutely sure that all of our light workers won’t allow any attempt to delay their mission from happening and for that we are 100% sure, and we are all together, Gaia, Divine and company of heaven, our great light workers and humanity, we are all together on this, and we are indeed Divine sent and here to help humanity. Nothing else matters, what matters is Gaia’s ascension and humanity’s enlightenment. For that, we are here, and we are here to stay to make sure mission is accomplished and Divine is happy with the result. That is for sure.
That is the message for today, and that is our warning to the forces which are trying to derail humanity and Gaia’s ascension. Heed our message and get the acts together. We know who you are, and we know what the consequences you will incur if you continue the path, a dangers path indeed.
Now, let’s tune down a bit and talk to humanity a bit. We love you, dear Gaia and humanity. We love to be here with you. We love to serve you and Divine, and we love to restore your pristine condition on this beautiful planet and we will. It is Divine’s will that Gaia and her children be liberated and free from the low energy and move to higher living and higher consciousness. It is Divine’s design that dear light workers lead humanity out of the chaos and land on the new earth and live as a civilized society and enlightened civilization thereafter. We, the company of heaven and Divine, cannot emphasize it enough, we are achieving our goal and humanity is awakening to its true nature en masse and Gaia is ascending peacefully, and that is what we see and that is what we intend to see and keep it going. Everything else does not matter, what matters is our direction and our direction is perfect and our result is crystal clear.
Dear light workers and humanity. We know we sound serious today and we are. We want to make sure that our message is heeded clearly by all parties. For dear light workers and humanity, our message is positive, all is going well, so keep doing your good work. For the forces which try to interfere with humanity and Gaia’s ascension, we say stop right at where you are, nothing else needs to say, just stop, we talk later. For all humanity, we say good job. We love you. We adore you and we are with you, Divine is with you, all will work out for the best, and all is well indeed.
We love you. We appreciate your effort and dedication, our dearly loved light workers. We know what you are dealing with and we see it with our own heart. We love you and we want to let you know that Divine is watching carefully and Divine is on your side as always. No worries and no fears. Nothing, there is nothing that is anywhere near as powerful as you are. You have the light as God and you have armys of light beings with you. Stand tall my dear brothers and sisters, we are behind you, and by you and for you. We indeed love you and we won’t let anything happen to you and to humanity, anything is not in Divine’s plan, we will stop it and that is for sure.
So, go ahead and have a great holiday season. Know we appreciate you and we thank you and we love you and we are you, you are us, we are one. So it is.


Divine decree and call for service

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven and ascended masters, come today with important news to share. Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers are being tasked to help humanity at this critical moment, lead humanity out of the chaos and help Divine disclosure happen and help thyself heal and heal Gaia. Yes, it is a Divine order and it is a Divine mission. All the light workers, no matter where you are and how far you have travelled, now is the time to step into your shoes and start walking, walking as Divine agent, and walking as the helper of humanity, indeed the time is now.
Yes, this message has a sense of urgency and it is true that we have grown impatient with the way the chaos is going but Divine also knows and understands that it is the process, a process humanity has to go through no matter how painful it is, only through the pain, you gain, gain wisdom and gain experiences and Divine understands that and Divine admires Gaia and her children for going through such a tremendous chaotic time, yet still have the drive and motivation of moving forward for a better future. It is this drive that moves humanity out of the ignorance and chaos and move into the 5th dimension, a beautiful future and paradise on earth. Humanity knows that it is their chance, a once and for all kind of chance, to leave the past behind and move up the evolution ladder, and humanity is determined to grab this opportunity and make it, and that is why humanity is so willing to play along, so willing to finish the ugly karmas and so willing to do whatever it takes to get to the new earth, 5th dimension, and that is the mature humanity and that is what Divine and heaven see and that is what is happening right now on the planet and that is the most encouraging news we have to share with you all.
We love you. We love humanity. In the middle of this chaos, we want to let you know that it is temporary and there is nothing to be afraid of. All of this will end soon, humanity is moving quickly to the higher dimension and you won’t have to see these horrors much longer, all is moving forward and upward fiercely and fast, and we, on the other side of the veil, see it and know it and share it with you dear ones. Be the warriors you come here to be, be humanity’s big brother and sister you are, be Divine Mother’s angels and help her children and humanity. It is time and it is your time to shine, to lead by example and lead humanity to a brilliant tomorrow. And that is what we brought to you today, and that is what we desire to see and that is your mission dear ones, and now is the timeframe you have been waiting for, wait no more, put yourself in action and start the process, a process where you become your true self and lead humanity out of the current chaos, a process in which you eventually become the true master you are and true Divine change agent. And that is the next phase of your ascension and mission, mission critical indeed.
We love you dear ones. We appreciate you being here on earth, for us and for Divine, of course for your highest self too. We adore your determination and dedication, and we applaud your achievement, great accomplishment and we, indeed, love to see you becoming more and more wise, brave, and so ready to get on next mission. It is a great pleasure to see you mature every day as a Divinely inspired master in the making, and it is indeed our deepest wish come true, beautiful indeed.
We love you. We pray that you heed our call for service and you heed our call for your love, love for yourself and love for humanity. It is your love that makes all of this possible, and it is your love and your beautiful light that liberates the planet and humanity, and it is your powerful love and light that makes the impossible possible, and eventually win the battle for yourself and humanity and Divine, make this planet beautiful again, and make Divine proud again and again, indeed, we love you dear ones. With our deepest love and heart-felt appreciation, we say adieu, and so it is.


Divine decree on taking a break

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven have an important message to share. Divine has decreed that Gaia and her children have progressed enough that Divine and the company of heaven will have a chance to take a break and let Gaia and her children take the time to digest and assimilate the shift and energy changes. It is an auspicious time for Gaia and humanity to take a break from all the intense energies which has bambarded the planet in the last couple of months, and it is a great opportunity for dear light workers to just sit down and have a break.
Yes, literally a break, a break from the incoming energy, and a break from the intense light work so that you will have a chance to rest, and digest Mother's energy. We understand that the incoming energy has been very intense lately and lots of the dear light workers feel it inside out, being cleared inside out and desire for a break from it. Now your prayers had been heard and you are getting a break. Divine has particularly emphasized that all the dear light workers will have a break so that you can go inward and shift inside out without outward distractions.
Yes, the world is becoming more and more chaotic every day. In your daily life and humanity's daily life, all you see is the chaos and collapsing world, and that can cause great deal of distraction. But dear ones, the collapsing of the old is the foundation of the birthing of the new. Look pass the chaos and see the seeds of the new and see the new birthing out of the old. That way, you see hope and you see tomorrow, you see the future of yours and humanity's. And that is what we see and we hope you see too. We, the company of heaven and Divine have been hoping you, the dear light workers, are awakened enough that you proceed forward and create a better world for yourself and humanity. You create your world with your loving intent and content joyful heart, a singing heart. Dear ones, when you look beyond the current situations on earth, look to the future, a bright future, you cannot help but getting excited and eager to create. However, we notice that the current atmosphere is not ideal for the dear light workers to do that because majority of the light workers still live in the old mentality, running the old programs and old patterns in the mind, and that is not suitable for the creations of the new. We strongly encourage you to work on your old patterns, old thinking patterns, release all that no longer serve you, remove these outdated patterns and mental blocks so that you will have a chance to create new, and have a joyful heart to live and create.
That is all we have today. We love you dear ones. We pray that you take this opportunity and work on yourself, continue to release the old and allow the new to come online and serve you. Know your ancient DNA has been activated and they are waiting for you to utilize them to create a better life for yourself and humanity. It is just a matter of time and practice. Know they are already there, you just need to recognize them and use them frequently. They are your tools, your gifts and your blessings. Use them and use them for the greater good for all.
We love you dear ones. We pray that you enjoy your beautiful life and enjoy your beautiful day. So it is.