Kundalini Living

Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Mother Mary's Thanksgiving message

Mother Mary says dear heart; it is again the season of thanks and season of gratitude. What a beautiful time of the year, you are busy loving each other, thanking each other and sharing the beautiful moment of life together.  Being human on earth, moments like this are priceless and moments you live for. Indeed, a beautiful reflection of Divine love and Divine experiences of human life, it is priceless indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I love you. I come today to say thanks and share this beautiful moment with you all. Know your life is priceless dear ones, live it in joy and live it in the way that reflects your true nature dear heart , that is my thanksgiving message for you. Yes, you are the Divine love and living on earth at this moment. Anything less than that is not your truth, and needs your attention of healing, and gradually you will perfectly put yourself together and get on the true path you have designed and live it in true joyful way.
In this beautiful thanksgiving moment, I want to give you all thanks. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being here on the planet. Thank you for being my great love and great warriors, walking with me and walking with humanity at this critical moment of the human history. Thank you for doing what you do to serve Divine, serve Mother and serve our beloved planet and humanity. Thank you for your endless love and devotion for Divine, me and Jesus. Thank you for always being there for me and for Divine. Thank you for being so willingly and lovingly walking for me and for Divine. Also give thanks to Divine and company of heaven, give thanks for their unwavering love and support for humanity and Gaia having come this far without too much difficulties and challenges. Thank you, our dearly loved Lady Guan Yin, my great love and great admiration. Thank you, Divine Mother, I love you with no end. And thank you, my great love, Jesus, for walking with me and serving with me, till eternity, you are always my great love indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I love you all. In this beautiful holiday season, please share your beautiful love and light with humanity, being my great love, share my great love with all. Make this beautiful world beyond beautiful. Make yourself, my beloved fellow light workers, a beautiful memorable holiday journey than no other. Know your journey is coming to an end, end of 3D and beginning of 5D. A new journey just began. All is so exciting, with the holiday spirit, together, make it a memory of no other dear heart.
I love you. I wish you a great thanksgiving. I give thanks to you all, and Namaste to you all. I am Mother Mary, so it is.


Mother Mary on current event

Mother Mary says, dear heart, the world is churning and raising its ugly head. As you can see, wherever your attention is, there the chaos is. It is the design dear heart, nothing to be afraid of. It is all in the design, Divine plan and all is working according to the Divine plan.

You may ask why so much violence is involved. I say dear heart, humans are violent, they rely on violence to resolve issues. Over hundreds and thousands of years, they still function the same way, eye for eye and tooth for tooth, but gradually they learned that violence led them nowhere but more violence, and they are tired of it and they are on the verge of finding new ways to address their differences, and they are hurrying up to finish the karma so that they can start anew. So it is the end of karmic cycle, end of malicious cycle and start of a brand new regime where violence has no place, only love rules. It will be the love which rules and keeps the peace, and that place is the new earth, and humanity is at the verge of seeing it merging, and hoping to get there as soon as possible, and that is why the pace of karmic relationships is finishing so fast, and humanity is so eager to get out of it and so ready to finish the karmic cycle once and for all.

Yes. this is a once in hundreds and thousands of lifetime’s opportunity, and the souls on earth know it and those souls push hard to make sure they take advantage of this opportunity and get on track of ascension to the new earth, and that is why you see all the chaos in the world, and that is why people do whatever they can to finish their karma, and that is what is happening at the moment. That is the design dear heart. It means humanity is so ready to heal Gaia and her children, they are so ready to get on the new path, and to move to the new earth, and yes, they are so ready to live up to the new paradigm they designed indeed.

I am Mother Mary. I love you dear heart. I come today to share love and wisdom and give you updates on what is happening behind the veil. Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers are ready to help humanity at this historical moment, and all the dear light workers are being tasked to help humanity and Gaia so that the great shift will go smoother with less damage to Gaia and humanity. That being said, Divine is also aware that some light workers are still struggling with their own ascension, and are not in the position to help en masse; and that is understandable, and Divine wants you to know and respect where you are, and do what you can to help yourself and others. There is no such thing as hard deadline because it is difficult to measure and match considering what you have done already and what you are doing at this moment, all is in Divine’s interest and all is serving Divine. So, no matter where you are, you are serving the Divine, and you are serving humanity, and that is enough, and that is all matters.

I am Mother Mary. I love you. My love for you is eternal. Be my great love, love thyself and heal thyself. Know Mother Mary is always with you, help you, heal you and pray for you. Together, we can do everything and win all the battles. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can stop us. Together, we are always together, and we always win. Mother Mary loves you indeed, so it is.


Guan Yin on self care and self protection

The current situation in the world is quite dangers for you and the light workers. I say that is because the world is going through extreme cleansing and releasing, and all the nightmare memories and experiences and karmas are being brought up and release to the public. Being a light worker, you will encounter all sorts of souls who are releasing and you may end up being the target. In order to protect yourself and all the light workers, Divine has decreed that all the light workers are ready to help humanity so that humanity’s release will go smoother, and light workers will feel safe and contribute something to the safe release of humanity, and make the world a better place.
That being said, personal safety is still my concern and the concern of the Mother. In order to address this in a way without causing any fear in you, I would recommend you, all dear light workers to sit down every morning, listen to your higher self, listen to your guides, ask for guidance and ask for protections when you go out or ask whether you should go out that day. Once you get the green light, the permission, you go on your business with great vigilance and protect yourself as much as you can. Know the world today is in chaos, tomorrow will be better, but today you need to be careful and go through each and every day with great care and thorough examination, make sure all things being protected and safe, at least in your sphere. That way, we know you practice self-care and self-protection, and also, pretty soon you will form a habit of knowing what you should do or should not do in this phase of the ascension.
This is my message, and it is my suggestion. I know you all have to go around and take care of your life. But being vigilant and careful is needed, and being safe is the first order of business, that is the desire of the Divine, and that is the deepest desire of my heart as well. We love you. Your safety is our most and foremost concern at the moment. Considering the situation on the planet, all the continuation of the healing of the planet and its people, I can certainly say that the chaos will get worse before it gets better, and that makes every one’s life more challenging and difficult, and that requires you, my dear light workers, to put your safety ahead of everything else, and know your safety is always the first and foremost important thing to take care. For the sake of Divine and for the sake of humanity, please heed my call and be safe.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you heed my message, take care of your beautiful body and take care of yourself. Know Divine is always with you, know how loved you are by Divine, and by me, and know how important you are to Divine and to me, and how important your safety is to Divine and to me, and know all else does not matter, what matters is that you are sound and safe and happily serving.
I do love you dear ones. Know the situation on the planet will continue to deteriorate, humanity will go through tremendous growth over next couple of years, and that growth will trump the pain and sufferings humanity is now going through. Being a light worker at this historical moment is such a great honor and carries great responsibility as well dear ones. Know your mission is to serve, serve the Divine and serve humanity. But in order to complete your missions, you have to be in great shape, and that requires self-love and self-care. I pray that you put self-love and self-care first before you serve, and make sure you are, indeed in a great shape, indeed healthy and happy, indeed live in peace and joy, and then you can say you are ready to serve and serve happily. I know dear ones. Being a Divine change agent is not always glamour. It requires a great deal of resolve and determination plus great deal of work, and all that is based on a great assumption which is to assume you are healthy and strong physically, like steel, and you are self-efficient, and you are constantly practicing self-care and self-protection, and you are always in top shape, and you are always vigilant about your surroundings and self-protected and safe, indeed. Being a light worker is indeed a great honor. We, Divine and company of heaven, love you and adore you and honor you, as Divine Mother’s angels, indeed, you are so loved.
I am Guan Yin. I know this message sounds like I am concerned. I am concerned but in a good way. I want you to realize that you are indeed still living in the 3D world, a world is going through great clearing, and you will be impacted one way or the other. In order to continue to do your light work safely, you do have to have this in mind, and practice self-protection so that all the Divine missions get completed, and all the light workers are safe and sound, and that is the bottom line and that is what this message about.
I love you. I pray that you heed my call and continue to do your great work, continue to help your brothers and sisters and humanity. Together, we help humanity out of the chaos, and together we help Gaia to ascend and ascend with her children sound and safe. I love you indeed, so it is.


Guan Yin on overcoming the life lessons and gain wisdom

Guan Yin says the current energy you are working with is from the Divine Mother. It is penetrating deep in every human being on the planet and every animal on earth. Yes, it is Mother's energy eliminating all the unnecessary drama and illness of the human psyche, clearing out all that accumulated, deep rooted miscreations, old programs, culture... bias and religious distortions, and clearing out all the old so that humanity will be renewed and have a fresh start.
Yes, clearing is not always easy when you are in the middle of it, especially when you are personally involved in the clearing process. But dear hearts, that is the process, that is why you are here and that is what you do, get rid of the old and start the new, new you, new humanity, new civilization and new planet. But all the old has to go in order for the new to be born and florish. And you are doing a great job dear ones, look around, you see the dying, collapsing of the old every where, and the new bursting out every where, and that is work you have done, and that is the reward you deserve and that is so called light worker's work that you and I have been doing for eons of time, and only till now do we see the result of it, and the result is astonishing dear ones. Please don't let the drama discourage you, see beneath it and see the new out of the old. That is the new, the future and that is our reward, humanity's reward, heaven on earth indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. I speak to you from the heaven, and I speak to you from your heart. I am your Mother, and I am here to help you and Gaia. I understand your journey sometimes seems helpless and hopeless, especially when you are in the middle of diffculties and facing life chanllenges without immediate help. But dear heart, know that is the moment you are being directed to and tested. That is the moment you designed prebirth so that you can grow out of it and you grow stronger and stronger. Yes, each of these moments only makes you stronger and wiser and acomplish more, and each of these moments is an opportunity for you to look back where you were, and where you are, and how you got here, and utilize what you learned before and get to the next moment, overcome whatever is front of you and you will see how much stronger you get and how much wiser you become and what these moments had done for you in terms of learning curve. Know all that is the design so that you gain all the wisdom you desire and acheive certain level of enlightenment over each and every one of these chanllenging moments.
So, dear ones, when you see these chanllenges as opportunities, your perspective shifts, you are motivated and you become eager instead of panicking and depressed, and that is the key, the enlightenment moment I was talking about, and that is the purpose of all the chanllenges you put up for yourself, and that is what Divine has in mind when Divine sees you go into one after another life lessons. You gain wisdom, you gain confidence and you gain enlightenment and that is the process of enlightenment actually, and that is the enlightenment Itself dear hearts, gaining wisdom through the life lessons, and over come yourself imposed obstacles and gradually you win one by one and overcome yourself, become invincible in the face of anything and everything and you become a true spiritual warrior, enlightened human being and ascended master, and that is the goal, and that is the design and that is something you will achive in this life time, you will dear hearts.
All things are going well dear ones, proceeding well according to Divine's plan. Humanity is hurrying up to finish the life lessons and get on the ascension wagon. Dear light workers are still digesting Mother's energy and try to figure out what to do next. Dear ones, once you are ready, you will be informed. Yes, you will be informed what to do when time is right for you personally. For now, please allow yourself to rest and to digest. Digest Mother's energy and digest all the changes that have happened to you recently. It is a process and it takes time to really see it manifest. But rest assured, all is well and all is designed and all is in Divine timing.
I love you dear ones. I love what you become and I love that you have come so far. My love is for you to continue to flow with the energy, and continue to allow Mother's love to heal you, replenish you and renew you. It is my love that you feel, and it is my love you desire, and it is my eternal love for you that nourishes you, sustains you and overlights you and acompanies you on this great journey, journey home and journey to heaven, Indeed, it is my love. I love you. Indeed, Guan Yin's love is always with you. So it is.