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Divine Message for Lightworkers and Humanity



 Africa is rising from the ashes

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with great news. News you will love to hear from us. Divine just decreed that Gaia earth will move further along in the shift in Africa, and will remove all the residual debris needed to be cleared out from the core of Mother Earth, and liberate Africa from the current slavery and poverty system. ...
Yes, it is great news. Africa has long history of being poorly treated like slaves and lives in poverty stricken conditions for so long. Now is the time for Africans to finally stand up and say enough is enough. It is our time to live a life we come here for.
It is Divine's will that Africa will be the horizon of the Golden Age. Africa will be the shining star humanity will look up to. Africa will be the new dawn of the civilization we are all looking forward to.
Dear citizens of planet earth, Africa is indeed rising from the ashes. And Africa is indeed, again, the cradle of humanity. We, from above and below, have such admiration for the people in Africa, for their strong survival instincts, for their perseverance. Living through thousands years of the primal conditions, but yet the love and light in the people of Africa is still so bright and shining. Indeed a shining star on the horizon.
Love Africa. The love for Africa from us and above, from your star brothers and sisters pouring into Africa. Together, we pray the new Africa arises and the people in Africa stand up and stand tall, and lead humanity to the Golden Age, the new civilization.
Together, Africa, us and people around the world, together, we create a new world order and a new world. A new world for Gaia and humanity. A new world for every soul, indeed, a brand new world.
We love you. We love Africa. We love people in Africa. Together, we prevail.


Intense preparation

Dear children of Gaia, we have very exciting news to share this morning. We understand that our voice needs rest from time to time. And we want to send her love and appreciation for her job well done. ...
It is Divine's will that we come forward to share news with her, humanity and light workers. It is Divine' love we share with her, humanity and light workers. It is also our wish that you, light workers and humanity, love our voice and accept our goodwill and effort.
That being said, here is our message for this morning. Divine just decreed that humanity will have tremendous help and support in the next phase of shift and Ascension. Yes, Ascension is underway and humanity is going through intense clearing. We, as your Divine partner, are also getting into the intense preparation phase. What we do is so important to Gaia and humanity, and what we do is also so important to Divine's plan. As Divine's representative; we are here not only to help Gaia and humanity, but also carry out Divine's plan and Divine's will. It is the Divine we listen to. It is the Divine we worship. It is the Divine that we put ahead of everything else. So, if you ask us why we are here, we say within a heartbeat, we are here because it is Divine's will, Divine's order, and we serve Divine no matter what.
So, what we try to say is that no matter what happens next, we are always here to serve, serve Divine and humanity. You can count on us. We will be here before humanity ascends. We will be here after humanity ascends. And we will be here even after some of the light workers leave the planet. We will still be here for Gaia and humanity.
So, that is the message for today. We will be here to serve Divine and humanity, even though the intensity may go up, but our commitment is the same, be here always to help and support you all.
Be confident and feel the comfort of knowing that. Know that we love you. We support you. And we will be here for you, dear light workers and humanity, and Gaia of course.
We love you. We leave you with our love and peace.


Rising Africa

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with a smiling face and warm heart. Yes, we are happy to report that humanity and Gaia are doing well lately in terms of the shift, raising the vibration and enjoy the ride.
Gaia is doing well in her own shift. She is going slowly but surely, her children's welfare is her priority. And her moves... primarily decided by her children's welfare.
Currently, Gaia is centered in Nepal and Africa. Nepal has done the shift, and the only thing need to do is the continuation of the stabilization. Africa on the other hand is beginning the movement, or the shift. It will start slow, gain momentum and slowly shift all that is needed clearing out, digging out and restoring its pristine condition.
Africa has been humanity's dumping ground for eons of time. It is not because Africa deserves it, but because the innocence and primal African cultures and generous and inviting the Africa continent. It has invited darkness to take advantage of the pure land and pure souls. Now, Africa is coming to the forefront, and becoming the star. Yes, a star is birthing. And Africa is rising, rising from the ashes and will be the star for humanity to follow.
Africa's great shift will usher in the economic and political shifts. Humanity is ready for it, from the center of the poverty to the pristine condition humanity designed for itself.
The rise of Africa will give humanity hope that it has had for itself for so long and now that hope will materialize in front of its own eyes.
Yes, dear brothers and sisters. We, the company of heaven and Divine, can't wait to see the new Africa, rising power and economic powerhouse which humanity has designed. We embrace it with our loving heart and we celebrate its coming for humanity. Let's celebrate together dear brothers and sisters, and humanity. Celebrate your destiny is realizing, and celebrate your future is coming online.
We love you. We applaud you for a job well done. And we can't wait to see a rising Africa.


Divine decree

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we come today with exciting heart and exciting news. Yes, humanity is at a point of no return. Heaven has decreed that humanity will live in peace and prosperity. Peace and prosperity is here to stay.
We understand that Divine decrees take some time to manifest on planet earth. But we also know that Divine dec...ree is Divine decree. Divine decree means the end result. It is just a matter of time.
So, we come with grateful heart and an eager altitude. We are grateful that Divine bestows great blessings on humanity And uplifts us and humanity in the heart. We are also grateful that humanity awakened and understand that we are working together for one goal, and that is for the greater good for all concerned. We are all in it together. It is Gaia's great shift and humanity's Ascension.
So, what this message is carrying is that we feel so encouraged and looking forward to a peaceful and prosperous humanity and planet earth. We are in love with the beautiful planet and hard working humanity. And we are so wanting humanity to know that we are in the same boat, and we are in it for the better life of humanity.
That is all. We come today with an exciting and loving heart. We know it is the day after Pentecost Sunday, and the Holy Spirit is with you all. We wish the Holy Spirit is here to stay, we wish the planet permeates with Christ Consciousness here after. And we wish your awakening is peaceful and joyful. All is well indeed.
We love you. We love the planet. And we, too, feel the love of Divine on this Pentecost season, and merged in this love and light, become one with you, beloved humanity. We are one indeed.
May peace and love be with you all always. We go with our heartfelt congratulations to you all, beautiful planet and humanity. We love you.


Pentecost Sunday  

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we are on break today so that our voice will have a chance to rest in the love of the Divinely transmitted vibration of light and love on this special day, Pentecost Day.
Enjoy this special day in your own way, and know that we, as your Divine brothers and sisters, are sending you love and light. Indeed, Divine love and light for humanity.


Africa starts the shift 

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we come today with a greatly important message. Divine just decreed that Gaia's shift will be focus on Africa. The reason we give specific location and region is because Africa is largely unpopulated and yet very important in the future shift and reconfiguration.
So, yes, Africa will be the focu for a while. Wh...at would happen to Africa; you ask? We say, let's see. Anything can happen during the great shift. Anywhere between famine. Earthquake, to Tsunami and volcanos. You name it. Anything related to reconfiguration of the nature.
What happens in Africa is also a bell weather for the rest of the world because Africa is large and represents almost all climates the world has. Mother Nature in Africa is beautiful and plentiful. Mother Earth in Africa is ancient and yet primal.
So, dear children of Gaia, let's put Africa in your heart. Love it and cherish it. Shift with Gaia and shift with Africa.
May Mother Nature in Africa be mild, gentle and nurturing. May Mother Earth in Africa be peaceful, plentiful and beautiful.
That is what we have today. May your day be filled with love and joy. May your heart be filled with gratitude and appreciation. Appreciate what Gaia is going through. Appreciate what your physical body is going through. Together, we will prevail.
Salute with love and respect, your Divine brothers and sisters. We love.


Divine decree

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with exciting news. News you have been waiting for. Divine has just decreed that humanity's Ascension will be an easy and smooth one. It is Divine's will that humanity will go through Ascension without wars and conflicts and sufferings and internal turmoils.
Yes, our vision of it may be different from yours since you are in the middle of the 3D world, and you are living in the chaotic of the wars and conflicts. But in our view, planet earth is a beautiful place. People are beautiful people. Yes, there are fights among people and groups and contries. But the fights are literally the reflections of what people are themselves. In another words, these fights are the creations of themselves. They create these situations in order to reflect what is in themselves, and need to heal. So, for us, it is all healing and healing does take all forms. Wars and conflicts are forms of healing as well.
So, since wars and conflicts are forms of healing, we view it too as necessary for humanity to ascend. We have a healthy altitude about it. What we mean by healthy altitude is that we don't discriminate against it. We view it as a process, wait its releasing, and applaud it when it is completed. Because we realize that is opportunities for humanity to advance. And that is good for humanity as well as for Gaia. Because Gaia needs to release all that no longer serves her, so do her children.
Now, you may have a different view of it. You see wars and conflicts are most brutal, unnecessay loss and most distructive form of action one can carry out against the other. You are right. It is so. But once the cycle begain, there will be no end as you know. And now is the time to end the cycle as Divine's wish and Gaia's wish.
So, how could we end an unendable cycle? we say by letting it all out. Once and for all, all sides just release and release once and for all. So the new begining can begin.
Nonsense, you may say. That will end the world we know of. We say it won't. It won't because Divine won't let it happen. It won't because there is universal law we all have to adhere regardless you know it or not. The universal law says that any action causes effects. And you have to take whatever the consequences of your actions. So, humanity can't and will not end itself simply because it is not allowed by Divine and universal law.
So, what we try to say here is that don't let wars and conflicts worry you or scare you. Treat them and recognize them as healing process of Gaia and humanity are going through, and it will finish the karma or the cycle once and for all so humanity can ascend at end.
That is all we try to say. We celebrate the progress humanity has made so far. We celebrate the great work light workers have been doing and continue to do. We celebrate with Divine that Ascension for the masses is coming. And we celebrate Gaia is doing great in this great shift. Know all is well. All is worth celebrating. So, go celebrate dear light workers and humanity. Celebrating is the way to acknowledge your achievement. Celebrating is paying yourself for the great work you have been doing. And celebrating is the encouragement you deserve to give yourself and others.
Together, let's celebrate. Celebrate you and Divine. Celebrate our victories and our tomorrow, a bright one indeed.
We love you. We celebrate you, and we can't wait to celebrate with you.
Peace and love with you all.


Ascension date has been set 

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with a very important message. A message you have been waiting for. Divine had set an ascension date for humanity. Yes, ascension date has been set, and it is September 27th, 2015.
You ask why September 27th? What is special about that day? We say it is special, and it is the date Divine Mother has chosen. Divine Mother loves that date, and so it is special. Now you have it.
Humanity and light workers alike will have to work toward higher and higher vibration in order to ascend on that day. However, there will be a big percentage of humanity who can not ascend by then simply because they are not ready. That is ok. That is understandable and that was predicted. They will have other chances. Notice we say chances. It means there are more ascension dates on the road for humanity. For those who can not ascend the first time, they can take a second chance, a third chance, possible even more chances. It is Divine's will that every single soul will have chance to ascend. It is Divine's will that all humanity will ascend after all the hard work and long wait. It is Divine's will that all the light workers though, will ascend the first chance you get so that you can come back and forth between realms to help humanity.
So, dear light workers, it is your time to focus on yourself and get yourself ready to ascend in September. If you don't get yourself ready, Divine will. It is the order of Divine and it is the will of Divine Mother. All dear light workers get themselves ready and ascend so that they can position themselves to help humanity in the upcoming years and decades.
That is the message for today, dear brothers and sisters. We know our messages have been intense, but that is the current situation and we have the obligation to report to you the truth. So you can have a sense of what to come and a real picture. Even though you may not like the picture we deliver to you, but at least you know it is real and you have to deal with it regardless. Eventually you will get used to the intensity and live with it in this period of the planet shift, the Great Shift.
Know no matter what happens, we are here for you and walk with you. Divine is on our side. We love you. We leave our peace with you.


 Tsunami of love

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with an important message. We want you to have a heart to listen and understand. ...
Divine Mother has started a new wave of Tsunami of love lately. This time the wave will be stronger and longer. And the impact on humanity will be enormous. What we particularly want to convey to you is that this wave of Mother's love will wash off deep seeded hatred humanity has developed toward each other, countries toward countries, groups toward groups. So, what that means is that the exposure of hatred will be plenty and will be continue for a while.
In America, you have already seen the exposure of the hatred between races, black and white, Muslims and the rest. Now this exposure will go deep into the human psyche and expose all the deeply buried hatred that you, humanity, has created, and dig it out and release once and for all. As result, you will see more of the outrageous discrimination cases among different groups of people. Wars and conflicts will suddenly explode among different regions and groups. The most outrageous hatred cases will surface as well.
We understand that sounds disturbing. But know that is the healing process. In order to heal, these under currents have to come to the surface and release. Divine has decreed that humanity will no longer suffer from the wars. What that means is that no matter how dangerous things seem to be, there will be no wars allowed, period. It is only for the purpose of releasing, but no war any more.
We know that sounds contradictory, but the matter of fact is the Divine plan is Divine plan. What we can do is to implement Divine plan and carry out what is necessary to make sure the Divine plan goes smoothly.
So, what this message is, is only to warn you of what is to come. But what is to come for us is to implement Divine plan and make sure peace is for Gaia and humanity during this great shift. Anything else is not guaranteed. Another words, peace is guaranteed, but not war and conflicts.
We know it sounds pretty complicated, and intellectualize it won't help. What we do hope is that you take this message as forewarning and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. In the event wars explode all of a sudden, you know it won't last. Peace will be here and stay, simply because it is Divine's will and Divine's plan.
That is what we have today. We know it is a heavy topic, we won't try to make it light. But we do hope you know we love you. We are here for you. And we will do whatever it takes to make sure peace prevails, and Gaia and her children are safe.
That is our promise, and Divine is on our side. We leave you with our love and peace.


News about Himalaya 

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with great news. Gaia has done her physical cleansing in the Himalaya region and feel very relieved, and so do we. ...
We understand that Himalaya is a sacred place both in heaven and on earth. It is Divine Mother's love and Divine's love. It is the spiritual center for the planet earth and people on earth. It symbolizes peace and serenity, and it records the history of humanity, even long before the civilization began.
Now, the region has been cleansed. Gaia is feeling great relief and contentment. Thousands of years of miscreations have been removed, both emotionally and energetically by Gaia and us. Himalaya has returned to its pristine glory. Hallelujah!
Dear children of Gaia, Himalaya is the heart of the Mother. It is the heart of Gaia and humanity. Celebrate your return to innocence and celebrate your heart, spiritual heart which resides on top of the Himalaya.
Yes, go celebrate with great joy. See how much we have achieved so far, and how much we will achieve together. We are invincible together.
That is the message for today. We love you. We applaud you. Great job, well done indeed. We leave you with our peace and love.


Divine decree

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with an enchanting news. Divine just decreed that Gaia will ascend with humanity shortly. What that means is that Ascension is coming shortly. It means that humanity is getting ready quicker than we thought. It means the endless waiting days are almost over, from our perspective....
What an amazing day. What amazing news dear brothers and sisters. We, the company of heaven, your star brothers and sisters and Divine all together waited for this news for quite some time already, now this day is finally approaching. Let the countdown begin, we say with great excitement and joy, and we hope you do too. It is news for the history books.
So, that is all we have today. We are anticipating with great joy and happiness. We are so looking forward to a new civilization on planet earth, a civilization which is based on love and light. A civilization where all souls are treated equally and Divinely awakened. A civilization we will be able to communicate with, and visit, just like brothers and sisters do with each other.
Come, the dawn of the Golden Age. A brand new civilization. We are so ready for it dear brothers and sisters, are you?
We love you. May peace and prosperity be yours to claim.


Wesak Celebration

Dear children of Gaia, we come with great news. We, as ascended masters, your heavenly brothers and sisters, your Divine partners, had just bestowed by Divine a blessing that humanity will celebrate a great victory with us on upcoming Wesak day....
What that means is that during the week of Wesak, we will be here to celebrate with you on earth. Celebrate our achievement. Celebrate what is to come for humanity and celebrate what you, personally will become.
What a heavenly blessing for us. Yes, we can come to visit the earthly plane anytime we like. But visit is just visit. Celebration is something totally different. It is not work, it is not a simple visit, it is a grand victory. It is a heavenly blessing. It is indeed.
We so love the opportunity to celebrate with you at dawn of the Golden Age. Let's have fun. Let's sing and dance together, dear brothers and sisters. Together, we finally can say we did it. Now let's just kick back and have fun.
That is our message for today. We can't wait to convey our excitement to you. What an exciting time it is. We love you. We treasure you. We celebrate you. We are so in love with you. Peace and love for you all.


Divine decree

I have a Divine message for me personally. But I want to share part of it with all mothers and celebrate with all mothers. May your day filled with love and joy! Here is the part I like to share.

Divine message on May 10th, 2015 by Linda Li

Divine Mother had decreed that all mothers and her children should ascend together. Mothers and her children are Divine Mother's love, and they need to be loved and respected and supported at all times. It is Divine's will, and it is Divine Mother's will. We love mothers and their children unconditionally!


Divine decree

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with a short message. The message is short but the weight is still there, and we hope you take it seriously.
Divine had decided to continue the shift of Gaia and humanity. And Divine has decreed that Gaia will shake off whatever she needs to in order to get the shift back on track. What... that means is that in the near future, the shift will be quite volatile and the consequences will be unpredictable. What we can predict is that Divine will do whatever it can to help humanity, and we will be in full power and full capacity so that we can help Gaia and humanity in whichever way we are needed.
This is the message for today. We, your brothers and sisters, company of heaven and team of Divine have been on track in terms of monitoring Gaia's shift, and we are very diligently watching over Gaia and her children in this great shift. We will continue to do our work and hope humanity will be on board with us so that we will eliminate unnecessary damages, and reduce the cost of the great shift as much as we can.
We love you. We are with you in this great shift. And we are here for you in this great shift. Peace and love are yours indeed.


Divine decree

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, as collectives of Divine forces, come today with exciting news. Divine Mother just decreed that humanity will have a chance to live on earth with peace and prosperity. And humanity will be the race which first and fore most lived on earth as a group of peace makers and peace lover.
Yes, s...ounds outrageous you may say, and we understand your feelings because humanity has been living in anything but peace and prosperity throughout history. Wars and disasters seem the daily life for human kind, and there seems no end of it. But we say it is ending, it is long over due and that is why you are here dear light workers. You are heaven sent peace makers and peace lovers, you have changed the world, and now you are ushering in the era of peace and prosperity. With heaven's help. The era of peace and prosperity is arriving and will stay forever. Humanity is ready for it and deserve it.
What an accomplishment dear light workers, we, the company of heaven, Angelic kingdom, Divine messengers, and all the light workers have been waiting for this day and finally this day is coming with a Big Bang.
Celebrate dear light workers and humanity. You have worked hard for it. Now is time to claim your victory and celebrate. Celebrate your achievements. Celebrate humanity's endurance and strength. Celebrate your loving Divine partners and celebrate the future generations to come.
What an amazing decree and amazing achievement. We, your ascended masters, company of heaven and Divine partners, celebrate with you. We celebrate your peace and prosperity. We celebrate your greatness and human race. We celebrate our dear light workers and their achievements.
Together, let's celebrate and make this day special as it is. We love you. We applaud you. We stand with you, go celebrate!


All systems go

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come with an urgent message today. Divine had decided to move forward with the great shift now and all the systems are go again.
What that means is that Gaia will have to shake off whatever is no longer serve her and needed for the new earth, including some souls who are not suited for moving forwar...d with Gaia and who are not ready for the new energy and new earth. "All systems go" will be the normal for a while, the humanity, the animal kingdom and plants will be going through tremendous changes in the upcoming days and months.
What we can recommend to you is to follow your own physical body, make sure the adjustments needed are done properly. Your own physical body mirrors what Gaia is going through. When Gaia is going through tremendous shake offs so does your body, not necessarily shake offs but changes, reorganizations, adjustments, reactivations. Your body will go through the "All systems go" as well.
So, we strongly recommend you and humanity pay attention to Gaia and your own body, make sure the transitions go smoothly. There will be some souls leave the planet simply because of their pre-birth agreement, and now is their time. From human point of view, it may be more than that. But we remind you that every human being on earth has a plan-when to come, what to learn, and when to leave. Putting too much emphasis on the transitions will drag the souls, lingering, and not serve them well actually.
We want to forewarn humanity that big changes and shifts are on the way, and are going to stay for a while. Strive to keep up with the shift, and pretty soon we will meet you on the new earth.
That is the message for today. We leave you with peace, love and compassion.


What we do

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we have an important message to share with you. We want to share what we do, supposed to do and what Divine wants us to do during this great shift in relation with Gaia and humanity. We know it is a broad subject, but we will make it short and sweet so that you get a simple version of it and understand us better, even to love us over... time. That is our goad and let's start.
We, as Divinely pointed team which watches over and monitors Gaia and humanity's great shift. We do, however, more than just monitoring, we also help in the way that humanity and animal kingdom and plants will be safely preserved and protected. Simply put, we are their protectors during this shift.
So, how do we do our job from above the planet millions miles away? You may ask, we say energetically we are here on earth, just in different dimensions. We do our job by supporting the grids that Gaia has built for herself.
We do our job by lifting up the planet energetically so that Gaia can freely cleanse herself.
We do our job by monitoring Gaia's every move so that we can step in to lift up humanity by our ships if we have to or if the danger is too great to many souls.
We do our job by simply communicating with our light worker communities so that they will work with Gaia and humanity to steer the ship and make sure the shift goes smoothly on daily basis.
We do our job by sending our love and support to humanity so that they in turn consciously or unconsciously love and help Gaia in whichever way they feel suited.
We do our job by loving our Divine plan and our crews, and our ground crews so that we are on the same page, so to speak, under the Divine plan and directions to get job done smoothly and successfully. So humanity will be able to evolve peacefully, without too much distractions and danger.
We do our job by contacting with our Divine liaisons and ambassadors to make sure we are consistent on implementing the Divine plan.
We do our job by simply surrounding the planet so that no more nuclear wars or that kind of nonsense happens again.
We do our job by abiding the spiritual laws-not interfering with humanity's free will, but yet make sure Gaia's Ascension is happening and ascending in the way she and Divine has designed, along with her children of course.
We do our job by loving our neighbors and brothers and sisters who are from different universes and here to help this beautiful planet to ascend.
We do our job by simply communicating with you so that you now understand what is happening with the planet and yourself.
We do our job by daily consulting with Guan Yin, The Lord of the world so to speak, so that we understand what she wants for humanity as a whole.
We do our job by daily meditating on what we can do to best serve Mother, Divine and humanity.
We do our job by leaving everything else behind and focus on Gaia 24/7.
We do our job by sending our love and appreciation to our voice, the channellor, who come to understand us and herself more and more everyday and doing a great job for us to make sure the broadcasting is on.
We do our job by monitoring the cabals or the dark forces so to speak, to make sure they are on leash, and won't interfere with Gaia's shift.
We do our job by sending ships around the globe to keep the peace necessary so that the shift continues.
We do our job by continuingsly strategizing, planing, predicting all sorts of scenarious during the shift, peak or off peak season so to speak. But for us, there is no off season.
We do our job by continuingsly sending humanity messages and warnings so that we are all prepared in the event catastrophy happens.
We do our job by continuingsly educating humanity so that they will be aware of their responsibilities to Gaia, the consequences to Gaia and themselves if they are not careful with their way of living with the planet.
Finally, we do our job by learning that our job and our to do list keeping growing. Nevertherreless we are getting more and more in tune with our job as well as humanity. And we are getting good at it and we love it.
We love humanity. We are brothers and sisters who do things for each other. That is why we are here. We are here for you and humanity. We are here for Gaia. We are here with tremendous love.


Divine plan

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, your star brothers and sisters, company of heaven and Divine ambassadors, come today with a relaxing news. Divine has been consulting with Gaia in last couple days and come up with a very exciting plan for Gaia and humanity.
Here is the plan, Gaia and humanity will stay in this place for a little whi...le longer till Gaia and humanity ready for next shift. What it means is that whatever the Status quo is will continue for a while, so that Gaia and humanity will have a break.
Due to Divine's intervention, we, the company of heaven, will take this opportunity to take a break as well. This break will offer us an opportunity to strategize Gaia's next moves and the possible outcomes as the result of her moves. You see, as her Divine guardian, protector and helper, we constantly strategize her future moves and shifts so that we can prepare for any foreseeable consequences of the moves and shifts.
And in return we will be better able to protect and help humanity, that is the Divine order, that is our principle as your guardians in this great shift and that is what we love to do.
So now, what this break means to you, light workers, ground crew and humanity, we say simply relax and have fun. Until next shift, just let your guard down and rest.
That is all we have today. In the upcoming days, we may come as the company of heaven and give some educational messages to humanity. If you are interested, please join us and educate humanity, so we can move forward together with ease and grace.
We love you. We applaud your great work. Together, we are victorious indeed. We are your Divine partners, star brothers and sisters, company of heaven and Divine. Together, we serve humanity and the Mother.
Go in peace and love.


Gaia's break

Divine has just decreed that Gaia's shift will be halted for a day or two due to Gaia yet again encounting a difficult situation, and she needs breathing room. Now she is sound and safe and resting.
What that means is that humanity will have some breathing room in these couple days and shift will begain when Gaia shifts again.
What we also want to convey to you is that during this break, Gaia's shift will stop but the effect and impact of last week's won't stop. In other words, you will see continuing earth-quakes, Tsunamis and natural disasters possible, especially in the Himalayan region. Divine and company of heaven strongly encourage you and humanity to send love and compassion to Gaia and the region in the hope that the aftershocks won't be too devastating.
We send you our love and compassion, love and compassion for people on earth and love and compassion for Gaia and her children. All are well loved by Divine and company of heaven.
We leave you with our peace and love.

Note, please send you love and compassion to our beloved Mother Earth and people in Himalayan region. Thank you and love you all.