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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Divine Feminine and Mother Mary, the Archangel

The so called second wave of awakening is happening right now around the planet. Divine Mother has opened the Ascension portal for the first wavers to arrive, and for the second wavers to be activated. Yes, the Ascension portal has been open for quite some time. And Divine Mother's light and love is permeating the planet, humanity is awakening by the millions daily. What a spectacular sc...ene we are seeing from above.
The second wavers will roughly ascend in September 2016, about one year later than the first wavers. The second wavers will have a much easier ride. The climate, the love and light from above and below are so supportive for them and the upcoming generations to ascend. That is indeed the achievement of the light workers and first wavers.
We, from above, deeply appreciate what ground crew, light workers and first wavers have done, both for Divine and humanity.
Yes, it is time for the mass awakening and mass Ascension. The second wavers are the upcoming leaders for the brand new civilization. They are in their thirties sand forties, and well settled and ready. Their Ascension is so critical for humanity as a whole. We do love that the light workers and first wavers are giving them a helping hand when there is a need, walking with them when you can. Know their path is well paved by you already and you are in the perfect position to show them the way.
During last few weeks, Divine Mother's league has been busy sending light and love, a wake up call to the planet and second wavers. They heard the call, and awakening in big numbers. You will see more and more of them join the Ascension path, with their confident and easy personalities, making the Ascension Army so much more diverse, colorful and fun. Yes, embrace them with your loving heart, and give them a helping hand with delight. Know all is well. All is well underway and all is in Divine order and Divine timing.
We love you. We love what you do. And we love what you are.


Mother Mary on Pentecost Sunday


Mother Mary says that Pentecost Day is indeed a special day in my heart and for humanity. It is the day that Yeshua came back to his disciples, and started the uplifting of his disciples. The teachings and love and light he brought back on Pentecost Day was largely distorted over the time, but the fact of the matter is that h...is teachings and Divine light and love started to spread on the planet earth. The western atmosphere, Christianity, ushered in a new era of Christ Consciousness nevertheless.
Throughout history, Pentecost had been largely celebrated by Christians. But today, you and I celebrate it together and give it a new meaning, or, rather return it to the true meaning that Yeshua and Divine intended back then. Let's make the correction and let's make the Divine intent known, even though thousands of years have passed, but still better than never.
Yes, what Divine really intended to teach humanity was to awaken humanity to the fact that each and every soul on the planet is Divine and can achieve Self Realization through practice of self love and unconditional love. Yeshua would say love thy neighbors like love thyself. But nevertheless, Yeshua's teachings got lost over the centuries, and was misinterpreted by the powers and powers to be. Humanity therefore inherited a distorted version of the teachings and has been suffering the consequences ever since.
Today, we again celebrate this special day with the realization that every soul on earth has God within. There is no need to look for God else where. You are Divine. You have the power to heal yourself and save yourself. Let Divine's intent be known in Christian communities. Let Yeshua's true teachings be shown to the masses. And let Divine's intent be heard by humanity. It is time. Today is the day.
I am Mother Mary. I give this message on Pentecost Sunday. I love you all. I bless you all. And after all, I am one of you all. We are love. We are Divine and we are one.
Go celebrate your day. Know Mother Mary cheers you on. Mother Mary is among you and celebrate with you.
Indeed, lets the celebration begin. Let humanity hear the truth, and let Christians awake and be what they were meant to be. You are Divinely loved children on earth, Divine beings indeed.


Mother Mary on Limitations of Religion

Mother Mary says that humanity is waking up the fact that religion, by, and large, is limited in so many ways. Religion tends to limit the minds and close the hearts. Religion serves some people in a way they feel they need but not others.
By and large, Religion is limiting. What we can do with Religion is looking beyond Religion and not settling on dogma. Looking beyond religion you will find the unlimited universe, unlimited God and unlimited YOU. You will learn that God is... in you, you are God. That is the power no religion can give you. That is the truth no religion teaches you.
Yes, it is time, time to go beyond religion. It is time to claim your dignity, your Divine power as the extension of the Source, as God and creator yourself.
Know your magnificent unlimited Self. Know your power beyond the power and your beauty beyond the beauty. It is time indeed
Mother Mary cheers you on. Mother Mary loves you.


Guan Yin on Mantra

Guan Yin says that what you feel is a reflection of what is in your field and in your mind. Sometimes is your own, other times is not yours. Regardless whether it is yours or not. Best way to clear what you don't want to feel is to clear your field and your mind.
Listening to mantra works well, Guan Yin says. Mantra carries Divine vibration, it seeds your mind with the vibration, and replace what is there not serve you.
Listening to mantra. Chant the mantra. Any mantra resonates with you will serve the purpose of clearing your mind and your field. Daily practice will serve to maintain your pure mind and field well.


Guan Yin on self love and self compassion

Guan Yin says compassion is needed in human interactions as well as in self talks. When you  see yourself talk back and forth, or have self doubt. Stop for a moment, and give yourself a dose of compassion. Know that only in your heart, self love exists and self compassion can be felt. Not in the mind, slow down the brain activities, sit in the heart, and feel the self love and self compassion emit from your heart outwardly. Know that only love and compassion from your heart is real, and it is from YOUR, from Divine and it is healing.
Yes, give yourself love and compassion when you are happy. Give yourself love and compassion when you are sad. Give yourself love and compassion especially when you are confused or have moment of self doubt. Know that is when you need it the most, self love and compassion.
Know you are always loved by Guan Yin. Know all is well.


Guan Yin on staying in the heart

I feel the work of energy is very strong today. So I asked Guan Yin to provide some comfort, and here is what she said. I hope it will offer you some comfort and relief.

Guan Yin says that you are the heart of Mother and Divine Feminine. Always remember you are held in the arms of Divine love and Divine feminine. Yes, today's energy is harsh, solar storms are hitting the planet. But after all, that is a form of love as well. Once you relax into the knowing that all is for you...r highest good. All is from Divine and all is the love from the Mother. You will settle into the soft spot in your heart and dwell in there. Know that is where you and the Mother dwell, that is where Guan Yin lives, and that is where you feel peace and calm and joy, and ultimate love.
Guan Yin says "Stay there dear heart. I am there with you as always and I love you".


Goddess Guan Yin - Integration Phase

I have quite challenging days lately. I asked Goddess Guan Yin for guidance this morning, and here is what she said. I hope this message is helpful for you.

Guan Yin says what you are going through is a phase called integration. You are integrating your soul aspects in the higher realms as well as in the 3D realm.
Yes, you have many aspects currently walking on earth with you. In the Ascension process, you need to merge with your twin soul and your aspects. Some are easier, ...others are more challenging, it depends on the soul aspect's development and soul connection. Some connections are stronger and more willing to integrate, and some need work to be able to integrate together.
Regardless of the case, when you integrate with your earthly aspects, the best thing you can do is to let it happen naturally, go with the flow and be gentle. Give it time. All things take time, and all things have natural rhythm. So it is with the soul. Different aspects have different rhythms and different personalities so to speak. So, flow with the personality, dance with the personality. Be gentle with the personality and be gentle with self. Know it is a process and know all is well.


Mother's Day Message from Mother Mary

Mother Mary says congratulations to Mothers, grandmothers and mothers to be on this beautiful Sunday, earthly Mother's Day. We definitely know what Mother's Day means for us. Being a mother over hundreds lifetimes myself, it is such a Divine moment to be with you and share my heart with you. Whenever I incarnated on earth, I always have a great desire to be a mother. And I enjoy all the experiences motherhood entail.
As ...the mother of beloved Yeshua, the memories of the experiences are still so vivid till this day. Words can not even describe my feelings about that life. And lessons I learned in that lifetime is more than any other life times.
Yes, being the mother of Yeshua, was a Divine blessing and a Divine mission. Besides my own mission as Divine Femine to anchor Mother's energy, I was also missioned to anchor Christ Consciousness as Yeshua did. While raising him, I had that in my mind in every moment of every day: that he was a Divine change agent, he would bring Divine mission to reality, he would anchor Christ consciousness in humanity and bring humanity to an awakening state.
Being a mother two thousand years ago was different than modern days I would venture to say. Back then human life was simple yet strenuous. Educating children was not the primary goal of mothers, rather making a living or simply surviving.
Being Yeshua's mother, I had to bear in mind that his life was not ordinary, his needs was not just survival. Instead, he needed spiritual teachings as well as physical, mental, and wide range of education. We, I mean, Joseph and I, had to do whatever we could to make sure he was on track from the day he was born. Divine blessed us, he was indeed on track on getting on his mission at age of 30. What a great accomplishment it was.
So, I say that being a mother is like carrying a Divine mission itself. What a child can accomplish and what a child can get done in his/her life mission has a lot to do with the upbringing, a lot to do with the role mothers play.
And as a mother, what a child will become, and how a child will become the child designed to become, weight so much in mother' heart and spirit.
There is no other way to feel love and responsibilities as a human being than being a mother. And there is no other way to show your love and greatness than being a mother. Yes, mothers are beyond love and light. Mothers are the great Cosmo builders. Mothers are the building blocks of the past, current, and future. And mothers are the promise of the future.
Salute the mothers. Love the mothers. They are beyond lovable. They are beyond beautiful. They are beyond your praises. They are beyond great. They are beyond anything you can imagine. Great love of mothers is indeed beyond anything you can imagine.
Happy Mother's Day, great mothers. Mother Mary is with you, walk with you, celebrate with you, applaud you and salute you. Mother Mary indeed loves you.


Guan Yin's message about physical clearing

Goddess Guan Yin says humanity is at a pivotal point before Ascension happens shortly. The point where the majority of souls are ready to ascend at the soul level but not yet at physical level. What that means is that working on the physical Ascension is urgent and the norm for next few months.
Most people's physical body is dense. Main reason is due to the accumulations of ancient memories and beliefs, and releasing the old, outdated, and accumulated memories from the DNA is... the prime task right now. There are tools available and very much suitable for this purpose. The best advice Guan Yin can give to you is to release with a gentle approach. Use the tools that speak to you. It does not matter whether it is music, Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Reiki or nature, as long as it helps and then that is your path. Remember your path is yours. Everyone has their own unique make up, unique path, and unique design for Ascension.
Once you are comfortable with your path, releasing will be easier and smoother. The key is to find your unique path and practice often.
Humanity is in desperate need of Ascension tools and knowledge. Guan Yin encourages you to share your tools and experiences with other and humanity. Show the ways. Together, slowly but surely, every one will get on their Ascension path. Humanity as a whole, will be together again, this time will be on New Earth.
Guan Yin loves you. And Guan Yin is there waiting for you.


Guan Yin on unknown

Guan Yin says human's tendency is to lean on the known and familiar. But in the process of enlightenment, everything is unknown, unknown to the brain, and unknown to the body. What is known is that enlightenment will be yours at end of the long journey.
Take the fear of the unknown, hand to her. Guan Yin says, and know that whatever is unknown is not important in great scheme of things. What important is you know how to handle the unknown and where to look for tools to handle the unknown.
Guan Yin says that enlightenment is known, and it is yours to claim. Claim it with conviction. Claim it with joyful heart. And claim with confidence and ease and grace.


Guan Yin on worshipping

Goddess Guan Yin says spiritual maturity decides whether you worship or not. As spiritual aspirants, we encourage you to follow your own guidance, and exam yourself whether there are things you do adhere to the spiritual laws or not on the daily basis.
It is Divine's will that humanity stops the blind following and worshipping, awakening to the true spiritual path and practice which is SELF guided practice.
Know that humanity as a collective had been misled on the path of spirituality. Now is time to wake up and get on the path you supposed to, a SELF guided enlightenment. And Guan Yin is always there for you on your path.


Mother Mary on shifting with Gaia

Mother Mary says that humanity already jumped yet another Ascension level since Gaia's continuing shifts. Whenever there is a shift, there will be growth for humanity, growth that humanity desperately needs. Due to the nature of the shift, and humanity's conscious level, the shift and changes will be continuingly dramatica for a while. The best advice Mother Mary can give to you is to stay true to yourself, physically, morally and spiritually.Untill Ascension happens, which is happening at the primal level now and will speed up as the consciouness of humanity reaches certain degree.
Mother Mary is walking on earth with you on this journey. It is time for her to step out as Mother Mary and lead humanity toward the big shift, Ascension, and restoration of the planet. Planet earth will be the center of attention for a while. Go easy on yourself and others. Know all is going through the changes and all is loved and supported.
I am Mother Mary. I am here to love you, support you and most importantly show you the way.


Guan Yin on great void

Goddess Guan Yin says that your heart is where the peace resides. Look into your heart, what do you see? When you see nothing, you already have peace because in great nothingness there is great potential for everything.
Strive for the great void, know that is where your inner peace and joy live.


Guan Yin cheers you on

Guan Yin says humanity is coming forward at an unprecedented speed. It is the determination and perseverance of the light workers that brought humanity to this point of enlightenment. The power and influence of the light workers around the world are beyond the wildest expectations you and I had.
Now, the birds are out of the nests. The tigers are freed ...from the cages. Humanity had been liberated from eons of the wheel of cause and effect. And dear light workers, now it is your time to claim the victory and claim your leadership roles and run with the momentum.
It is Divine's will that humanity be free from its past burdens. It is Divine's will that humanity is being liberated from its horrific past doings and come forward with a clean slate. It is Divine's will that light workers (from now on), have a chance to focus on themselves, and prepare for ascension, to take humanity to the New Age.
Dear light workers, yes, it is your turn now to be in power. It is your turn now to lead, to lead your brothers and sisters to the New Age. A new civilization had never been experienced here before. It is your turn now, dear light workers, to finally stand tall as Divine beings and say "follow me. I am the light. I am the way. I am that I am."
It is such a beautiful moment in the history of mankind. You and I have been working hard for this moment dear light workers. Let's stand together, walk together and usher in the Golden Age with our hearts filled with joy, satisfaction and pride. We are so desire and deserve this moment of victory. You and I had indeed earned it, over thousands lifetimes.
It is my desire dear light workers, too, that you move forward with no more burdens from the past, move forward with your next mission in mind, move forward with your newly found freedom and enormous support, move forward and lead, lead next generations of light workers and humanity, together we are moving forward to a bright future, a new Golden Age and a galactic society. A society we all have been waiting for, and it is so near, you almost can touch it, feel it and live in it. A new society for all humanity, a new society indeed.
Guan Yin is here with you on this journey. Guan Yin will be the one to usher in this society, and Guan Yin will be the one that leads humanity with you all. Count on her. She will be there indeed. That is why she is here, to walk with you all on earth. And she knows that her mission is the same as yours-usher in the Golden Age and lead humanity to the new civilization.
Together, dear light workers, you and Guan Yin together, will be the ones to live and walk on the new earth. How exciting it is. Guan Yin is ready, are you ready?
Guan Yin loves you eternally indeed.


Mother Mary on twin soul

Q&A with Mother Mary #2
What does twin flame reunion means; on earth plane? Physically or ?

Mother Mary: dear heart, when we talk about twin flame reunion, we are not only talking About it in the physical world, but also in the astral plane and higher dimensions. Yes, some souls are here on earth but their twins are not here, what reunion means to them is different than to you, since you... and Tom were designed to reunite here on earth for Ascension and serve the Mother and humanity. If a soul's twin is not here no earth,
the reunion is still happening, it just happens differently at different level. That will be a subject to venture into later.
Now, for the souls who are here and their twin flame are also here on earth, their reunion means physical as well as spiritual. When I say physical, it means you and your twin will have to come together to serve the Divine to complete your mission. Some may say the reunion is impossible for all sorts of reasons. We, the Divine Feminine and Mother Mary will say anything is possible dear heart. It is Divine timing makes the impossible possible.
So, focusing on yourself, your time of reunion will arrive when it is your turn.
Now, twin's mission, or part of the twin's mission, is to complete your own life lessons and complete the contract you have with Gaia. And then, your mission will be your twin's mission. In another words, you and your twin will serve together as a team, and ascend together.