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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Guan Yin on Divine decree and Divine order

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I love you. I come today with an important message for you. Divine has decreed that the current situation on the planet is extremely dangerous for all lives concerned and Divine thinks it is the best practice to stop the violence and wars against each other and humanity. You may ask how to stop wars dea...r heart. Divine Mother has decreed that all wars against humanity need to stop, and it is a Divine order, you need to hear it, no matter who you are, dictator or not, war is not an option, and wars only lead to more wars. Humanity has had enough of the wars, so has Divine, and that is why Mother has ordered a stop to wars, any type of war against humanity needs to stop, now, that is the Divine order and Divine decree. I hope humanity wakes up and hear it, otherwise, the consequences can be grave and Divine has made it very clear to all involved.
Dear heart, I love you. Ascension has taken an unexpected turn for the better. Yes, it is unexpected for us, as well as for Divine and company of heaven. Humanity's Ascension has all of a sudden speeded up, humanity has waken up by millions daily, and all of these happened in just the last few months. Before that, the speed of Ascension had been slow, and humanity had been dragging its feet. But now, things have changed, we are on a fast track, all of us, you, me, Divine and company of heaven, we are all on a fast track In terms of humanity's Ascension. Fast track means we make progress daily. Divine makes decisions daily, humanity makes progress daily, also changes its mind daily too. So the whole thing has been so fast moving that we, on the other side of the veil, are so busy and barely can catch up with humanity's progress. Yes, we are on the same boat in terms of wars, and Humanity's clearing and purification. Humanity does have the free will and humanity has been using it widely and freely. But free will is only valid when it doesn't interfere with Divine's decree and Divine's big picture. When Divine will and humanity's free will collide, Divine's will will be the final, and Divine order will replace humanity's free will. That has been the case from the beginning, and it will continue to be the case till someday Divine changes its rules and laws. But for now, Divine has the authority over humanity's free will, and Divine intends to use its authority soon so that humanity Ascension won't go too far out of design, and humanity's war against each other won't have a footing to start, and end if it has started. It is Divine's will that humanity's spiritual growth continues, and it is Divine's decision that humanity's Ascension goes at a healthy rate so that things won't fall out of order. It is Mother's order that all humans will have a chance to ascend, no one absolutely no one, has the right to cut a life short, by violence or self inflicted, does no matter, what matters is the design, Mother's design, and all souls have to follow Mother's design, and Mother's order. It is just that simple.
I love you dear heart. Being in the middle of the Ascension, on the planet, can mean that you forget that your life is meticulously designed, Mother's design. Your experience is a gift, Father's precious gift. All of you, all of humanity should have the utmost respect for the life you live, and experiences you have daily because it is sacred, it is Divine, it is Divine being in human form. Every thing you do or not do is sacred. Divine experiences it through you, absolutely true. So, heed my advice, respect your experiences, and treasure your life, know it is a gift from God, Divine Father/Mother God, precious gift indeed.
I am Guan Yin, I love you. I know the planet is a tough place to be in right now. But dear heart, remember this is one in a million kind of chance, opportunity, experience it, enjoy it and report to heaven, know heaven is recording every minute of your every day experiences for future use. It is priceless. It is indeed priceless.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful moment of your journey, I pray that you continue to study your journey, enjoy your journey and share it with others. Know what you experience is most likely being experienced by the others. So, any advice or shared experiences will be valuable to the new comers. I pray that you take care of your beautiful body, know physical Ascension is very demanding, and it requires you have a perfect health regime, and perfect lifestyle, absolutely perfect lifestyle, anything less is not going to make it. Literally, so, take time and correct any lifestyle not suited for Ascension, do self correction and self cleasening as often as you can. Know gradually, you will adopt a perfect regimine for your self, may not perfect for others, but perfect for you and that is all that matters. I pray that you know deep in your heart how much you are loved by me and the Mother, how important your wellbeing is to us and Divine. I pray that you know how precious you are to the Mother and humanity, and you take great care of your self for Divine and humanity.
That being said, I also want to let you know that no matter how important I say you are, you have to admit that in your heart. You know what I am saying and act on that. Because humans tend to diminish themselves. Human ego tends to believe you are small, limited and human life seems to prove that to you. So, you tend to have this self esteem issues, and not realize how precious, how powerful, limitless you really are, and as result, you only act to know you are limitless in certain ways but not really believe it in your heart.
Dear heart, it is time to convince yourself that you are indeed powerful Divine being, limitless and boundary less. You are indeed Divine change agent who came to earth to change the world, and you did, you do. And only then can you be the limitless self and be the limitless love and light for humanity.
I love you dear heart. I hope you heed my call for action, and continue to act on your mission and help humanity as much as you can. On Ascension path, you can beat the odds, change the world as we hoped, we designed. And usher in the new Golden Age as we are waiting anxiously. All is coming indeed. Golden Age is coming dear heart. Divine is ready, humanity is ready, are you ready dear heart?
Now is time to ask me that question. I love you, so it is.


Mother Mary on Physical Ascension

Mother Mary says, dear heart, physical Ascension is such that both your physical body as well as your consciousness have to match the vibrations of a higher realm. Either it is 4th or 5th, even 6th and 7th dimension. A lot of you have reached 5th dimension consciously but physically, it is still very challenging. Currently, You are being bam...barded by the high frequencies, your body is running on the highest gear in order to transmit these high frequencies, and that is very demanding to your physical body Because it means your body's frequency has to be high enough in order to let the Divine light and love go through. And that is why you feel your whole body is vibrating, and your whole body is constantly in pain here and there because there is some disharmony between your cells and the Divine light, and it is being reflected back to you, in other words, your body is letting you know that the incoming frequency is too high for your physical body. In other words, your body is too dense for the incoming love and light, so they aren't matching and therefore you suffer the consequences.
Dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I love you. Taking great care of your physical body, know your body is working so hard to anchor the Divine light for humanity. And that is how you do your work. Because Divine light is high frequency, pure love, it requires your body to be pure and light in order to maximize the download and anchor capacity. So, taking care of your beautiful body is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for Divine. Know the lighter your body is, the more Divine light you can anchor, and the happier and lighter you feel. It is all in harmony, your body says, all working together nicely. And that is the goal, that is the physical Ascension.
When your physical body ascends to the 5th dimension, you will know it because then all you feel is love and bliss, no pain, no suffering, all is beautiful and all is happiness, your soul is happy so is your DNA, your cells, your physical body, and your body will tell you that. Yes, your body will have the capacity to tell you how it feels, how happy your body feels when you treat it right, and how unhappy your body feels when you don't treat it well. You will know all that dear heart, you will be the master not only of your body, but also your surroundings and your life. Whatever life style you have, your body will have a say, your body knows how to choose the best, the healthy lifestyle just for you, you become a system, body, mind and soul, literally a system where every element has a say in the decision making process, and that is the goal and that will be the life you live from now on because you no longer can afford to neglect any of your whole system. living like a system with multiple components, and all has to function perfectly, individually as well as collectively. That is the new you dear heart.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you take my advice and start listening to your cells, your DNA and your body, not just your mind, your heart. I pray that you genuinely love thyself, not just the idea but in action. Act in a way that really benefits your body as well as soul advancement. I pray dear heart that you know what you do is so important for Divine, and we cannot afford to let you neglect your body. So, heed my call for taking great care of your body, do your best to treat your body right in every way possible. I pray that you are happy. Happiness is you, joy is your name and piece them together, you are love. I pray that you know how much you are loved, how beautiful you are and how precious your life is.
All is well indeed. I am Mother Mary. I love you. So it is.


Mother Mary's Easter message

Mother Mary says dear heart, it is time again, we come together to mourn the loss of Jesus, the beloved son of Divine Mother/Father God, humanity's crusader and savior, and my personal great love and soul mate. Yes, he is so loved by so many, beyond numbers. He is the love indeed, as he represents great love of Mother/Father God for h...umanity and he represents the great love of heaven and Divine for humanity. He is my great love and greatest soul mate I ever imagined. I love him without words to express, and my love for him is eternal.
In this beautiful Easter Sunday, people around the world will commemorate his death, so do I. It is always difficult time to look back at that life couple thousand years ago when I and Jesus came together for a historic Divine mission. Neither of us had imagined that mission would end that way. Yes, it was Divine's will and yes, that was the design. But being in the middle of it, being his mother in that incarnation, you can imagine the difficulty I had to endure after his passing. I was literally lost. I lost faith, I lost zest for life and I was lost. Even now, when I think about that dreadful moment, tears still can not help but pouring out and my heart can not help but crying. Yes, indeed, difficult time in that incarnation.
However, because of his death, Divine had decreed that his teachings would continue, and his mission would pass down to his disciples, including Mary Magdalene who happened to be one of his disciples and the mother of his children. So, the Divine teachings continued, and his legacy lived on. For that, I am so grateful for all of his brothers and sisters who carried on his mission and who had continued his teachings. Yes, there are lots of naysayers about who is right and who wronged Jesus. I say nobody had wronged Jesus dear heart, it is all designed. They all performed their Divine duty, even if that meant to help to kill him, it is all Divine's will and Divine's design. No souls have ever endured any defamation for contributing to his death. It is the human mind and society's bias for blaming others for his death. No, it is all Divine design and worked out exactly as designed.
I am Mother Mary. I love you. In this beautiful moment of the history, let us look back to Jesus's life and contributions he had made to Divine and humanity, lets give him a great salute for his great achievements, back then and now. Yes, he has never stopped working for you and humanity. He has never asked for anything in return but your service to the Mother. Let's show him how much you love him and love Divine and the Mother by doing your share of the service. Let's work together again, just like he did with his friends and disciples, together, we will get the job done, along with Jesus, and we will go home proud.
I love you dear heart. It is Easter Sunday again. It is my day of mourning Jesus's death, and it is my day of celebrating what he has done for humanity. Being his mother in that incarnation, it was a tremendous day of my life. I lost everything in that single day, I lost my life long love for Divine and teachings, I lost my faith in Divine and Mother. I lost my appetite for anything spiritual. Only till later years, after I recovered from the grief. I picked up the pieces again and found peace again and reconnected with Guan Yin and the Mother again. What a journey, a long journey indeed.
Dear heart, I share my past life with you on this special day so that you know that life is not always easy. Even for Mother Mary. Actually particularly for Mother Mary, so many ups and downs, very easy to lose faith and lose the Divine connection. It is normal for humans to experience human life without a Divine connection, but it is not easy for Divine beings to live a normal life without connecting with Divine because then your soul feels lost, and depression becomes the normal. So, dear heart, being a Divine being, do whatever you can to stay connected and be the soul you are, be the Divine being you are. And that way, you will always connect with Divine and your life becomes joy in action.
I love you dear heart. I pray that you heed my prayer and stay in bliss and joy, be the joy you are and be the peace you came here to be. I pray that you heed my call for action, act like Jesus did, love thy self and thy neighbors, devote yourself to Divine and humanity. Know only then are you truly doing your share and doing Jesus's work. I pray that you take great care of your physical body, ascend well physically and stay blissful. Know only happiness, joy and peace are you, anything less than that is not you, and you can let it go. I pray that you know how much I love you, Jesus loves you and Divine loves you. Together, we prevail. I am Mother Mary. I love you indeed, so it is.


Guan Yin updates on humanity's ascension and disclosure

Guan Yin says, dear heart, the situation on the planet at this moment is indeed chaotic and the cleansing of humanity has reached the peak, almost past the peak I would say. Yes, you have the Middle East which is deeply in war, and you have Americans who are deeply in self clearing. Asia and the rest of Europe are currently going through tremen...dous reorganization. But due to the design, northern hemisphere is going to be hit by wars and weather patterns first, and the Southern Hemisphere will be the last. So the map you get for Ascension is such that the world is going to divide into patches, and each patch will have its own idea of cleasening and weather patterns accordingly. That is the design dear heart. Divine has designed it that way so that the whole world won't collapse at the same time. When one side is going through deep clearing, the others will be acting like pillars, to play the supporting role. However the order may be. United States seems to be the first and the foremost one going through deep clearing and self correction, along with Northern Europe. And that is also the design because United States is supposed to be the leader in this grand project and will play important leadership role in the upcoming Golden Age. That being said, United States has been dragging its feet till most recently to start playing its leadership role. However, the company of heaven and Divine are very pleased right now with the way things are going, and watching United States carefully and hoping it won't derail again. That is the status quo.
I am Guan Yin. I love you dear heart. Divine has decreed that the Ascension of humanity has reached most of the planet, individually as well as collectively, and it is time for the disclosure to happen soon. The reason Divine used the word soon is because we want humanity to understand that there is still a little leeway for humanity to take the initiative and disclose its connection with Divine and the universe itself. But in due time, if humanity is still hesitant to do so, the company of heaven and Divine will act unilaterally, meaning regardless humanity act or not, when time comes, we will. It is time and it is Divine decree.
Dear heart, this summer will be a historic one. Getting ready and be prepared, things will happen this summer, things will change inside out this summer. Wherever you are now, stay put and that is where you are supposed to be. Whatever you are doing, try to get on your dharma, your mission because when summer comes, you are going to be needed, desperately needed. So, get ready.
I love you dear heart. I know this message may cause some panic among you. Don't be dear heart, know all is well planed, all has been under the supervision of Divine and company of heaven. Divine and company of heaven have been painstakingly planing out every little step so that everyone involved will have plan A plus plan B. So, you all are covered, and there is absolutely no reason to panic. Divine and company of heaven also have been busy preparing you in the deep level and on higher realms, so that you are truly ready. Even if we have to scoop down to get you, you are still ready. You are ready for any scenario and all scenarios. And that makes me feel good about the whole thing because regardless where and how things turn out, your safety is quaranteered and that is the first and foremost important step in my plate.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful day, I am so pleased to see you all well prepared, emotionally and mentally. You are done with the chaos, you say, let's get going. Yes, you are done with the ugly chaos so are we, the company of heaven has long been ready to move on to next phase, it is humanity who drags its feet, but now humanity is ready too. So, lets get ready for the next phase, time to move on.
In this beautiful morning, I also want to let you know how much I appreciate your love. Your love for Divine and your love for humanity. It is that love that propels you to work so hard and work around the clock. I hope humanity will appreciate you as much as we do, and I wish humanity know how much you have done for humanity so that humanity doesn't have to go through so called "hell" as dear light workers did. I pray that you continue diligently taking care of your beautiful body and know Ascension is most about physical at this point. I pray that you have all the resources and tools your need for your own Ascension and getting ready to share with humanity. I pray that you know how much I love you, in the deep of my heart, it is you dear heart, that occupies my heart, and it is you who pulls my heart strings. I love you dear heart, thank you for being my great hero and thank you for doing all you can to help humanity. You are indeed my great love and my great warrior. I love you. I am Guan Yin, so it is.


Mother Mary on spring equinox

Mother Mary says, dear heart, in this beautiful equinox morning, I come to share news. Yes, in northern atmosphere, today is the celebration of the spring equinox. More and more Divine love and light have the chance to come in in next few months for the souls in the north of the equator, and it means more and more souls will be bathe...d in Divine Mother's love and wake up from the slumber.
From beginning of the time, the Equinox has always been the benchmark for the heavens. Heavens get excited when equinox arrives because it means souls on the planet are a bit more awake after the long winter sleep, and start to smell the spring and taste the heavenly love and therefore have a good chance to awake.
Yes, humanity has been asleep so long that it forgot it's own nature and the law of nature. They celebrate man made holidays and celebrate something they deem proper. But the truth is that humanity's celebrations mostly are material based and far away from their spiritual nature, and the more they draw to the material world, the farther they stray from their truth, to the point that they are totally blind about their own truth and the truth of the universe. But now, heaven had intevened, and humanity no longer can go any further from their spiritual truth, and they are literally forced to wake up to their divinity within because they have gone down so much so low, they had almost no chance to wake up on their own, and that is why Division had decreed that 2012 was the time for humanity to wake up and ascend with Gaia. Since then, humanity has been doing a remarkable job on the path of awakening, abandoning their long focus on materialism and start to taste the sweetness of their own love and truth. Of course, humanity still has long way to go in terms of spiritual truth and educating itself of humanity's origin and human history, but that will come when the time arrives. For now, humanity is doing a great job, awakening along with their big brothers and sisters, together, with our dear light workers, you see armys of light and love every day, awakening at an unprecedented rate, remarkable indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I bring a beautiful Divine decree to you dear heart. Yes, Divine has decreed that the planet earth has ascended so beautifully and Divine is so pleased by the results and Divine wants you to celebrate, celebrate with Divine on this equinox day, celebrate your own divinity, celebrate Gaia's Ascension, and celebrate humanity's achievement. Divine is celebrating with you and cheering with you. Have a ritual, burn the incense, mirr and sage, play your drum, ring the bells and dance dear heart. Dance to the light and love and dance to the rhythm of nature, Mother Earth and dance to your own music within. What a beautiful time for Gaia and humanity! And what an achievement for you and the heavens. We celebrate together, indeed, celebrate.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you celebrate, celebrate the beautiful you and celebrate the beauty of Gaia. Celebrate your brothers and sisters and celebrate the new earth. So much to celebrate indeed. I pray you find your beautiful life is a cause of celebration, your life is such a blessing and such a celebration, and know it is indeed a Divine gift and worth celebrating. I pray that you treasure your time on the planet, and celebrate every milestone, and know every achievement is a spiritual advancement and marked down by heaven and by your soul. I pray that you know how much you have advanced in just the last few months, remarkable and a Divine miracle, heaven is astonished so much by your achievement so you should too. So go celebrate dear heart, in this day of Divine sacred holiday, spring equinox, celebrate to the fullest dear heart.
I love you dear heart. I am so proud of all of your achievements even though a lot of times you don't treat them as achievements. Human mind has its own standards of achievement, and again based on 3D standard. But dear heart, in my heart, every little tiny achievement is an extraordinary achievement, because spiritual advancement is not for the faint of heart, it doesn't come easily. It takes tremendous effort and courage and it makes huge impact on your soul and others. For that, I say count every achievement as it is, a spiritual achievement, give yourself well deserved credit, and boost your spiritual ego a bit. I know that in the spiritual community, it is taboo to talk about boosting ego, but dear heart, it is spiritual ego I am talking about, be proud, be proud of yourself, be proud to be spiritual, be proud to be a spiritual warrior, and be proud to announce to the world, I am a light worker, I am a Divine agent who came here to change the world and be proud to lead dear heart, be proud and boost your spiritual ego and that is healthy ego boost and you need that boost.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I want to let you know how proud I am of you. Yes, you have made Mother proud, made heaven proud and made me proud, and please feel proud of yourself, know how best you are in every standards, not in 3D standard because it doesn't apply to you, you are no longer living in 3D, and quite frankly, you never had to live up to the 3D standard because it is not your destiny, it is not your standard, you came here to challenge that standard, challenge the world, eventually change that standard and change the world. So, don't feel even a bit bad if you don't achieve 3D standard. It is not yours to follow dear heart, it is just that simple.
I love you dear heart. Another milestone has been achieved. Heaven and Divine are so pleased to celebrate with all of the dear light workers. Let's celebrate together, celebrate our job well done. Today is the day to celebrate. Forget about work, give yourself a break and go celebrate, you deserve it. So it is.


Guan Yin on the limitless of the soul and brain training

Guan Yin says, dear heart, what you are experiencing is the crumbling of the old system. Anything that is not able to match with the new energy has to go, that includes human beliefs, human behaviors, and things in life and on the planet. So, don't morn the things that are leaving or broken right now because it is time for the old ...to die and for the new to come. Of course, it can be difficult to experience the loss, whether it is human beliefs or human lives. But dear heart, remember it is the process of eliminating the old and birthing the new. So, even though you don't see the new being born yet, but they will, it is the design and it is the law of nature, gone with the old, in with the new, always.
I am Guan Yin. I love you dear heart. I know what you are going through is extremely chanllenging. But dear heart, remember what you had gone through last year, was that challenging? And year before, was that challenging? I am sure the answer to both are the same yes. So, yes, but you made it and survived well. Your life is better in general. You are so much wiser and so much more in tune with the Divine within, and your life is so much more in tune with the Divine design. It is all process dear heart. It is just when you are in the middle of it, the sky seems falling and you seem not able to make it. By nature, you are great being of light and capable of great things. Don't let small things bother you dear heart. I understand it is hard when you are in human form, everything becomes important and limited, and your thinking becomes small and limited. But when you come home, you realize how limited the human brain can make you believe and how limited humans can make their lives to be. So, heed my advice dear heart, don't let things get you down, know you are limitless, beyond boundary. Nothing on earth can limit you except your human beliefs and your human brain. So, tell you human brain that you are indeed limitless, beyond boundaries and beyond the universe. There is nothing that can limit you, including your brain. After a while of this brain training exercise, you may see things differently. You may realize how liberating it is to live in the limitless and how much of a blessing it is to have a human form to experience them both, the limited human being and the limitless you.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful moment of your journey, I pray that you live your beautiful life to the fullest. Don't let the human condition bother you. Live in your divinity and beyond. Let your Divine Self guide you day in and day out, and know only then will your life become limitless and a true blessing. I pray that dear heart, you overcome the boundaries that you and society have set for you, and go beyond it, know you are boundary less, beyond boundaries, no limits. I pray that you heed my call for action and act on it, exercise self love and self discipline so that you achieve your limitless state quick and suffer less. Humans tend to delay things if their brain don't understand. So, don't let your brain control you, let your heart guide you, your heart knows where you are going and how to get there.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I want you to know how much I love you and Mother loves you. How much you mean to me and mean to the Mother and Divine. Don't let earthly things sink your boat dear heart, know earthly things are there to serve you, not the other way around. If somethings broke, it is broken, get an new one when time is right. Things are just things, not meant to last forever so don't morn the loss of things, let the cycle go naturally, respect the natural law. There is nothing worth lowering your vibration, and there is no body on earth can lower your vibration except yourself.
I love you dear heart. I hope my words bring you comfort and peace. And I wish you cheer up and move forward beyond worldly worries and stay in the bliss of Mother's love. I love you indeed. So it is.


Mother Mary on the divine's blessing for the souls who are passing..

Mothe Mary says, dear heart, it has been tough lately. I know it is really hard to go through each day without too much of the improvement. Yes, humanity is going through tremendous changes, inside out kind of changes, and you are going through it with humanity so that you can experience humanity's experience and help along the way. That is how we help humanity and Divine, and that is how we do ou...r work dear heart, go through whatever humanity is going through and find ways to help, and that is what majority of the light workers are doing right now, and that will last for a while dear heart, just you know, you are in it for the long haul. However, the good news is that humanity refuses to stay in the status quo for too long. Humanity already realized that the better they work on itself, the better the future will be, and humanity literally works so hard to uplift itself out of the mayhem so that it won't stay in the low dimension long, and that is the silver lining dear ones, and that is your hope, the hope to get out of the low dimension, stay in the high dimension, the new earth permanently.
I am Mother Mary. I love you dear heart. I come today to give you support and share news. Divine has decreed that the souls who are not ready for the shift, even though designed to ascend with Gaia, will have the chance to ascend on the other side of the veil. In other words, the souls who are not going to make it, will be offered the chance in the Astreal realm without going through this strenuous process again. Of course, some souls will take it but others won't. It is totally up to the soul's decision, and free choice. The reason Divine offered this choice is considering the fact that lots of the souls have come this far, and for some reason the physical body gives up, but the soul's vibration is already high enough to ascend, to jump to the 5th dimension, and that kind of effort impressed Divine, and Divine wanted to give these souls a chance to stay in the 5th dimension without going through this process again. But of course, there are always souls who love the challenges and never give up the chance of spiritual challenges. They are going to try again and again till they make it in the physical form. For those souls, Divided salutes them and send them blessings on their way to the new adventure, enjoy!
Dear heart, I am Mother Mary, I love you. In this critical moment of your journey, I pray that you take great care of your beautiful body, know physical Ascension is the most challenging endeavor a soul can embark on. Yes, physical Ascension, in other words, ascend in form, is most demanding task a soul can take on, and that is why you see all the souls here on the planet working so hard in order to make it. They work hard to get rid of past karma so they can feel lighter and ascend. And some souls just got on the path, and working extremely hard to adjust to the idea of Ascension. Even though they know that is what they are doing at soul level, but they still have to work very hard to accept the idea consciously and know what they are doing at awakening moments and consciously making the effort to get on the path of Ascension. So, you see many levels of ascensioners, beginners, intermediate level and advance level. Those in the advance level are most ground crew and light workers. They are doing great, also because they have the advantage of knowing this has been coming for decades or years, and they have been consciously working on it for a long time. That is the Divine design and that design works out perfectly so far. All is working out perfectly indeed.
Dear heart, in this beautiful morning, I pray that you continue to work on yourself and love thyself. Make sure your beautiful body is ascending well, along with your consciousness, together, you will prevail. I pray that besides Ascension, you take advantage of your divine knowledge, share it with your loved ones and humanity. Do your best to help, help any one you can, know humanity is going through a great challenge, and any help coming from you counts, and any help from you makes differences. Help your brothers and sisters, and help humanity. Only then, will humanity have a good chance to ascend fast and smooth dear ones. Yes, humanity is counting on you, humanity is counting on your leadership, and humanity is counting on your love and light. Go out there and help dear ones. Together, you and humanity, together, make this great shift fun and successful. Together, you and humanity make this process easier and less pain. I love you indeed, so it is.


Guan Yin on divine decree and Humanity's ascension deadline

Guan Yin says that Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers and humanity alike need to move forward with the Divine plan which is the Ascension of the planet and Mother Earth and her children. Divine plan is to have humanity ready by 2017 equinox, and officially start to focus on Ascen...sion. In other words, by 2017 equinox, humanity should be in the position of being ready to ascend, and Ascension should be the sole purpose of living on earth. Yes, time flies and humanity is running out of time, and that is why Divine has this decree to remind humanity that it is time, it is time to get back on track, and it is time to refocus, refocus o Ascension of humanity. There is no more time to waste, squander, and there is no more time to derail itself from the Ascension path, politics no longer is an option. Yes, no more politics and no more child play. It is just that simple, Divine decree.
Yes, Divine feels that it is time that humanity needs a sober test and a sober reminder. Humanity tends to get itself lost and lost in the child play. Emotional maturity is still something humanity is learning to master, and learning that in the time of Ascension can be very costly, and Divine wants to remind humanity about it and encourage humanity to drop the desire of child play and get on the path of enlightenment and spiritual advancement, and know the road ahead is very challenging even if humanity is solely focused on it, not mentioning if humanity loses its focus, then the results can be very significant.
Dear ones, I am Guan Yin, I love you. In this beautiful eclipse and new moon day, I want to share my thoughts with you and humanity so that humanity heeds my plea and know their Divine Mother is watching them and hoping they behave the way they need to at this historic moment of the Ascension. Yes, humanity's Ascension has been the most pressing matter in my heart since day one and is going to continue to be the most important thing on my plate till it is done. But for now, it is not a matter of when it is done or how long it takes to get it done. It is a matter of how to get it done and how quickly we can get it done. Yes, we are almost there. But humanity has a tendency to derail itself from a path of advancement and gets involved in all sorts of school yard play. Not this time dear children of Gaia, not this time, Divine has decreed that all Gaia's children have to ascend with her, no exceptions. So, humanity has a lot of catching up to do. Gaia has ascended and ascended nicely. It is humanity that is dragging its feet, slowly following suit. But Gaia can not wait for you forever dear heart. Gaia needs to know her children will ascend with her and ascend nicely too so that the whole process of the great shift can be called completed, and Gaia and her children can be together again, on the new earth. And that is why Ascension can not be done until humanity's Ascension is done. And Ascension can not be completed till the last soul on earth is ascended. For that, I have promised that I will be here till the last soul has ascended and Gaia and her children have all ascended. Only till then, I can say ok, I have done my job. Gaia and her children have ascended, and there are no souls left behind.
Dear heart, I love you. My love for you is eternal. You are all my great love, my great children. In the deep of my heart. Imagine a mother's love for her children, that is my love for you, you are all my beloved children, and only a mother knows how much her children's wellbeing means to the mother, and I am that mother and the mother of you all.
I love you dear ones. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you take great care of your family and your loved ones, and make sure they are all on the path of Ascension and ascend well. I pray that you are doing well with your own Ascension, ascend well and stay on the new earth nicely and peacefully. I pray that humanity heeds my plea and stop where it is, turn around and refocus on Ascension and enlightenment. I pray that Divine's decree has an impact on you all so that humanity gradually will adopt the idea that humanity needs to follow the rules of Divine Mother, not man made rules and school yard rules, and mature itself enough to follow the laws of Divine and company of heaven. I pray that humanity realizes that it is time to catch up with Mother Gaia, and catch up with light workers community and get on the path quick and fast. I pray that all the dear light workers communities learn to lead your brothers and sisters out of the mayhem and walk with them, hand in hand, together, walk each other home. I pray that the world has come to realize that only together, you can solve issues, together with your brothers and sisters, you can grow and get things done, together you can ascend with the planet, avoid the big losses and succeed on the path of Ascension. Through my prayers, I say thank you dear ones, I love you. So it is.


Mother Mary calls for actions...

Mother Mary says, dear heart, finally you can breathe a little. Yes, the energy has been very intense lately, and every soul on the planet feels it and has been going through tremendous transformation. You think your experience is intense, think again, think about those who have no clue about Ascension and yet are going through Ascension. Ye...s, they are the ones who are really having tough time. They know something is going on but they don't know what it is and they don't realize they have the tools to cope with all the happenings and that scenario applying to most population on the planet. Only the light worker community knows what is going on and actively working with the incoming energy and as a result you shed tremendous karma and you feel so much healthier and lighter and able to cope with the ever increasing energy.
Dear ones, I am Mother Mary, I love you. I come today to share some news. Divine has decreed that all the dear light worker communities should do whatever it takes to expand their helping hand to humanity, spread the word of Ascension, point out what is happening on the planet so that the sleeping portion of the humanity will get the chance to participate in the energy consciously, release consciously and purge consciously, that will help to remove the karma permanently without having the risk of recreating it again.
Yes, humanity is releasing reluctantly but humanity is also not aware of the reasons why they are doing so, that has the risk of repeating the Karma over and over again. Act, not react is the mantra dear ones. But humanity acts and also reacts. They don't know by reacting, they create brand new cycle of things and it can run its own course after a while, and it becomes a course of karma, of course created unintentionally but nevertheless once it is created, it has to run its own course, and that is the law of karma. So, humanity really needs to hear this message now, act, not react, create but not karma. That is the Divine decree and that is what I want to share with you all.
Dear ones, I love you. I love to see you making progress on the Ascension journey, and I love to hear you sing your heart out about your beautiful life and your beautiful journey. It is such a privilege to have you all here with me on earth, and it is such a joy to see you all doing wonderfully. I am indeed pleased and happy for you and for Divine. We are indeed progressing so fast and so well that Divine Mother can't stop praising each and every one of you. Indeed, Divine miracles.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you are doing well on your journey home. Help your beloved family and brothers and sisters as much as you can. Do whatever it takes to get ahead of your mission and get on the path of your dharma. Listen to thy heart, avoid the noises around you so that you can be focused and solely focus on yourself and your mission. I pray that you take great care of your beautiful body, remain heathy as always, watch what you eat and drink so that your body can stay strong and catch up with the ever changing energies. Do you best to maintain your vibration and your health so that no matter how much of the changes come, you have your steady and healthy body to encounter the uneasy surprises, and be able to handle all the upcoming great changes and transformation.
Yes, dear ones, I want to give you a heads up, great changes are indeed coming, count on it and be ready for it. It is always a good practice that you prepare for the impossible and it is a great strategy that you put yourself in a position where you are well prepared, strong, healthy and enthusiastically facing whatever shows up, because you don't know what is going to show up next. One thing for sure, that whatever shows up next is going to be a surprise but a good surprise. So have yourself ready emotionally and logistically dear heart, changes are coming and they are going to stay as well. So, you see what you are going to deal with, changes and the impact of these changes, double dose of what you can imagine dear ones. Just assume that it is going to be big changes, lots of the changes and huge social impacts, that way you kind of prepare yourself emotionally well and give you more lee way to maneuver.
I love you dear ones. I am saying all of these just for the purpose of giving you a headsup because lots of the dear light workers are not prepared emotionally for the upcoming changes. Yes, it is easy to say I am prepared but hard to implement what and how to prepare, and that is why I feel the need to remind you on the readiness and preparedness regarding to the ever coming changes. So now, I hope you get my point and dwell on that. Do what you need to do to prepare. Regardless of what the word prepare means to you personally. Some may need to prepare and others may feel they are genuinely ready, and that is all ok dear heart. All is perfect, just follow your guidance and all will work out perfectly. Your inner guidance is your leader in this great changing time, listen to it and follow it religiously and you will be just fine.
I love you dear heart. That is all I have today. I wish you a great day and wish you great changes ahead, handle it with your inner strength and handle it with your Divine guidance. Know all is for you greater good and all is Divine's will. I love you, so it is.


Guan Yin's teaching on joy...

Guan Yin says, dear heart, life is precious, so are the experiences. Living a human life is like having an experience, one life at a time, one experience at a time. Yes, experiences can be exhilarating, depressing or somewhere in between but never the same, and t...hat makes life interesting and rewarding. Imagining living a life without any ups and downs, always even keel, would you enjoy that? Probably in the first five minutes and then you would lose interest because it is boring and the human mind needs stimulus and excitements, so human life is designed to satisfy the human mind and through it you gain wisdom and strength and character. It is all designed and it is all to fulfill spiritual growth and development, and it is all to the love of the spirit and the soul and the Divine.
I love you dear ones. I am Guan Yin. I came to share human stories. Being human is such a rewarding experience. In all of the angelic world, there is no one there that doesn't want to experience human life. Yet, once you get to the planet, delve into the deep of human psyche, you find yourself either happy with human life or loathe your experiences. That is so common in light workers community as well as humanity as a whole. But dear ones, after you finish your journey, you come home and yet you miss human life and regret you didn't enjoy it more when you had it. I am speaking from my personal experiences as well. When I incarnated, very often I would carry great deal of the Divine mission, so I would hurry up and get on the mission and do my light worker's work. No matter what role I play, I always want to get on the path, get the job done and go home. And regretting later that I did not enjoy life as much as I could. See, that is the dilemma here, we want you to hurry up, get on your path and finish your work before you leave, but we also want to remind you that enjoying the journey is just as important as doing the work. Enjoying journey includes everything from walking your dog, eating a pizza or working in the factory, that is all part of the human life, part of the journey and part of the whole experience. Being reincarnated as an ascended master, I understand you carry great weight on your shoulders and in your heart. But dear heart, know Divine knows how much you carry, how much you do and how much you will do, and Divine has faith that you will do just fine as you always do, you will finish all that you carry as you always have. Divine just wants you to relax a little and enjoy your life a little, no more no less, just a little. Enjoy your beautiful life, and enjoy your journey with your loved ones, moment by moment, let each moment passes with great joy in your heart and great love in your life. Make each moment count. Know only those moments actually count and make your journey worthwhile. At end of the day, it is those moments you cherish the most and remember the most. Dear heart, it is from the bottom of my heart, I say these and share these with thee so that you get the point and enjoy your life more. I love you. I love your experiences. But I also want you to have fun and enjoy your journey as a human being, enjoy a human being's experiences and emotions. Know all is designed and all will be well at the end. What matters the most are the memories and experiences you have with each other and with your loved ones.
I love you dear heart. It is in this beautiful moment, you see life as it is, you see beauty as it is and you see your experiences as beauty as life. And from this beautiful glasses, you see everything through it and everything becomes beautiful, becomes life and becomes Divine. And I want you to see this beauty every day, every moments of every day. Only then, dear heart, your world becomes beauty, flawless, everything is perfect and everything is Divine. No hardships, no suffering and no pain, all is perfect and all are beautiful experiences you came here to enjoy. You see what I am saying? See the beauty dear heart, see the beauty in your heart, see the beauty in every heart, see the beauty in your face, see the beauty in every face, see the beauty in your own life, and see the beauty in every life. See the beauty in everything around you and see the beauty in the world far away from you. It is a matter of perspective. Once you open your mind and heart, see beauty instead of anything but, you will have a whole new world around you and every day you will discover that the world is so magnificent and beautiful, it is breathtaking. Every minute of your life becomes a beauty treatment, precious and priceless, and you will enjoy everything you do and enjoy every minute of every day.
I love you dear heart. I know you are going through rough times. But it is only temporary, it is healing and it is for the greater good of all. You are doing a great favor for me, for Divine and for humanity. Knowing that might make your day a little easier and make your experiences less intense. Being a great ascended master, you have great strength to draw from and you have great love and support around you. Call on me and call on us, and know how much we love you, how much Divine loves you, and how much Mother loves you. You mean so much to all of us and you mean the whole world to humanity. Heed my plea dear heart, enjoy your journey and go through this phase, the next phase will be so easy for you like icing on the cake.
All is well dear heart. Know that and know how much I love you. You are my great love and great warrior. You are always there for me and for Divine, it is my turn to be there for you, I promise I will always be there for you. Just call on me and know I will be there for you as always.
I love you. I am Guan Yin. I am here for you all. So it is.