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Divine Message for Lightworkers and Humanity



Divine message on detaching from the 3D happenings

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have news to share. Divine has decreed that the Ascension of the planet has been going well, and it is time for humanity to catch up with Mother Earth and ascend. Yes, Gaia has ascended and ascended nicely and peacefully without too much damage. For that, Divine ...and company of heaven are very pleased about the work we do and all the ground crew and light workers do. It is a group effort, tremendous effort indeed. But nevertheless it is all of us together that made it happen. For that, Divine and company of heaven have a great deal of appreciation toward all of the ground crew members and dear light workers, together, we made a miracle happen, and together, we won this enormous battle, battle against time and battle against the naysayers and opponents, and battle against Mother Earth's fast deterioration. But now, all is well and we finally won, we made it. Mother Earth has hit the bottom and now is recovering, and recovering fast and humanity has reached a point of no return but moving forward with Gaia, and humanity is moving forward fast and furious, all is perfect indeed.
We love you dear ones. Being your big brothers and sisters, we, the company of heaven and ascended masters also want to give you some heart felt suggestions regarding what is happening on the planet and how to handle it.
Yes, people are going crazy, and you see them acting out on the media or in the public, things are deteriorating. But dear ones, it is time, time for those souls to release the past karma so that they can eventually ascend. It is all designed, looks personal but it is not personal, it is the perfect design. Each individual has his or her own Ascension plan, and now they are on it. It may look crazy to other people because it is in the public domain and they are releasing their karma to the public. But that is also their soul desires and soul contracts, so that the public can benefit from those soul's lessons and won't reinvent the wheel again so to speak.
So, what we are saying is that let those souls release and heal, send them love and light if you want to help but no more than that because if you criticize or judge them, then you are not helping, and you incur unnecessary karma to yourself, you don't need that right now. So, just detach and bless these souls who are currently releasing, know it is their turn and their time to heal, no more no less, just bless them and all will be healed in divine timing.
Dear ones, time flies. Be diligent with your own Ascension and your own mission. Know what is happening on the planet is only temporary. Nothing will look the same in a year from now. So, there is no reason to panic and no reason to attach to anything happening right now. Just let it all go and release. Know it is all designed and all will be fine at end.
We love you dear ones. Things are going to get even more chaotic in next few months. This summer can be a brutal one. Be prepared, and don't let anything get in the way of your Ascension and peaceful presence. Know Divine is with you as always. No matter what happens, always have faith that things will be fine at the end, this is just the process, allow the process to take place and allow the releasing to happen without you input, no more input regardless what kind of input, unless it is the Divine light and love. Yes, send your brilliant love and light to the planet and souls who are releasing publicly and bless their work and bless their soul. No more judgement and criticism.
That is all we have today dear ones. We love you. We applaud your good work. All is working well. Gaia and her children's Ascension has been a great success so far. Divine and company of heaven are very happy about the results. Keep doing your good work. Know we are watching over you, protecting you and sending you loving support and love. We are working together beautifully and all is beautiful indeed. We love you, so it is.