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Divine Message for Lightworkers and Humanity



Divine has decreed that peace and prosperity are needed to be reached on the planet.

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters, company of heaven and Divine have greatly important message to share with you today. Divine has decreed that humanity's ascension has reached a point that peace and prosperity are needed to be reached on the planet. It is so essential and needed to be implemented.
You may ask how and ...when? Dear ones, we say now and here on earth. It is Divine's will that humanity will peacefully ascend, and the current state of affair on earth is not tolerable for ascending humanity and heaven. And the current state of inequality is so prevalent and wide spread has caused a big hurdle for ascending humanity and needs to stop. Prosperity for every one is heaven's will and humanity's destiny.
So, yes, lack of peace and prosperity for all are the current hurdle for ascending humanity. Divine's decree will clear the hurdle and liberate humanity from eons of time of the sufferings and slaveries. It is time indeed.
We understand that humanity has been suffering from the wars and porverty for so long, it seems impossible to live in peace, and impossible to even think of a solution to stop the unstoppable wars. Dear children of Gaia, yes, there are solutions, with ascended minds and hearts, wisdom flows in and Divine's will becomes Thy will, and all wars and conflicts will become impossible. Under the law of Oneness, it is impossible for ascended humans to to kill each other, impossible ultimate kill thyself. That is the solution. Live with your ascended mind and heart, love each other like love thyself. Know we are one, and all from the same source, and that is Divine human race, and that is the solution.
We understand that current world affair seems far from the image we painted. Yes, dear ones, but from our perspective, Gaia is ascending, so is humanity, that is to say the solution is already implemented on ascending planet and humanity. There is no time and space in 5th dimension and higher realms. Once you live on the new earth, 5th dimension, you will realize that it takes no time to liberate yourself from the sufferings. There is no such thing that you have to go through eons of time, yet again, to undo the demage of the wars, or undo the wars and conflicts of human history.
What we recommend is that you live with your ascended mind and heart, day in and day out, see peace in every one and everything, and every corner of the planet. Live in peace now, live in peace forever and ever. And peace will be yours, and the planet's, peace on earth.
That is what we have today. We are so in love with you, beautiful planet and beautiful humanity. Peace is yours and embrace it, with your open arms and open hearts. Remember it is Divine's will you have peace and prosperity, and Divine's will is Divine's will. Yes, peace and prosperity are yours, dear children of Gaia.
We love you. We are celebrating your achievement, a great one indeed. We are so ready to embrace a peaceful loving planet and humanity. To see the dearly loved children of Gaia live in peace and prosperity is our great delight and it is happening indeed.
We love you. We applaud you. We walk with you, we walk for you and walk in peace and love, indeed.
So it is.


Divine decree, all systems go...California water shortage..

Dear children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven and Divine, the ascended masters, can not wait to share exciting news with you. Divine decreed that Gaia and humanity are at the point that is safe to have all systems go. In other words, all the changes as result of the great shift are coming, no more filters. Changes will flood the planet fr...om this point on. Humanity is going to see a different dynamic and different energy in upcoming days, and see the changes happening in their lives with laser speed. Yes, all are ready for the changes, including humanity. We, the company of heaven and Divine, have been waiting for this moment as long as humanity existed. What a exciting moment we are witnessing, dear children of Gaia. Being your ascension guides, the company of heaven and Divine, together, we are so ready to embrace you and the changes you brought to the planet earth and humanity. We are indeed very proud of you.
The company of heaven and Divine also have been monitoring the water shortage in California and the other places currently suffering from the result of the draught and famine. We have great compassion for the people in these areas, and people on the planet earth. We understand that the planet shift is not easy for any one whose lives rely on it, that includes animal kingdom and plants. But it is what it is. It is what the planet itself needs, the evolution, the great shift and upward movement toward ascension. So are the dear children of Gaia, you are going through the same thing as mother Gaia. You physical body as well as spiritual bodies are going through the great upgrades . We sincerely recognize and respect what you are going through. For that, we salute you and send you our love and great compassion.
Now, let's come back to the water shortage issue. Due to the climate change and new energy coming in so the planet earth will continue to readjust itself, and the water shortage will unfortunately continue for certain areas where there are great needs for the self adjustments. And California sits in the middle of these areas and it is going to have a lot natural changes and activities in the decades to come. So, we say to people in California, time to think about adjustment and be flexible with your plan. We understand that moving does not settle well with you, but we do hope you hear the messages, and look for alternatives, the sooner the better.
That is all we have today. Dear children of Gaia, we see the great changes coming to the shore. And positive changes, changes make your heart sing and changes humanity has been waiting for. Great news indeed.
We love you. We are excited for you. And we send our love and excitement to you so we can celebrate together, for our reunion, and for our glorious success. Let's celebrate, celebrate together, indeed, together, we are winning and prevailing, glorious indeed!


Divine decree..

Dear children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters, company of heaven and Divine, your star brothers and sisters, come today with an announcement to make. Yes, Divine has just decreed that humanity's consciousness has reached a level of quotient that no longer needs any further incoming intense energy in order to the upw...ard movement and ascension. In other words, Divine will stop the intense incoming light for now because the light on earth is sufficient enough to move humanity upward, toward ascension on predestined date, roughly September 27th.
This is a great news for our light workers because then they can focus on themselves and ascension instead of handling the intense energy and how to anchor the energy. Now they can finally shift the focus on releasing and self healing and self enlightenment. They are pretty savvy on self healing and enlightenment. Most of the light workers are from high above the 5th dimension and they know the dimensions quite well, and they know how to travel through the dimensions quite well. It is just because their mission and Divine's will, they have been incarnated to the 3rd dimension too long so they forgot their power and capacities. But it is easy to fix. Once they have a little "me time", and sitting quietly with focus, their innate abilities will come back to them rather quickly. Pretty soon, you will see them travel to the higher dimensions and anchor themselves in the 5th dimension with ease and grace. And they will enjoy it so much because 5th is a lot closer to their origin than the 3rd dimension.
Our beloved light workers are wizards in the making, or rather wizards in the awaking. They are the best of the best, heaven sent army of love, to Mother Earth to help humanity. They are the love and heart of Divine and the Mother. They are the league of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael. They are the supremely trained Divine warriors you never can love them enough. Now, these warriors of Divine will have a little well deserved time to sit down, rest, clean their wings and ready to fly again in short of couple months.
Yes, indeed, dear light workers, humanity's success depends on you and your own returning home also depends on you. We, your brothers and sisters, Divine and company of heaven, have great deal of faith in you. We have seen you in actions over and over, nothing but wizards and miracles. We have such great love and admiration for you, we simply can not put it in human language because human language is so limited and pale compare to the love we have for you. Yes, it can not express our feelings for you, not even near how we feel about you and how much we love you and admire you.
Dear light workers, we love you. We admire you. We adore you. And at end, we can't wait to see you, yes, see you again, after your long sojourn in the 3rd dimension, and finally returning home, the home you so love, and the home that loves you so much, indeed. We love you so very much. With tears, we say we can't wait, dearest ones. Indeed, we love you. So long!


Divine decree. reach the point of no return ...

Dear children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters, company of heaven and Divine, come today with great joy and great news. Yes, Divine had decreed that humanity and Gaia have reached ascension point of no return, and now ascending Gaia and humanity are doing extremely well. Ascending planet and ascending humanity, beautiful scene.
We watch th...e progress with great joy, comfort and confidence, and know that Gaia and humanity are finally reaching the point that we know all will ascend eventually, all the time and effort paid off, and now we can breathe a little with the knowing that all will proceed well.
Dear children of Gaia and humanity, from our perspective, it has been such a long sojourn, for eons of time, the company of heaven and Divine, have been preparing for this moment. Millions of souls had been sent to the planet earth over and over just to make sure the consciousness of humanity keeps going upward, and eventually reach a point of no return. Now that point has been reached, and humanity has been going upward at an unprecedented speed, and our effort finally paid dividends. We, the company of heaven and Divine, watch with such a joy and gratitude, and feel so grateful for this moment, and so proud of our millions of light workers and humanity! Finally, we can say, you made it. Yes, you did it. We are so proud of you.
So now, Divine and the company of heaven have next plan in place already. What is the next or next step, you may ask? We say, continue your good work, and you will be notified by our voice when the time is right. For now, all is well, and all is ascending beautifully.
We love you. We love what we see. We applaud your great work. And we salute your effort, dear children of Gaia and humanity. Of course, our beloved millions of light workers and our great ground crew, job well done. We are so in love with you and so proud of you, indeed.


Divine decree on further energy and help...

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters, company of heaven and Divine and your star brothers and sisters, come today with an enchanting news, news you have been waiting for.
Divine has decreed that Gaia's children have been ascending very well through the solstice, and now is the time to push further and faster so that the firs...t wave will successfully ascend by September. The major hurdle on their way is the releasing of the ancient DNA. And Divine has decreed more help is on the way, so that humanity will be ready when September comes along.
Wow, we say dear brothers and sisters, you are indeed so blessed by Divine. The kind of help and magnitude of help for you is really unprecedented. We, your star brothers and sisters, watch from above with great gratitude and admiration for Divine and for humanity. What a spectacular task Divine and humanity have ever undertaking, and what amazing cooperation between Divine and humanity. We stand in awe and are amazed by it.
Through out the history of the great Cosmo. The ascension of a planet is quite a normal undertaking. That is the spiritual evolvement of any kind, the spiral upward and back to the source. For planet earth and humanity though, it is a different story. You have the planet and her children ascending from the 3rd dimension straight to the 5th dimension in such a short period of time with an army of Divine helpers and supporters and cheerleaders, unprecedented indeed. Being your brothers and sisters, we are so proud of you and humanity, and we are so eager to help and support in any way we can. And we do our best to contribute as much as we can to this great undertaking and great shift.
So, that is what we have today, the day after solstice. Divine already has a decree about your next step. What an amazing scene for us to watch and anticipate.
We love you. We are excited for you. We look forward to your next step, and we look forward to seeing you on your new earth, 5th dimension. Great love for you and humanity.


Solistice energy update

Dear children of Gaia, we, ascended masters, company of heaven and Divine, come today with an important message.
Tomorrow is the annual Solstice, Pagon's holy holiday. The planet will be washed over with yet another wave of Divine light and energy, an energy stronger than most you have experienced so far, and the impact of it will be far... reaching, and Divine's plan is for the energy to reach your deeply buried ancient memories and DNA and re-activate them and move you up a notch in your evolution.
Indeed, that is the news and headsup. We strongly feel that this is yet another opportunity for humanity to get on the ascension band wagon and just roll with it. Divine had decreed a while ago that every single soul on the planet will have an chance to ascend at this time, so called end time.
Dear brothers and sisters, this is your chance, a chance of thousands of lifetimes, a chance to ascend out of the low vibration, the 3rd dimension and into the higher realm of the 5th dimension. Your soul is so ready for the opportunity and embrace it with wide open arms. Know Divine compensation like this does not happen so often. It is a great blessing, a blessing for humanity and a blessing of thousands of lifetimes. As your brothers and sisters, we are so thrilled that you finally have this opportunity, opportunity to get out of the 3D world, and elevate yourself to the unity of consciousness, a higher way of living and being. Such a Divine opportunity indeed.
We love you. We love this opportunity for you. We wish you to see it the way we do, and accept it as a blessing and act on it, dear brothers and sisters. We love you. Divine loves you. And we wish you the best.
Happy Solstice. Enjoy the ride.


Divine decree on the completion of Gaia's ascension

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven, the Divine and your star brothers and sisters, come with amazing news. Divine has decreed that Gaia's ascension has completed. It is now the time to focus on her Children's ascension, humanity, animal kingdom and plants.
Due to the changes of Mother Nature, humanity, animal kingdom ...and plants and trees will have to continue to go through tremendous changes. Natural resources will be plenty in some areas but will be in severe shortage in other areas. That is all the natural side effect of the great shift and requires Gaia's children to learn to live with it and adjust to it.
Animal kingdom in General has been adjusted well to the changes. But plants and trees and humanity still have long way to go due to their habitual nature. Humanity will have to reassess its living habits and cultures and make great effort to adjust and live with the new earth, and so will the plants and trees. Some plants and trees are dying or mutating and that is the way they adjust to the changing climate.
Humanity on the other hand has tremendous help, help from your highself, help from heaven and us. All the educational data comes into collective consciousness in the purpose of helping humanity to cope, to know what is happening and how to learn to adjust to the changing Mother Nature. We, the company of heaven, have been selected by Divine, just to do that, to focus on humanity and help in whichever way we can so the minimum damage can be done to humanity during this great shift. And gradually humanity will learn to live with this changing climate and new earth.
So, with this great news we came today. We just want to convey to you the excitement and our heart warming feeling about the news. We are celebrating the fact Gaia has ascended, and her children are ascending and learning to adjust to the changes and living with the new earth. All is so exciting. We hope you celebrate too, celebrate this major milestone and celebrate your job well done so far.
Go celebrate in this beautiful morning. Know you are so loved by the Divine and the company of heaven and your star brothers and sisters. Together, we prevail.
We love you. We applaud you for job well done. And we leave you with our love and appreciation. Great love for you indeed.


Racism in America

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we come today with a wish to address the issue of racism in America.
Yes, you may ask why or really? We say yes because from our perspective it is all coming up for cleansing. Yes, race has been under scrutiny for eons of time. And the more the scrutiny, the more racism happens. What that tells us is that lik...e everything else in life, racism runs in cycles. Once the cycle began, it will run its course till it runs out the cycle. So, how can it run out the cycle? You are tired of it happening. And it does nobody any good, either the offender or the victim. It only deepens the gap in between and cause more of the separation. Seperation of the people. Separation of the resources. Separation of the Divine children on earth and it is not what we want to see going any further. It is time to bring it to an end and reconcile once and for all.
It is Divine's will that humanity as a group wake up to the fact that you are, as collective consciousness, the love and light of the source. You are not seperable in the source. Only in 3D, you came as seperate entities to experience human life as an extension of the source, and when you leave the planet, back to the source, you rejoin the others as the source. And there is no separation whatsoever.
So, what we are trying to say is that dear children of Gaia, look into your brother's and sister's eyes and see the soul, the love and light, and feel their beating heart and know that deep in their heart, there is love, love for themselves and love for all. Every one has that love, no more, no less, perfect Divine love, and that love is the source, and that love is the reason you come here, that love is the reason you love yourself and love each other. And that love is you, and it is all of you.
Yes, that is what we want to convey to you. We hope you get the meaning of the message. You are all the same, the same love come here to experience human life. There is no reason to say that one soul is superior than the other. You are all equally loved and you are all equal. Once you realize that racism is an illusion. A man made illusion and it only causes harm and it has no place in Divine human and then the cycle ends.
That is all for today. We love you, we adore you. We are one, dear brothers and sisters, we are one indeed and we do love you.


News on Africa and California water shortage

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with exciting news. Yes, Gaia is in Africa and doing a great job. We, the company of heaven and Divine, watch her movement 24/7 and determines whether she needs help and what help she needs. So far though, in the great land of Africa, she has been solely doing the releasing and healing, without a...ny help, and she is doing great. What a scene. We are indeed thrilled to see that.
Today, we also want to address the issue of water in California again. We know we had sent a warning before and caused some concerns, but what want to say is that dear children of Gaia, water is life, water is alive and water is the bloodline of Gaia. Where water goes, there the life of Gaia goes and there Gaia's children go. Since California is running out of water, we hope you can take the hint that California is running out of life or rather California is under reconstruction, at least temporarily, so that Gaia's children will have a chance to resurface the earth.
For that reason, California will run out of water, going through the reconstruction and remapping for the future generations of Mother Earth. This has been the Divine plan for eons, it is only now being put into place and people in California feel it happening.
So, we say to the people in California move, find an alternative and go on with life. Because California will go through all the changes regardless you recognize that or not. Instead of staying put and suffering, we recommend you wake up to the reality and go with the solution, go with the flow, this time the Divine flow.
We know we sound quite harsh, for that we apologize. But our intention is to get your attention. So that you can focus on yourself and shift with Gaia. Life is moving fast, and so is the move of Gaia.
Please understand all we try to say is for your highest good. Our intention is from our loving heart, and our heart is connected with yours, dear children of Gaia, we are one.
That is all we have today. We love you deeply. We love Gaia and humanity. We send our love and compassion to Gaia and humanity. We know what Gaia and humanity are going through, and for that, we salute you all. Job well done sofar, great accomplishment. We love you indeed. Go in peace, dear children of Gaia. We do love you.


Divine decree

Dear children of Gaia, we come today with an important Message. Divine has decreed that all children of Gaia is ready to ascend with Gaia. Yes, all children are ready as Gaia has ascended, so her children need to come along with her and the new earth will be occupied by newly ascended humanity, animal kingdom and plants. What an exciting ne...ws.
Today, we also want to emphasize the fact that humanity feels that it is at the crossroad where either ascension is the way to go or go back to the old 3D thinking. The fact of the matter is that humanity has reached the point of no return. Humanity has awakened to the level beyond going back to the old thinking. Yes, sometimes it is easier just to go back to the old familiar, but the old familiar is already dismantled by the new energy, no longer available, and humanity has no option but to move forward. Yes, moving forward involves ascension, self enlightenment and planet wide ascension. Sounds daunting but you are doing it, and doing it well. It is the old die hard thought forms that bother you, cause doubts and try to drag you out of the ascending humanity.
From our perspective, humanity is ascending at tremendous speed and determination. It is the human mind, 3D mind rather, that causes doubts and hesitation. But dear brothers and sisters, as ascended humanity is already in place. It is Divine order and we, ascended masters, company of heaven, and your star brothers and sisters, are so ready to welcome you to the higher consciousness. Yes, we are so ready to work with you, educate you if you will abou the high consciousness and higher realms. And we are so ready to interact with you, visit with you, celebrate with you, be among you. Yes, we are indeed so ready.
Thank Divine for the decree that all Gaia's children are ready to live on the new earth. It means we, as your brothers and sisters can actually visit with you soon, and visit the new earth soon. How exciting it is! We are indeed celebrating the news, the decree.
That is all we have today. We know it has been a few days since our last message. We will strive to convey to you as much information as we are allowed by Divine and our voice. We love you. All is well. All is victorious, and all is indeed playing out perfectly. Go in peace. We love you indeed.


Africa and California earthquake

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with an important message to share. Divine Mother's Tsunami of love reached California coast and earthquakes are possible. We understand that when we bring warnings, humanity may not like it or simply ignore it. But we would like to inform you that the information we share is from above where is always in the now moment, no linear time. So, earthquake may not happen tomorrow or instantaneously in linear thinking. But when we see it, it is coming, it is coming at a magnitude that we think is proper to inform you.
We also want to update you on the shift in Africa. Africa is such a pure land. Everything goes well in Africa. Yes, there are human diseases, and wars and conflicts happening in Africa, but from our perspective, and overall Africa is an easier place for Gaia simply because Africa is such a primal land, all the beauty of Mother Nature maintained quite well, and natural resources are quite intact. Gaia's movement in Africa is smooth and pleasant. Hallelujah, we say to Africa!
That is what we have today. We want to give you a warning on the earth quake in California and progress in Africa. We are preparing on the next shift which will be happening at summer solstice. And we look forward to a grand improvement by that shift.
We love you. Enjoy your peaceful week ahead. All is well, indeed.


Self care and physical ascension

Dear children of Gaia, we come today with tremendous love and appreciation for you. We want to give a short message and hope our spokesperson can rest afterwards....
Due to the high incoming vibration and intense energy, our spokesperson has been feeling tired and feeling the intense energy overwhelming. We want to address that for a moment. Yes, the love and light coming in is strong and intense and will only get stronger in the upcoming days and months. That is the Divine plan and Divine plan is Divine plan. What we can suggest to you, dear light workers and humanity, is to rest if you can, relax if you can and work with your physical body, not the other way around. What that means is to check in with your body, see what your body needs and provide it to your body.
Your physical body is intelligent and is a sensory system. It tells you what it needs if you listen. And it reacts to what it needs if you don't pay attention. In other words, your body is independent from you, and the best way to work with it is to respect it, listen to it and work with it. When you feel tired, it means your body is on over drive. It is over due for rest. When you are ill some how, it means you did not check in with your body and did not listen to what is going on, and your body has to tell you what is going on by showing you the symptoms of bodily malfunction.
Dear brothers and sisters, we have great love, appreciation and compassion for you. We understand that being on a severely polluted, dense and changing planet is chanllenging to say the least. We, as your Divine partner and your brothers and sisters, really hope you can learn to live with the changing environment, and take the maximum care of your physical body. You know what physical Ascension means. It means you have to be in form and on the planet earth. And your beautiful body provides you that opportunity. How precious gift your body is!
We love you. We wish you all well. And we send our love and compassion to the beautiful planet, and the beautiful brothers and sisters indeed. Go in peace, and know we love you.


Weather and climate changes around the world

Divinely loved children of Gaia, due to the weather conditions in Africa and around the world, we like to address the issue of climate change, particularly lack of water in California....
Divine has decreed that Gaia's shift will be the priority and Gaia's children will have to work with Gaia during this great shift. What that means is that whatever happens naturally, it is humanity, animal kingdom and plants will have to adjust and learn to live in the changing climate and unpredictable weather.
We understand that humans tend to live in the areas where water is plenty, climate is mild and predictable and natural resources are abundant. That is why humanity has survived over thousands years if not longer. However long, that is another topic that we would love to share with humanity down the road.
So, back to the topic of the draught in California. Since the climate change, and Gaia's shift, the water shortage in California seems not promising. In other words, the situation is not going to improve any time soon if ever. We know we leave some lee way in our message so you don't shoot the messager.
So, what we try to convey is that people in California May start thinking about alternatives, like ocean water, migrating to other areas where water is plentiful and suitable for the long term living. Or simply praying but praying may not get the answer you are looking for. We know we are being a little bit humorous here, but we do understand the matter is serious and people's lives depend on it. From our perspective, Gaia's shift is enormous and unpredictable, and Gaia's shift is a must, must continue. What that leave is not much room to maneuver but to adjust and shift with Gaia and Divine's will. Only by that, humanity may find itself feeling more in ease and peace.
Ascended humanity will have to live with Gaia rather than living on Gaia, and change Gaia to suit human's needs. But that is not natural, that is against the law of flow and nature. And humanity will realize that is not suitable for the long term.
So, we came today with a little warning and brotherly suggestion. We understand it is a hot topic and carries tremendous power and reactions. But we just want to give humanity a friendly reminder, and maybe, just maybe humanity will listen, and start to see the shiny side of the shift, and shift with Gaia more willingly and actively. That is all we like to accomplish.
We love you. We love humanity. We see the progress humanity makes and we are so proud of humanity. We are your brothers and sisters, we are one. Humanity's well being is ours, and we work hard to protect Gaia and humanity during this great shift. We know all will be well at the end. We know humanity is a great race with tremendous working ethic and staying power. Humanity will adjust to the shift, and together, we will prevail. We leave you with our love and peace.


The shift is speeding up

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with great news, news you have been waiting for. ...
Divine just decreed that humanity's Ascension has reached a point of no return and will go on and continue at an even higher speed. All that clearing and releasing will speed up. And all that extreme releasing will intensify, and all that releasing from the inner earth will be more volatile.
So, what we try to say is that the speed of changes, changes at personal level as well as in the world at large, will increase and go faster. Dear light workers and humanity, as your brothers and sisters, company of heaven and Divine, we are literally astonished by the fast movement that Gaia and humanity are going through.
Yes, we are doing our best to prepare to handle whatever comes our way. Yes, Gaia is indeed doing well in Africa's great shift and moving along nicely. Yes, Divine is smiling because all is in Divine's timing, and all is well.
What we also want to convey to you is that we sense the urgency of the emergence of the new civilization, and we sense that humanity is ready for it. We also understand that all new comes out of the old, and the old dies out hard. So, dear beloved citizens of Gaia, we understand your position, looking forward to the brand new world but yet concerned and attached to the dying old.
Dear light workers and humanity, what we can suggest to you is to let it go. Let all that no longer serves you go, and jump on the ascension band wagon so to speak, and prepare to usher in the Golden Age.
All is moving fast. All is happening according to the plan. There are no regrets. There is no time for regrets, and no time for hesitation. All is happening and of course happening for the greater good for all concerned.
That is all we love to convey to you today. We understand your feelings living on the planet. We want to send you our love and peace, and hope it can help you in any way you need it.
We are doing our best and working with Gaia to make sure the shift goes smoothly so that you will have easier time ahead. We hope your journey is smooth in next few months. We love you. We wish you well. And we leave you with our love and peace.


Divine decree

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we can't wait to report an important message, a message you have been waiting for. Divine has decreed that humanity has achieved a critical mass, a level of enlightenment and Ascension of the masses has begun. It means that all the light workers and non light workers who have diligently working on the Ascension path have reached a high enough of the consciousness and start ascending. The ...numbers are astonishing and the speed is surprising.
Humanity is indeed ascending at a level that has never seen before on the planet. What an amazing achievement you all have achieved.
Divine and company of heaven are so thrilled to watch the army of ascenders arrive daily. Indeed, bravo!
That is all we have today. We just want to share the news and excitement with you. And let you know how excited we are on the other side of the veil. We hope you do too. Together, we celebrate our great achievement and heaven's blessings for humanity. We love you. We celebrate you. We celebrate humanity on this Wesak Day, a Divinely blessing day indeed. Go celebrate.