Kundalini Living

Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Guan Yin on current energy

Guan Yin says the energy currently coming to the planet carries great deal of liberating power. It liberates you and humanity from thousand of lifetimes of the miscreations, distortion and human errors. If you feel deep down that you still have a great deal of beliefs wanting to come up for releasing, this energy will accelerate the clearing proce...ss and help you remove all of those old beliefs and programs, eventually liberate you from all that no longer serves you, and will give you total freedom. Freedom of mind and freedom of the soul. Imagine yourself so free, in the depth of your DNA, that there is nothing left to release, only love and light, a new frequency and consciousness, or rather your true frequency and consciousness. That is the goal and that is ascension. Enlightened from the old, restore the origins, the light and love of the great creator, the great light beings, and Divine essence.
Yes, you are all the spark of the creator, Divine essence. And you are all on the path to restore that. And this energy serves that purpose-refine your system before the final product if you will. The stage of the refinement, polishing or the stage of final finishing.
So, be gentle with your refinement. Be gentle with your physical body and be gentle with yourself with self love and self compassion. Know what you are going through at this moment has great diffcuties embedded, not only enlightenment is not easy process but also, it is a mass enlightenment and you will be impacted by each other and impact each other in so many ways and impacts often invisible. You almost like live in an universe where the consciousness levels are so vastly different. It is very easy for the low consciousness to drag down the high consciousness, and where the high consciousness has to work extremely hard to maintain its own consciousness level untouched while raising the low consciousness so the lag in between grows smaller and smaller and life will be easier for both.
That is where you are, dear light workers, and humanity-a big soup of consciouness on the path of enlightenment. Only if you work together will the path be smoother and easier. With the help of Divine, the enlightenment of the masses will be possible, and even better, comes closer.
That is what is happening on the planet. All are moving to the enlightenment at different levels and speed, but the direction is the same, and the determination is the same, and the final result will be the same as well.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. I am with you all. I am waiting on the other side for your arrival, one by one. I am so ready for our reunion, and so ready to celebrate. Celebrate of your victory, celebrate of our victory and celebrate of the victory of Divine.


Mother Mary on all the upcoming changes

Mother Mary says the days and months ahead are pivotal for you all, dear light workers and humanity as a whole. The reason I say that is because huge positive changes are coming, whether you are in the known or unknown, all will be known and all will be impacted intensely by the upcoming changes.
The changes which are coming are actually not new to you dear ones. Humanity may not be aware of what is happening, and why it is happening and how their lives will be impacted. But you on the other hand, dear light workers, have already been educated about the changes, literally for eons of time. Divine has been over and over to notify you that your job is to bring changes to humanity, and you are indeed the change agents.
So, go deep into your heart dear ones, see what your heart's saying about the changes, is it loving? Exciting and can not wait any longer for it? Indeed, your heart is ready and so are you dear light workers. We are ready for the changes we brought to the world, and we are the changes to the world has been waiting for.
Yes, get ready dear hearts, changes are coming, at an unprecedented speed and momentum, to all areas, and cover the whole spectrum, positive changes and life changing changes to say the least.
So, what are the changes, Mother Mary, you ask? I say dear hearts, changes in all areas and all directions you can imagine. Think of what kind of changes you would like to see in your government, then they will come, and you are the ones to bring it to the reality. And what kind of changes you hope to happen to your society, then that will manifest as well.
Yes, changes you have brought to the reality, are indeed covers all the areas you have hoped to see, and you have manifested in your reality. Now, did Divine play a role in bringing these changes? Yes, indeed, it is Divine's will to see humanity evolve to a higher consciousness and evolution, and it is Divine's duty to make sure you work materializes and becomes reality. So, it is so. So, it is coming. We, the Divine change agents indeed, finally make it happen, and finally we can say, here you go, we made it.
Dear hearts, I am so proud of you all, and so appreciate your hard work, hard work through eons of time and thousands of lifetimes. We come and go, come and go with a single goal in mind, which is to enlighten humanity. Finally now, we are seeing it, we are indeed bringing enlightenment to humanity, or rather bring humanity to enlightenment. What a miracle, dear hearts. A miracle indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I am with you all. I always love you and walk with you in this long journey. Now, this journey is coming to an end. I am so excited and I am so proud. Proud of what kind of perseverance and determination we have demonstrated to Divine and humanity, proud of each and every one of you for what you have endured, and finally come to this point of success. Yes, pride can not nearly describe my love and appreciation for you, you are all my heroes and my great love. Without you, I can not imagine what would happen to the Divine plan and humanity, and what could be acomplished. Yes, together we are so precious, and so glorious and so victorious, you and I, together, we made it, indeed.
In the upcoming days, you will see what happens, and you will know Mother Mary is celebrating, and you will feel the love of Mother Mary as always. Know, no matter what happens, Mother Mary is always with you, love you and cheer you on, dear hearts. I love you!


Guan Yin on Solstice energy

Guan Yin says that what you are feeling at this solstice gateway is an enormous releasing from you deeply buried past life's and this life's wounds and hurts. It is enormous indeed, and that is why you feel so sad or drained or emotions you cannot identify because while you are releasing these unneeded parts of you, your emotions and feelings and sensitivities are being stirred up and being impacted and you are very vulnerable and feel the wounds and hurts again, but this time around, the key is to not react to it and attach to it and simply just let it go. Either use the tools to help you to let it go, or you call me to help to let it go. One way or the other just let it all go, release all that no longer serve you. Know your emotions are fluid, in another words, your emotions are movable or transferable. It can go from one point to another simply by the triggers. Watch your triggers, identify them but not reacting to them. Triggers serve you in the process of releasing, and are not there for you to get tangled with. Just acknowledge there are triggers, thank them for their services and release them and focus on yourself release, release with great self love and compassion. Know compassion is the key in your clearing. Once you apply self awareness and compassion, releasing can be very quick, less painful and efficient, plus you feel better about yourself and the ones who serve you as triggers.
The solstice energy is great healing energy. It means to go deep in the human psyche, dig out all the ancient wounds and hurts, unbalanced energies and bring it up to the surface for healing. As result of the releasing, you will see more and more of the outrageous chaos on the planet. The best advise I can give you is to detach and focus on self love and self compassion. Do self healing whenever needed, rest and adjust, let the energy do its wonders, and let time pass with great ease and grace. Soon you will see yourself and the planet get up to another level of consciousness.
That is what is happening right now. Guan Yin and the ascended masters are here waiting for your calls. Yes, call us when you feel the need. Call us when you feel the sadness coming up. Call us when you feel drained and need a dose of energy boost. Call us when you simply want to conned and look for comfort or support. We are always available to you.
We love you. We watch over you. We watch your progress with great delight and admiration. We applaud you and cheer you on. Know Guan Yin loves you, and Guan Yin is always with you on this journey.


Guan Yin on iniatiation

Guan Yin says that many of you are going through initiation and DNA activations right now. As result, you feel physical; bodily discomfort in deep yet unfamiliar ways. That is the side effect of new DNA being activated, and the ancient memories being released. The initiation process is not always easy. Your physical body has gotten used to the old patterns and habits and not inclined to adjust to the deep profound changes and reconfigurations, and it lets you know by showing you all sorts of physical sensations and discomfort, some are real, some are unreal, illusions.
We, as ascended masters and your ascension sponsors and guides would recommend you have self compassion, listen to your inner guidance, and most important listen to your body and see what your body is telling you. If it is illness, you will know and seek help. If it is release and adjustment you will also know, and take the time to let go and make adjustments. Gradually you will learn to live with the changes, live with your newly found senses and newly activated DNA. It is a process and it needs adjustment. Adjustment to the new DNA, and adjustment to the changing body can be unsettling from time to time. Let your mind rest, and let your heart lead, lead you to peace and calm, and lead you to love and compassion.
Know Guan Yin and ascended masters are with you on this journey. You are being helped and guided. Go with the peace Guan Yin sends you. Go with the love Guan Yin sends you. And go with the great compassion Guan Yin instills in you. Guan Yin loves you. And Guan Yin guides you go through the Solstice gateway. Call her anytime you need and know all is well. All is designed and all is well indeed.
Enjoy the Summer Solstice. Guan Yin loves you all, great love indeed.


Mother Mary on end time

Mother Mary says that humanity has been under manipulation and scrutiny for so long and forgot its own Divine birth right and Divine light within. Only lately humanity awakes to the possibility that they are indeed equal as the power and power to be.
Humanity indeed is the source entension and come here to experience human life just like the power and power t...o be they look up to. And humanity finally realizes that the power and power to be actually are not what they think they are, and do not deserve their admiration and worship. And quite opposite, they turn out to be the dark force in action.
The Divine plan now is to wake up humanity to the truth. The truth of what they are, who they are. And the truth of what the power and power to be are and why they are in power. Divine also intends to have humanity finally awaken to the fact that they are Divine spark in human form, they come here to serve the Divine, and they do deserve the freedom, love, peace and prosperity Divine has designed for them. Nothing should be in the way and nobody should take their birth right away.
Indeed, dear light workers and humanity, what amazing play humanity finally sees through and figure out the characters in the play and where they are in the play. It is indeed a play which has played out in the way Divine intended for humanity, because through this epic play, humanity has grown from literally infant to mature adult and learn the hard lessons and gain tremendous wisdom along the way. What kind of school can offer humanity this kind of education? Only the planet earth and humanity itself. Humanity finally realized that they, themselves had played light and dark during the incarnations, and there is no reason to blame or judge the dark because they all take turns to play different characters, sometimes light characters, human saint, and other times dark ones, as dark as they can be, like historical figure Hitler who also played light figures in other lifetimes. It is all play. In these plays, you chose a character and your play mates and audience and played out as you designed and you go home with the wisdom gained through these plays.
Now, the play is over. The end time is here. Those who have not finished their role play are working hard and hurry up to finish their characters so they too, can go home as winners. Because they too, come here to play their characters as dark ones, gain wisdom and go home.
Dear light workers and humanity, I am Mother Mary. I am the so called Mary Energy and Mother's energy. I come today to tell you the truth. The truth is I too, played different characters in different incarnations. Sometimes light, other times dark, just like you, it is all designed. Divine change agents come to earth and play different roles to change the world for the better. And that is what we do and did through out the history of human kind. Only till now, we are finishing the game, and bring it to the finale and finish the epic game or play or project we started eons ago.
Yes, it is the finale. It is the end time even though some plays seem still going on dramatically and going in to the darker side. Dear light workers and humanity, you may be surprised, as you know that a play can be ended in many ways. It can have a long straight line ending, it also can have a short dramatic ending. It all depends on the design. And the truth is that humanity will see a short but chaotic ending, and they will see it very soon.
Dear light workers and humanity, it is time for the ending. It may be dramatic but short. Would you love that? Short pain is better than long torture.
Dear light workers and humanity. You are ready indeed. Ready for the short ending, dramatic so be it, but short so that you can get on with the next journey, journey to the new earth, journey to the galactice and journey to the deep of the universe.
Yes, you are so ready and excited about the possibilities. Possilibities beyond your human brain can comprehend at this moment. And possibilities seem at your door front, yes, indeed.
You are ready dear light workers and humanity. I am so in love with you. I am here with you to witness the finale and journey anew. I am so excited and excited for you. After eons of times, thousands of incarnations, we are finally finishing up this project and start a brand new adventure. How divine this moment is! Wait no more dear light workers and humanity, let's get to finish line, cross it and get on the next journey, a brand new journey. An exciting but much more joyful one indeed. And I will be there with you too, on the path to next journey, hand in hand together, we start the brand new journey together. Picture that beautiful moment dear ones. Mother Mary cheers you on. And Mother Mary loves you.


Guan Yin on release ancient energies

Guan yin says the current energy has brought a great deal of fear and chaos to the surface to release. Either you are currently in a male body or a female body. The energy penetrates and activates your ancient DNA and brings out deeply buried patterns, hatreds and all that less than love and light, once and for all to release it.
We, ascended masters and company of heaven, have been busy supporting the releasing and making sure that no matter how heavy the release is, the balance remains in place.
Due to the nature of the energy and release, humanity will have a great deal of chaos to endure: wars and conflicts will continue for a little while till the balance is achived. Gender discrimination and race discrimination will continue to play out till all the residual is being cleasened. Sounds daunting but humanity is at the point of ready, ready to release, once and for all. The feeling of enough is enough is overwhelming, and the cure for that is release. Once humanity realize that there is a better way of living and experiencing human life, there will be moving forward to a point of no return. And humanity has long passed that point of return. Even though some may feel the days get darker, but deep down they know it is the dark before dawn, the dawn of the Golden Age and the a brand new civilization. For that, humanity is having a tremendous determination, carrying on a great deal of work and moving forward at an unprecedented speed toward the finish line. What a beautiful scene and beautiful humanity. We, your ascended masters and company of heaven, are seeing the progress daily with great love and appreciation and adoration for humanity.
Keep up dear children of Gaia, great human race. You are almost there. With your great effort and determination. You are almost there.
I am Guan Yin. I am the Mother for all. I am with you. I love you, every each one of you with my loving heart. I cherish you. You are my children. You are me. Together, we are one. We are heaven. And we are heaven on earth. Go in peace, my beloved.
Call on me. I am always there for you, always indeed.


Mother Mary, the Archangel

Dear heart, I am Mother Mary, the Archangel, the Mother, Divine Mother's energy. We are one.
Yes, millions of millennials are ascending every day. They ascend differently than the older generations. They are in their teens, twenties and some are in their early thirties. They came from different universes, or, some are from the same universe as ...you were but with great light vibration. They are wired differently, almost like having a switch, once activated, or the switch being turned on, they are there. They are not necessarily knowing that the fact they are being activated and they are ascending to the new earth and new frequency because that is not in their plan. Their plan is to help build the new earth, and lead humanity to a better future. So, their lives are almost as usual when they go through the ascension process. Most of them came here the first time, and they did not carry any karma to finish. Some of them have indeed carried some past life lessons, but they are so equipped and they learn very fast. They are indeed a generation of the wizards, miracle babies if you will.
Looking at the beautiful planet and humanity. It is such a delightful view from our perspective. You have the older generation who have to work so hard to eliminate past karmas and ascend. And you have the younger generation, who is in their thirties and forties, literally just woke up and ready to ascend, not much of the clearing needed. And then comes the millennials who are prewired for ascension. All they need is the activation and then they are there.
Indeed, a beautiful process and beautiful scene. We are so in love with light workers and humanity. We are indeed loving what we see and proud of what you have done. Such a beautiful diverse group on this beautiful planet.
That is happening on the planet right now. Getting ready for the millennials because they are ready to take their roles and walk in their big shoes, and lead humanity to the new planet. They are so ready. They are so equipped and capable. Humanity will have a much easier ride from this point on. Their leaders are coming online. It may seem a Marathon, but the sprinters are just joining the race. They are fast and full of energy and dynamic. They are coming to help to finish the race. And they will finish it well.


Guan Yin on clearing ancient male energy

Goddess Guan Yin says that the fact that Divine Feminine is rising has caused a great deal of the fear and chaos for the male dominating realms and energies. It is Divinely important we recognize that fact and learn to live with it without hurting ourselves. Doing the healing daily, eliminating the upsurging harsh masculine energy when there is a need by using ...mantra or violet flame. Know all is energy and all is transferable. Once we transmuted all the harsh negative ancient male energy, the planet will be balanced and peaceful.
It is this harsh energy that causes the wars and conflicts between people and countries and genders. It is this miscreation that brought humanity to its knees, and it is this dominating force that has abused and misused the Divine Feminine. Know all is changing, and all is coming up for releasing. Once you release this energy, you see the changes within your own being as well as the society and planet as a whole.
Be the change yourself. Be the ancient Goddess, and be the bright light transforming this outdated ancient harsh energy with your inner light, with your wisdom and with your bright soul light.
All is well at the moment. All is in Divine order and all is in Divine timing. Know you are protected by Divine while you are clearing your ancient DNA. Feel the love around you and feel safe to release, release all that no longer serves you. You are God and Goddess in form. You are powerful and you are the power. Nothing less than that. Feel victorious and feel invincible. Indeed, Divine warriors. You are so admired and adored and loved.
I am Guan Yin. I love you eternally. Feel my love with you, inside you and in you. We are one, Divine Goddess indeed.


Mother Mary on our essence and physical appearance

Mother Mary says that the love flows within you and between you is the same love I am. Yes, we are all Divine love, Source extension and come to earth in a form to explore, and as result to serve the Divine....
Yes, I am Mother Mary. I am the same essence today as a couple thousand years ago. The only difference is the form. I may have looked like a modern Mideastern woman back then, and wearing body cover and headcover most of the time. But what I was wearing did not determine or even influence what I did as a Divine change agent who came to earth with a mission to change the world. Yes, what you wear and what your essence is are different things dear light workers and humanity. Don't judge the book by the cover. Know the book is the essence and essence is the book, not the cover.
So, what the conversation goes is that when you look beyond the look, the cover, the form or physical appearance, you find the love you are and your brothers and sisters are. You are all love in a form, and come here to serve, to serve Divine and serve each other. And loving yourself and loving each other is the beginning of your service. Only when you love, love yourself and each other, do you start operating from your heart, see the big picture, and eliminating the judgement of self and others.
Dear light workers and humanity, we, as Divine beings and souls in human bodies, have the love in us and guide us. Listen to that love and follow that love. Only that love can lead you home. Only that love is the true you and only that love is what you are yearning for and looking for. It is inside you. It is in you. And it is you. You are love. I am love. We are all love and we are one.
Mother Mary loves you. Mother Mary guides you and Mother Mary walks with you on this journey of love indeed.


Guan Yin on mass enlightenment and new human race

Guan Yin says humanity has been moving toward enlightenment with great speed, effort and determination. Humanity had awakened to the truth that enlightenment is not for the few privileged, but for all human kind. As long as you make the effort, claim your birth right as a Divine ligh, you will have a chance to advance yourself spiritually and toward enlightenment.
Human beings are coming here to advance. That is your birthright and purpose, Spiritual advancement indeed. Once you have awakened to that purpose, your enlightenment is guaranteed.
Divine had decreed that humanity will have to advance itself to a higher level of living and consciousness, along with Gaia. Because Divine's decree, humanity and Gaia have moved so fast to the fifth dimension and spiritual advancement. That alone tells that fact that humanity is ready and capable of enlightenment.
We, as ascended masters and company of heaven, look at the progress humanity is making daily, and we are overwhelmed with joy and pride. Indeed, humanity is such a great race, and Gaia is such a great light being. Together, Gaia and humanity, are ushering in the new planet, new civilization and a whole new race.
We love you. We love what we see, and love humanity and Gaia. Great love for you all.