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Divine Message for Lightworkers and Humanity



Divine decree on earthquakes and helps

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, come to convey to you that Divine just decreed that humanity and Gaia will be helped immediately when the earthquakes and natural disasters happen. What we mean by that is that Divine decree is Divine decree. Divine decreed us to be available 24/7 so that in th...e event that significant earthquakes occur, we will be able to help Gaia to maneuver and uplift her so that the damage can be minimized, and humanity can be helped in whichever way possible. And that is the Divine decree, and that is what we will do.
The reason behind this message is that Divine has detected that big earthquakes are coming up on earth, and the only thing we can do is to forewarn humanity and Gaia's children so that they can prepare. Gaia is going through yet another intense big hurdle right now. Her children's safety is in her mind. Being in the middle of a dilemma, it is very helpful for her to hear that we, the company of heaven and Divine, has the plan already in place and will do whatever we can to help her, support her and her children, so that she can move forward with ease. Yes, Gaia loves her children, and every move she makes, her children's safety will be the first and foremost in her mind and consideration. We, the company of heaven and Divine, admire her love for her children and do whatever we can to ease her pain and her concerns, and try to make her great shift as easy and smooth as possible.
That being said, we do want to warn you, dear light workers and humanity, earthquakes are indeed in the picture. We understand that we had gave warnings before, and could be understood as false alarm. However, we would rather let you believe it is false alarm than not warning you at all because you may perceive it as false alarm, but deep down you know you need to heed this message and prepare. And that is what we are hoping for, just prepare you and humanity, step by step, and together, we go through this great shift with ease and grace. And with Gaia's permission, we can move forward to help you in whichever way you need, that is the plan and that is what we do, and that is what Divine decrees for.
We love you. We love humanity. Humanity's pain is ours pain, and humanity's growth is our goal. Together, dear light workers and humanity, together, we prevail. Together, we go through the great shift with ease and success.
We love you. We love humanity. We leave you with our love and peace. So it is.


Divine decree on forgiving the past karmas

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, come today, the first day after the planetary new year, with great news to share with you. Yes, the news you have been waiting for. Divine has decreed that humanity's ascension and enlightenment has reached a point that all the past wounds and hurts, all things r...elated to the past has been forgiven, and it is time to start anew.
So, what that means to you, dear light workers and humanity, is that you get yet another clean slate to start with. Yes, Divine has forgiven humanity's past karma earlier this year, and now again to enhance the Divine order and Divine decree, company of heaven, we have come to remind you of this Divine blessing, Divine decree and Divine dispensation.
Yes, a Divine blessing indeed. Humanity has come to a time that Divine's recognitions and Divine blessings, have had impact and are being understood, and humanity, in turn, taking advantage of Divine blessings, and moving forward, boldly and speedily. It is a beautiful scene. We, the company of heaven have great faith that humanity, again will take this opportunity, to start anew, without past burdens, and move forward toward their enlightenment. Enlightenment of the masses, what a Divine miracle. We have been waiting for this moment for eons of time dear ones, and now it is here, it is happening. Blessings indeed, to us and to humanity.
That is what we have today. A Divine blessing. We come with great joy, with great satisfaction and great appreciation. We appreciate Divine's decree, Divine's blessing, and we appreciate humanity's effort and progress. Together, we are indeed making miracle.
We love you. We love Divine. We love humanity. In this beautiful Monday, we pray for your great achievement, and we pray for your smooth ascension. We pray for you and humanity, together, we pray for our ultimate achievement, enlightenment of the masses.
Go in peace and love. Know we are with you on this journey. We love you. We love your journey. It is a great journey indeed. So it is.


Divine decree on intensifing the help and support

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven and Divine, come today with an important Divine decree to share. Yes, Divine has decreed that humanity and Gaia's ascension has reached a point that Divine and all the help from Divine sources will need to intensify the help and support, and the... Divine light and love will increase the speed and intensity substantially, till all the first wavers safely arriving at the new earth.
Yes, that is the Divine decree and that is where we are in terms of ascension and the great shift of Gaia. Gaia has been steadily but slowly picking up the speed of the shift. And the Himalaya region has been under tremendous pressure and Divine help so that the human spiritual hearts, which reside in the Himalayas, will slowly open more and more. Awakened souls will be more and more in tune with Divine, and sleeping souls will gradually wake up from their slumber and start seeking their truth, Divine light and love. All is in Divine order and all is proceeding well.
Yes, the Himalaya will be the center of attention for a while. While Divine forces are sending love and light around the globe, the Himalaya, on the other hand will be the place Divine and company of heaven focus on, and make sure all will be awakened to their Divine nature, and all will ascend eventually, of course according to their own timetable.
But for now, we want to convey to the awakened ones that Divine has decreed that the light and love will intensify in the upcoming days and months. What that means is that the changes in you and in the world will intensify, changes from inside out, and changes in all areas and all aspects. Be prepared dear ones, big changes on a mass scale are coming, and at an unprecedented momentum and speed. The only thing you can do is to ride with the changes, and flow with the Divine love, let it carry you over to the other side, which is heaven on earth, the new earth, the paradise indeed.
So, that is our advice. Being your spiritual mentors and friends and family, we, the company of heaven, are deeply concerned with the well being of your and humanity, and we will do whatever we can to help Divine, you and humanity, go through this tremendously important transition, to arrive at the new earth safe and sound.
Dear light workers and humanity, we love you. Deep in our heart, we love your determination and perseverance. We love your hard working ethic and we love your warrior spirit. But love is not enough, we know you need more than love to go through this significant trial and test, and get to the other side. We want to let you know to call us for help please, and with our help you definitely will have an easier ride. We literally can carry you on our back and over to the other side, and we love to do that for the sake of humanity. Dear ones, that is our plead to you. We plead not because we want to, we plead because our love for you is so overwhelming and we don't know there is anything else we can do but conveying to you our love for you. Dear ones, and our love for you means we will do whatever we can for you safe ascending and safe arrival.
Call us please, in any way you see fit. We are here to help in any way we can. Together, we prevail dear ones. That is what we have today. We love you, we love humanity. Humanity's ascension is our main goal, Gaia's shift is our major focus. We do whatever we can to implement Divine's order and help you and humanity. Together, Divine, us and you, dear light workers and humanity, together, we prevail.
We love you. We leave you with our love and compassion for you and humanity. So it is.


Divine decreed that great shift continues

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, come today with an important announcement to share with you. Divine just decreed that Gaia and her children have been doing a great job during the great shift, and Divine intends to continue the speed of the shift. And that means changes to Mother Earth and human...ity will continue with lightening speed, and humanity, animal kingdom and plants have to continue to shift with Gaia after a period of slow down.
Yes, in the last couple of months, Gaia's shift has slowed down, almost to zero movement because Divine wants her children to have a chance to breathe, adjust to the changes, catch up and rest, and now is the time to resume the shift. And this time the starting point will be Himalaya and Nepal again, which is the spot where we last left.
Yes, Nepal and Himalaya, where the heart of humanity is, and where the spiritual center of Mother Earth is, the place you enter the earth realm, and the place of your spiritual heart.
Himalaya has always been the center of the attention simply because it is the center of this unverse. The center of the planet earth and center of the souls on earth.
We, in the spiritual realm, know the significance of the Himalaya to Mother Earth and heaven, and we devote a great deal of time and effort to always make sure the purity of the Himalaya. Sometimes it means we have to incarnate to that region over and over, and we do, we take turns and always make sure the vibration and the access are always high and available to heaven and to earth. The doorway, the portal, you name it, is significant indeed.
So now the shift will continue from there. What that means to humanity is that humanity will go through yet another bath of heart clearing, and heart awaking. It is all about the human heart, and human wisdom. Remember it is the heart through which you connect with heaven, your home. It is through the heart, you connect with each other, recognize each other and love each other. And it is through the heart, you go home. Now is the time to go home, so your heart has to totally and completely open dear ones. And that is the reason why the Himalaya is where the great shift will focus on, right now till September, till first wave ascensioners get home.
That is the Divine order, and Divine will. And that is why we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, eagerly waited at Himalaya, and help you and Gaia and the world to ascend.
That is the message for today. We are excited about the next step, which is so critical also. We will make sure all the steps are smooth and welcoming so that you and humanity will have an easier ride. Even though it may seem it is a Marathon, but the race is finishing indeed. And for that, we are so excited and eager to finish the race, spectecular race.
We love you. We love Gaia and humanity. In these final steps of the long race, we will do whatever we can to make sure the race comes to a finish with ease and grace. And that is our hope and our goal. With gratitude and appreciation, we leave. We love you, and we love humanity. So it is.


Divine decreed on Divine intervention

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, come today with a great message to share. Divine just degreed that humanity and Gaia's ascension have reached a point that Divine has to intervene so that the path of ascension will be smooth for humanity and Gaia to continue.
Yes, Divine int...ervention happens from time to time. In human history, Divine intervention happened numerals times. It is only the humanity does not understand the spiritual law and does not recognize it when that happens. In Jesus time, there was Divine intervention so that he could literally ascend right after his death, and reappeared to his disciples so that his teachings could be transmitted and continued. And that was a case of Divine intervention. Divine purposely let him appeared to his disciples and granted him the right to transfer the Divine teachings, sacred teachings to his disciples for the greater good of all. And that is a typical Divine intervention. For the greater good of all concerned, spiritual law applied.
So, today, Divine will purposefully intervene to bless humanity and make sure the ascension path is clear and smooth and Gaia and humanity's ascension continues without disruptions and interruptions. Divine's wish is for humanity and Gaia to ascend peacefully. And that is the Divine order and Divine decree.
As for how this Divine intervention will happen, humanity will learn it next, and see how Divine decrees manifest on a human level, and on planet earth. It is nothing short of a miracle, and humanity will be shocked by it, and wake up by it, and that is also the purpose of Divine; to wake up humanity further and learn the fact that Divine decrees do matter, and humanity does have to follow the spiritual laws and Divine decrees.
So, that is all we have today. We understand that we brought a bombshell today without really delivering it yet. But that is what we need to do. We need to educate humanity or wake up humanity so that ascension can continue peacefully.
We love humanity. We love you, dear light workers and way showers. Our heart is filled with love and gratitude toward you. We thank you for your dedication and hard work, and we love you for your warrior spirit. We are, however, anxiously wanting and waiting for your ascension to be completed, so that we can meet, celebrate and work together to help the rest of the humanity on their path of ascension.
That is all we have today. Time to say adieu. We love you. We love the chance to communicate with you. We have hard time ending the conversation. We know we have to, but we do treasure the opportunity, the opportunity we can openly express our love for you and our appreciation for you.
We love you, dear ones. Deep in our heart, we treasure you, indeed. We leave you with our heart felt love and peace and gratitude. So it is.


Divine decree on humanity's preparation for Mini Ice Age

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven and Divine, come today with an important Divine decree to share. Yes, Divine has decreed that Gaia and her children will have to find a way to cope with the upcoming mini ice age, and live with Gaia while Gaia and humanity go through grand changes. Divine and co...mpany of heaven will do whatever it takes to make sure Gaia and humanity go through it without too much of the devastations.
Yes, indeed, dear children of Gaia and humanity, you are facing a changing world and a changing climate. Due to Gaia's ascension, the surface of Mother Earth will be going through a tremendous reshuffle, north, south, east and west, you name it, remapping, water and natural resources shortage, overflow ocean and earthquakes, mini ice age, the temperature dropping around the globe, and natural disasters abound.
We say this not because we like to create fear for you dear ones. We say this because we love you. It is our duty to inform you what is happening and what is coming. We say this because we follow Divine's order and being positioned to inform you and work with you and prepare you during this great shift so that we, we mean, Gaia and her children and us, the Divine and company of heaven, together, go through this shift together so that you have all the help you need, Gaia has all the love and support she needs and Divine and company of heaven can provide all the assistance you and Gaia need. And that is the plan, and that is Divine's will. Divine's will is for all of us to work together and make this shift a successful one without too much sacrifices by Gaia and her children. Together, we will prevail, dear children of Gaia.
That is all we have today. Whenever we have a chance to communicate with you, we like to inform you of what is happening behind the scenes, what is happening at Divine level. In another words, what is Divine's plan for humanity at this moment and next, so that you feel you have been informed and you can prepare. And that is our goal for this communication and the other communications. We serve Divine, and we serve you. And that is our duty during this great shift and we are happy and proud to be part of it, because we love Divine, we love you and we love humanity.
So, dear ones, we hope you heed the message and know all is planned out and all is well. You have Divine on your side, and you will be fine.
With our eternal love, you are loved and protected. All will be well and all is well. With love, we leave. So it is.


Divine decree on Greece

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, come today with an important message to share. Divine has decreed that the country of Greece will be the liberator of Europe, and just like it did before, once again, Greece will bring the hope, the new civilization to Western Europe, and the world to follow.
Ye...s, Greece has ancient history of bringing humanity to advancement, one step at a time, introducing Divine ideas and Divine messages to humanity, and implementing Divine decrees, and ensuring Divine's will is perfectly and always on track.
Greece is the grace, the Divine beloved child and reliable child. Now, once again, Greece is doing its Divine duty, bringing Divine's will to humanity, liberating Western Europe from the greed driven, war hawks like dark dominating forces. And Greece is doing so beautifully and splendidly, standing tall and saying no. And they listen, dear people in Greece, they listen to you because they have to, deep down they know you are light, you are powerful light and they have no choice but to listen. Good job dear Divine children in Greece. Divine is with you, and Divine is on your side, the victory side. You are victorious as always. You are the torch, and you are light, burning bright, and burning the ashes of the old, coming out as Phoenix. New civilization is birthing, dear people in Greece, once again, you did it. With Divine decree, you are invincible.
That is our message today. We want to cheer the people in Greece. We want to tell them how proud we are, and how brave they are. We love you, people in Greece. We love you, people in Europe. We love you all. Together, we are victorious, one by one, we stand together and usher in the new civilization. Together, the world is changing for the better and forever. Amen, and so it is.


Prosperity fund is arriving...

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven and Divine, come today with a great message you have been waiting for. The prosperity fund is coming. Divine's decree to dispense the prosperity fund to light workers and humanity is coming online and being implemented soon. We use the word "soon" deliberately just i...n case it does not happen in a day or two or even a week or so because the differences between dimensions plus the implementation of Divine plan in 3rd dimension very often gets lost, lost in translations or simply being hijacked by the dark. However, this time around, we have the plan nailed and implemented precisely by our devoted light workers and company of heaven.
It is vital that we, the light workers implement Divine's plan with precision and determination, adhere Divine's will and walk with Divine and your higher self. Together, we deliver the Divine messages to humanity and deliver the Divine's decree and good will to humanity and planet earth.
As light workers and humanity are getting ready to receive the fund. We, the Divine partner of yours, would like to suggest that you will be cautious with the fund, be cautious with your usage of the fund and be cautious with your actions, bear in mind that the fund is for your higher good, humanity's higher good and it is Divine's dispensation for your hard work as well as preparation of your next mission. So, be cautious is our recommendation, and be generals with your loved ones and people around you is our encouragement.
So, that is what we have today. We see the potential that the fund is arriving and feel the urge to send you a reminder, and caution you of the things to do with the fund. We understand that ultimately is your decision about the money, but we love to send you reminders so that we can work together and move forward toward your next step which is the ascension in September and the missions beyond that.
We are excited for you. We are excited for humanity. We love you. We love what we see. And we love humanity. Go with our peace and love. We do love you, indeed.
So it is.


America's future...

Dear children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters, the company of heaven and Divine, come today with a great message to share, we want to talk about United States of America, and it's future.
Yes, sounds serious and sensitive, we understand the sensativity but it is time to know what is held for America and people in America. And why America in it...s self is so important for the whole of the great shift.
First, let's examine why America is going through the most dramatic changes and chaos in politics and everything else. We say because America destined to be he great country on earth, and it has not stick with its original design and has derailed from its original intent, and now is the time to correct the course, and make it the true leader in the global environment and spirituality. True freedom needs to be delievered to American society.
Yes, America was designed to be the role model for the whole world to follow, not only in an economic sense, but also religious freedom, individual freedom, and equal right for every soul on the land. What you are today is far from that original picture. And you wonder what happened. We say, it is because the dark force has hijacked the country, lead ship roles and rich the famous. Ordinary people have become slaves for this so called democracy society.
Just look at the prevalent inequality in every corner of the society and people's lives. And the hatred toward the marginal groups is exordinary, under the law of so called equal opportunity, in this land of free and land of equal. An CEO's annual salary can be hundreds and thousands of times more than an average american's income, where is the equality? White children have college education is normal, but a black child will be singled out if somehow he made it to the college. Where is the equality? Mothers have babies and out of hospitals days later and back to work weeks later, where is the respect for feminine and for motherhood?
We understand this sounds harsh and is not the lovey dovey messages you are waiting for. But dear children of Gaia, people in America, it is time to wake up and see reality without Rose colored glasses. Yes, reality may seem cruel and cold, but at least you start to see the truth and start the desire to change it for the better. The bottom line is that you want a better society, a better country where every soul is treated with respect and equal. A society where female is being respected, loved unconditionally and treated properly. A society where abuse and starvation should have been eliminated, and every human being should be fed and housed and live with integrity.
Yes, that is the society people in America were designed and intended to have, and should be. And now is the time to reestabish that society, and now is the time for people in America to stand up and say enough is enough. Let's have a do over. Let's respect our founding farher's wish and correct the course. Let's make it right. United, we prevail.
So, that is what we say to people in America. No matter you are white, black, brown or any color you deem yourself or being deemed. You are all American, and that is what this land for. For all citizens who share the love for the land, and love for their lives.
There is no such thing of one group being more worthy than the other. You are all worthy, all divine beings who came here to experience human life, only in this life, you choose to wake up to your true being, with your beautiful form in this beautiful land with your beautiful brothers and sisters, together, you wake up to the truth, and establish the truth meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood, country hood, human hood, eventually galactic hood.
Yes, we are one. In Essense, there is no difference. We are all equal, equally loved and equally respected. And that is the true meaning of America. And original design of America.
Let the sound of freedom ring, and let the sound of equality echo, in your heart, in the heart of all people of America and land of free. Dear children of Gaia, people in America, indeed, it is time to wake up to the reality, and wake up to your calling. It is Divine's will you stand up, stand up for yourself, and standup for America. America is yours, and America is the land of freedom and equality. So it is.


Divine decree on prosperity fund...

Dear children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and heaven and Divine, come today with an important announcement. Divine just decreed that humanity's prosperity fund needs to be delivered and will arrive shortly. The poverty and inequality on the planet is so severe that it causes great difficulty for ascending humanity.
We understand ...that making promises yet not delivering is a common feeling and perception about the prosperity fund. We have heard waves after waves of prayers and wishes of light workers and humanity alike, and know how much it needs to happen now. Thank heaven and Divine, it is happening now, at least from our perspective, as for how long it will arrive on the planet earth, we have to caution you, or friendly remind you, that it takes some 3D linear time to manifest simply because the density in 3rd dimension is much slower.
Nevertheless, Divine decree is Divine decree. Humanity is blessed and bestowed upon by heaven with prosperity and peace. It means every soul on earth should and will enjoy the abundance Divine has bestowed them among the other birthrights upon arrival on the planet earth. Yes, because the inequality and slavery system has been in place for so long, humanity has forgotten equality, abundance and prosperity is their birth right. But something they have to struggle and compete and earn it.
Dear children of Gaia, you are different now. You are awakening to your majesty. You are remember now you are mighty divine beings, child of God and God in form, you are entitled to Divine's blessings. You deserve abundance and prosperity as Divine children on earth. It is indeed.
We, the ascended masters and company of heaven and Divine, have been waiting for this moment for eons of time. The moment of your awakening, the moment of your liberation and the moment of recovering your divinity. A spectacular moment, and a moment of history making.
So, that is the news we brought today. We are proud to be able to bring you long waited news. Good news, great news indeed. We understand being human is very chanllenging, we had been there, enduring the miscreations, karmas, distortions, wars and conflicts, diseases, etc. being able to bring one good news, one relieve to you at a time, is great heart warming moment for us. Indeed, we have great love and compassion for you.
Yes, we love you. We are so proud of you. You made great progress toward ascension. We walk with you. We celebrate you. We do our best to be your helpers, and your companions and your guides. Together, we are making a great miracle.
And so it is.