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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Guan Yin on relaxing into the intense energy

Guan Yin says the energy you are feeling is intense indeed. In order to go through this phase of the intense energy smoothly, and create the least of resistance, do the daily practice and activity which helps you to clear the old and integrate the new. It is the way that makes you feel better.
Call on me when you need help and adjustment. Know I am always here to love you and support you. Know t...his phase is meant to be intense and powerful, especially in conjunction with the full moon, the impact is multiplied. Be vigilant with your physical body and overall Wellbeing. Do whatever you deem necessary that comforts you and relaxes you. Once your mind is relaxed, your body follows. Know all is well. All is progressing smoothly as expected. Humanity is waking up substantially each and every day, and bodes well of the beginning of the new age.
Guan Yin is with you, each and every one of you. Know she loves you, and she supports behind the veil. You and humanity's ascension is in her heart every moment of every day, and she is there to assure you that all is wheel.
Have a happy and peaceful day. Know Guan Yin loves you. So it is,


Guan Yin on your own Ascension tools and current energy

Guan Yin says dear light workers and humanity, I am Guan Yin, the mother of the eastern tradition and the mother of all.
Yes, the energy coming in now is quite different for some of you. Yes, it is different on so many levels. The current energy primarily is for t...he first wavers, to penetrate for the final if not more release, and clear out more space for more divine light to come in. I say the energy is different on so many levels because you all are on different levels or different stages of the enlightenment. So, we have to tailor the intensity of the energy so that it is proper for your level of the capacity and proper stage. You may feel, however, that the energy for you is too intense or not intense at all dear ones, but I would say have faith, trust the process and know where you are is perfect, and where you are supposed to be, and it is the design. So just try to relax and let the energy do the work. Whether you feel it too strong or not, relaxing into it is the best advice I can give you, because when you relaxed, your barriors are down, and once the barriors are down, the energy has an easier way to go through you, clear your field, initiate your ancient DNA, and restruct your blue print or install your original divine blue print, and that is the goal-to return you to your original blue print, reverse the aging process, prolong the life and enlighten you, eventually you will achive the full enlightenment. A new body, a new human race, a renewed human form, a healthy, radiant and vibrant human form. That is what the current energy is doing, all for the greater good, and all for the enlightenment and mass enlightenment.
Once you pass the current energy waves, which will last for a while, you will feel totally different, your body will feel different, so will your consciouness. Yes, it is a whole new level of consciouness.
So, dear hear hearts, just relax and know that whatever happens inside of you, is the design, it is the transformation and it is for the greater good of you. Once you are relaxed, your spirit soars, and your heart opens, and your light radiates even more brighter.
Do use the ascension tools you brought with you when you incarnated into this lifetime. Yes, every each one of you had brought your ascension tool or tools, either it is Yoga, meditation, Reiki, sound or nature or other tools, use them. They may be different from others, but they are yours, uniquely yours to use to ascend. Using them daily will make your ride smoother and easier.
Know the ascension tools you brought with you in this lifetime are the wisdom accumulated over lifetimes, and they are priceless for you personally. They are your past lives, and pastlife's achievement. They are designed to help you eventual enlightenment, and you have worked extremely hard to build them and carry them over and over in order to refine them to become you, your unque skills, wisdom and talents. Some of you only brought one tool because you believed that is all you need. And others brought quite few pieces because you want to enjoy them and share them with the masses and appreciate them. That is all perfect, and is designed, no more and no less, perfectly designed.
So, be as relaxed as you can be. Enjoy your journey and know you are on the journey of full enlightenment, a journey of thousands of lifetimes, dear ones. What a great finale.
I am Guan Yin. I am here with you, monitoring your progress, and share my love with you. It is indeed a great honor to walk with you all, my spiritual acquaintances for thousands of lifetimes. It is an achievement on a Cosmo level, and it is a divine achievement and blessing.
Yes, Guan Yin is with you on this final step of the long journey. Guan Yin's journey is just like yours, a long, strenuous one, but fruitful one and well worth it and well rewarding one. It is a divine blessing that Guan Yin can serve you, walk with you, and walk with humanity. Guan Yin's love for you and humanity is beyond words, beyond language. Guan Yin knows in her heart how much she loves you all, and how much she loves her journey and how much she loves humanity. All is well, Guan Yin says, all is well indeed. Go in peace, and know Guan Yin loves you. And so it is.


Mother Mary on changes and enjoy the journey

Mother Mary says the world is churning dear ones. The world you know it is no longer there, and what see is a world in transition, transition in all aspects and all directions.
Transitioning is not always easy. It involves the death of the old, and birth of the new, and sometimes total transformation happens over night, and that adds more of t...he stress and chaos. Whatever happens in a transition period of time is not the end result, only temporary. If you can detach from all those happenings and chaos in the world, you are contributing a great deal of peace and love to the world, especially to people who are deeply involved or deeply bothered by the transition, and that contribution alone can distress them, pull them out of the stressful situations and gradually heal them.
Dear light workers and humanity, I am Mother Mary. Mother of Jesus and Mother of all. I am here to share knowledge and share the journey with you all. Yes, the journey of ascension, and the journey of going home. The long journey, you and I have been on for eons of time, and now this journey comes to an end, after all that hard work you and I had put into, and the result we are about to see and seeing is nothing short of a miracle. Yes, a grand miracle is indeed unfolding on the planet we so love, and the planet we call home from the beginning to the end, of course, there is no end, only an end of a cycle, and this cycle is ending splendidly. And that is because you and I had worked over thousands of lifetimes and had brought this cycle to a spectacular end, an end Divine has designed and an end humanity has destined and an end you and I had paid a great price to achieve. Dear light workers, at this ending moment, Mother Mary has such a mixed feelings, you too, my great love, dear light workers, we had worked so hard, given so much over lifetime after lifetime, and to get here. Yes, a victorious moment but also a memorable moment. Yes, I remember all the moments, good, bad and ugly. The moments I was greatly happy, the moments I was greatly sad, and the moments I was purely desperate. And yes, there are a lot of these moments in my sojourn on the planet earth, a planet I am so in love with, and a planet I am so attached to. It is because these moments that we keep coming and going. It is because these moments we determined to change it for the better and better. And it is because these moments that we, and humanity, will eventually overturn the ruling power, relieve all the pains and sufferings and bring this planet to a higher consciousness, a peaceful higher living, end of suffering and end of the cycle. You see, without these moments of desperation, it would not be the moment of relief. Without these moments of sufferings, there would not be peace and prosperity. We have suffered and paid heavy price, and we determined to end the sufferings and pains, and bring an end to it, and bring planet and humanity to a higher consciousness and peace and prosperity. And that is our journey, a long journey but a fruitful journey, a great journey indeed.
Mother Mary's journey is just like yours, full of ups and downs, sufferings and pains, glorious and victorious. Mother Mary's love for the journey though, has never changed. Yes, Mother Mary loves her journey on earth, and Mother Mary loves life on earth. Nevertheless, there are a lot of these moments, moments of happiness and moments of saddest made Mother Mary realize that no matter what the journey is, it is always worth the effort, and worth the experience because at end of each and every one of them, Mother Mary grows wiser and braver and more determined and more compassionate and more loving. That is worth the sufferings and pains and the stress, these journeys have to offer.
So, dear hearts, considering your sojourn for a second, I bet you would agree with Mother Mary, and you would say, Mother Mary, that sounds like my journey too, and for that, I am happy I made the journey, and for that, I am grateful for the journey, and for that, I am grateful that Divine has provided me this opportunity of growth. And for that, I love my journey, for that, I love myself, I love what I have done, what I have gained, all is good for me, and all is good for my growth and all is gold. Yes, dear ones, all is gold. And that is the truth, and that is the journey, soul journey indeed.
Mother Mary loves you. Mother Mary is on this journey with you. She is going through growing pain as well as every one else does. But she knows the growing pain is good for her, and is what she needs in order to complete her Divine duty, and is indeed a Divine blessing in disguise.
Mother Mary's journey is a perfect reflection of yours dear light workers and humanity. A journey that is full of growth and ups and downs. And a journey of great soul, a great love of Divine, and a great love of humanity. A well deserved journey, and a well travelled journey, and will be a well rewarded journey indeed.
Mother Mary loves you. Mother Mary cheers you on. In this beautiful day, Mother Mary prays that you journey well, and you love thyself, and you love thy sisters and brothers. Through Mother Mary's love, you grow and you go home, home of the light workers and home for you all. And Mother Mary waits there, at home, heavenly home indeed.


Guan Yin on detaching from the facebook distractions

My wall had been being misused from time to time by some hackers who posted pornographic materials. Besides take firm actions against this kind of offensive behaviors, I ask Guan Yin for guidance, here is what she says. I hope this message can help you as well. With love, here is the message.

Guan Yin says the reason it happens over and over is because the dark is so desperate and want to stop wh...at you do. They know they cannot stop you but they can try and annoy you and bring your vibration down. The best way to handle it is to detach from it. Just treat it as naughty child at play, no harm but annoy, and gradually they realize that they cannot impact you whatsoever and they stop trying. They may try something different but they know they are over. Nothing will work for them any more, and that is where they are.
So, dear heart, just detach from the naughty play they are raging and know all is well, all is extremely well. The light is flooding the planet, and leave nothing untouched. And that is the power of the light, and the power of light workers. The light is winning, winning at an unprecedented speed, and winning with a great reward to follow. A reward of the millenniums, indeed, a reward dear light workers so deserve.
I am Guan Yin. I am with you all and I love you. Great love of mine, indeed. With love, I leave. So it is.


Guan Yin on releasing the fear and media's role on ...

Guan Yin says that humanity has come to believe that what ever they deserve is due to their personal effort and conditions. Collectively, there is no perception of oneness and unified field of consciouness. Instead, humanity feels they need to take care of themselves individually, and "brotherhood and sisterhood" are merely terms for some sort of organizations, coming together for some personal agendas. It is that mentality that causes humanity a great deal of fear and anxiety, because they don't see the value of trusting each other and trusting Divine within. All they think of is how to protect themselves and families, and anything more than that is beyond their own interest.
Yes, operating on that survival mode has been humanity's biggest hurdle to overcome. It is first chakra based, and instinctively goes to the survival mentality in whatever situation arises, and causes great deal of fear, fear for the survival, fear for the collective's survival, and fear rules everything at every step of the way.
Dear ones, now is the time for humanity finally to leave that fear based matrix, the survival mode, and advance itself to the heart based, love based, 5th dimension.
Yes, it is a jump, a big jump, for most spiritual and non spiritual people on earth. Learning how to make that jump, and how to make that jump easier and smoother is important and pivotal for humanity at large. Yes, it is humanity's destiny, but it also requires a great deal of travel to get to the destiny. Humanity may not realize that a great deal of work has been done for them by Divine and light workers on earth, but only small fraction of the work, humanity itself has to do. Humanity has to leave behind whatever not working any more, release it and let it go, surrender if you will, surrender to the past, surrender to the current and surrender to the future. Once you totally surrender, you will have peace, and once you have peace, love will show up and fill you and your life, and so will hope and so will light and bright future. It all comes down to let go, releasing, surrender to peace and love. In another words, it is so called ego death, and it is the first step and critical step. Once you surrender your ego, your surrender your all. Divine will becomes thy will, and you will function as a Divine conduit, and let the light in and love in, and your path will be smoother and easier.
In order to get to that point, humanity still has some distance to travel, a lot of releasing to do and a lot of letting go to do. A good deal of letting go is happening now under the disguise of chaos. Once humanity realizes that chaos is actually a form of releasing and cleansing, humanity will be able to consciously detach from it, and let it completely go without re-creating more chaos by reacting to the chaos. Then the wheel of karma will stop, and the surrender happens instantnously, and the releasing becomes easier and quicker.
However long it takes for humanity to finish the releasing and cleansing depends on the rising consciouness level of humanity, and the main stream media plays big role too. If the media stops the fear monerging, stop broadcasting the fear, the old, obsolete distortions and programs, humanity will have a chance to sit down, and breathe and slowly but surely reconnect with their own inner knowing, Divine guidance and divinity within. Working on the divine mission, collectively rising toward 5th dimension.
Dear light workers and humanity. It is time for humanity to tune down the volume of the noise that 3rd dimension makes, and listen to the divine within, the only voice of truth, and rising to occasion, raise the vibration individually as well as collectively, forward and upward. It is indeed time, time for light workers and humanity catch the band wagon, ride the high vibration, and move fast toward the high consciouness, the 5th dimension and the new earth.
I am Guan yin. I am here with you and humanity. It is my duty to educate humanity, lead humanity to the new age, and it is my desire to help every soul on earth to ascend, ascend to the higher living, higher vibration, and finally, higher divine wisdom within.
All is well at the moment. All is moving toward the ascension and enlightenment. Together, we will prevail. Together, humanity and light workers, together we make the history, history at Cosmo level. Indeed, you are so loved by the Divine and Guan Yin. So it is.


Mother Mary on young generation of the light workers and ...

Mother Mary says the world today is so different from just a short few years ago. You have the young light workers standing up, leading and changing the world, country by country. Yes, the young generation is here to carry the torch of the older generation of the light workers, enthusiastically and freely going there and eager to participate in... the changes happening. The young generation of the light workers, mainly in their thirties and forties, are quite different from their parents generation. They are worry free, high spirited, and have that eternal hope and dare to express it and act on it. They are truly the front runners and running the race to change the world in every aspect they see fit. They are the leaders, movers and shakers for the new age to come.
Yes. Generations of light workers have been working for the light and bringing it to humanity, and today, they finally see the result of their hard work. What amazing outcome, they cannot believe the power of their work and result of their work.
Dear light workers, I am Mother Mary. I am here to cheer you on. Yes, you and I together have been working to bring the light to humanity for eons of time, only till now can we see the results of our hard work, and see the world changing in front of our eyes. What a great achievement it is to get sofar and seeing the world changing for the better every day in every aspect. We, dear ones, made it possible, and we actually made it happen.
Yes, it is us through hundreds and thousands of lifetimes of hard work to make it happen. It is a long journey indeed, but a well rewarding journey. In this journey, you and I have gone through so much together, and had learned so much, and have achived the impossible. Looking back, every step of our journey was essencial and becomes beautiful memory. Even the most hated moments, because without those moments, we would not be here today, and we may still be in the long journey and not anywhere near the finish line. So these hard times and brutal struggles served us well, they made us wiser, stronger and accelerated the race somehow so that they served as catalysts, without them, the race certainly would turn out differently.
Dear ones, treasure every moment of your journey. Know at the end, they all become sweet moments. They are the moments when you learn the most, and you grow the most. And they are the moments you will treasure the most some day, because the wisdom you gain from those moments are far beyond what you imagine. Live your moments as they are your treasures dear hearts because they are. You are living in a time where every moment is a treasure, every moment is destined to be a beautiful moment, and history making moment.
I am Mother Mary. I am so in love with this moment. The moment we have been waiting for forever, and the moment we have been working hard for hundreds and thousands of lifetimes. And now you are living it, you are living in the moment of our dream dear hearts.
History will record this moment dear hearts. Each and every one of you will be the witness of this moment and that is something beyond amazing: you witness humanity rising beyond the duality, and usher in the Golden Age. You witness the Divine plan unfolding, unfolding in front of your own eyes. You witness Gaia's traction to the new earth, and it never happened before. Dear ones, what amazing moment it is, and how blessed to be here to witness this moment and how exciting these times are.
Mother Mary is so proud to be here to witness this moment, and Mother Mary is so proud to witness this moment with you all because without you all, this moment won't be here. And you and Mother Mary together, made this moment possible, and you and Mother Mary together, worked so hard and gave so much for this moment to happen. For that, Mother Mary thanks you, and Mother Mary wants to be here with you to witness this moment with you, to share the victory, with tears and laughs and big celebrations. Yes, big celebrations.
Mother Mary loves you. Mother Mary cheers you on as always, especially this moment when you need cheers, support and love and sharing. Yes, Mother Mary is here with you and for you. Together, Mother Mary and you, together, for this moment, victorious moment, history making moment, and celebratory moment. Celebrate dear hearts, indeed, celebratory moment.


Mother Mary on divine plan and her mission

Mother Mary says time is coming for the changes dear ones, in the upcoming days and weeks, divine wisdom will flood the planet, humanity will be awakening to its original design, divinity within and divine wisdom will be the first and foremost quality humanity needs to get it out of the chaos, and get itself on track of changes, change for the better for all concerned.
Yes, changes are coming and happening, on the planet, and deep in the hearts of souls on the planet. The change is in divine's favor, and humanity's destiny. It is the Divine will that humanity changes and adapts to the Divine plan, which has been working, directing and assisting humanity so that Divine's design can be manifested on earth.
Now, all that is happening dear ones. I am Mother Mary, the Mother for you all. I am walking with you, going through these changes with you, and helping you and cheering you on on your side. I am the Divine change agent myself, just like you, two thousand years ago and today. I am here to change the world once more and fulfill my Divine mission which is to bring humanity to the light and enlighten the world so that humanity can finally realize the divinity within, and get on track of the spiritual evolution.
No human should be left behind in the Divine plan. The Divine plan is for every soul on earth to get on the track of ascension, and the work dear light workers are doing is exactly to serve that purpose, to help, assist and drag, if they have to, every one of the humanity, to get on the path of ascension, and get out of the rut of duality.
Dear light workers and humanity, what a spectacular job you all have been doing. Yes, humanity is indeed finally heeding the Divine messages and are on the track of ascension.
Yes, dear light workers, my dear Divine warriors, you have done such a great service not only to Divine but also to your brothers and sisters and humanity. You finally get humanity on your back or on track, walk with you, hand in hand, toward the light, the new age, walking and sometimes running toward the finish line and the dawn of the new age.
I love you dear ones. I love what you have done. I love what you are doing, and I love what you will do. All is perfect, all is beautiful. You are indeed the Divine change agents and you are changing the world in a record speed, breathtaking. Divine is watching you with great satisfaction and adoration. What a wonderful job you are doing dear ones, and what an achievement you have done in such a short period of time. Nothing less than a miracle. And Mother Mary is so in love with you, dear light workers. And Mother Mary is in awe of what you have accomplished so far.
Considering couple thousand years ago when Mother Mary and Jesus came to earth as a team to serve as Divine change agents, and what they had accomplished in their lifetime and time followed. What you are doing today is exactly the same mission but at a great scale and great capacity and numbers. Yes, this time we came with a great army of light workers, and great help from Divine. But nevertheless the mission is as critical as couple thousand years ago, and the mission is as dangerous as couple thousand years ago except this time around, we will not have life threatening situations allowed to our light workers.
Yes, Divine has decreed that no light workers should be put in a harmful way so their lives can be threatened. Yes, dear ones, this time around, we are safe, we are protected mightily, and we are loved and protected by Divine itself, Divine army, if you will, protects us on a daily, hourly basis. Nothing, absolutely nothing being left to chance. All has been painstakingly designed, and all has been Divinely monitored and protected. All is good. You can breathe freely and just relax dear ones, and know that there is no danger on your path, no danger indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I am here to assist light workers and humanity to make sure the Divine mission being accomplished, and humanity safely ascend. Yes, it is my mission that you, dear light workers and humanity, safely ascend, and Gaia safely returns to her pristine condition.
It is Divine Mother's will that I will be here at this time. And it is my desire to be here with you and for you. Together, we will triumph and together, we will usher in the new age. And together, we love humanity and new earth, and move humanity to the 5th dimension. Yes, together, dear light workers, you and I together, we prevail.
Mother Mary loves you. And Mother Mary cheers you on. On this beautiful Sunday, Mother Mary prays that you, my dear light workers and humanity, enjoy your beautiful life and beautiful journey, enjoy your divinity within, walk with me, toward a beautiful, dawning new age, together, we walk. Mother Mary loves you indeed. So it is.


Guan Yin on Divinity within

Guan Yin says Divine decree means for humanity to follow and implement regardless whether humanity is conscious of it or not. Very often, humanity consciously ignore the Divine will and Divine decrees and pay heavy consequences for that.
The current energy is washing off the ignorance and rejection of the Divinety within, and propelling humanity t...o accept their own divinity and follow Divine's will. This energy is so potent and divine that every human being on earth is being touched one way or the other. Only the sensitive ones, though, really feel it and assimilate it in their own awakening moments. A lot of others also integrate this Divine energy without knowing it but nevertheless they do accept it and integrate it as well.
Humanity as a whole is on the roll of awakening, mass awakening can be chaotic but also exciting. All of a sudden, they realize that there is more to them than the physical body, and they have the drive to know more about it, and get excited and soon they will dive into the sea of Divine love and knowledge, an adventure, and they find the deeper they dive in, the more there is, and more desire they have to dive in even more deeper, and that is divinity in them, no ending.
Humanity's newly found divinity within is their ticket to ascension. Yes, asension is just the beginning, one step up compare to the lower realm and where they were. But after a while, humanity realizes that asension is not the end game, there is more and more to explore, more to learn and more to grow. And that is the purpose of a soul, and purpose of asension as a group. Growing upward toward the source individually as well as collectively.
Humanity as a collective has been in the low realm for so long, and only now realizing that being in the low realm has taken such a heavy toll on its spirit, psyche and morale, and it really takes courage and hard work to move upward toward asension. Indeed, it is a heavy price humanity is paying for being stuck in the low realm so long. However, since humanity has tasted the sweet nector of the divinity within, and has seen the light at end of the tunnel even though the tunnel seems long, but still there is light, bright light at the end, and humanity is determined and working extremely hard to run toward the light, the end of the long dark tunnel.
Yes, humanity is indeed working hard and determined to end the dark and ascend to the light, once and for all. Together, ascend to the light, the 5th dimension, the higher realm. How beautiful is it dear ones? From above, you will see the spectacular humanity ascending, and you will see our beautiful light workers carrying huge chunk of light and humanity on their back, leading the masses running toward the light, the end of the tunnel. Spectcular indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I love humanity. My love for you is eternal and endless. My heart is full of love and compassion, and you are my love dear ones. Together, we are making a historical miracle. Indeed, miracle is in the making for man kind as well as for the great Cosmo. With my love and peace, you have a great day. I love you indeed.


Mother Mary on current energy and changes

Dear heart, I am Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mother of all. Divine Mother's aspect and Divine Mother for you all.
The current energy you are feeling is from the deep sea of love of the Mother, penetrating deeply into your DNA, activating your deeply sleeping cells and bringing you to yet another awakening level.
Yes, awakening can be terrifying some times because you don't know what is happening to your body and your cells. All you know is how you feel, and you feel inside out, churning and swirling energy, and cells are vibrating at higher and higher speed. That is all normal dear hearts. That is the change of your DNA, your matrix, your energy and your vibration. Yes, those are the changes. Some changes you feel strongly but others are subtle. Nevertheless, you are going through enormous changes on daily basis. And all for your ascension and enlightenment. Does not matter where you are in the process, you are going through the deep changes.
This summer promised to be an essential one, not only for Gaia and humanity as a whole, but also dear light workers, for you as you are going through tremendous transformation this summer. Again inside out, changes in all aspects, physical, spiritual, but you will also face changes outside of you, meaning your life in general and public. All directions and areas, be prepared dear ones, it is time, time to test your mettle, time to stretch your limits, and time to finally reach the finish line in front of you in a long Marathon race.
Yes, you have been on this marathon with me forever, but now see that finish line, dear heart, I know you are tired and seem to be out of steam or simply want to quit. We don't quit in the beginning. We don't quit in the middle of the tough race and we don't quit when the race is finishing, no matter how tough it seems to be. You are warriors, dear heart, the love of Divine Mother and Divine. You never quit a race, and of course you won't quit now. You already see the finish line, few more steps and you finish the race. And know Mother Mary is in the race with you. And Mother Mary cheers you on.
Dear heart, let's finish the race and celebrate. We did it. It is tough but we made it. We are invincible, impeccable warriors. We never shrink, not now, never.
Yes, finishing a race can be exciting. All that time and effort you put into it. In this case, time means hundreds and thousands of lifetimes and effort means any effort human mind can imagine, life, death and anything in between. Yes, together we have been through so much to get to this point, the point of finish line, the point of victory. Mother Mary herself understands what that means and what she had endured to get to this point. I am sure you too, dear hearts. Together, we go through all that trials and together we walk into the victory, the finale, and the new age.
I am Mother Mary. I love you, every one of you. I recognize your face and recognize your smile. After this long journey, you still smile dear heart. I love your smile. I love your singing. I love your dancing. And I love you, all that of you, great warrior of Divine, and great love of mine. Yes, together, you and I, together, we cross the finish line. And we smile together, we laugh together, we sing together, we dance together. And we celebrate together, a big one, big celebration.
I am ready for it dear heart. I hope you are too, time to celebrate. And together, we celebrate.
Mother Mary loves you. Mother Mary cheers you on, and waiting to celebrate with you, indeed a big celebration.


Guan Yin on coping the releasing and embodying

Dear heart, the reason you are feeling intense and different than yesterday mor...ning is because you simply emptied out more yesterday morning, and after you cried, and this morning you embodied more of Mother's love and energy. it is not new to you. it is the cycle you have been going through. empty some space, and then embody more. Every time you empty some space, you feel better and lighter, and then more light comes in, you feel strange and intense because the light is new to you and your body feels different. But after few days, you integrate the light and will find yourself getting used to it, and feeling normal again, although it will be a new normal. That is how you grow. It is just some times, the energy that comes in is so strong that you feel unfamiliar and your mind start talking fear and doubt. And that is the time you need love and support. Call me when you feel strange or doubt. Call me when you feel intense so that I can tamper down the energy, and gradually you will get used to the intensity.
Dear heart, when you feel strange or intense energy, your mind goes wild and over drive, your mind creates all sorts of scenarios to scare you. And that causes your vibration goes up and down, lack of calmness, lack of peace and love.
If you center yourself on trust and love, know all is well, your mind will be quiet and peaceful, and you will feel peace and love. Feeling love now dear heart. Know all is well. Even though the energy feels new, but it is not new to you. It is just a little intense.
Just breathe and relax, pretty soon, bliss and love will regain their dominant position. You will feel nothing but love and bliss, like you always do. And that is the goal. And that is happening when you simply relax. Relax your mind by listening to some mantra, or sit in the nature and breathe and know all is well. All is well indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. Call me whenever you feel a need, and I will always be there for you, no beginning no end, always be there for you. Indeed, with love, I leave you with peace and love.


Guan Yin on current energy and releasing

Guan Yin says what you are going through now is the continuation of clearing and refinement and activations from time to time. Yes, it may feel overwhelming at some moments, but know dear heart it is all for your greater good, and all fo...r the preparation of your full enlightenment.
Yes, enlightenment is a strenuous process through hundreds and thousands of lifetimes. Only in this lifetime, you made it to the finish line, and now you are literally at the finish line. A little tweak here and there, final activations here and there, it is the final attunement and refinement. You did the major work in other incarnations and in this lifetime, you only have to wake up to all that work you had done, wisdom you had accumulated, and put together the package of gifts you brought here, and cross the finish line to full enlightenment.
Of course, every one has their own timeline and gifts they brought. But the process is the same, the process of enlightenment. And you are all in this process, in different stages, but nevertheless, the same process.
Yes, enjoy the journey, the process. Cherish your experience. Know it is the fruit of thousands of lifetimes of labor, and it is beyond any ordinary achievement. It is a miracle on a Cosmo scale. It is Divine. The whole universe is watching, watching you with great love, admiration and appreciation, and making whatever is needed so that your final step is a pleasant and smooth one.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. I watch you with great joy and pride. You made it, dear ones. You made it, through thousands of lifetimes, but you made it. Indeed, a great accomplishment, great joy of mine. And great love for you all.


A message from Goddess Lady Radana Kumara

Dear heart, I am Lady Radana Kumara, Sanada Kumara's older sister if you are not familiar with me, the Goddess of Venus, Goddess of beauty and Goddess of love.
Yes, Venus is the beauty of this universe, and the love of Divine Mother. Venus is the twin flame of Gaia earth. We are from Venus, the planet of beauty, peace, love and... unity.
Today, I just want to introduce myself to you as the Goddess of beauty and the Goddess of love, the aspect of Divine Mother and Divine Feminine. I also want to convey my great love and beauty to you, people on earth. We are you. We are your brothers and sisters. We are your higher self. We are one. On this special full moon day, Lady Radana Kumara, from the planet Venus wants to say we love you, people on earth. We love you, the beautiful blue planet. We love your beauty. We love your love for Divine and for yourself. And we love your great effort toward ascension.
We love you all.
Lady Radana Kumara


Guan Yin on Humanity's ascension progress

Guan Yin says humanity is at the point that mass enlightenment has begun. We, as ascended masters and Divine, are looking down with great contentment and looking so forward to showing you the progress humanity has made through out the human history. It seemed impossible and unachievable just a short hundreds years ago. But now, all has changed and ...all is happening. With great joy, delight and happiness, we are watching you and can't wait to meet each and every one of you on your ascended planet.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. I am with you and walking with you. All is beautiful and all is well.
Keep it up dear ones. All is well, and Divinely beautiful. Indeed, Guan Yin loves you all.