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Divine Message for Lightworkers and Humanity



Divine decree and current updates

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, come today with great news, news you have been waiting for. Divine has decreed that humanity and light workers alike have reached a point on the Ascension journey where everything has just peeked and now is time to slow down and breathe a little. In other wo...rds, you get a break dear ones, humanity and Gaia get a break so that we can all recharge our battery and get going again shortly. But for now, even just a day or two, please just rest and enjoy yourself and your achievements. It has been a very intense couple of months to say the least. Majority of dear light workers feel that way and know what intense feels like. By definition, the energy is indeed intense even now as we speak, but the intensity has tuned down quite a bit so that you can have a genuine break without being bombarded by the residual of the intense energy.
Yes, we have the power and skills to adjust the intensity of light and energy coming to the planet earth, but the control center is not in our control. It is the Divine and company of heaven, together, make the decision. Sometimes, it is the Divine Mother who gives the thumbs up if she needs to. So, you see, getting a break for all of us is great news, even though we still have to monitor all of you and the planet while we are on the break. But at least, we don't need to energetically help Gaia when she is resting nicely and calmly, and that is why we are so thrilled about the breaks and so happy dear brothers and sisters on the planet earth get a break too.
We understand that the healing of the planet earth takes tremendous effort from us as well as from all of you, our earthly brothers and sisters. While you are walking on earth, you may not realize how big effort we are contributing and how gigantic this whole project is involved. It is tremendous and highly involved project and that is why Divine Mothe/Father God is on board, and that is why all of us, besides the company of heaven and brothers and sisters from other universes, are all here to help and contribute, plus all of you who currently wall on the planet and who represent the Divine Mother/Father God and company of heaven and ascended masters, together, we indeed have enormous force and power and resources so that we can quarantee the success of this grand project. Mother Mary and Guan Yin are our leaders here and they represent Divine Mother most of the time in the decision making process and they, personally, are also highly involved in the whole scheme of things. Without them, we can not even imagine how we could have gotten this far and how the whole project could run so smoothly and successfully. For that, we salute them and we declare their leadership roles to humanity and all of you, our dear light workers so that you know you do have leaders in this grand project and you do have to listen to what they say to you and guide you home along the way.
Yes, it is not an easy task for all of you who are currently incarnated on earth. But dear ones, being your big brothers and sisters, we say to you, it is such a privilege of actually being selected by the Motheir and sent to earth. You know how much all of us wanted to go but only a handful of us got to go. So, be smart about it and treasure your chance, once in the lifetimes we say. It is indeed, a gtreat opportunity for your soul advancement and great bragging opportunity when you come home. You can brag about your journey and how you succeeded in the journey. It is not easy but you made it and succeeded and we would bow down and kiss your feet. Indeed, a precious opportunity dear ones, take it as one.
We love you. We come today to share some love and joy with you. We know today is the day of love, Valentine's Day and we love it. We celebrate for you and we celebrate with you and with Gaia. We know how much Gaia loves you and how much Divine loves you and we too, love you dear ones.
In this beautiful moment of love, let us work together, get things done. Make Mother proud and make all of us proud. We are indeed the elite and we are indeed the best of the best. We love you, so it is.


Divine decree on ascension status

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, come today with important news. Divine has decreed that the planet earth has ascended to the point that all living beings and sentient lives on the planet have adjusted well to the high vibration and things are settling nicely. In other words, Ascension has be...en going very smoothly lately. Gaia and her children have been able to adjust to the Divine light and love nicely so that all things seem to be falling into place. Now, does that mean we are done? No, it doesn't mean we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, are done helping and supporting Gaia, what it means is that we, together with Gaia and dear light workers, together, we have done a great job in this process and the result shows our work has paid off. Divine and company of heaven are very pleased about the results so far and determined that the course of action will be continued and everything we do will be the right course of action. Sounds a little one sided but it is true that in this great endeavor, Divine and company of heaven have been steering the wheel very well. There is no major damage to the entire population or the planet, and that is a great achievement and decision making. Considering where you are now today, how much work you have done versus how much has been done by Divine, you won't argue that mainly is Divine and company of heaven's effort, you did too but not the major part.
So, the reason we go this far to claim the credit is to show you how much we care about Gaia and humanity, and how much we want our dear light workers to know that we carry them on our back and make sure they ascend nicely. That was our promise and we kept it. And now we see the results, nice results indeed.
We love you dear ones. Our attention has been on the planet earth since the day you came to earth. Yes, you brought our attention and our heart with you when you answered the clarion call and came to rescue Gaia. We always make sure you are alright on your journey and you are loved and protected along the way. We constantly check you out and make sure you are happy and sound. That sounds tedious but that is what we do. We love you dear ones. You are our heroes, represent us and walk for us on eart,h, and that is a great honor and great responsibility and we, take that very seriouly and with great pride. Yes, Divine and company of heaven have emphasized over and over again that your well being is the front and foremost important thing we need to take care of, and your safety is our safety. You can see how much of the attention we give to you dear ones, and how much Divine has been looking after you and watching over you and all that is because we love you and Divine loves you, and we want your journey sound and safe, productive and successful.
We love you dear ones. In this beautiful morning, we send you our prayers. We pray you are happy and enjoy your beautiful life. We pray you have all that you need for your mission and serve your mission. We pray that you are loved and love, love your brothers and sisters and share your love with humanity. We pray that you are ready and steady on your journey to serve, serve Divine and serve humanity. We pray that you are the light house for humanity and you are the light that humanity has been looking for and leads humanity home. Yes, be the Divine warrior you came here to be, and be the light house and lead humanity home. So it is.


Divine decree on upcoming energies and more

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven and ascended masters, come today with important news to share. Divine decreed that all the dear light workers are currently on the planet earth will have to be ready for the upcoming new wave of energies and diligently anchor the energies to Gaia earth and share with humanity. This n...ew energy has never been exposed to earth before and the significance of it is enormous. Divine wants to emphasize the importance of it so that dear light workers know what to expect and how to manage it, anchor it and handle it properly.
Yes, Gaia has reached an ascension level that she is ready for this intense galactic light, a light will change the core of humanity and change the structure of Gaia's energy in a way that humanity will only benefit when humanity is willing to open up, otherwise, this energy serves as cleasening and clearing energy. You see, all the energies come to earth with purposes, not the same purpose but individual purposes. Some for clearing, others for upgrading and activations. But this new wave of energy is somehow different, different in the way humanity perceives it. If humanity is ready, it will be an energy for upgrade. But if some are not ready, this energy is going to be very powerful for clearing and cleasening, so take note dear ones. Powerful stuff indeed.
That is all the news we have today. Gaia is doing wonderfully in terms of ascension and humanity is moving perfectly toward its goal. Both light workers and humanity are at a point that are to ascend and stay at the higher level, only thing is that humanity is not physically and mentally aware of the ascension and that takes time and effort on humanity part.
We, the company of heaven, work diligently helping Gaia every minute of every day. Good thing is that we see enormous progress being made every day and we feel our effort is paying off. Thank Divine's interventions and that made our job so much easier and smooth. For that, we thank Divine's interventions on behalf of Gaia and her children. We thank dear light workers and humanity for making great efforts and working with us in this great heavenly endeavor. We thank dear ones who are our ground crew and who work around the clock to make sure our messages are out and far reaching. We thank our dear voice, our channeler for her dedication and diligence so that Divine messages and Divine decrees get to you, dear light workers and humanity, and that is so important to Divine and to us, and we cannot appreciate her and love her enough, great job indeed. Heaven is indeed very pleased.
Now, that being said, we do want to assure you all that there will be more work and more messages coming, simply because we, again, come to a busy timeframe, busy time for humanity as well. We want to make sure our teachings is for reaching and our messages are being received on time so that humanity knows how and what to expect.
Divine decrees are the most important messages you want to hear. In higher realm, that is the only news we listen and reveal, and that is directly from the Mother, our creator, and that is something you should ponder and listen with your heart. As your big brother and sister, we indeed strongly encourage you study the Divine decrees and understand what they mean to humanity as well as to you personally because Divine decrees serve as directions for all realms and all souls. That is the point of Divine decrees and that is what we want to convey to you today.
We love you dear ones. Time to wake up and smell the roses and enjoy your journey. You have made it and you have ascended. Yes, sometimes you don't feel it, you still get distracted by the 3D dramas. But dear ones, look at the bigger pictures, and look at where you are today vibrationally. You are at 5D level. Some are even higher, 6D or 7D. Imagine that, yes, our dear light workers, there are numbers of our ground crew operate at the 7th dimension level day in and day out, which is pure love, unconditional love, every day and every minute of every day. How spectacular! Indeed, we are so proud of them, our great love indeed.
We love you dear ones. Be the love of Divine and company of heaven. Be Mother's warriors and Gaia's friends and defenders. Be our great love, walking on earth for us and for Divine. And most importantly, be the love you are, unconditional love indeed. We love you, so it is.