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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Guan Yin and Divine decree on upcoming peace

Guan Yin says dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with an important message. Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers and humanity alike have been ready to move forward to the next phase of the Ascension which is to give up the fight and surrend in peace and love. Sounds daunting and hard to believe, but dear heart, that is the ...Divine decree and humanity has to follow so that the planet earth will usher in the perpetual peace which humanity has been yearning for eons of time, and now is time dear ones, time for humanity to give up the greed, the brutality toward each other and now is time to make peace with the past and with each other, indeed, time has arrived, and arrived for a good reason because humanity itself also is tired of the fighting and blood shedding. Humanity itself is ready for a peaceful living and peaceful existence.
Yes dear heart, that is the Divine decree and that is what will happen on the planet earth. It may take some time but it will manifest on earth quicker now because Gaia is so ready for her children to move onto next phase, and humanity is so ready to advance into a civilized existenice and a civilized population, a population that no longer longs for wars and a civilization that exists in peace and love and equality, that is the new civilization coming dear ones, it is indeed coming. We, the Divine and company of heaven, have been waiting for eons of time for this civilization and now we see it with our own eyes, and it is exciting indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I love you, I love humanity. Humanity's welfare is my agenda, humanity's future is on my plate, day in and day out, humanity's well being is in my heart. I am so thrilled that humanity has chosen to ascend as a collective and ascend with Gaia, and help Divine in the decision making process. And now you see a mature humanity and a mature civilization coming online, as the Mother of this great race and great civilization, I have such a joy in my heart, and so much pride indeed.
I love you dear heart. I love humanity. My love for humanity has been the driving force in this great shift, and my love for you has been my greatest motivation to lead humanity out of this mayhem and get on the brand new path, a path that has never existed on earth and a path of enlightenment.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful moment, I want to let you all know how much you have done for me and humanity. How much it means to me personally and to Divine Mother. Because of your dedication and hard work, humanity has been able to move forward and upward at lightning speed. Because of your great love for me and for Divine, you have been working non stop since the moment you arrived at the planet, and because of your great love for Gaia and humanity, you have been so dedicated and diligent beyond any one's imaginization, only Divine and me know how much you have done personally and collectively as light worker communities, and all that work has been recognized in heaven as history, and humanity will forever remember that and appreciate that and follow suit. I love you dear heart, you mean so much to me and to humanity, follow your great steps and achieve the highest achievement any humans can achieve spiritually, and that is called Divine and only a Divine change agent like you can do that dear heart, indeed. I bow and send all my respect to you all.
I love you all dear light workers. Thank you for all your efforts and thank you for your dedication. Because of your efforts and dedication, we are one step closer today and everyday. Because of your great love and great patience for humanity, humanity got the chance to finish its karma and now move on to next phase. Because of your hard work through out lifetimes, humanity finally come to light and is ascending together, and ascending nicely and peacefully. All is beautiful indeed.
I love you. In this beautiful morning, I just want to share my joy with you all and share this Divine victory with humanity. Together, we move closer to the finish line every day, and together, we move humanity to the new paradigm and move heaven to earth, together, we can do everything dear heart.
I love you. In the upcoming days and weeks, I will continue to give you updates on where things are and how to approach difficulties if you encounter them daily. Know things will get intense, that is the nature of the process, equip yourself with tools you brought and know you can handle anything and everything dear ones, that is you, Divine change agent, and a Divine warrior, nothing can shrink you, and nothing will. I love you. Go in peace dear heart, and peace for all. I am Guan Yin, so it is.


Mother Mary on Divine protection

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I heard your prayers. Yes, it is going to be hard to watch your beloved Mother earth Gaia's children going through chaotic state. But it is already chaotic dear ones. It is not the chaos hard to deal with, it is the aftermath of the chaos that causes concerns for you, for... me and for heaven. But we have to go through it, it is a necessary process, and it is only through chaos that the new can be born and the new age can arrive. We know you are concerned for your beloved earthly family and your loved ones, we are too dear ones, and that is why we try our best to protect you and your family so that you can be shielded from the negative impact as much as possible. That being said, we do hope that you remember the reason why you are here and how to handle difficult situations without losing sight and losing your focus, which is for the greater good of all.
I am Mother Mary. I love you dear ones. I come today to share news with you, and love you and support you. Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers will be shielded from danger and extreme chaos. Because the world is about to turn into an extreme place and the impact of it will be tremendous and dangerous. In order for you, my dear ones to function well and be the peace anchor, we, the Divine, decided to shield you from all that danger and chaos, so that you may continue to do your light work.
You may ask how that would work, I say we do our best dear ones to prevent you from being presen in those situations, and your family will most likely be shielded also so that you will have peace of the mind when you go about your business.
Yes, the world is going to get more uglier dear ones before it gets better. Again, it is the natural process and unavoidable. What you can do however is to not get involved in the situations where it can be dangerous, and shield yourself from those dramas purposely so that you can keep your vibration in check and continue to do your work.
You are needed at a time like this dear heart. Humanity needs you. Humanity needs your peaceful presence. Humanity needs your loving light. Humanity needs your Divine guidance, and humanity needs you to be strong and calm and leading humanity moving forward and upward. It is your time to perform dear heart, perform like a Divine being, Divine light and love and lead humanity out of the mayhem as quickly as possible. We, the Divine and the company of heaven, desperately want you to walk into your big shoes and start walking like a Divine master in the making. Be the leader humanity needs right now. Be the warrior you are here to be, and be the leaders you destined to be dear ones. I am watching and I am waiting for you to start the walk and actions.
I love you. My love for you is eternal dear ones. Be my great love and help your brothers and sisters. Know heaven is helping in whichever way possible but there is still a limit because we are not in the 3D realm, but you are dear ones, go there and show humanity that there is hope, the hope in your heart, share it with humanity and heal humanity. Be their big brothers and sisters, and be there for them, that is your mission dear heart.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you are safe and sound. I pray that you heed my call and start the walk you were meant to, start the path of salvation if you will, and start helping humanity, and help humanity to get out of the mayhem as soon as possible. I pray that you can quickly get on your teaching or healing projects and get going because the clock is ticking, there is no time to be wasted. I pray that you are ready to get your existing projects moving, and get the help you need and get the strength you need and start the service. I pray each and every one of you heeds the call for service and jumps on the wagon to happily serve, serve Divine and serve humanity. All is in place now, and now is time. I love you dear ones. Be my great hero and be my great love, serve Divine and serve humanity. So it is.


Twin Souls explained

Some dear friends asked about twin souls, and asked for more explanations.
Here is what Mother Mary Said. Twin soul is literally the other half of your soul. In the higher realm, you don't have to divide into two souls, very rarely, But when you came to earth long time ago, Mother decided to divide you into two individual souls, one is feminine and the other is more masculine. This way, you alway...s know that you have the other half of you with you, either on earth, or in higher realm, and the one in the higher realm will guide and protect the one incarnated. .
Twin souls were not often incarnated on earth at the same time so that one can be the guide and protector when the other is incarnated. But if the mission is critical and requires great deal of Divine light, twins will come together, as husband and wife often but also family members or even friends. The key is to enhance each other and protect each other.
In this lifetime however, all the twin souls came to finish up their 3D projects and complete their mission on earth. Yes, a mission is so critical that hundreds and thousands of the twins are here on earth just for that. And Mother wants all the twins go home together, meaning ascend together so that we won't separate again and the mission will be completed as well.
So, this is the simple version of the story of the twin souls. I know a lot of you have not been able to be near your twin simply because you deny it and deny the existence of your twin soul. I hope you understand more now and open your heart and open your arms and embrace your twin, your magnificent twin soul!
Mother Mary.


Mother Mary on Twin Soul reunion

Mother Mary says big portion of the dear light workers are still not reunited with their physical twin soul at this point of time. Divine really hopes that you can unite with your twins so that you can get on the path of service as a team and start the new phase of your journey.
Divine Mother has emphsized over and over, al...l twins must be united in this lifetime and come home together to her. It is a Divine blessing you and your twin soul come together and go home together. And it is a Divine mission that you and your twin soul will meet and get on the service path together.
So, if you feel you are almost ready to unite with your twin and if you feel in your heart that your twin is near and ready to meet you, call on me, Mother Mary says, call on me so that I will grant your the permission and Divine blessings so that you and your twin can finally meet.
It is not a causal matter for the twins to meet and unite. It is absoluteply Divine blessing and both parties have to be ready, otherwise, the result is not favorable to Divine and to you personally.
Please heed Mother Mary's call and ponder in your heart, am I ready? Is she/he ready? What or how can I meet her/him? Ask Mother Mary for help if you are not sure, Mother Mary will be there for you. God bless you all.


Mother Mary on fiancial changes and more

Mother Mary says dear heart, time to go to work and help humanity. Humanity is going through an extreme clearing financially and environmentally. The reason I say that is because you will begin to see the collapsing of the world financial structure, and what comes with that will be the collapsing of the social ord...er and financial hierarchy.
Yes, it is all for the greater good and for the greater good of humanity. But the process can be brutal and warnings for humanity are needed so that humanity knows what is to come and how to prepare.
Yes, I know it is difficult now to imagine how the world will look like after the collapse of the finance empires. But dear heart, what I can say is that the world will be better off without the super riches and haves. Humanity will finally have a taste of what life is like without the fear of survival. And that will be the final result after all the collapsing of super rich and financial empires.
For dear light workers, majority of you are the working class and make the living by working hard, but that will change too dear ones. You did not come here to work and survive, you came here to anchor the light and love so that humanity will no longer have to work hard and yet still hard to survive, and that is why our dear light workers came so that we can change the regime and liberate humanity once and for all, financially as well as spiritually, and that is about to manifest on earth dear ones. It is time indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I love you dear ones. Let's get it going and change the world so that you don't have to work for a living any more. You are not meant to make a living dear ones, you meant to live and live as a spectacular Divine being, to help humanity get over the old regime and to usher in the new era. That is why you are here and now is time to do that, to live like a Divine being and help humanity to get it going. I am here to help you, together, we change the world, together, we start anew and together, we prevail.
Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers will be compensated after the new system put in place. That should not be too long dear heart. I know a lot of you have been struggling financially and that breaks my heart. You are doing the most honorable and sacred work for your brothers and sisters, and yet you don't even know where your next meal is, and that needs to change and change fast dear ones. Divine Mother and I have been pondering on how to compensate our dear light workers and how to make sure their well being is being taken into serious consideration in 3D world, not in higher realm because in higher realm we already do, we already keep each other's well being in our heart every moment of the every day. But in 3D world, we see you struggle, struggle hard for some, and that breaks Mother's heart, and Mother and I want to change that situation quickly because you have been suffering financially long enough, and that is why Divine has decreed financially for dear light worker's liberation and humanity's freedom. And that is what we will do and Divine will do. Together, we will prevail.
I love you dear heart. In the depth of my heart, I pray that you heard my call for help and action, to help humanity and together we bring the new regime and new financial structure for every soul on the planet. I pray that you will be encouraged by the Divine decree and jump to action and start your own prosperity project and prosperity projects for humanity. I pray that when you have doubt about your financial freedom and liberation, call on me, together, we prevail. I pray that all the dear light workers will hear Divine Mother's call and take great care of yourself and your well being, and put yourself first so that you will be in great shape when you go out and help humanity. I pray that financial institutions and big banks will heed this message, and act from their heart and their conscience, act fast so that they can finally do something good for themselves and for humanity, the turn is on them and great changes are coming indeed.
I love you dear ones. I am grateful that you still hang in there and do your best. Know Divine is with you and Divine is doing its best to support you and help you. All eyes are on you dear ones. Be the Divine warriors you are, and be the great love of mine. Together, we are about to win the financial battle, and together, we will indeed prevail. I am Mother Mary, so it is.


Mother Mary on self care and physical care

Dear heart, I am Mother Mary. Today, I bring great news to you. Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers will have a chance to rest and recharge for the greater upcoming changes. Yes, dear heart, great changes are coming in a blink of an eye. Get ready dear ones, in no time your world will be totally different, count on that.
I am Mother Mary. I love you. I see you struggling with the ideas of ascension and all that comes along with ascension, ascension physical symptoms, ascension mental confusion and knowledge overdose. I know what you are going through dear heart, and I love you for hanging in there and struggling hard so that you will be able to catch up with us all.
Dear heart, it is my privilege to work with you again in this lifetime. Yes, it is our design and our mission, but it is also out soul connection, our love. We never seperate dear heart, never. Yes, ascension is hard, physical symptoms are often hard to deal with, not explainable in the medical books, it becomes scary, but dear heart, remember when you came to earth, you indeed chose the best physical form out there, literally you got the chance to choose whatever the best and whatever can best suit your mission. So, give your body some faith and believe in it. Know your physical body is designed to handle all the changes upcoming, and your physical strength is from all your lifetime's hard work. Yes, your spiritual DNA is supreme and like none of the others, and your physical DNA is the best kind on the planet. So dear heart, have faith and know all is going to be alright and all is well. Divine has difinatelly taken note of what you are going through and watches over you 24/7, and that is the best insurance you can possibly find dear heart.
I love you dear ones. In this beautiful morning, I pray for your health. I pray that you get over whatever threatens you with great strength and wisdom in heart. I pray that you pick yourself up like Divine warriors do and continue the path you are on with great confidence and love for thyself. I pray that you acknowledge your limits and work within your limits. I pray that you know Divine loves you and Divine is with you all the time, Divine watches over you and protects you, including physical protection so that your path is smooth and successful. I pray dear heart that you love thyself and take great care of yourself, know your physical health is as important as everything else if not more, make sure you are always in top shape no matter what lies ahead of you, know Divine heard your prayer and works around the clock to help you and mitigate your burdons and pressure. Know dear heart, I love you, Jesus loves you. Divine loves you and most important, Mother loves you and is concerned for your health and well being. Be the warrior of love dear heart. Love thyself and know Mother Mary is always with you and loves you. So it is, Mother Mary.


Guan Yin on self mastery

Guan Yin said that humanity has reached a point that Divine intervention is most likely needed in order for humanity to get back on the path of peaceful ascension. Due to the influence of dark forces, certain regions and countries on the planet earth currently are being dragged into the mud, a dark place, a place they don't want to be but accidentilly got into. The people in those regions and countries cry out for help. Heaven has heard it, I have heard it, Divine has heard it, a loud and clear message to Divine, they want Divine intervention, they want help from Divine and the company of heaven. We, the Divine and company of heaven, will study the situation, analyze the result of intervention and determine the next course of action shortly.
I am Guan Yin. I love you all. The current energy is doing its wonders dear ones. Divine and company of heaven are extremely happy about the end result of the flooding energy covering the planet and doing its miracle work. Divine and company of heaven have been on the same page in terms of clearing out the old and ushering in the new. Divine and company of heaven also understand how complicated it can be for personal clearings as well as for collective healings. But the end result says that all is worth it. All that clearing and releasing really paid off. See how far humanity has come in just one linean year? And how many souls on the planet currently awaken and doing the wonderful job of helping Gaia and humanity? That has to credit to the Divine energies. Hallelujah I say. Despites all the ups and downs, how happier you are now versus a year ago, and how much more fulfilling your life is than before. If you had to go back to a year or two ago, can you see the differences? Unbelievable indeed. And all the positive changes and achievements I say is because you did your great work, followed your soul's inspiration and Divine's guidance. And all worked out perfectly, not just yourself but collectively as well. Even though it appears every one has their own timelines and at a different places spiritually, but the end result should be similar, the new earth will be the home for all and enlightenment for the masses should be achieved at the end.
Yes, enlightenment is a process, a process of a soul growth and a process for humanity to advance, from animal kingdom to plants, this process is always in place. Not just humans, animals do too. Animals are going through the ascension process as you do yours, except animals are natural progressors, they don't need to go back and clear the karma because they don't function the same way as humans do. So the human ascension process is the most complicated one and most demanding one. But Divine and company of heaven have determined to help humanity in this critical cycle of advancement and will make sure each and every soul ascends or goes to their destiny if the soul chooses otherwise. Divine and the company of heaven have worked out a perfect plan for each and every soul currently on the planet and all will be just perfect at the end.
Being human is such a privilege. Divine and the company of heaven have emphasized that over and over. Yes, privilege indeed. We, the ascended masters and the company of heaven always love to incarnate on the planet earth and enjoy being a human. The diversity of the climate, environment and diversity of the human race make it all interesting and a great learning ground. Once humanity realizes the asset of diversity, they will embrace it and learn from it and appreciate it, hatred and disapproval will disappear, love and celebration will be the norm. That is what we look forward to and that is the blue print of the new earth and humanity's new home and the new civiliazation birthing right now.
I love you dear ones. Being the mother of humanity, I have such a heart warming desire for humanity. I desire humanity to be mature. I desire humanity to grow up fast. I desire humanity to appreciate what Divine and the company of heaven have been doing for the planet and humanity and I desire humanity will in turn take the ownership of the planet and run with it. That is what a mother will love to see and that is what I am looking forward to. I know humanity will some day.
I love you. I love humanity. Humanity's advancement is my goal and humanity's ascension is on my plate every day. I pray all the dear light workers are ready and help humanity and help Gaia's ascension. I pray that all the dear ones ascend well and ascend happily. Know your personal ascension is my deepest concern and your well being is my greatest desire. I love you. You are my great love and my great warrior. Be my great love and go with peace. I am Guan Yin, so it is.


Mother Mary on mission and 2016

Dear heart, I am Mother Mary. Yes, the New Year is here and the New Year for you and humanity has just begun. This year is going to be an extraordinary one and like none of the others. In order for you to be able to succeed in this special year, I have a few suggestions for you so that you will have certain level o...f understanding in terms of what is to come and how to handle it, what is it for you personally and what you can do to harness the new energy and opportunities, and move forward with your own mission and journey.
So, let’s begin by saying that I am ready, Divine, I am ready to walk my talk, and I am ready to be the warrior I came here to be, I am ready to lift up humanity and correct the wrongs so that the universal truth can be shown to all and the universal love can be understood and the universal law can be finally revered and respected and followed. Now, that being said, I would love to give you an update on the upcoming energies and agendas so that you can plan ahead.
The Divine plan for 2016 is to move forward with humanity’s awakening process regardless of the difficulties humanity face. Divine and company of heaven have decreed that “all systems go” will be again on for the time being so that humanity will continue the shift with Gaia, and dear light workers will continue to spread their brilliant light and love and help Gaia along the way. Yes, the company of heaven has a non-stop policy, which means they never take breaks even when light workers do because if the company of heaven has a slightest rest, the dark force will take advantage and come back to the center stage of this great shift and complicate the process. So, it is time to solute the company of heaven and let them know our love and appreciation for their dedication and hard work. Absolutely need appreciation.
Now, let’s come back to you dear heart. Yes, the New Year has started with a big bang of the new energies. You already feel it. It is powerful and yet disturbing energy. It comes from the core of Galactive and its aim is to disturb the deepest buries human emotions and disbeliefs so that they can come up to the surface and be released once and for all. Be gentle dear ones and be compassionate with each other. It is time to show your love for yourself and your love for others. Together, we go through this and heal, we heal ourselves and we heal humanity and we are doing a great job so far.
Now, in terms of future days and months, the energy will continue and intensify. Only way to go through it without being bogged down is to detach dear heart. Detachment is the saving grace for you and humanity. When you detach, you can be your magnificent self, loving and compassionate. When you detach, you won’t have the risk of repeating history again and being the victim again and you will finally let it heal and let it go and that is vital indeed. Be the detached observer is my suggestion.
Now, in terms of your mission in 2016, I would love to remind you that your mission is a continuing effort and a continuing work of art. Yes, part of the mission is to anchor the light and you are already doing a fantastic job. The rest of the mission will come in phases. The first phase is to complete what had left 2000 years ago by completing the anchoring of Divine Feminine energy for you fellow brothers and sisters and to assist humanity to balance their own masculine and feminine aspects. After that you will then take the lead and lead humanity moving forward to the new earth and establish a new home on the Gaia earth. And this is a simple version of your mission on earth, and this is the blue print you will follow in the rest of your year of 2016 and the years to come and decades to come.
I am Mother Mary. I come today to share some important news and Divine directions. Yes, the New Year just begun, but the work has already begun dear ones. For us, there is no such thing called breaks. We are in full power and full capacity at all times. Yes, it proves challenging from time to time, but it is such a privilege and such an honor to represent Divine Mother and work on this grand project, and there is no time for breaks and there is no need to rest. We are “on” all the time indeed.
Now, let’s talk more about the year of 2016 and what it will bring to humanity. We, as the Divine and company of heaven, have agreed on the direction of humanity has take on and will continue to work with humanity in the year to come. It means humanity will continue the road of self clearing and self correcting, releasing the past and pressing forward to the future. That is the main theme of the year and that is the direction. Besides the direction, we, the Divine and company of heaven, have also been advised by humanity that the wars will not happen and humanity will not tolerate any mass killings any more. Conflicts may be but no more wars. We are happy about that.
As for the dear light workers, your year ahead looks pretty intense dear ones. Sorry to use the word intense again, I know some of you already feel that you have enough and don't want more intense energy and situations. I like to address that a little bit before I move on to the next topic. Yes, being a Divine change agent is not always easy dear heart. Over hundreds and thousands of lifetimes, you have absolutely learned that lesson and you have absolutely mastered that so when you came back this time, you were fully prepared and you were fully aware of the intense work you would do in this lifetime. Mother and I had literally talked with each and every one of you about the work and have absolutely supported you in whatever way you need so that you can be supported and compensated for the hard work. That being said, I am surprised that a few of you have decided not to follow your promise, promise you made to me and to the Mother, promise you would help me and Divine to uplift humanity till it is done, promise that you will do whatever it takes to get our mission done so that we won’t have to come back again. That promise is still in my heart dear ones, and that is what I will remember and that is what you will remember I am sure dear heart. It is that promise you and I come and go over eons of time. It is that promise dear heart; you and I forever work endlessly and tirelessly for humanity. It is that promise dear heart; you and I have never separated in this dense realm. And it is that promise that my heart always sings praises of you and for you. It is that promise dear heart you said you will keep forever and you will become that promise just like I do. And it is that promise Divine Father/ Mother God had appointed you as the front runner for humanity, and the front runner for light workers. And it is that promise dear heart, I am still waiting, waiting for you to change your mind and come back to your promise so that we can continue the path, the mission and go home together, never separate again. It is that promise dear heart, I am here, again to be with you and for you, to uplift humanity, correct the wrongs and moving forward with our agenda, liberate humanity and Gaia, make Mother proud and make Divine happy dear heart. I pray you heed my call and keep your promise. Together, you and I together, let’s continue our beautiful journey together, as brothers and sisters, together, we will prevail dear heart, we will. Indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I love you. In this brand new year, let’s make our dream come true and let’s make humanity’s dream come true. Together, with humanity, we will have a glorious year indeed, a magnificent year for every one and s successful year for you dear heart. Success in your endeavors and success in your spiritual pursuits. Success in your marriage and success in your personally life. Together, we will indeed usher in a brand new era, era of love and light and an era of peace. So it is.