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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Mother Mary on divine decree and updates

Mother Mary says dear heart, your world is getting more and more irrational and chaotic. Politics, economics, social justice and any area you can think of is going through rebirth, just like you, all areas are going to get rid of the old and rebirth the new. Yes, the rebirthing process can be messy but it is necessary. Humanity is ready a...nd willing to go through this messy process, and that is maturity, and that is bravery. For that, we salute humanity and dear light workers alike. For that, we applaud you and are happy to guide you through whatever the process takes you and eventually all will arrive at the same place, the new earth and the new home of a brand new civilization and new human race. It is all going well at the moment, and the end result bodes well dear heart.
I am Mother Mary, I love you. I come today to share my love for you and humanity, to give you updates on where humanity is going and how you are doing at the moment.
Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers are doing very well at the moment. Energy is intense, yes, it is, but it does wonders also. All of you, light workers and humanity, are going through extreme purification and releasing, and humanity is digging very hard to its core issues, and cannot release fast enough. As result, you see all sorts of bizarre behaviors around the world. Yes, it seems unimaginable just a year ago, but now you are in the middle of it, and deep into it dear heart. Progress made toward Ascension is indeed astonishing, and Divine and company of heaven are very pleased by it and cannot wait to see the end result and share the beautiful result with you all.
I love you dear ones. Being Mother Mary on this journey is indeed exciting. Yes, sometimes challenging but also exciting. It is exciting because I get to see humanity finally wake up to its Divinity within, and agreed to move forward with Gaia and Divine plan. It is exciting because I get to see my work finally get to finish, and Divine Mother's teachings finally gets to down load to the planet and get shared with her beloved children. It is exciting because as a Divine change agent myself, finally I get the chance to see the changes I brought to the planet over lifetimes pay off. Humanity finally realizes that it is not only the Christians, but humanity as a whole, finally realize that they do have a Mother God, and they are the children of Divine Mother and Divine Father, they do have both parents. It is exciting because Jesus can finally sit down and breathe a little, and can say, thank God, they woke up. It is exciting because I can finally say to the Mother that this grand project is a victory at the end, hard fought, but nevertheless a big victory, and a victory for Divine and a victory for humanity, and a victory for Jesus and me. Together, we can sit down and enjoy this moment of the victory and enjoy the fruits of our hard work. Yes, it is the indeed exciting, and I barely can wait for all of you to see the end result of your hard work dear heart, indeed, splendid victory.
I love you dear ones. Thank you all for walking with me on this journey. Through this journey, we have learned so much about ourselves and about each other. So often, we have to fight our way through and, at the end, only thing we see is each other. Yes, we fight for each other and we save each other. What a journey, a journey of great love for you all, and a journey for greater good indeed. But now, this journey comes to an end, grand finale. Mother Mary feels so nostalgic, and feels great love and appreciation for you all have journeyed well, and finish well, and it is Mother Mary's great desire that you will continue to venture further with Mother Mary and go beyond the 5th. Yes, next phase is going to go beyond the 5th dimension, we go 6th or even 7th dimension so that we can tread a path for humanity's further development and all the new comers to follow. We are the path finders and we are the way showers. We show the way to humanity and beyond.
But for now, this lifetime probably, let's finish what we have left last time, lead humanity moving forward and upward, and build a brand new home for ourselves and humanity.
Road ahead looks pretty challenging but also very rewarding. Divine has decreed that it will provide us whatever we need to make sure our journey is smoothe and successful. And Divine and company of heaven have decided to add more of the light teams to this project, you and I will have more help and support from other universes and forces beyond humanity's knowledge. Yes, we are getting more and more powerful every day, and we are getting more and more support every step we take.
Dear ones, it sounds so exciting indeed. Being Mother Mary and being the leader of this grand project, I am so thrilled about all this loving support and all of these brave beings joining us from far away. Let's welcome them and give them a big round of applause and say thank you to them. Thank them for joining us at this critical moment of our journey. Thank them for coming so far away from home and coming to help humanity. Thank them for their unwavering love for the Mother. Thank them indeed.
Dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I love you. I know I have so much to report to you but I have to stop now. I love you. I pray that you all are doing great in your own sphere. I pray that you take care of your self and love and support your brothers and sisters, and make sure your family is ascending and ascending well. I pray that you heed my call for action, actively look for ways to fulfill your purpose and Divine mission. I pray that you know how much Divine Mother loves you, cares about you, and together, we prevail. Indeed, so it is.


Guan Yin on current state of the planet and law of karma

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I am here to love you and help you go through this tough phase. Humanity has gotten to a point that is almost stalemate. The dark aspects of the humanity pushes so hard that humanity is almost confused about its own divinity... and its purpose as a human civilization and a race. And that is why you see the most outrageous acts and behaviors on the planet daily and hourly you are barmbarded with so called news. Yes, it is chaotic and it seems discouraging. But dear heart, from heaven and Divine point of view, it is all happening for a reason, and a good reason. Humanity is actually hurrying up to get rid of all the polarities, anything less than love and light is being drugged out and being released to the public. Because the mass release, every soul on the planet was to see how ugly it can be and how they can in turn avoid doing that again in the future so the karma gets cured. Yes, law of karma is supposed to be the guiding principle of humanity. It is just humanity has trapped itself in the low energy for so long, it forgot the universal laws and law of karma and dharma. But humanity will eventually learn the lesson and live with the universal laws again, act as divine beings so that the whole society will improve and excel. And the human race will be truly the new human race, divine race.
But for now, things still are very messy and you do have the need to protect yourself and your belongings and your family so that your light work won't be impacted too much by the chaos and your mission on earth can be continued.
You know humanity really needs you right now. Humanity needs your love and light. Humanity needs your guidance. Humanity needs your support and humanity needs your leadership. Especially in this phase of chaos, humanity looks for bright light who can lead it out of the mayhem and get on the path of peace and prosperity. So, dear heart, don't be discouraged and don't let the mischief bother you. You are too mighty for any one to limit you and restrict you. There is absolutely nothing on the planet can bother you, or dare to bother you. All they can do is play trickery and hope to get you. So just let them know that you are not bothered and their game is too childish.
I love you dear heart. I am here to cheer you up and I am here to support you in whichever way possible. You are my great love and my eternal love. Whatever you do is basically all for me and for Divine, and for that I appreciate it a great deal and I love you for that. Yes, whatever you do is for the greater good for all and it is for me and for Divine. And I am deeply grateful and humanity is deeply appreciative. And all will be well at the end. We see the end result and it is beautiful. I know when you are in the middle of the mayhem, you may not see through to the future, a beautiful future of yourself and beautiful future of humanity. All is indeed splendid.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful full moon morning, I pray that you overcome whatever bothers you and give that to me, all of it to me so that you are liberated. I pray that you go ahead and have a great day and know I heard your prayers, and all will work out perfectly, and all will be just fine. I pray that you take care of your beautiful body and enjoy your beautiful life and know how much I love you and how much you mean to me and to the Mother. Know your happiness is Divine's happiness, and your joyful living is Mother's wish and my desire.
Dear heart, I love you. Let this beautiful moment remind you that your life is indeed beautiful Divinely blessed, and your beautiful self is indeed priceless and Divine Mother and I love you so much that we can not stand to see you down by the mischief and sad by the happenings on the planet.
Dear heart, be blissful and joyful as you always are. Be my great love and be Mother's great love as you always are. Know all is well and all will work out. Time will tell indeed, have faith in me and have faith in Divine and know Divine always helps you and is always on your side. You are never alone, you are always loved and surrounded by my love. It is true from the beginning and it will be true forever. I love you dear heart. Mother loves you indeed. Have a great day and know all is well and will be well always. So it is.


Mother Mary on life purpose and mission

Mother Mary says, dear heart, the world you are living in is getting better every day. I know it is hard to see when you live in it and moment by moment barmbarded by the negative news and media distortions. But from a higher point of view, the world has indeed turned around and is getting better by the minute.... The reason I am saying that is because I see you all are discouraged in some ways and at some level and need cheering up. So I am here to cheer you up dear heart and share the good news from the heavens.
Yes, Divine and company of heaven have decreed that all the dear light workers need to tune into the radio from Divine and heaven and keep yourself clean from the bambardment of the 3D media propaganda, only then you will have a chance to slow down your 3D brain and be quiet enough to tune in with your higher self and Divine within. Being in the chaos right now, everything can grab your attention from every direction, like the so called news, your attention will be pretty much consumed by these unintended attentions, and you end up wasting a lot of time and energy. So, Divine wants to remind you of that so that you can get yourself together again and focus on your journey and purpose in this lifetime.
Talking about life purpose, I would like to emphasize it here so that it will ring in your ear again and remind you about your life and mission. Yes, we always have a purpose when we incarnate into this world, along with our mission. Purpose is more prominent and obvious sometimes than mission is. Mission, you have to figure out when you wake up and live on it afterwards. Purpose on the other hand is quite obvious the moment you turn to adult and learn to navigate in this world Because your guardian angels always remind you and lead you to the path to serve your purpose, so that you can complete whatever you have brought with you in the lifetime and get on the mission soon after. Purpose of life can be anything from being a teacher, being a wife or complete past karma, or simply experience emotions and human life. My purpose in this lifetime is multiple. I need to complete quite a few karmic relationships, experience deep human emotions, sometimes desperate emotions so that heaven can record that, and last will be the purpose of a Divine change agent which is to bring changes to the world and help humanity to advance. See, my purpose of this lifetime is quite intense but fulfilling in Divine's standard. So, when I finished all of my purposes, I woke up to my mission and started next phase of my life which is to serve the Divine and humanity as a Divine change agent. And the purpose will be the same from this point on, to serve and to serve.
As a Divine change agent, serve is what we do. It is the ultimate way to complete our missions and ultimate goal of human life. That is the reason we come to earth and the reason to incarnate over and over. Some of the dear light workers are confused about their missions, they think the fact that they live here is their mission. I say partially, you also have a specific mission besides living on the planet and you need to meditate on that and find out what that is and get on with it. Because the completion of your mission is the ultimate purpose of your life time here and you don't want to leave without completing it. It is vital you realize that and start working on that.
I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. I come today to love you and support you. Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers need to get on their mission and serious about their purpose so that together, we move the whole project onto next step, and we are doing that as we speak.
I love you dear ones. In this beautiful morning, I pray you heed my prayer and get on your mission quick if you haven't. I pray that you are crystal clear about your life purpose and your mission. I pray that you know what your mission is and start the service you so signed up for. I pray that you are focused solely on your mission and avoid 3D distractions. I pray that you study your mission and figure out the best ways and quick ways to serve, serve the Divine and humanity. I pray that you have your heart full of love and clarity, and have your heart only set on the advancement of humanity. I pray that you love thyself and me and Divine, be the best version you can be. I pray that you see my love for you is eternal and always have faith in my love, Divine's love. I love you indeed. I am Mother Mary, so it is.


Mother Mary's call for light workers ...

Dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today to give you updates on what is happening in your world and what is happening behind the veil, and what you can do to help.
Divine has decreed that all dear light workers need to work extremely hard at the moment so that humanity's Ascension can be quaranteed and Gaia's shift can be a success. Yes..., we are at an extremely critical moment in this great shift and we need to push through it so that success can be in our hands. Listening to your heart, know the words I am using here, success, what I mean is that we will succeed but we need to go through this phase, a tough phase and with enormous resistance from humanity and that is why I say success will be at our hands but we need to work very hard to get there. Divine has noticed that dear ground crew and light workers are very sluggish at the moment. I am not going to name the names but we need to wake up from that kind of attitude and start the work. It is not that Divine has not considered your situations or position for not being in perfect shape, it is because the situation on earth is not allowing us to wait till your situation is perfect, and humanity's Ascension is not waiting and stopping till you are ready to help. You see, we are in the position that we have to make do so to speak, and do what you can so that together, we can help humanity go through this phase without too much damage and delays.
I love you dear ones. I am here to love you and support you. Being Mother Mary on this journey means a great deal to Divine and humanity. Divine has great expectations for Mother Mary and you, and humanity is looking for guidance from Mother Mary, a great responsibility indeed, also a great honor. It is a great honor to be able to lead humanity out of the mayhem and usher in the new age. It is a great honor to walk with you all, Mother's great warriors, together, we will prevail. It is indeed a great honor to be able to walk on earth, along with Gaia and you all, experience this historic moment in great Cosmo and record in the book, one and only Divine book, about everything we do and every move we make, and as a result we set examples for all to come in this universe and the others. We are setting the examples here on earth for the great Cosmo, and we are indeed the great pioneers on a scale the human mind can not fathom.
Yes, dear heart, I am Mother Mary, I love you. In this great moment of human history, you are needed, by Divine and humanity. Heed my plea and let's get on with it. Do what you came here to do and finish up what is left and then we go home. Together, we can do it and do it well. Remember you are the greatest of the greatest and you are the elite and selected by Divine. There is absolutely nothing that can stop you except yourself and your mental state. There is absolutely nothing that can intimidate you unless you intimidate yourself. There is absolutely nothing on the planet worth your attention except the Divine's will and Divine's plan and your mission. Yes, there is absolutely nothing on the planet that can make you shrink from your mission except your will.
Dear heart, I pray that you are doing well and doing what you came here to do. I pray that you set examples for others to follow and be the Divine change agent you always are. I pray that you heed Mother's call and my plea and get on your mission and help humanity. I pray that you always know that Divine and Mother Mary love you no matter what. I pray that you take great care of your beautiful body and vigilant about your health and safety. I pray that you endure the temporary hardship for the sake of Divine and humanity and go through this phase sound and safe and successful. I pray that you be the Divine change agent and bring humanity with you and get on the new earth and usher in the golden age. I pray all the dear light workers heed the call for action and start the actions now and today, no more tomorrows, no more time to waste, get on with it and get going. I pray all the dear light workers know that we, on the other side of the veil, work extremely hard and help you and humanity in every way we can to make sure you are sound and safe, and ready to do your share of the work.
Dear heart, it is time, time to get going and time to push through this phase so that we can meet you in person, greet you and humanity, along with our ground crew, and get on the phase of restoration which will be very fun and exciting. Let's do it dear heart. Let's get on with it and push through.
I am Mother Mary. I love you, so it is.


Guan Yin on current releasings

Guan Yin says Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers are going through extreme cleansing and Divine wants you all to know that it is Divine's will and it is Divine's plan. Just know all these cleansings and clearings are here to help you and humanity, it is necessary for your growth and it is necessary for humanity's advancement....
Dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I love you. You are going through tough times and Divine has heard your prayers. Divine Mother has been constantly answering your calls with love and light and in the hope of relieving your pain and suffering. But dear heart, these pains and sufferings have long been over due to be released, and now you are releasing them. Know it is to your benefit to see these pains leave you once and for all. And it is to your spiritual advantage to release them once and for all. Yes, constant releasing indeed causes great burden to you and your physical system, and Divine is deeply concerned about that and is monitoring you 24/7. We, on the other side the veil, have been literally trying everything we can to help you release and minimize the damage to you. We know how it is to constantly releasing without a break, and we know how much that takes for you and your physical body to endure. Indeed, dear heart, we have great empathy for you and we have great love and appreciation for you.
Besides helping you, we also constant watching over you and making sure you are alright and you are doing OK. It is our privilege to walk with you and help you and make your journey a little easier. And it is our heart felt love and appreciation we want to let you know, and it is our great concern also that you are going through so much of the releasings without even a break. Divine is indeed constantly monitoring the situations on earth and trying to determine when and how you can have a break without jeopardizing humanity's Ascension and Gaia's releasing. Yes, you are indeed so needed and so powerful in the whole scheme of things. Whatever you do or don't do indeed impacts Gaia's Ascension tremendously and impacts humanity's peace enormously, and that is why when and how you can have a break has to go through Divine's decision, and not a easy one indeed. Divine wants you to be able to rest and recharge so you can be sustained for the long haul. But Divine also knows how critical it is for Gaia and her children right now for you to take a break and how critical to Divine's plan if you have to go on a break without interrupting the flow. So, overall conditions and situations have to be considered everytime you take a break, and every time Gaia has a break.
I love you dear heart. I know there is so much going on in you and around you. Indeed, Divine and company of heaven, have been busy working just as much as you do. We, literally have no breaks, and literally have to work non stop because we are at such a critical point that almost decides the future of humanity and future of the planet, and we don't want to have any errors to happen or any detour or delays, and that demands a great deal of our attentoon. Divine Mother has been working with us non stop on this great project and hopes to bring closure to it soon, and that is why we are all excited and putting all we have on this project at the moment and try to get it done as soon as possible. And that is why Division and company of heaven work around the clock and that is why you don't get a break yet. And we hope you do soon so that you can recharge your battery.
I love you dear heart. I know what you are going through is tough and it is not easy for your physical body as well. We have great sympathy for you and souls on the planet, we hope this phase is over soon. Divine has sent great deal of love and light to you in the hope of relieving you of some of the burden and pressure. But we also know it is not enough, not enough for you to feel the relief. For that, we do apologize and we do promise to do more and better so that your life can be a little easier.
We love you dear heart. Divine loves you. Together, Divine and company of heaven determined to help you go through this phase, a painful but necessary phase, so that we can finish it quickly and get on to the next phase which will be so much easier and pleasant. Hang in there dear heart, be my great love, be strong and be Mother's warrior. Know what we do is for your best and humanity's best, and what we do is trying to make your journey smooth and successful. Trust us and trust our love for you, know what we are doing at the moment is so critical that you will forever be grateful when you eventually understand it and what we do for you and humanity is always for you and humanity's greater good.
Indeed, we love you. Divine Mother and I have been answering your calls, and have been on this journey with you. Have faith dear heart, know all will work out at the end, and all is in Divine's plan and Divine's timing. Just relax and let faith take you where you need to go and let love lead you home. Nothing more than that, faith and love, and that is my advise and that is my wish. I wish you to hear it and let it sink in.
In this beautiful moment of the human history, I pray that you heed my call, my call for all of you, dear light workers, come on board and help your brothers and sisters, together with the Mother, let's finish this phase of the Ascension and move on. I pray that you constantly connect with your Divine team and guidance so that you are constantly protected and guided and in the flow of Divine love and light. I pray that you treasure your beautiful body and nourish it with your best effort and attention and love, and know what your body is doing is literally make it or break it. So, make it a priority to attend to your physical temple and nourish it. I pray that you constantly connect with me in this critical moment of the rebirthing process and let me help you, carry you, nourish you and give you strength and courage so that your journey home may be a little bit smoother and easier. I pray that you have faith in me and Divine, and know deep in your heart all is well and all will be just fine in Divine timing. We leave nothing to chance, and we indeed care about you and what you care about.
I love you dear heart. Heed my plea and let faith lead you home. Yes, at the moment, faith can do wonders for you. Have faith in your heart, and have faith in your words and have faith in your actions. Know faith can be your saving grace when moments like now, and know only faith can help you feel better sometimes. Know Divine is with you regardless how you feel, and know I am with you always regardless how you feel. And know my love for you is always with you and there for you, my great love for you is always there with you and for you indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. I pray that you are indeed feeling my love and feeling my heart full of love for you and go on your day with my great love, indeed, I love you, so it is.


Guan Yin on overcome fear

Guan Yin says, dear heart, what happened to you is the releasing of fear, the exact fear you have carried over lifetimes, and now is time to let it go.
yes, fear is your biggest enemy, and it is paralyzing. When you carry fear ar...ound, you are limited in every way I say, yes, in every way you will encounter certain triggers and fear will be the end result if you don't heal the triggers, and heal the fear.
Fear is the biggest hurdle for spiritual aspirants in general. It comes in different sizes and shapes but has the same effect. It is all paralizing to the victims one way or the other. Your fear, the things you are fearful for may not be the fears of others, but others have their own fears to deal with and at the same degree if not more terrifying. So, in a larger context, you all are dealing with fear right now, one way or the other, the trick is how to handle it without losing yourself in it, and eventually conquering it, yes, you have to conquer fear eventually, and make friends with it.
Yes, fear is your friend if you open mind about it. It helps you to know more about yourself and your life in general. It provides you a sense of what to do and what not to do, and it helps you control your ego and helps you to learn about ego and grow at end of the day. So, make friends with fear, let it out, it is time. It is time to heal the fear and let it heal and let it go. There is no greater fear than what you allow it to be. Fear is fear, no more, no less. If you make it big, it is big. If you make it small, it is small. It is all in the mind, and how your mind handle it. Just talk to your mind and talk to fear. Let it know that you are ready to surrender and make friends with fear. Tell fear you love it and thank it for helping you along the way and protecting you in a way no one else can so you eventually will be friends with it and live with it in a way that benefits both. In other words, you benefit from fear because it protects you and helps you to grow, and fear benefits because it is no longer your enemy but your friend, so it can come and go without making a big scene and freely express itself if there is a need.
See, that is the scenario you want to create, and that is the best way to handle fear. Like every thing else in life, if you want to make peace with it, you have to accept it and make friends with it. There is nothing more important than making peace with fear at this moment of your journey because it is hindering you in so many ways, and it is impossible for you to move further without triggering fear east west, south and north. They are everywhere and they are more than ready to be you friends. So, go ahead say hello and find out what they are made of, and you may be surprised that they are just as vulnerable as humans are, and they are just as timid as you would admit. Yes, fear is nothing more than a paper tiger if you will. If you take your power back, fear will give it to you in a heartbeat without complaint because fear knows you are powerful and mighty, and fear is nowhere near as powerful as you are. So go ahead take your power back and say thank you to fear, and let it know you are done with it but grateful for its protection, and grateful for the lessons fear had brought to you. They are critical lessons you have to learn and now is time to move on with these lessons, and take the wisdom learned and do something for yourself and humanity.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. I know what you are going through. There is nothing new dear heart, same old fear, just recognize it and let it go. Liberate yourself and liberate fear from you as well, you both will be happier as result.
I love you. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you handle the fear with courage and tools you brought with you. I pray that you remember how powerful you are and how big you made the fear appear to be, know fear is nothing but old memories and triggers coming back for releasing and healing. Just let it go once and for all. I pray that you encounter fear with your great strength and your warrior spirit and know nothing, absolutely nothing can stop you, even fear because you are non stoppable, and you are God in human form. I pray that you learn from the experiences like this, and move on with more courage and wisdom, so next time if you encounter fear again, you won't have to react but simply say hi to old friend and let it pass. I pray that you will have fun in your pursuit of peaceful friendship with fear and carry on without any residual of fear any more, know it is time to get rid of all that fear because it no longer serves you. I pray that you grow out of any fear and anxiety, and know it is time to heal all the past wounds and hurts and fear, no more room for that any more, no more room whatsoever dear heart, only light and love, that is what you are and what you are becoming. Anything less has to leave and once and for all.
I love you dear heart. I pray that you have peace in your mind and in your heart. Know you are loved no matter what happens. Know I am always with you even when you don't think so. Know you are always protected no matter what, and know I am healing you as we speak so that you can feel better as the day goes by. Know I am your biggest fan and cheerleader, no matter what, I am always here to cheer you on and help you in whichever way is possible. Know that I love you even if you hate me and I love you even if you don't think I help you. Yes, I do dear heart. I do love you and I love to see you happy, healthy and joyful. Go on your day with my blessing dear heart, and go on your day and know I am with you and help you and ultimately I love you for eternity with no end. I love you indeed. So it is.