Kundalini Living

Below are chanelling messages for the Month of April, start with the most recent one. 

Divine Messages for Lightworkers and Humanity


Mother/Father God speaking

Divine children of God, this is God speaking. Loving each other and work together as a whole is so needed right now. Know your effort is well respected and applauded. Your achievement is beyond any wild expectations of Company of Heaven. Yes, job well done, children of God.
Know your limitless and magnificence. Know Mother/Father God has your back. There is none can imped...e your journey but you! There is no evil spirit can harm you except you let it. Stay strong and Faithful. All will be taken care of. You are watched over and protected. You are loved beyond your understanding level. Have Faith when you are shaken. Have Faith when you are content. Have Faith all is well. Know all will proceed and all is the plan, including your pain and suffer. Indeed, you design this so that you will know the taste of victory. Defeat is no option. Children of God belongs to victory and success. Children of God are the warriors no matter what.
You are most loved children of God. You are the jewel of jewels. You are the heart of Mother/ Father God. Yes, you are so loved, dear hearts. Have Faith, all is well and all is planed. You are indeed well on your way of teaching, horn your skills, spread your wings and know nothing is there to harm you. You are safe and loved.
You are indeed children of almighty God.


Divine message

Special message for children on Earth - Divine Mother/Father God

At this special moment on Earth, enormous releasing is going on. Fear based thought forms came up for releasing once and for all. It is the Divine Will for the light workers to work together to help with the releasing and to moving forward with the collective.
The fear you feel may or may not be yours. Transmute it without further... analyze it or ruminate on it will do a great favor for you. Set a side few moments daily just release, release anything less than love and light. Let it go. Time to move forward, but lighter the load is required before you move forward.
There is no fear can be justified in the eye of Divine. You are Divine, you are nothing but light. Let all else go. Only then, humanity will have the eternal Peace it earns for. Time for Peace and Love. But first just release, transmute, release and unload till you are pure light and love.
Children of God are pure love and light indeed!
Message from Divine. Peace on Earth!



Divine Love is Constant, cross time and space, beyond lifetimes and dimensions.
Trusting Divine Love will come to you regardless you believe or not is a form of Faith. Humanity needs this right now. Instill Faith is by examples and love and compassion. Your Soul knows having Faith will carry you over all the changes and shifts. Your Soul will constantly show you ...only Faith can carry you through this shift. Until you align with your Soul, you will be shown how and where you need to place your Faith. The journey can be painful if Faith is not fully present.
Learning to lean on Faith is the first step of Self Mastery. Let Faith be your constant companion, you will be in Divine's Hands, flow with Divine Love, land on the New Earth with joy and contentment.
Indeed, pondering on Faith, Where do you place your Faith?
Divine message to Divine children.


Divine decree

Divine decreed that every human being on Earth has the opportunity to reunite with their Twin Flame in this life time. It is a Divine blessing for the Humanity and Gaia. It is Divine Mother's will that her children are being loved and loving toward each other and sentient beings.

Looking for your Twin Flame is part of the Ascension. When you are ready, your Twin flame will come to you. It is the ...Divine Love and Blessing. It is your Soul's desire to reunite with your Twin Flame and that is why you are here on Earth.

Get on the path of Divine Love and Perfection. Know your Twin Flame is here on Earth waiting to unite with you. Divinely loved and cherished children of God.



All is well. All is in Divine order.
Keep marching on Divine warriors of love and light
Know that Divine mother/Father God smiling and marching with you, every minute of a day, you are proudly loved and watched over and all is well, dear hearts.
Let the feeling of peace and love and protection settles in every Fabre of your being, and keep marching. You are almost there, dear hearts. You are so loved and protected.
Your Divine Mother/Father God.