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Divine Message for Lightworkers and Humanity



Divine and company of heaven's decree

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven and ascended masters, come today to share an important message. Divine has decreed that all the light workers by this winter solstice should have done the personal ascension and should be ready to serve humanity as the reason you are here. Divine also decreed that all the lig...ht workers, including the first wavers, should be ready by now to position themselves in a way to best anchor the Divine light and be the pillar you came here to be. Divine's decision is based on the current needs of humanity and current progress of dear light workers, and Divine believes it is right timing for the actions from all the light workers and the company of heaven as well. So, the actions of us together, will propel humanity's ascension to move faster and quicker, and humanity's desire will be met, and that is the message we brought today.
Dear ones, the current situation on earth is quite complicated, and yes, that is the term we chose to describe the chaotic, somehow a little dangerous dynamic on the planet earth right now. You have all the forces moving but not necessarily in the same direction. We just hope they look at where they are going from time to time so that they don't unintentionally collide with each other and cause unnecessary damage. If one party believes what it does is for the best of humanity, and the other believes otherwise, then that can cause a great deal of disaster if it is not monitored and redirected, and that is why we come in, we come in to monitor and direct if we have to so that all parties know what they are doing and what they are doing is indeed for the greater good for all, and that is the danger and that is the complication and that is what we are doing day and night to assure all parties know what they are doing and what they are doing is for the greater good for humanity.
Dear ones, individually, this time of the year is great time to finish the old and start anew. Solstice is always deemed the beginning of the new year and beginning of the next endeavor. We personally wish all the dear light workers do a little ceremony, honor what you have done last year, and honor what you have become and what is to come for you personally as well as collectively. It is great time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Divine and the company of heaven, have to go through a personal review with each and every one of you, and hope you will continue the growth you have gained last year and continue to grow by leaps and bounds, and continue the services you signed up for, serve Divine and serve humanity. A great service indeed.
We love you dear ones. In this beautiful moment of history, we want to honor you. We honor what you do and we honor what you become, we honor what you had done and we honor your future, bright future indeed. With great honor, we say thank you and we love you, job well done indeed. So it is.


Divine decree on portal closing and what to expect

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven and ascended masters, come today with an important news. Divine has decreed that by December 12th, the Divine portal of resurrection will be closed so that humanity will have a chance to focus on the second wave of ascension and to focus on releasing for a while. Yes, close the port...al temporarily means a switch of focus. Instead of focusing on ascending through the portal, humanity now is focusing on the releasing and healing itself, and, when time is right, the portal will be open again for the second wavers.
Yes, We, the company of heaven and Divine, have been busy working with humanity to make sure all the releases get done in due time, and all the past been released in the right proportion so that humanity won't be overrun by the release.
When you go through the final battle of the human history, all the horrific things humans had done to each other will be reflected back to them, and that is hard to experience and hard to watch. Our advice for you is to be a compassionate observer - watch but not attached or influenced by. Yes, it is easy to say than done. We know but dear heart, in order to move forward, all the past karmas have to be finished and clean as whistle. Humanity does have a lot of the history that needs to be healed, and even though it may seems like the history was long time ago, people had forgotten and moved on, but the energy is still there and needs to be released. So, don't be surprised if the world war starts again. Of course, we have said over and over again, Divine won't allow that to happen again to Gaia and her children, but humanity also has its own free will. So, what will happen next can be interesting. We definately are watching very closely, and we want to make sure that humanity won't get too far out of the plan, even if they choose to go to a war, it won't be a gigantic one because at a certain point, Divine has to intervene in order to assure Gaia's ascension and her children's ascension.
That is what we have today. We understand the news is not necessarily what you expect, but dear heart, we are with you. You and we, work together so that we can do our best to avoid the worst for humanity and Gaia, and to avoid worst at all cost.
We love you. In this beautiful morning, we pray that you celebrate the beautiful you and your beautiful life. Know all is under control and all is in Divine's plan and Divine's order. We, the company of heaven and Divine, work closely with Mother Mary and Guan Yin in this endeavor so that loopholes will be detected and no mistakes can be made. Yes, Divine and company of heaven, are indeed working together on this, plus our dear light workers, together, we get this shift going, and together, we make sure Gaia is sound and safe and her children are protected. We love you dear ones. We love Divine and we love Gaia. So it is.