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Divine Message for Lightworkers and Humanity



Divine decree on NEW EARTH

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, come today with great news to share. Divine just decreed that humanity's ascension has reached a point that all children of Gaia, including humanity of course, will have the chance now to experience ascended Gaia and live on the new earth. Gaia is ready for he...r children to co-habit and co-create.
Enjoy the paradise, dear children of Gaia, and humanity in particular, because it is humanity who has to take the leadership role to co-create with Gaia and Divine and make sure the new home is heaven on earth. Yes, heaven on earth dear ones, bring your heaven home, on earth. Enjoy the new earth, the paradise, the new vibration, the new energy and after all, the new human race, a race never seen on earth before, a race of Divine within, and a race for the new golden age. All is well underway, and all is so pristine. The company of heaven and Divine celebrate with Gaia on this beautiful new development and uplifting news. Indeed dear ones, celebrate.
That is what is happening with Gaia and Divine dear ones. We know that what you are experiencing after the powerful full moon may be different and somehow a little bit on the heavy side. Full moon energy tends to be intense, and it is hard for the human body and psyche to endure. But dear ones, understand it is the natural cycle and it is the way nature manifests itself so that you and nature can grow together and in sync. Yes, go with the flow and nature will flow with you and for you. It is the dynamic that humanity used to have with Mother Nature, flowing with each other and in sync. And that is the new normal and that is what Gaia wants for her children, to live with each other and In sync with each other.
We love you. We love Gaia. And we love humanity. Humanity's ascension is our goal and deepest desire. And now that is happening, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, are having great celebration with great gratitude toward heaven, Divine, you, the dear light workers and ascending humanity. We are so grateful for all these beautiful happenings, Gaia is ascended peacefully and resting nicely, and watching her children ascending with great motherly love. Humanity is working so hard completing its lessons and rushing to ascend. And dear light workers, you are arriving on the new earth by hundreds and thousands and by leaps and bounds. We, on the other side of the veil, watch all this with great satisfaction and contentment. What an amazing feeling, an amazing achivement! Indeed, heaven on earth, finally, after thousands of lifetimes, all that time and effort, and it is happening, literally in front of our eyes, Divine indeed.
We love you. Our love for you is so tremendous, and we can not express it enough. Time to say thank you again and we leave you with our great love and tears of joy. Indeed, we love you. Namaste, so it is.


Divine decree on intensifying the incoming energy

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have an important message to share. Divine has decreed that Gaia and her children are so ready for the advancement of the next step of ascension, and Divine will intensify the upcoming energies and help Gaia and humanity advance.
Yes, intensify is the key word.... Some may already feel the energy is intense, we say yes, it is, and it will be more intense dear ones, getting ready for the tsunami, tsunami of Mother's love and tsunami of love and light will flood the planet, wash all the shadow free and liberate humanity at yet another deeper level. For that, we welcome the tsunami, we celebrate the coming of the tsunami of love, and we ask you, dear light workers and humanity, to get ready, open your arms and hearts, embrace the tsunami of love wholeheartedly, like a child embracing the mother, the earth embracing the rainfall and the forest embracing the spring, embrace the new, the new life. Indeed, a beautiful tsunami of love.
That is the message we brought today, short and sweet. We also want to thank our channelor for diligently conveying the Divine messages to you and spreading the Divine light and love to humanity. For that, we appreciate her and love her tremendously.
That is all we have today. We love you. We love humanity. At this historical moment of ascension, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, whole heartedly pray the dear light workers and humanity take this precious opportunity, jump on the ascension band wagon, go with the flow, the flow of change, and flow with it. Ascend with Gaia and ascend with the Universe. Once in a blue moon opportunity indeed, although the blue moon is at the Cosmo level.
We love you dear ones. We wish you a great day, a smooth ride, and a peaceful journey. Our love will be with you as always, so is our peace. And so it is.


Divine decree on finishing the race

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, come today with great news. Divine has decreed that humanity and Gaia have reached a point that all systems go and hurry up and finish the race, the race for the first wavers. Yes, hurry up and finish the race.
Dear first wavers, you are being... called, and you are reaching finish line. Divine has also decreed that once you finish the race, you get a chance of resting, a short break, and then the real work begins for you. You are the hope for humanity. And you are going to lead the masses, the real ascension army, to get on path and gradually ascend, one by one, long journey maybe but a critical one for humanity; once in a lifetimes journey.
Humanity has been on this journey long enough to know that now is their chance, the chance for enlightenment, and a chance for spiritual advancement. Humanity is taking this opportunity seriously and is eager to get on the path in whatever way that suits them. And that is a good sign, a great sign actually. That means, dear light workers, your job will be easier, not easy, but easier and smoother. Considering your students are eager to learn, being a teacher, you will feel encouraged and love to teach, enjoy to teach and teach with great reward, and that will be you, dear first wavers, you are going to be teachers, and your students will be humanity at large, a good, eager and ready pool of students. Together, you are going to make miracles, make humanity a race of whole new consciousness, a whole new race indeed. Great future awaits both of you, beloved first wavers and the rest of humanity.
That is the news, great news indeed. It is news that makes our hearts sing; and great news we have been waiting for. Company of heaven has been on this waiting game forever, and now it is happening. We are beyond excited, and beyond belief. Our heart and soul are all on this grand event. We, just like you, dear light workers, also have been on this journey with humanity for eons of time, ups and downs, highs and lows, you name it. Whatever you experience it, we do too, the only difference is that we experience it in spirit, not in human body, but we have been there before, we know how it feels like being human, a working human, a human who is connected with divine, and bring divine to earth, a light worker, yes, we have done all of that, and we enjoyed it, and love to be a human. However, this time, we need to be up here so that we can support you on a grander scale with greater power and more tools. And that is the Divine order. Otherwise, we would love to experience it in human form, be there with you, walk hand in hand, and usher in the new civilization, the Golden Age.
So, that is our sentiment we share with you so that you know how precious your experience is, and how much you are loved in order to be there. Treasure your body and treasure your experience we say, and enjoy, enjoy the journey, enjoy the life, and enjoy whatever you experience because that is what only humans can have, and we, the ascended masters can not have. It is beautiful. It is beyond beautiful being human. And it is actually most exciting experience we, the company of heaven, deemed to have, and we would try to experience it as much as we can when we incarnate.
So, dear light workers and humanity, enjoy your human experience. Have a beautiful journey you meant to have, and come home and share with us, we love to hear your experiences, good or bad in your terms, we love it all.
We love you. We envy your journey, in a good way of course. We love to experience it through you, and most important, we love to make sure you experience it with love and joy.
Have a beautiful journey indeed. We love you. We leave you with our great admiration and appreciation, so it is.


Divine decree on Lion Gate energy

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, come today with an important message to share. Yes, Divine decreed that the lion gate opens today with an unprecedented light and energy coming with it. It is yet another chance for heaven to help humanity on the path of ascension, and another chance for h...umanity to pick up the pieces and run with it.
Yes, you may feel the intense energy already when this message is out, but dear ones, it is just the beginning, it is just the first wave coming out of the gate when the beautiful gate opened by Archangels and Divine. It is a grand event in Cosmo scale, and it will be a grand one for Gaia and humanity. Humanity pretty soon will be bathed in this powerful yet loving, immensely cleansing energy. For that, we thank Divine for this blessing and we thank humanity for being willing to accept this blessing.
That is the news for today. We continue to monitor the progress on earth. We assure you that all is well at this moment. Gaia is shifting smoothly and easily, with the great help from heaven and star brothers and sisters, we have great help as well. Heaven has decreed that whatever we, the company of heaven and Gaia, need, heaven will provide. And all the support has been immensely helpful and timely and overwhelmingly loving. For that, we are extremely grateful and Gaia has been extremely appreciative of all the help she and her children have received. It is indeed a great event at Cosmo level, and we have never seen anything like this and at this level of importance and scale. For that, we are indeed in awe, and grateful for dear light workers and humanity. You are indeed so blessed by heaven, blessed indeed.
We love you. On this auspicious morning, we send you our blessings. We bless you with a great morning, a great day. Enjoy the beautiful energy, and enjoy the powerful blessing that heaven just bestowed upon you. Know you are so loved and blessed, everything else does not matter, what matters is your ascension. Take this great opportunity, ascend with beautiful loving mother Gaia. And that is our loving prayer. We love you indeed. And so it is.


Divine has decreed to call light workers

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we the ascended masters and company of heaven, come today with an important message. Divine has decreed that light workers and communities alike are being called by Divine to start the last minute duty call, a call to serve Gaia and her children, a call to serve humanity and serve those in need. Yes, the ...reason Divine is calling out the light workers at this moment is because huge changes are happening and yes more to come to the planet earth, and cause huge percentage of awakening along with the chaos, and only the light workers and spiritual aspirants and teachers are in the position to help besides the Divine forces on the other side. Divine has great sense of urgency for the light workers and light worker communities alike, and encouraging immediate actions and reactions and work together to get humanity on track of ascension.
Yes, it is ideal that humanity will ascend peacefully and smoothly along with light workers. But in reality, a great deal of the population is still in the dark, not knowing what is happening, not sure what to do or which direction to take but to react to the chaos and react to the clearing and cleansing energies, and that can cause the cycle of clearing to continue and impede the ascension effort that dear light workers and Divine have put in, and the result could be the delay of first wave of ascension and the ascension of humanity as a whole.
So, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have come forward to urge the light workers and light worker communities please stand up for your brothers and sisters, walk with them, give them a hand, give them loving heart and give them the light they desperately searching for. Yes, feed the hungry hearts with your love, bring the light to their hearts, and feed the hope to the hopeless, love the unlovable, save the unsavable. Yes, we say save the unsavable, not in the Christian sense, but the human perspective. Light up their hearts and soul, light up the world at the moment when they desperately needs your light and love.
Yes, dear light workers, we love you. We love what you do. We applaud what you have done, and yet we plead you please do more at this desperate moment of human history, and for humanity and Divine, do more, bring more light and love, help more.
We know in our heart that our dear light workers have done so much for Divine and humanity and demand so little, and rewarded with nothing but more work. Yes, we know that and we love you for that and we do what we can to help you, and support you from the other side, even if it helps you a little, or simply makes you feel better, a little comfort of knowing that we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, can help our light workers from the other side of the veil, make your life a little easier or bring a little comfort to your long journey. We understand the hardship and difficulties our dear light workers have to endure, not just this lifetime, but hundreds and thousands of lifetimes, for that, we plead you: please give your hardship to us, please let us help you, please let us love you, please let us hear you and please hear our love, please feel our love and know our love and trust our love. Yes, our love for you is eternal dear light workers, our love for you is beyond what we can express, is beyond human language and is beyond 3rd dimension. So, please let us love you and work with you, support you, together, let's help humanity, let's help Gaia, and let's help Divine. Together, we can do it, and we can.
That is our message for today. We know the message sounds desperate and the situation on earth is indeed desperate dear ones. We want to convey our desire to you and the sense of urgency to you so that you heed the call and act, act in your own way, in other words, in the way you see fit to help humanity and ascension of the masses.
We love you. We applaud you. We appreciate what you have done and what you do. We salute you with great love and gratitude, and we send you our love and light. Together, we prevail dear ones. We leave you with our love and peace. Enjoy your journey of love and light. And so it is.