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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Mother Mary on Working in Dimenisons

Mother Mary says the world is changing so dramatically dear hearts. All you need to do is to detach, detach from TV, news media, Internet, and connect with love, with inner self and the divine within. Once you detach from the clasping world, you will be able to see it from a higher perspective and have a clear vision of what is going on and h...ow to navigate through it without being impacted negatively. And that is what this message about.
Yes, the world is ending at a drastic speed. As Divine change agents, you see this coming and you know what it means for you. Dear ones, it is true that the new earth is already there for you to enter, to occupy and to co create with the great creator. It is true that most of the light workers are already there, but not all the time, sometimes, you slide right back to the 3rd dimension, and you know that, too, when you are in 3rd dimension because it is so dense and the old thought forms are so heavy and harmful. It is almost unbearable for you to survive and function, and the good thing is that you get yourself out of there as soon as you realize it, and that is the goal of being a light worker right now. Being able to cross over to the lower dimension effortlessly and that gives you the freedom and flexibility of being a healer or teacher because then you can go to the lower dimension to help humanity and stay in the 5th dimension when you need to or choose to. That kind of flexibility or mobility is essential in the up coming new age for a light worker. It is essential because you need the 5th dimension to recharge your energy field, to rest, to recoup after you go to the lower dimension to do your light work, to help and to lead. What a beautiful design and beautiful system dear ones, dimension hoppers-that is how you do your light work in this new energy and new age.
I am Mother Mary. I am here today to share the news, and give you an update about where you are and the light workers progress. As a divine change agent myself, I have experienced the dimension hopping and understand what it means and how to navigate that. And it is my desire to share my experience with you and it is my wish that it will be helpful for you dear ones.
Being the divine change agent couple thousand years ago, and now since I have reincarnated again in this lifetime, I have the privilege to be able to share the experience with you all, and walk this precious journey with you, hand in hand, we get this journey going and get humanity on track and get Gaia's shift on time. Yes that sounds like a lot and sound daunting, but dear ones, this time we have an army of us, an army of the light workers and an army of divine light beings here to assist us. Despite all the diffculties and hurdles, we did it and we have gone so far that we literally now entering the 5th dimension, the new earth and ushering in the new civilization, and all that success and progress are ours, and ours to claim. So, dear ones, we indeed made it and we indeed brought heaven to earth. Now we just need to occupy the new earth and start to create, create a brand new civilization for humanity, a brand new home for ourselves and a brand new planet for Gaia and Galactic, and a brand new universe will be the next. You can see how bright our future is dear ones, and how magnificent we are as divine change agents and cocreators on earth, and that is called miracle making, indeed miracles.
I am Mother Mary. I love you. On this beautiful morning, I pray that you detach from the old and venture into the new, with excitement and joyful heart. Know you have succeeded and you are on the new phase now, a phase full of fun and full of adventure. A phase of creation. And Mother Mary is with you on this adventure, creating with you; and creating a beautiful home for us all. That is Mother Mary's prayer, and that is Mother Mary's wish and desire. Mother Mary is so excited about this adventure and so ready to venture out with you all. Indeed, start the train of adventure and have fun co-creating and have fun exploring. Have fun, that is all this is about. After all that time and effort, lifetimes after lifetimes, dear ones, the real fun is just beginning, yes, the real fun of this grand project is just beginning and Mother Mary cannot wait to get on the fun train with you and start this fun filled phase. And Divine cannot wait to see what a brand new, and beautiful new world we are going to create, with Gaia and Divine. All is so exciting and promising dear ones, let the fun begin. You deserve it. You earn it and you pray for it. And now it is here, and it is yours.
Mother Mary loves you! So it is.


Guan Yin on latest happenings

Guan Yin says the current world affairs need a calm mind and peaceful heart to navigate. Yes, it seems chaotic in all areas, economic slowdowns, stock market tumblings, election dramas and war hawkish attention grabbings. All of these is actually a good sign, a sign of dying of the old and tumbling of the 3Dimension structures and s...ystems so the new can be born. Yes, it is difficult to watch, to experience the drama in day to day life, but dear ones, only the death of the old can usher in the new, the new civilization can be born. In order for the new to come, the old has to be transmuted into the new, just like the phonex, birthing out of the ashes, and humanity is going through this rebirthing process, actually deep in this rebirthing process. See the horizon, the hope, the newer version of the society, governments and the world and keep the hope and dreams alive, and know all is well, all is in Divine order and all is developing according to Divine plan indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I come today to give you an update on what is happening behind the scenes. Divine has decreed that humanity has reached a point that drastic measures are needed so that the old dark forces can be removed from the planet quick and humanity can get on with restoration quickly and Gaia can have yet another thorough releasing without too much invention. And Divine will manage all these quick actions with the support of ascended masters, dear light workers and company of heaven.
So, that is happening now behind the scenes, and you will soon see all the results of this Divine decree. Yes, things will get more chaotic shortly, and Gaia will release more shortly and humanity will be more awakening as the result of intensified incoming energies. All systems go, and outcomes can be overwhelming dear ones. And that is why I am here to forewarn you so you can prepare yourself, mentally and emotionally. And best advice I can give you is to detach, detach from all the happenings and stay in the heart and have faith and trust and know all these happenings are planned, destined, and for the liberation of Gaia and humanity, and for the greater good of all.
Dear hearts, I am Guan Yin. I am the lord of the world, and I am the servant of humanity. I come today with this enormously important message and hope you heed it and share it and be prepared. I love you. I love humanity. Humanity's ascension is indeed underway and humanity's welfare is heavily weighted in Divine's heart and my heart. I am the mother of humanity just like any mother with her children. Any time her children go through some changes, the mother goes through with them. Yes, I am going through this great shift and ascension with my children-the humanity and Gaia. It is my great desire that this process goes as smooth and successful as possible. And it is my heart's desire that all my children ascend with Gaia, and all my children ascend successfully and all my children ascend with minimum pain and heartache, and ascend with great joy and happiness. Yes, all my children will ascend indeed.
I love you. This is the message for today. I will continue to update you about what is happening and what is to come, and I will keep a vigilant eye on the elections and happenings around the world, and give you my view on them.
I love you dear ones. Keep my love in your heart and know you are all loved greatly. With love and peace, I leave. And so it is.


Guan Yin on current affairs and elections

Guan Yin says the current situation on the planet is quite chaotic from the human point of view. You have the die hard old energy represented by the outrageous politicians, super elite groups and war Hawks et cetera, raging against the poor, the ordinary, the marginal groups and countries. And they have the dark forces behind them, making them... believe that what they say and do are conscientious and for the good of the groups, or country they represent. They think they are fighting for the right reason, and they represent the truth. The truth is that none of them represent the truth. The truth does not need representatives. The truth is in every person, and the truth is always there is every one. What happens is the soul's development level, when a soul evolves to a higher conscious, he or she cannot but only speak the truth, walk as truth and reflects the truth, and the truth only. However, it takes great deal of releasing and clearing for a soul to get there, and be the truth as it is supposed to be, and shine as the truth as a divine being. And that is our hope for humanity as a group, to develop and evolve to the level to live as truth, walk as truth, speak truth and be the truth. And that is enlightenment, enlightenment of the masses and enlightenment of humanity.
I am Guan Yin. I am the ascended master, the company of heaven. I am the Divine Mother in the east and the rest of the world. I am the so called Bodhisattva, who forgo the Boddhahood for the sake of humanity, choose to incarnate over and over so that I can bring Divine light and teachings to humanity so that humanity gradually climbs out of the deep hole it had dug for itself. Yes, I have. I have incarnated over thousands of lifetimes. In China alone, I have incarnated in every role you can think of as a human being. Although there are some of my favored incarnations, one of them is being a great mother of the nation of the China, and great mother of the great leader of the nation. During that incarnation, I was the mother to a son who was destined to be the leader of the country, and he had to fight his way to the top, and that was tough, but he made it, and he made a difference in the Chinese history and the history of humanity I would say because without him as a leader, the country would still be in the feudal regime and Chinese culture would still be very closed, primal and the world would still be in an uncertain place. That would bring the civilization back hundreds of years at least. So, for that I am happy I contribute to the advancement of the civilization and world history. And I am proud to be his mother, a mother of a hero and a mother of a great son.
Now, you wonder why Guan Yin all of a sudden becomes sentimental and talks about being a mother and contributions to the world history. Yes, indeed, in many incarnations, I have played pivotal roles, advanced humanity a great deal. But the real reason I am talking about this particular lifetime as a mother is because I have come to realize that humanity is coming, yet again, to another time of confusion, confused by the misinformation, and confused by the characters who are driven by the dark, but appearing for the good of the country, and that is dangerous part of the whole clearing process. It can set people back and set the history back. So, I brought up the story and try to tell humanity that one person can change history, yes, sometimes it only takes one soul to put humanity back years or hundreds years, and humanity really has to wake up to that point, go with the wisdom learned through out the history, and not let the dark fool you again, even just one election, one presidential election can set you country back. That is my point, and that is my story. I share with you today and with great sentiment indeed. Because I enjoy being human, being a mother, especially being a great mother who can influence the country in the positive way, well lived life indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I love humanity, humanity's ascension is my wish, Divine's order and humanity's ultimate goal. Together, we are making it, one step at a time, but surely we are making the history. The history of enlightenment on earth, a brand new chapter indeed. I am so proud to be involved in this process, and contribute to its outcome. It is great pleasure to see humanity moving forward by leaps and bounds, and it is my great desire; dear light workers and humanity work together, to get the job done, smoothly and successful without any further delay. And it is Mother's wish that you all will ascend with Gaia ontime and then help humanity for eventual ascension.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. I love humanity. It is my desire to help you and support you. Call on me and know I am always there with you and for you. Whenever there is a need, I will be there. And that is the Bodhisattva and that is what I am. I love you. I love humanity indeed. With great love, I leave. So it is.


Guan Yin on blending the spirit with physical body

Guan Yin says life is eternal, and life is temporary. What is eternal is the soul, your true essence, and what is temporary is the external house, your physical body. Blending well, internal soul essence and external body will provide you a safe heaven on earth, an earthly heaven, which is ascension about, blending your body and soul so that you bring your heaven to earth.
I am Guan Yin. I love yo...u and guide you on your ascension path. My prayer for you is to trust the process and trust your guides and trust your eternal soul because they are part of the mighty YOU and here to help your body to blend, blend with the soul essence. All is well indeed. Guan Yin loves you all and blesses you all.
With my love, have a great day, Guan Yin says.


Mother Mary's blessings for twin flames

Yes, dear hearts, I am Mother Mary, mother of Jesus and mother of you all. The reason I am here today is to share a Divine blessing with you all. Divine has decreed that when twin flames are ready, they will have the divine blessing and meet in physical forms. Of course, there are some twins are not incarnated together, one is on earth and t...he other is in the higher realms. Their reunion is a different matter, and it is not what I share here. What I am sharing is for the twins who are both incarnated on earth at this moment, and they are designed to reunite when the time is right, and once they reunite, they will start their join mission and serve the Mother.
Yes, I am Mother Mary and I come to share this knowledge so that when you are ready, you will have my blessings and meet your twins. It is a divine design and it is a divine blessing. It is Mother's love for you and it is a gift.
As Divine Mother's aspect, I act as Divine Mother's representative grant you the opportunity so that you can join your twin, reunite with your beloved, the divine count part and serve as a team. What an exciting opportunity. For some, this is the first time ever for both to incarnate on earth and reunite on earth. For others, they have joined their twins often to work as a team on earth because their mission is demanding and it needs both to be together to provide the vibration, the safety net and committment and those twins tend to unite early in life, and again, bless them this opportunity to come together and serve the Mother.
For all the twins here on earth, I am here to bless you. Have my blessings, open your heart, getting ready and meet your twins, join your twins and get on the mission, the mission you both so painstakingly designed. It is time indeed. Beautiful time, beautiful design.
I am Mother Mary. I am so thrilled to give you my blessings for this divine occasion, and celebrate for you and your beloved. Yes, When twins reunite, heaven smiles and celebrates. It is a beautiful moment at Cosmo scale when two halves unite as one. It is beautiful beyond words. And I always cherish this moment and always love to see this moment happening. Now, more and more twins will reunite and more and more twins will start their mission, I, Mother Mary, have so much of the love for them, and so much of the expectations and excitements. My heart fills with great love and happiness, exciting time indeed.
I am Mother Mary. I love you. In this beautiful morning, I pray all the twins heed my call, seek you will find, meet your twin and reunite, for Divine and for the Mother. I love you. I give you my best, I give you my blessings. Mother Mary, so it is.


Mother Mary on new moon energy

Mother Mary says what the energy is doing to your physical body on this new moon day is to recalibrate your light body and activate your dormant DNA, the old teachings and programs will be removed once and for all and new information and Divine connections will be reestablished for your next mission.
Yes, the energy feels intens...e. It is designed this way so that the speed of the spiritual evolution and magnitude will be grand and the population at large will be impacted in a positive way so that humanity will follow the light workers, get on the ascension path and shift with Gaia. A great design indeed.
I am Mother Mary. Mother of Jesus and Mother of you all. I come today to share the history with you and cheer you on. Yes, the energy is high you say. I say dear ones, let the love do the wonders and let the love in. That is the only way you won't resist the energy and flow with it. Once you relax and flow with it, you will notice time passes by fast, and your day seems gone before you know it. Working with incoming energy is like working with time-when you don't pay attention, time goes fast. Same thing with the energy, if you don't focus on it, it goes unnoticed, and yet still does it's wonderful job, activate your DNA and advancing you spiritually and making a "new you" possible. We, on the spiritual side, understand what it takes to birth a new you. It is a strenuous process, never easy but rewarding. Your physical body has to go through a thorough recalibration and almost like a reconstruction so that your nervous and immune system and dormant DNA can fully come online and your senses will be refreshed, your intuition will be reestablished, your immune system can be restored, your organs and cells can be rebirthed, stop the aging process and restored the eternal youth you so desire.
Yes, environment plays pivotal role in this process. You need fresh air, clean water and healthy food for your body to function properly so the renewal process goes smoothly. We understand the current situation on earth is not anywhere near ideal for you going through this rebirthing process, and we on the other of the veil, have been working diligently to compensate for that with our great light and love so that you will be able to manage this process without too much damage to the body. It is a team effort indeed, and that is why you see so many light beings currently on earth and assisting you, dear light workers, simply because heaven knows how delicate this process is and how much is involved for your physical body, and only way to make it possible is to overlight you, give you strength and wisdom to overcome the shortcomings you encounter by living on earth right now, and so far it has been working, and working miraculously. You have, the dear light workers, going through this process by leaps and jumps, and you have humanity going through this process rapidly without even conscious effort. That is miracle indeed. Mother Mary and heaven are very content with the progress you all are making, and cheer you on on the other side of the veil.
Yes, Mother Mary cheers you on. On this beautiful new moon day, Mother Mary wants you to know that your progress on the ascension path is amazing. All is well, and all is monitored. Divine and heaven have been monitoring humanity since the day this process began and do whatever is necessary to make this process easier for you. And Mother Mary has been on board since the beginning. She is with you all. She is going through the same process as you do, ups and downs. Only difference is that Mother Mary's path is full of ups and downs and intense simply because of great deal of demands on her body and spirit, and great deal of Divine connections have given her tremendous love and support so that despite the ups and downs, she progresses at amazing speed, and finishes mission after mission, and only find there are still more missions awaiting her. Yes, indeed, there are great deal of "to dos" for Mother Mary, and she knows that and she takes it in stride and try to do it one at a time, what a Divine warrior she is, and Divine is so proud of her and so thrilled that her path becomes smoother every day, and her maturity level goes through the roof considering she had only been on the current path less than three years. What an accomplishment indeed. Divine watches over her with great pride and satisfaction. "Great job indeed, Mother says with great love for her. And Mother Mary knows that the reason she is here on earth right now is to help the Mother and Gaia. She knows how precious this opportunity is and she wants to do whatever she can, and make this trip worthwhile and rewarding besides the needs of completing her missions as a Divine change agent. And Mother Mary is doing that and doing that beautifully. Divine and heaven are so thrilled to see that and decreed that Mother Mary will be the leader of ascension team, lead humanity to the new age, along with Guan Yin, will lead the next phase of the advancement of humanity, and that gives Mother Mary great deal of motivation. Yes, I will do my best, Mother Mary promised to the Mother and Divine, and Divine and heaven have been on her side forever, and that also gives Mother Mary confidence and strength. I have Divine on my side, she says, all will be alright.
Mother Mary's journey continues, and unfolding rapidly. Yes, being a Divine change agent, she knows what is ahead of her and what demands of her and she takes all that in with ease and grace. I have Divine on my side, anytime she feels overwhelmed, she will say that to herself, and gives herself a dose of encouragement. Just like that, Mother Mary has been managing all the intense experiences, all the intense incoming energies, and all the missions along the way and continue to do so, she often says I am blessed and I am grateful, with this great altitude, Mother Mary marches on, on her journey.
The journey may be long and strenuous, but Mother Mary knows it will be a great journey, a rewarding journey. Being a Divine change agent, that is all matters, to complete the missions and complete the journey and go home.
That is Mother Mary and Mother Mary's spirit. And that makes Mother Mary the Mother Mary. What a Divine angel indeed. Divine and heaven watch her with great joy and gratitude, indeed, that is our Mother Mary, beautiful Mary, no wonder we are so in love with her. Beautiful Mary indeed. So it is so.


Guan Yin on World Affairs

Guan Yin says the current world affairs reflect the clearing process going on in human psyche very accurately and profoundly. Humanity is going through deep cleansing in order to ascend to the new earth, and that minors in almost all the areas of human life, especially governments and world affairs, and are deeply impacte...d by the Divine energy and will only get more chaotic before getting better. The reason I say that is because from our perspective the need for more and deeper clearing is paramount and heaven and Divine has deemed that the clearing will continue and intensify as humanity's capacity of intaking the incoming energy is evolving and growing substantially. We, the Divine and company of heaven, have been monitoring the incoming energy and altering the intensity so that humanity and light workers will all benefit from the energy at individual level but yet won't be overwhelmed by it so the normalcy of life can mostly be maintained, and humanity can grow with it without coming to a sudden halt or sudden chaos, and that strategy has been working and working well in some areas of the world, and we, the Divine and company of heaven, are happy about it and determined to continue the strategy.
I am Guan Yin. I am the Divine Mother in the east and the rest of the world. I am here with you on this journey, journey to the new earth and journey home to heaven. It is on this profound journey that Guan Yin has learned great deal about being human and about intricate relationships between humans and how to navigate these relationships. Guan Yin incarnated thousands of lifetimes, literally played every role a human can imagine, and enjoyed them all. Of course, when you are in human form, experience the human life on earth, at that moment, you may not see the perspective like we see and may not appreciate the happenings as we do, but after you return to heaven, reviewing the lessons you learned on earth during that lifetime, you realize that all these experiences are precious and enchanting. They satisfy your earnings and benefit your growth, and most importantly provide you with wisdom that can only be gained through experience, and that is the most valuable lesson of being human.
So, the reason I am putting this paragraph in the middle of the updates is because Guan Yin just had a few moments of the interesting human experiences, and we, the Divine and company of heaven, realize that this is a perfect teachable moment for Guan Yin, and want to remind her of the bigger picture and the purpose of being human and experience the human life, and bring her back on track so to speak, and that is our goal, and that is what she does. She always is able to bring herself on track after any drama or interesting experiences. Guan Yin is a great warrior and we, the Divine, love her greatly, perfect Divine reflection indeed.
Now, let's go back to the current state of the world affairs. The world you know it has long gone dear ones. What you have right now is the period of upheaval and transition. Before a perfect brand new world governing forces are in place, humanity has to find a way to navigate this period of the darkness yet remain hopeful. It is a time for changes and a time for the old to die out and the new to be born. Yes, it is not always easy to see the things you are familiar with to die even if it is not good for you. Humans tend to stay in the comfort zone, but dear ones, this comfort zone is no longer there, it has been removed in the etheric level, it now only exists as illusion, and dies out quick and die out hard sometimes too. Whatever is the case, you just have to let it die without too much of your attention, and that is the challenge and that challenge needs you facing it with peace and calm, eventually, you will see less and less challenges, more and more clear version of the new earth, and more and more of the love and peace, and that day is coming. That day is coming faster for some, slower for others, but nevertheless is coming, and will stay for sure, stay for the good of all. And that is the message I am conveying, and that is where humanity is. All is in Divine timing indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. I love humanity. Humanity's ascension is our desire and heaven's desire and humanity's welfare is our goal, and heaven's goal. We will do whatever it takes to make sure humanity's path to ascension is smooth and humanity's enlightenment will be a great success.
That is what is happening now on the planet earth as well as in heaven. We will continue to give you updates on the world affairs since it has been a wild card lately, and we send you our love and compassion. Know all is well. All is in Divine order and all is well indeed. So it is.


Mother Mary Yin on current energy and her mission

Mother Mary says the situation on the planet at this moment is very tricky. You have the light coming in from above and light workers, and you have the chaos released from the world and light workers. When the light comes in and digs out the old, ancient and outdated residuals of humanity's miscreations, the world would have to re-experience t...hose miscreations all over again without reacting to it in order to complete the cycle and release once and for all. But humanity has not awaken enough to understand this simple spiritual law and want to react to it, and that can risk the recreation of the cycle again, and that requires us, the light workers to educate themselves as well as humanity so that the cycle can run its course, and end once and for all.
I am Mother Mary, mother of Jesus and mother of all. I come today to share the status of the world right now, so that you, my dear light workers and humanity will be aware of what is happening and what will happen and be prepared and prepare for the upcoming changes and happenings.
Yes, the world is changing in all ways and directions and levels. Humanity at large is wondering what is happening, and why it is happening? Humanity has been misinformed in so many ways that little tiny hints here and there are not enough to be taken. Humanity has to have big events or life changing events in order to really wake up. However, this time around, humanity is taking the hint and taking the happenings as hints and awakening at astonishing speed. Humanity finally realizes that their life, their fate if you may, is deeply impacted by what is happening to the earth, to the climate, and ultimately to their beliefs, beliefs in religion, government, institutions and society as a whole. And now they want to change, change for the better, they know they have the power, most importantly they realize they can change and they are the leaders of their own life, and deciders of their own future and the future of their society. And that is an awakening society, awakening humanity.
A society with awakened souls is an awakened society, a civilized society and higher conscious society. We, the Divine, have been waiting for this society for humanity for eons of time, and now it is arriving, and it is forming with record speed. We, the Divine, are so encouraged and pleased and excited for humanity indeed.
Mother Mary had come to earth couple thousand years ago and was tasked to lead humanity to such a society. That was the first trip Divine had decreed Mother Mary to take and to lead humanity to an awakened society in human history, along with Jesus, they came with great expectations and great love for humanity, got on the path of enlightenment as early as Mother Mary could, and Jesus was never asleep, he knew his mission the moment he arrived, and even that it took them both decades to reach fully awakened state and ready to serve. 3 dimension is indeed so dense, even if you are on the path for a long time, it is still so difficult to make progress, not mentioning fully awakening and full enlightenment. However, despite all the chanllenges and difficulties, Mother Mary and Jesus indeed fully awakened to the degree that Divine deemed they were ready for their mission. So, Jesus started his mission in his early thirties, Mother Mary played a supportive role. They constantly had the loving support from the Divine and other light beings, still the facts proved that their mission could not be completed in one lifetime, and Divine also realized that yes, it does take a great deal of light, and light workers in order to make the impact and awaken humanity. That was the mission from couple thousand years ago, and now Mother Mary and Jesus yet come again to continue what they Started and complete the mission they had been assigned. Yes, Divine had decreed that they will come again, together, to complete the mission, which is to awaken humanity to their spiritual self, get on the path of self realization and self enlightenment, and ascend with Gaia.
Mother Mary is so thrilled that now all that is happening, even though it took couple thousand years of a break, but it is indeed happening and humanity is awakening to their spiritual core, and Gaia is ascending peacefully and smoothly. All is happening at such a speed that Divine is celebrating every moment of every day over the continuing progress humanity is making. What a spectacular scene, Mother Mary watches it with a great contentment and appreciation. She indeed loves what she sees.
Yes, I am Mother Mary. The mother of Jesus and mother of all. I come today to share the history of humanity and what is happening today. With great joy and appreciation, I, Mother Mary, want to say thank you, my dear light workers. Thank you for your love for Divine and humanity. Thank you for your tireless service for Divine and humanity. Thank you for your love for me and Jesus. And thank you for being you, the light for humanity and Divine, the light bringing Gaia and humanity to the new earth, and the light bringing humanity love and hope and a brand new future. For that, I salute you. I admire you, and I appreciate you. You are all my heroes dear ones, heroes for the new age, heroes for the new civilization and heroes for the new earth. I am proud of you. I love you. And I applaud you.
On this beautiful day on this beautiful blue planet, Mother Mary is indeed so grateful. She prays that the world is peacefully ascending. Humanity's ascension is smooth and for you, dear light workers's, enlightenment is fruitful and successful.
Mother Mary is with you on this journey of enlightenment. It is Mother Mary's mission to guide you and support you. And it is Mother Mary's desire to see your enlightenment happens and happens with great success and great joy. Know that Mother Mary's deep love for you and humanity is always with you and support you. Mother Mary loves you indeed.


Guan Yin on heart chakra healing

I have been going through the healings of past relationships. Sometimes tears other times sorrows or sadness. Although I am feeling better this morning and I asked Guan Yin where I am now, here is what she said and I hope it can help you as well. With love and compassion, here is the message.
Guan Yin says you are going through heart chakra healing dear heart. Yes, heart healing has been the them...e for a while now. It is in the heart you keep your stories, relationships and past loves. It is in the heart you treasure your past experiences and keep what had impacted you. And it is in the heart where all the wounds and hurts from past relationships are stored, and yes, it is in the heart you find love again. It is all in the heart and you are sorting through what is in your heart right now, keep what you want to keep, release what no longer serves you, and let it go.
In this heart healing process, you restore your love, your zest for love, your confidence for love and your desire for love, love for yourself and love for others. Yes, make space for love, and that is what you are doing, and that is what the energy is doing. Together, you heal, heal the past wounds and hurts, and heal the heart.
Let more love in dear heart, the more the better. Love is the medicine, medicine for the heart, medicine for the soul. And medicine for humanity. Only love can heal, and only love can unite, unite yourself, unite your aspects, and unite all and unite humanity.
That is what you are going through. Just relax and let love do the wonder. Know all is well, and all is in Divine order.
Call on me when you feel the need. I am with you. I love you. Together, we are one. We are the Divine. We are the consciousness and we are the love.
I am Guan Yin. I love you. My love for you is eternal. Enjoy your day, enjoy your journey. I am with you on the journey, protecting you, overlighting you and healing you, and mostly loving you. I love you indeed. So it is.