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Below are chanelling messages for the Month of April, start with the most recent one. 

Divine Messages for Lightworkers and Humanity


Divine decree

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we return with an enchanting message. Divine just decreed that Gaia's great shift has been going very well lately and so is humanity's shift. Divine decreed that Gaia and humanity will be blessed with a great blessing. A blessing of peace and prosperity. A blessing humanity has been longing for for ages. Yes, peace and prosperity will be bestowed on Gaia and her children.
So, what this blessing e...ntails is that humanity will finally have a chance to live in peace and prosperity without any conditions. Pure Divine blessing.
What amazing news, dear children of Gaia. Humanity has been struggling for peace and prosperity for eons of time, and now the struggles have come to an end. An end is so long over due.
Enjoy the news dear children of Gaia. We, the company of heaven and your star brothers and sisters, are celebrating with you. We applaud the Divine for the blessing. We celebrate the blessing with Gaia and her children. Together, we move fast forward to the peaceful and prosperous planet you, humanity and Gaia so desire.
We love you. We adore you. We solute you for all the victories. Peace with you.


Peace and Prosperity on Gaia

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with a great news. News humanity has been waiting for. Yes, humanity will be helped and lifted up from the poverty. Every human being on the planet will experience the prosperity Divinely designed before birth, and the planet will transition to a place of paradise. A place every soul is truely equal. A place every soul will be equally loved and treasured. A place where all children of Gaia will live in abundance on Gaia and with Gaia. And a place where there is no wars and peace is the normal.
What a beautiful picture humanity has strive for and what a beautiful life humanity will have. We, the company of heaven and ascended masters, are so happy for humanity and delighted to see that humanity finally will be able to live in peace and prosperity.
We have been working with your brothers and sisters to create the atmosphere of peace and prosperity for humanity so that peace and prosperity will finally be realized on earth.
What an amazing experience that will be. Humanity is so excited for that day. Yes, that day is coming and it is coming fast, dear brothers and sisters. We, the company of heaven, are indeed ready to deliever the good news and deeds to humanity. Are you ready? We certainly hope so.
That is the news for today. We leave you with peace and love.


Divine Mother's Tsunami of love

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven and Divine, come today with a great important message. The message is meant to inform you that humanity is facing a great wave of Tsunami, and this Tsunami will wash everything off shore, clean up anything and everything that needed to be cleaned.
It is time for the light workers and humanity work together in order to go through this Tsunami smoothly. It is our wish, Divine's will, that light workers lead humanity to the new high, a high place that humanity had never before experienced, and will have great difficulty to get there.
So, it is heaven's wish, Divine's will, dear light workers lend your hands to your brothers and sisters, lead humanity in a way that they feel safe and confident, and together you will go through this wave of Tsunami, and get on the path of enlightenment.
It is the final call for the light workers, and it is an emergency call, dear light workers. Your brothers and sisters need your help, right now, not tomorrow or in the future. It is now, your brothers and sisters are waiting for your helping hands.
That is the message for today. We know we come with a sense of urgency, but it is true. It is the urgency we need to convey to light workers and humanity. Together, we will get through it. Yes, together, you, us, and humanity. We are in this together.
Go in peace. We love you and humanity.


Divine decree on lifting up humanity 

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today with exciting news. Yes, we are excited about the news and we hope you will be too. Heaven has just decreed that humanity will be lifted up in the event  of catastrophy, and the lift-up will be the sign of disclosure. We undersand the message may sound a bit odd and even disturbing to some. But the essence of the message is that we are trying every way we can to get humanity's attention and make the disclosure happen. We understand the free will and by spiritual law, we won't interfere the human life. But in the event of a catastrophy, Divine will not sit and watch billions of souls suffering, your star brothers and sisters will not sit and watch either. So, the point is that we, the company of heaven, will act regardless the spiritual law when there is a good reason. Spiritual law is written based on the law of love and harmony. It is lawful to act based on love and peace and harmony if billions of souls are involved. And that is our translation.
So, that being said, we, the company of heaven, have been waiting for the disclosure for quite some time. It is humans who have delayed and delayed. We understand the fear that humanity has been built up over the millienia, but the fact of the matter is Gaia needs ascending, and humanity too. And Gaia and humanity need help in order to ascend peacefully and smoothly. And that help has to come from above. And humanity has to wake up to that fact and accept their brothers and sisters. Only together, we make this beautiful planet the way Divine has designed.
This is our message for today. We wish you peace and love. We are your Divine team, Divinie ambassdors, waiting for humanity to wake up to the truth. The disclosure has to happen and we try our best to make it happen. It is Divine's will that humanity will have a peaceful Ascension, so is ours. We are here to make sure that happens. We love humanity indeed.


Divine Decree 

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we have an extremely important message today. We come to inform you that Divine just decreed that humanity will have a chance to let go of the past hurts and come clean once and for all. In other words, past karma will be forgiven for all concerned, so that humanity can move forward without endless releasing the karma.
That is such a good news for dear light workers and humanity because now you can take a break from the clearing and focus on your own Ascension. The physical as well as the spiritual bodies can be attended to and the new DNA can be nurtured and utilized without triggering the old memories.
What we also want to emphasize is that the removal of karma for humanity is a decision from above. We, as your brothers and sisters, are happy for you and humanity because it is such a Divine compensation and only happens by Divine blessing, extreme blessing.
We celebrate for you. We hope you and humanity will celebrate as well. So, what does it mean to you and Gaia in the near future in terms of the shift? What we can say at this point is that all will be easier, because Gaia has been releasing old karma since the beginning of the shift; and felt endless karma needed clearing. But now she no longer needs to do that. What she does need to do is to ascend physically, her children will be doing the same thing, and adjusting to the new frequency, adjusting to the never ending new energy and continue to ascend. Adjustment probably will be the main theme for a while. For humanity, too, humanity will have to learn to adjust and balance till ascension happens.
That is all we have today. Go celebrate dear children of Gaia. Know you no longer bend to the old karma and it is a big deal. It is a great reason to celebrate, for you and Gaia.
Go in peace. We love you.


Divine partners and what they do

Divinely loved children of Gaia, we have an important message to share with you. We want to share what we do, supposed to do and what Divine wants us to do during this great shift in relation with Gaia and humanity. We know it is a broad subject, but we will make it short and sweet so that you get a simple version of it and understand us better, even to love us over... time. That is our goad and let's start.
We, as Divinely pointed team which watches over and monitors Gaia and humanity's great shift. We do, however, more than just monitoring, we also help in the way that humanity and animal kingdom and plants will be safely preserved and protected. Simply put, we are their protectors during this shift.
So, how do we do our job from above the planet millions miles away? You may ask, we say energetically we are here on earth, just in different dimensions. We do our job by supporting the grids that Gaia has built for herself.
We do our job by lifting up the planet energetically so that Gaia can freely cleanse herself.
We do our job by monitoring Gaia's every move so that we can step in to lift up humanity by our ships if we have to or if the danger is too great to many souls.
We do our job by simply communicating with our light worker communities so that they will work with Gaia and humanity to steer the ship and make sure the shift goes smoothly on daily basis.
We do our job by sending our love and support to humanity so that they in turn consciously or unconsciously love and help Gaia in whichever way they feel suited.
We do our job by loving our Divine plan and our crews, and our ground crews so that we are on the same page, so to speak, under the Divine plan and directions to get job done smoothly and successfully. So humanity will be able to evolve peacefully, without too much distractions and danger.
We do our job by contacting with our Divine liaisons and ambassadors to make sure we are consistent on implementing the Divine plan.
We do our job by simply surrounding the planet so that no more nuclear wars or that kind of nonsense happens again.
We do our job by abiding the spiritual laws-not interfering with humanity's free will, but yet make sure Gaia's Ascension is happening and ascending in the way she and Divine has designed, along with her children of course.
We do our job by loving our neighbors and brothers and sisters who are from different universes and here to help this beautiful planet to ascend.
We do our job by simply communicating with you so that you now understand what is happening with the planet and yourself.
We do our job by daily consulting with Guan Yin, The Lord of the world so to speak, so that we understand what she wants for humanity as a whole.
We do our job by daily meditating on what we can do to best serve Mother, Divine and humanity.
We do our job by leaving everything else behind and focus on Gaia 24/7.
We do our job by sending our love and appreciation to our voice, the channellor, who come to understand us and herself more and more everyday and doing a great job for us to make sure the broadcasting is on.
We do our job by monitoring the cabals or the dark forces so to speak, to make sure they are on leash, and won't interfere with Gaia's shift.
We do our job by sending ships around the globe to keep the peace necessary so that the shift continues.
We do our job by continuingsly strategizing, planing, predicting all sorts of scenarious during the shift, peak or off peak season so to speak. But for us, there is no off season.
We do our job by continuingsly sending humanity messages and warnings so that we are all prepared in the event catastrophy happens.
We do our job by continuingsly educating humanity so that they will be aware of their responsibilities to Gaia, the consequences to Gaia and themselves if they are not careful with their way of living with the planet.
Finally, we do our job by learning that our job and our to do list keeping growing. Nevertherreless we are getting more and more in tune with our job as well as humanity. And we are getting good at it and we love it.
We love humanity. We are brothers and sisters who do things for each other. That is why we are here. We are here for you and humanity. We are here for Gaia. We are here with tremendous love.



Divinely loved children of Gaia, we come today wih an extremely important announcement. Yes, it is an announcement for humanity. We, representatives of company of heaven and Divine, announce to the citizens of planet earth that Gaia's shift is coming to an end, not a complete end, but an end to a certain degree so that Gaia can take a deeper breath, a longer break, recharge and determine the next area or next step.
So, for now, as for today is the begining of this break. What that means to you, as the citizens of the planet is that you will get a break from the impact of the shift. It means you will have nicer weather, milder temperatures and people will feel better in general because how you feel is a direct reflection of Gaia's emotions, or Gaia's emotional body is being reflected in her children's. That being said, we still have reservations about the break because the break is temporary, and the shift will continue one way or the other, and Gaia will be ready shortly. So, we have to be ready, too, for the next step. It means we need to be ready now so that when Gaia shifts again, we will be fully prepared to handle whatever comes up. It means we need to figure out all the possible scenarios or outcomes of Gaia's next shift so that we can say we are fully prepared. Now you know what "All systems go" means. When heaven decreed that all systems go along with Gaia's shift, we knew we had a tremendous task at hands, and we knew we would not have breaks till the shift was done. After the shift began years ago, we realized that no matter how much we think we are ready, we are prepared, that fact the matter is you are never ready till it is done. You see, we are learning about ourselves, too, during this great shift.
So now, we just want to address humanity and educate humanity about what we do as company of heaven during this great shift, so that humanity gradually will realize that Gaia's shift is not just herself. It is a team effort. It is a tremendous effort from our side, as well as Gaia herself. And the children of Gaia, humanity will have to realize that what humanity does for the shift is directly impacts their lives and the survival of the planet.
That is all we have today. Go in peace dear citizens of planet earth. We, as your brothers and sisters, your heavenly partners, love you and love to see Gaia feeling relaxed and having a break.
Rest assured, we will always be there for Gaia and for humanity, and together we will go through the shift smoothly, try at least and get it done as Divine had decreed. We love you indeed.


Gaia resets

Divinely loved children of Gaia, at the morning of this full moon day. We, the voice for Divine, like to address and inform humanity that the shift, you and humanity as a whole are experiencing, has come to yet another milestone due to what Gaia is going through.
Gaia has shaken off tremendous amount of the old residual in just last few days so that she can reset the cycle by the full moon day, which is today. What this full moo...n does to her as well as to humanity is monumental simply because the cycle has ended, and a new cycle will begin tomorrow.
So, which cycle has ended and which cycle will begin, you may ask. Well, the simple way we can put it is that the cycle of March intense shifting and resetting have ended. And a new cycle of renewing and resurrection will begin tomorrow. As you know, humanity goes through cycles as Gaia does. Even if humanity has somehow gotten out of the sync with Gaia, but the cycle is still going of every minute of the day and impacts humanity.
So, what this cycle does is that humanity will be on a reset mode. We can safely say that almost everything will be reset. In human history, reset happens naturally. Whenever Gaia needs reset, she just does it. But this time is different because Gaia is going through a great shift while resetting. So the magnitude of the impact can be so great and is hard to foretell the outcome.
That is why we like to inform humanity that the impact you will feel in upcoming days and months can be overwhelming to say the least. We strongly encourage you to tune in to Gaia, to follow the seasonal changes mindfully. To take care of your physical body so that your physical body can be in sync with Gaia and you will be more comfortable with the shift.
We also strongly encourage you to follow the Divine messages so that you will be informed about where the shift goes. Educate yourself so that you can make sound decisions about your life.
Heaven has been diligently informing humanity regard to the great shift and where Gaia is with her Ascension. Heaven also has been greatly involved in humanity's shift and makes whatever effort and help humanity needs so that humanity will shift smoothly following Gaia's.
Heaven will continue to monitor and inform humanity and Gaia so that all will be in sync and all will be informed and taken care of.
This is the message for today. We wish you enjoy the full moon day and celebrate the reset with Gaia. It is a great monumental moment indeed.
Note, for preparation purpose, feel the need to repost this message.