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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary


Mother Mary on twin relationship

Q&A with Mother Mary
Q: how to find my twin flame?
Mother Mary: dear heart, twinflame relationship is not something you find. It is a Divine blessing from the Mother. And only when you both are ready, it naturally happens. It appears at the right time, with the right reason and feels right from the beginning.
In order to meet your twin soul, instead of focus on looking for him/her, focus on yourse...lf. Open your heart, love yourself, love your past relationships, recognize the wisdom those relationships had brought to you and appreciate it. Appreciate the person or persons themselves as well as the overall experiences. Know all relationships were designed by you and your partners for the benefit of learning the life lessons.
Once you have done the reevaluation and appreciation. Also remember to forgive, forgive yourself, forgive all that involved, and most important, forgive the past, forgive the past hurts and wounds. Only till then, you are ready. Your heart will be wide open, your twin soul will naturally arrive, and your relationship with him/her will work out.
And that is design.


Divine Feminine on twin reunion

Twin flame reunion is happening around the world at an unprecedented speed. It is Divine's will that every soul on earth will unite with their twin flames. It is Divine Mother's blessing for humanity. And it is light worker's mission to bring their twin souls home to the Mother when their missions being completed.
Dear light workers, it is time to re-unite with your twins. It is your time to move forward courageously and fulfill your mission, include finding your twin flame, unite and serve the Mother. You are being called. It is time indeed.
This message is delivered by Divine Feminine and Mother Mary. We are one!


Guan Yin on mass enlightenment

Goddess Guan Yin says that humanity is indeed ready for the enlightenment. The enlightenment for the masses ushers in the Golden Age of Gaia. We as the Divine look down and see such a glorious Golden planet permeated with Christ Consciousness. Glorious indeed.
Dear light workers, children of Gaia, open your beautiful arms and embrace the dawn of the New Age. Your civilization is coming to a jump which has never happened before. Celebrate your achievement.
What a collective effort and glorious outcome. We have such a overwhelming love and admiration for you. Together, we achieve the unachievable. You and I, together we are victorious. I love you and humanity as always.


Guan Yin encourages light workers to lead

Guan Yin says humanity is coming forward at an unprecedented speed. It is the determination and perseverence of the light workers that brought humanity to this point of the enlightenment. The power and influence of light workers around the world are beyond the wildest expectations you and I had. Now, the birds are out of the nests. The tigers are freed from the cages, Humanity has been liberated from eons of the wheel of cause and effect. And dear light workers, now it is  your time to claim the victory and claim your leadership roles and run with the momentium.
It is Divine's will that humanity be free from its past burdens. It is Divine's will that humanity is being liberated from its horrific past doings and come forward with a clean slate. It is Divine's will that light workers (from now on) have a chance to focus on themselves, and prepare for the Ascension.and take humanity to the New Age.
Dear light worker, yes, it is your turn now to lead, to lead your brothers and sisters to the New Age, a new civilization that never had been experienced here before.
It is your turn now, dear light workers, to finally stand tall as Divine beings and say "follow me, I am the light, I am the way and I am that I am."
It is such a beautiful moment if the history of mankind. You and I have been working hard for this moment dear light workers. Let's stand together, walk together and usher in this glorious moment, with our hearts filled with joy, satisfaction and pride. We are so desired and deserved of this moment of victory. You and I had indeed earned it, over thousands lifetimes.
It is my desire dear light workers, too, that you move forward with no more burdens from the past. Move forward with your next mission in mind. Move forward with your newly found freedom and enormous support. Move forward and lead, lead the next generations of light workers and humanity. Together, we are moving forward to a bright future, a new Golden Age and a Galectic society. A society we all have been waiting for, and it is so near, you almost can touch it, feel it and live in it. A new society for all humanity, and a new society indeed.
Guan Yin is with you on this journey. Guan Yin will be the one to usher in this new society, and Guan Yin will be the one that leads humanity with you all. Count on her. She will be there indeed. That is why she is here on earth with you all. And she knows that her mission is the same as yours - usher in the Golden Age and lead humanity to the new civilization.
Together, dear light workers, you and Guan Yin together, will be the ones to live and walk on the new earth. How exciting it is. Guan Yin is ready, are you ready?
Guan Yin loves you eternally indeed!


Guan Yin on Faith

Guan Yin says have faith when doubt knocks on the door. Have faith when test shows ugly face. Have faith when there is no reason left to keep the faith. And have faith regardless what every body else is doing and saying. Know you are always loved and protected. Guan Yin says that faith will carry you over everything on your way to enlightenment, and faith is the way that light workers will have to stay on and keep on it. Yes, have faith today, tomorrow and yet again have faith. Know all is well. Just keep the faith. Guan Yin loves you all. And Guan Yin has faith in you all.


Mother Mary cheers you on

Dear fellow light workers, as Divine change agents, you are on the path of changing the world, this world for which you have had such love and appreciation over thousands of lifetimes of incarnations. You are so attached to it and you are so ready to change it for the better. Finally you can say that " I do make a difference!" Indeed, dear light workers. It is your turn now. It is time for you to finally come out of the shell and lead, lead the world to a better place. A place you and I  had designed painstakingly. A place humanity had yearned for over millenia. A place Divine has envisioned for humanity over the ages. And a place your brothers and sisters from above finally will be able to pay a visit to and say "Ha, your home is a pretty enlightening place. Humanity is such a creative race. look at the planet. It is such a beautiful lively place now. Amazing job, you light workers have done". And that is why we have consistently come here. And that is the reason you and I have suffered great deal over lifetimes in order to lift up the humanity to a place we so desire for humanity to be.
Humanity is at the point of lifting itself up to the level we desire and designed for it. Have hope, dear light workers. Know that humanity is indeed working toward its destiny, and you and I finally made it.
We did it dear ones. You and I, together we made it. Even though we had to go through thousand lifetimes to get here, but the end result is amazing. Now you are seeing the end result. How can we not continue to finish it and celebrate? Let's finish it and celebrate our achievement. Let's celebrate together, pat the backs of your brothers and sisters and tell them how much you appreciate their effort, how much it means to have them walk with you, how much you love them for what they have done for Mother, and how much it means to you to see this moment finally arrive. Let's celebrate together dear ones. We earnd this moment of celebration, we did indeed.
Go celebrate on this beautiful Sunday. Remeber Mother Mary celebrates with you and know Mother Mary's love is always with you no matter where you are. You are always in Mother Mary's heart and prayer. Job well done, dear ones. Mother Mary loves you. Go in peace indeed.


Mother Mary on leading

Mother Mary says that the light worker communities have come to realize that even though the light has been coming onto earth for thousands of years, and they have been endlessly and tirelessly coming to serve humanity, humanity seems still so numb and asleep and have no reactions to their services and Divine's light. It seems quite frustrating from to time, and almost hopeless at times.
But dear light worker, that is not the case if you see humanity from above and detached. Actually humanity is awakening at a speed that has never happened before. Astonishing speed and volumn indeed.
As the pioneers and wayshowers, I understand your feelings, because I have been there and done that, a Divine ambassador and way shower. I was wayshowed with Yeshua couple thousand years ago, and the memories are still vivid. However, dear light workers, my fellow love workers, I would call you because we are love. We bring love to humanity and we transfer humanity to love or rather bring their love to the surface and walk as love again like us. So we are love workers indeed.
We are at the moment of an end of an evolution. What a siginificant moment if you can recall, you and I and thousands of groups of light workers signed up for this final showdown. We will bring humanity to light and love. And that is our promise, a promise we made to Divine, and a promise we made to ourselves, dear ones.
Now is the time that promise is realizing. You know how much that promise had costed you, how much that promise had taught you and how much that promise had brought you, at end of all this, we all know what we have acomplished and we can pat our back and say "Job well done". And now it the time to do that, pat yourself at the back and say "job well done. Let's finish it and go home."
Dear light worker, I have the previllige to walk with you again at this moment of the grand history. You know how much that meant to my being and to Divine. This is the project we started together, and now is time we finish it together, a great acomplish indeed.
I am Mother Mary. And I am walking with you and among you. I am the wayshower of two thousand years ago, and I am the wayshower today. Let's show the way together dear fellow light workers. Let's show the world once again what we can do and what we will do and what Divine has done for humanity. Together, let's get the show going dear light workers, the big finale. And we then will go home, go home with big victory and big smile on our face. We are impeccable. We are victorious and we win victoriously and gloriourly. Together, You and I, together we do.
I am Mother Mary. My love for you is enormous and eternal, dear ones. never doubt my love for you. It is my love, Divine Mother's love, Guan Yin's love, together, we walk on earth. Together, we love humanity. Together, we win.
Farewell my beloved light workers. My love for you is eternal indeed. I love you.


Guan Yin on the upcoming Golden Age

Guan Yin says that humanity has gone far more than any civilization had ever achieved spiritually. That is such a great achievement in such a short hundreds years. We, as ascended masters and company of heaven are extremely pleased with the outcome so far. We are pleased  with work dear light workers have done miraculiously. We are pleased with humanity's leaps and jumps toward spiritual advancement. We know this is what humanity ready for, and we know this is what light workers had been working for over thousands lifetimes. At end, we know that all will be perfect and beautiful. Dear light workers and humanity, that end is coming, and the begining of the end is coming indeed. Together, we are together to walk through this end and get to the other side. A beautiful side indeed.
I am Guan Yin. I am with you all along, and will be with you till the end, the other side. Let's walk together dear light workers with humanity, hand in hand, walk along with each other. We are the warriors, and we are the winners. We are the ambassadors of Divine. Together, we are together indeed.
Guan Yin loves you, every each one of you.Guan Yin loves and enjoys to walk with you. So much fun on the way to victory. So much fun walking with my old friends and acquaintances over hundreds and thousands lifetimes. But this time, I can safely say this is the last time dear light workers we walk together on this planet because to gether  we have come to the end of this particular evolution. Spetachlar task we have acomplished so far, and yes we will finish it, finish it well. Let's treasure this finish line. Let's have fun and walk across the finish line together, and then we will have the celebration. The celebration of thousands lifetimes dear ones. I can't wait for that. What an extraordinary journey we had have together. Can't imagine it is coming to an end dear ones. My heart is just filled with overwhelming love, appreciation and admiration, beyond words and language. Yes, beyond words... Guan Yin loves you indeed, dear ones.
Let's finish today's conversation by saying I love you, and can't wait to see the celebration dear ones. You did it. Together, we did it. That is all for today. And I love you all, enormously indeed. I love you all, so very much.


Guan Yin on New AGE

Guan Yin says that humanity is indeed ready for enlightenment. Enlightenment for the masses ushers in the Golden Age of Gaia. We, as the Divine, look down and see such a glorious golden planet permeating with christ consciouness. Glorious indeed.
Dear Children of Gaia, open your beautiful arms and embrace the dawn of a New Age. Your civilization is coming to a jump which has never happened before. Celebrate your achievement. What a collective effort, and a glorious outcome. We have such overwhelming love and admiration for you.
Together, we do achieve the unachievable. You and I, together, we are victorious. I love you and humanity as always.


Mother Mary on releasing the fear

Mother Mary says that humanity has been living in the darkness for so long that when the light comes in, they feel threatened. They are not familiar with the light, the bright heavenly light. For humanity, the Divine light is something not existing at all. And that makes light worker's job extremely chanllenging. Through out the history, lightworkers have been living on edge, and face the abusive brutal treatments from humanity simply because the fear humanity has toward the light and light workers.
Dear light workers, you are my heroes as always. I am one of you. Even though I have had some prestigious lifetimes, but I also had lifetimes as light worker, walked on egg shells and being presecuted or simply abused to death. But that is past, that is gone dear light workers. Believe me, this time is different. This time we come as a big troop and army. This time we turn the table around. This time we stand as the power, the pioneers, the pioneers for the masses. Yes, we will be the leaders this time. We will show the way, point the direction and take the bull by the horns, lead humanity to their final destiny, a enlightened civilization.
Shake off those dreaded memories of past, dear light workers. Stand tall and smile, know you are no longer the outcast. You are the main stream. You are the torch bearers and leaders for the upcoming Golden Age.
Come join me dear light workers. Mother Mary will lead with you. Together, we will once again change the world, although this time for real and for the best, for all humanity.
I am Mother Mary. I am with you on this journey. And I am ready, are you? dear light workers. Come join me, join Mother Mary and Yeshua. Let's walk together. Together, we are the heaven sent love and light, to bright this world. Once again and change it forever this time, forever.


Guan Yin

Guan Yin says what Gaia has achieved so far is a great testimony of humanity and Gaia having to work together.
Yes, Gaia is capable of ascending and doing a great job. Yes, humanity is capable of surviving and it is doing well. But it can't happen to one without the other. Humanity cannot go anywhere without Gaia. Gaia will not ascend without her children ascending with her. What a true unconditional love Gaia and her children have shown each other. And that is the beauty beyond words. That is worth all of the effort, indeed.


Guan Yin on Divine will versus human ego

Guan Yin says accepting Divine will is the first step of enlightenment. Only when you have surrendered your human ego to the On High, great Creator, will your true path of enlightenment will be shown to you and lead you home.
Strive to surrend your human will to God's will. Know that is the first step and essential step to take before everything else. Surrender your will to the Divine will. Be the path finder and warrior of light you were created to be. Know all is well. All is well.


Guan Yin on purpose of a soul

Guan Yin says that to serve Divine is the purpose of a soul. A soul serves Divine in so many ways beyond our 3D mind can comprehand. Being in 3D world, serving the Divine can mean being a light worker, being a change agent or being an extension of the Source to experience human life so that Source will experience human life through you.
Regardless which category you fall into, you are all here to serve Divine. Serve happily and joyfully. Divine in you is the driving force and Divine in you is the engine the directs what your physical body experiences. Be the server you come here to be. Serve in joy and serve the Divine.


Guan Yin says THANK YOU

Guan Yin says that humanity has reached a point of no return on the path of enlightenment. The mass awakening is the sign that mass enlightenment will be the next phase of Ascension. Know that at this point, all light workers need to do is to stay in your center, being the peace. You are, and humanity will, go through the Ascension peacefully and without too much of the distraction simply because light workers have paved the path for humanity, and it is a smooth and easier path.
"For that I thank you, dear light workers." Guan Yin said.


Mother Mary on Religion

Mother Mary says that humanity has been misled in terms of christianity over thousands of years. It is time now to awaken to the true teachings of Divine. Heaven has sent us again to the planet earth to teach and show humanity that the God within is the God you really need to find, commune with and worship if you wish. There is no such thing that God is somewhere in heaven and you worship him and you will be saved.
Dear children of earth. It is indeed time to wake up and smell the coffee. Knowing the God within is a process. But first you have to wake up to that possibility and awareness. Once you acknowledge that the fact you are a source extension, God is within you, each and every one of you, then you are on your path--the True path, the path to find God, and God will be You. And you will be a living God on earth.
That will be my message for humanity. Wake up and smell the roses. Find God within, otherwise you are without God, I would go that far and say that because being asleep is like you won't recognize God is in you, you won't even believe you have God within you and you don't have God at all. Think about it. It is time.


Guan Yin on Inner Peace

Guan Yin says that inner peace is what counts. Once you have inner peace, the world around you on longer impacts you. Strive for inner peace. Live in your heart space, and know that is where inner peace lives. Inner peace is what you are and who you are.
Peace is a way of living, an enlightened way of living. Choose to live in peace daily, soon, the world will be in peace: Grant yourself the peace you so desire and permit yourself to live in peace. Know you have the power to create a peaceful life. And be the peace maker and live in peace.Guan Yin blesses you with peace and love indeed.


Mother Mary on Form

Mother Mary says love is what we are, love is what makes her and Divine Feminine. Remember the love you are and your brothers and sisters are is an easy way to ...commune with each other, understand each other and love each other.
You are all Divine and loved by Divine. There is no such thing one person is less Divine than the other. You are all equally Divine and loved by Divine. What is different is your physical forms (physical body or physical appearance). You chose different forms so that you experience the differences as source extension. Know you all have chosen different forms through incarnations. Only in this lifetime, you notice that what you are wearing is a form and you are an eternal being.
So, don't let the form misled you. Go out the form and be the love you are, and enjoy the love of being in form. And that is what being in form is all about. Enjoy the experience while knowing that you are formless and eternal.
Mother Mary loves you and Mother Mary cheers you on.


Mother Mary on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a tremendously diffcult time for her, Mother Mary says. She lost her beloved son, her life had forever changed since that vital moment. Being a mother, Easter is a tragic day, a day she had not only lost the love of her life, but also the hope of her life.
Throughout history, christians have celebrated Easter. For Mother Mary, she has mourned the loss ever since. The pain, the loss, the meaning of the loss. She hopes that this year will be different because humanity has realized that she was a mother first and foremost, and mourned her loss. A mother's loss, humanity's loss which had grave consequences.
At this Easter Sunday, Mother Mary will be among you, and indeed to mourn the day, the event, although with hope this year. She sees hope more and more every day, and that fills her heart with a little comfort. It is this accumulated hope and comfort that makes Mother Mary look forward to the better future for humanity. And for that she feels that the loss, the pain and the grief was worthwhile.


Guan Yin on Full Moon

Guan Yin says whether you celebrate the full moon or not, Full moon day actually is a great monumental moment for you, spiritually, physically as well as emotionally. The Full moon represents completion, the end of a cycle.
Humans in ancient times would reflect on what they did during the cycle between the new moon and full moon, celebrate what they had acomplished, and to recharge, readjust and reset so that next cycle they would do better. That is the micro mirror image of the macro natural cycle.
So, there is a good reason to sit in a quiet place. Ask yourself what you had done, and what you like to push the reset button for and then celebrate. Yes, celebrate, celebrate the great achievement you and humanity have made, not just in last cycle, but throughout the human history.
A big celebration is so over due. Celebrate tonight. Guan Yin will celebrate with you.


Guan Yin on Peace

Guan Yin says that humanity is at a point of great awakening, a mass awakening. In order to have a peaceful transition from the old 3D world to an awakened civilization, light beings and light workers have the opportunity to act as anchors, anchoring peace and love for humanity as a whole. Once peace is being anchored on earth, humanity will have a better chance of going through Ascension with ease and grace.
Dear light workers, walk in peace on earth. Be the peace humanity so deeply desires. And be the peace and grace you came here to be.
I am Guan Yin. I am here for you all. Call on me to bring peace to your heart. You are so loved and adored by great creator.