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Teachings from Guan Yin and Mother Mary



Mother Mary and Divine decree on upcoming break

Dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I love you. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers have been working extremely hard to anchor the Divine light, and now deserve a break, a physical break from anchoring the light so that you will have a chance to replenish your beautiful body and recharge the spirit.... Yes, the Divine light and love coming to earth has been very intense, and it takes a lot of light workers to anchor it for humanity. Because the intensity of the light, the nature of the light, our dear light workers feel the toll the light anchoring has taken on their body, and feel the need for breaks. And Divine has heard your prayers and plea and decided that it is time to let our dear light workers rest, just rest, nothing but rest, recharge and heal.
It is in Divine's best interest that our dear light workers feel happy and content and rest well. It is Divine Mother's desire that all souls on the planet have a chance to experience Mother's love and wake up to it. But because humanity has been in the low and dense energy for too long, it takes tremendous continuing incoming Divine Mother's light to penetrate and impact humanity and wake it up. Indeed, humanity has been missing Mother's love for so long, and it forgot what it feels like to experience Mother's love. What a tragedy.
I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. I knew it is challenging for you right now because you not only do your light work, but are also deep in the Ascension process. The toll your body has been taken is enormous. And that is why we constantly monitor your body reactions to the Divine light and reactions to the internal changes. Even though you may experience exhaustion, aches and pains, but overall Ascension symptoms have been largely under control because the Divine teams have been on the ground working 24/7 nonstop. And that is why we constantly tell you all is well. Indeed, all is well.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you continue to take great care of your beautiful body, and make sure you provide all the nutrients your body needs at the moment. I pray that you listen to your inner guidance, not neglect or overdo your body for whatever reason. I pray that you have faith that all will work out for the best interest of all. Divine plan will prevail. I pray that you know your physical limit and not stretch that limit beyond reasonable doubt, respect your body truly on a daily basis and be flexible with your life In general. I pray that you know how much I love you and Divine loves you. Have faith always, and have faith we, on the other side of the veil, always know what you are going through and always working for you. I pray that your day is a perfect one and you enjoy your beautiful life. I love you indeed. I am Mother Mary, so it is.


Guan Yin on intense energies coming on earth NOW

Dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today to share an important news. Divine has decreed that humanity's Ascension process has been quite dramatic lately, and Divine needs more time to determine the direction humanity is taking and how to maneuver in this drastic time.
Being Divine change agent, dear light workers have been feeling the dramatic ...changes humanity is going through and feel the ups and downs more prominent than before, and that is why I am here today. I want to assure you that all is well even though your body feels other wise, and your mind tells you different story. But dear heart, it is ok to feel differently than normal because the energy is different, far different lately because Divine feels the need to intensify and diversify the incoming energies so that all of the humanity get the dose of energy, not just the east or west, and not just the ground crew or light workers, all of the humanity has been bambarded by this intense wave of energy, and it is going to continue for a while. The good news is that by now your body has adopted to this mix of energies, and adopted well in the light workers communities and humanity at large, and this energy is serving just that, diversify the incoming energy to diversified groups so that different groups woke up at their own unique ways according to their own unique soul design. Yes, waking up humanity as a whole takes quite a different type of Divine light and Divine effort. Different soul groups on the planet right now resonate with different Rays of light or different frequencies. In order to tailor the incoming light so that it wakes up every body, we have to have a particular Ray to do that, to tailor the Divine light to fit every particular group, and the light coming in lately is designed to do that. So, it may feel strange or bizarre to some, but comfortable to others, it depends on your soul Ray and soul group. But the end result is what we want, which is to wake up all souls on the planet with equally designated light and love so that everyone has a chance to taste Divine Mother's love and light and wake up.
Dear heart, I love you. I am Guan Yin. I know you have been through a lot lately, and sometimes it seems too much. Being the Mother of all, I understand how you feel and why you feel the way you do. What I can tell you is that a lot of this releasing is not just for yourself, but also for your brothers and sisters, for humanity and that is remarkable and that is how you help humanity. We, on the other side of the veil, admire your sacrifice and applaud your efforts, not only for your own Ascension but also for humanity's Ascension. We know how much it takes for you to carry humanity on your back on the journey home, and we are literally stunned by your strength and effort. We love you and appreciate you and salute you dear ones. Indeed, I love you and adore you on your journey upwards and forward, and sing praises along the way. I am Guan Yin. I love you, so it is.


Mother Mary and Divine decree on light worker's achivement of internal peace

Mother Mary says dear heart, congratulations, you have indeed reached a place of peace and love, a place we call home and a place of internal peace. Yes, it is a strenuous process, but now you see the end result and you say, well, the effort has paid off, well worth it. Indeed, a well-worth-it journey and well paid off process. Now you are h...ome again. Yes, I say again because you have made it home before and now you made it home again. So beautiful you say, and so peaceful, nothing bothered me any more, and that place is home, internal peace and love. Your life becomes so calm, you live above the drama and external world. You live in that center, heart center, peaceful place as if nothing else matters. And that is the place we want you to be and finally you made it.
I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. I come today to show my support for you and give you updates. Divine has decreed that dear light workers communities have reached a level of maturity that can sustain itself quite well in this tumultuous time, and Divine and company of heaven are happy to see that and congratulate you on that.
Yes, the world is getting crazier every day, and the impact of craziness is getting stronger and stronger. In order to function properly in this environment, strong internal peace and maturity is needed, plus the personal resolve and personal perseverance, all these qualities will be your saving grace in the time of challenges and chaos. In the time to come, you will be tested again and again till you become like the steel, no external events will rock you. Only till then, you truly become the warrior, spiritual warrior for yourself and humanity, and only till then, we can finally say, you are truly ready for the challenges, and up for the tasks and up for the Golden Age, fulfill your Divine mission and be the Divine change agent you came here to be.
Dear ones, I am Mother Mary. I love you. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you continue to make progress in your journey to eternity. I pray that you love thyself and take care of your beautiful Ascension vehicle and take care of your beloved earthly family, ascend together with your loved ones. I pray that you know time is precious, it is time for you to work on your Divine mission and it is time to work with your fellow light workers, together, to get your job done. I pray that you love thyself and focus on your own wellbeing, and know your wellbeing is everything to me and to Divine. I pray that you heed my call for action, put your act together, get on your mission as soon as possible. I pray that you know how much Mother loves you, I love you, Divine loves you. Together, we prevail. Indeed, I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary, so it is.


Mother Mary on physical ascension and care for the body

Dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I want to share something important happening in your life and in the world at large. Divine Mother has decreed that all the dear light workers need to be reminded of the importance of physical care. Yes, physical Ascension has come to a point that physical wellbeing becomes the most critical element at the mome...nt. Yes, vibration wise, you all have reached the 5th dimension, and same with Gaia. But physically dear light workers have tremendous work ahead of you. In physical sense, Ascension right now is more about physical than anything else. You see a lot of souls struggling on the planet at the moment mostly because their physical condition is not suitable for the high vibration and consciousness. And as a result, all kinds of illnesses show up on the planet and plague the majority of the population. In the west, people just pop pills after pills in the hope that those chemical pills would help them reduce the Ascension symptoms and ascend easily. But the fact the matter is that chemicals are not natural to the body and to Gaia, and they have plagued the planet from the beginning, and now they are deteriorating the human body and spirit, and it won't help Ascension whatsoever, but delay the real progress a soul can make, it only makes the process more complicated. Yes, some souls have medical conditions, and have to rely on the help the medical pills provide to survive, and that is a different matter. Those souls decided pre birth that their Ascension will be a real test. If they pass, great. If they don't, it is ok because it is not their mission to ascend in this lifetime. Their mission is still in the stage of learning life lessons. So, Ascension is secondary, and those souls know that. But what I am talking about is the group of souls whose sole mission is Ascension, and yet still have such a difficulty physically. Divine is deeply concerned about the situation, and wants to address it to the dear light workers so that you get the message, start to get the act together and hopefully eventually you will overcome the physical limit and ascend physically as well as consciously.
Dear heart, I am Mother Mary, I love you. The reason I talk about physical Ascension is also because I see so many of you suffer physical symptoms of Ascension so badly, and I feel the need to remind you of the importance of your Ascension vehicle. Yes modern life doesn't help you in a way you needed. Less physical contact with Mother Earth is another big hurdle to light workers. Mother Nature plays an implacable role in your Ascension process, but yet lots of the dear light workers seldom have the chance just to sit down with Gaia, and connect with nature, let your soul go home to the Mother Earth. Lots of the population go from buildings to buildings on the daily basis, and without a chance of smelling the nature, breathing the fresh air, and breathing the Mother Nature. All these scenarios don't help you dear heart, in your Ascension effort. We, on the other side of the veil, understand the reason why you suffer physical symptoms so much, but not much we can do except to remind you to go to the nature, sit with Gaia and just breathe, let the breath heal you and let Gaia heal you.
I love you dear heart. I pray that you heed my advice and go to the nature, heal thy body, let nature be your best friend. I pray that you heed my call, take care of your beautiful body, learn about Ascension and its physical requirements, and truly live a life which is suitable for physical Ascension. I pray that you know how precious your body is, and listen to it, respect its limits, and work with it on a daily basis. I pray that you know your physical limit well, and not over extended that limit, because that limit is your body's limit, not your mind's limit. I pray that you love thyself, and practice self love and self restrain, do whatever it takes to feel better, but not to the degree that harms your body. I pray that your physical body is healthy as well as vibrant so that you have tremendous strength to serve your mission and light work. I pray that you eat healthy and know what to consume and what not to touch because the food supply on the planet right now is extremely unhealthy. It leaves very little room for your body to feel good and receive the nutrients necessary for daily functions without popping in the pills. Leave the food choices to your Divine guides, but not your minds and desires. I pray that you know how much you are loved, and how important your wellbeing is to Divine and humanity. I pray that you use your wisdom so that your life truly becomes a life of a Divine being, living Saint and living example for the Golden Age.
I love you dear heart. I pray you all have a smooth ride in the upcoming intense period of time, and know how to prepare yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally so that no matter how intense the days get, you still find your center and stay centered. I know times are tough but remember you have me, you have Divine on your side and call on us any time you need a lift, and call on me anytime you feel a need, and know the sole purpose we are here is to help you and support you so that your Ascension is smooth and successful. Call on us as aften as you like, call on us dear heart. I love you. I am Mother Mary, so it is.


Mother Mary on light worker's break and the pass of the test

Mother Mary says, dear heart, it has been a while since things have been calm and slow moving. But now you yet again come to this place where things are calm, and you feel better about yourself, your life and overall situation on the planet In general. Yes, Ascension symptoms are going to continue to present themselves simply because you are... still ascending, but nevertheless the Ascension speed is slower now compared to the last few months. So you have a chance to digest all those happenings, activations and advancement. It is natural to have ups and downs on the path of Ascension. It is not necessarily a bad thing when things are slow, it is your time to go inward, digest and integrate all the changes that have been brought to you. When things move fast, all you can do is catch a breath, try to keep up and you had no time to simply sit down and let things sink in. And now is the time to do that, to breathe a little and let the inner changes settle down, become you and you alone.
Dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I love you. I come today to cheer you up and share my support for you. Divine has decreed that all the dear light workers have just passed a great strenuous test, another huge wave of ascension Rays, and have now come to a place of calm. Divine's intent is to give light workers a break so that all of you will have a chance to simply breathe a little. Divine Mother knows how much you have gone through in just the last couple of months, and feels that you all deserve a huge round of applause and praises. Yes, you all have done such an amazing job, enduring such a gigantic amount of Divine light bambardment, and come out even stronger. I am so proud of you. None of you shrank and none of you ran away from your divine mission. For that, I say bravo, job well done!
I love you dear heart. Humanity's Ascension has gone so far and without a doubt, you have contributed to it tremendously. Yes, humanity is not mature enough to realize that at the moment but you know deep in your heart that humanity needs you, humanity loves you and humanity depends on you, and you act like a big brother, big sister and indeed help humanity to such a degree that you literally pulled humanity out of the mayhem and got on the path of Ascension. For that, I am sure that humanity will thank you some day, and humanity will worship you as their savior and their leaders.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I pray that humanity's Ascension will continue to be smooth and successful. I pray that your Ascension path is always smooth and pleasant and joyful. I pray that you know how proud Divine is of you, how proud Mother is of you and how proud I am of you. I pray that you continue your good work, take care of your beautiful Ascension vehicle and love thyself always. I pray that you know all things are going well. There is no reason to worry, absolutely no reason at all. I pray that you enjoy your life, celebrate your achievements and live your life to the fullest.
I am Mother Mary. I love you. So it is.


Guan Yin on Ascension updates

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with an important message for humanity. Divine has decreed that Ascension army has gotten bigger and bigger, to the degree that the whole of humanity has joined this Ascension army at this point, and Gaia and the company of heaven are extremely cautious about the subsequent consequences. Ye...s, we have been waiting for this day for eons of time. Divine and company of heaven have been working so hard just to see the Ascension of humanity, and now it is happening, we are all thrilled. But nevertheless, we are also very cautious because the pace of Ascension is so fast, and humanity's desire to ascend is so strong, as result, an overwhelming number of humanity get so over stressed that can contribute to the loss of lives substantially, and that is something we try to avoid. Yes, company of heaven has been doing whatever it takes to help Gaia and humanity in order to eliminate or reduce the loss of lives of Gaia's children on this great journey of Ascension. But the reality is that there are still a great number of souls who cannot or could not make it physically. It is just too hard for their body to go through this process no matter how much their souls want to succeed. For that, we send our condolences, and we totally understand this scenario and wish the case would be different, but nevertheless, sometimes, it is just not happening. And so Divine and company of heaven are very cautious at the moment, trying to determine what is the next step to take so the souls on earth will have an easier time on the path of Ascension, Divine and company of heaven will have better solutions when souls do make the exit from earth, because currently, when souls exit the planet, they directly go to the Astra realm without any hesitation. But in the future, we want souls who, for some reason leave the planet before physically ascend, directly go to the 5th dimension without going through 4th realm, because vibration wise, those souls most likely already have reached 5th realm, it is just the physical body haven't, but once the soul leaves the body, the soul should be able to reach the 5th dimension without too much of a stretch, and that is why, we, the company of heaven, are determining what to do next to get those souls to the 5th dimension without going back to the planet to try again. It is a work in progress but we will get there.
I love you dear heart. I am Guan Yin. In this critical moment of humanitarian Ascension, I come to share my love and give you updates. I understand that you are all kind of nervous about what is going to happen next to humanity and to the planet. What is happening behind the scenes is that we carefully monitor humanity's moves and decision making, once we identify the direction humanity wants to go next, we make our own decisions so that we can support Gaia and humanity. It is momentary kind of thing. In other words, humanity changes its mind from this moment to next, and as a result, we have to adjust our own decision making accordingly so that our decision is always relative to humanity's next move, and always helpful and serve as direction giving mechanism to humanity. It is very dynamic, changeable and also very rewarding. We have worked with humanity in this fashion since the beginning and it works out well, it is the spiritual law that we only can direct humanity but not manage humanity because the free will humanity has, and we want humanity to exercise the free will so that we can, in turn, experience the free will through humanity. It is the best design for all concerned.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you take great care of your physical body, make Ascension your priority, and ascend peacefully and smoothly. I pray that you heed my call for service and get on your path of dharma, serve Divine and serve humanity. I pray that your Ascension path is as smooth as it can be so that you won't have too much of the ups and downs. I pray that you see the truth and love of Divine, and know how much Divine loves you, I love you and feel it daily and never have a doubt. Know you are my great love, from the beginning and always will be. Know you mean the whole world to me and humanity, so take care of thyself for me and for humanity. I pray that you know how important your experience is to me an to the Mother, and try to enjoy your experiences as much as you can as a human being, experience a human life and experience it on the path of Ascension and enlightenment, experience it ro the fullest. I pray that you know you are such a great being, and you deserve the best, have faith that you will have the best, the best of a life and the best of the support and best of the journey. Have faith and know good things are coming, to your liking and to humanity's best interest. Indeed, good things are coming, have faith dear heart. I love you, I am Guan Yin. So it is.


Guan Yin on self protection

Dear heart, I am Guan Yin. What happening right now is that the incoming light is so overwhelming that most the souls on the planet feel it even though they may not know what it is, but nevertheless they feel the energy working on them, and that ...causes a great deal of fear and irratation. As a result, our dear light workers, the sensitive ones feel the feelings of humanity, being impacted energetically by all the chaotic energy around the planet, and that is overwhelming for some, and nearly unbearable for others. The best way to deal with this is to shield your self dear ones. You have been given all sorts of tools to protect yourself from the dark, the chaotic energy. Shielding and protecting yourself from the chaos energetically is equally important as physically. That is a must requirement for the sensitive souls as you are dear heart, you are the great light and the love of humanity. Being the savor of humanity, we do want you to understand the level of importance of your purity, your level of commitment and the level of self love and self protection. You love your self for you as well as for humanity. You protect your self for thyself as well as for Divine and humanity. It is not whether you have to do or not, it is a must and a daily routine you need to do in order to function properly. The level of your commitment really reflects on how well off you are. If you are determined to be the light and love for humanity, you would put all the time and effort into it, do whatever is the best for your self and your health, and as result, you feel better and in a better shape overall. See the connection between your level of commitment and the overall wellbeing of yours. I hope you get the point I am trying to make, act on that and get your self together, and feel better.
The energy on the planet right now is rather unbearable to say the least. Most beings are impacted in some ways. Some can handle it better than others. But overall they are negatively being impacted, and Divine and company of heaven, have been concerned about this. Great deal of planning and thought has been given to this issue, and enormous effort has been given by the Divine and company of heaven in the hope of eliminating or at least reducing the negative impact the current energetic cleasening has on our crew and dear light workers. Of course, there are always loopholes humans can find and utilize to their advantage. So, if you are feeling the overwhelming chaotic energy, you are one of those who are being impacted deeply yet not being protected enough. I am not saying that we don't protect you. What I am saying is that we provide you tools and you have to put them on, or practice whatever tools heaven has given to you so you feel you are shielded from the negative energy. That is a must considering your sensitive nature. And that is a requirement if you want to feel better overall. We can do a lot things but what we cannot do is to put your shields on for you because it is your free choice, and I hope you use free choice wisely. At least use it for your benefit and protection.
I love you dear heart. In this critical moment of your Ascension, I pray that you heed my call and protect your self. Do whatever it takes to make your self feel safe and well. I pray that you know whatever Divine is doing is for your greater good. I pray that you have faith that you are loved and protected, yet you also take the initiative to protect yourself from the chaotic energy around the planet at the moment. I pray that you know how important your wellbeing is, to Divine, to me and to the Mother. And I pray that you do whatever you can to take care of yourself, stay well and stay in a peaceful state.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, remember who you are, remember what you are and remember how much we love you and how much you are loved. Know this will pass. All of this non sense and chaos will end soon. Have faith, and stay centered without being impacted. Know life is more precious than chaos, and life is not about handling the chaos, life is about living in peace, joy and experiences different emotions. Enjoy life, live life and be happy. Be happy you have this life, this chance of experiencing life, and be content and know all is well, even though it does not appear that way, but all is well indeed. All will work out. Just allow it to happen, allow it to pass without your input. Enjoy your precious life and be happy dear heart. I love you, so it is.


Mother Mary on Divine decree and peace agreement

Mother Mary says, de heart, I come today to share important updates with you all. Divine Mother has decreed that humanity has all reached agreement in terms of peaceful living with each other, and agreed to stop any type of war, even slightly war. Humanity is going to stop it and focus on assension with Gaia. And that is great news. Divine an...d heaven are extremely relieved by the news, company of heaven is also feeling the relief because at the end of the day, it is the company of heaven who has been doing the heavy lifting, not only Gaia, but also her children as a whole. The company of heaven has been literally nonstop when dealing with humanity's Ascension and related issues. And now, it can at least breathe a little, sit back, let humanity play out its karma without worrying that humanity will blow up the planet and destroy everything. So, that is encouraging.
Dear heart, I am Mother Mary, I love you. It has been a while since humanity got on the path of Ascension, especially lately when the speed of Ascension has been exponentially faster. Humanity and Gaia have been making so much progress daily, and it is almost unrecognizable in terms of how much progress humanity having made. Being on the other side of the veil, we, the Divine and company of heaven, are extremely happy about the speed and progress that has been made, and very much looking forward to the next step which is coming by the way.
Yes, dear heart, the next step is just outside of the door, and it is knocking, answer it if you are ready. We are ready dear heart, are you ready? Are you ready to move onto next phase of the Ascension, which is the restoration of the planet and humanity? Are you ready dear heart to move on to the personal next phase which is totally individual, and personal? It will be related to your own mission and design. In other words, how you can help Gaia and humanity personally. What you can do to help and lead humanity? Are you ready dear heart? Divine thinks so, and so do you.
It is time, it is time for you to get on the path of total service, service to the Divine, service to the Mother and humanity. Of course, service can be individual, it can mean you start teaching, leading. It can also mean continuing to do what you are doing because you are already on the path of Dharma. So, ask yourself, am I on my path? Do I serve my Dharma? Serve the Mother and humanity? What is my path? My Dharma? After a while, you will be surprised that you will be led to your chosen path and start the path of great service. Once you are on the path, financially you will be automatically taken care of, and all will seamlessly work out simply because it is the design, the way it is supposed to be. So, dear heart, once you get on the path, things will be much more smooth and peaceful because you then serve God, and God will make sure you are served.
Dear heart, in this beautiful morning, I pray that you heed my call and listen to your call from the heart, and act on your greatest design, your Dharma. I pray that you know you are loved, everything will be taken care of. There is no need to worry, worry about your survival, worry about your finances and worry about your life in general, no need, there is no need to do that. Know Divine and company of heaven will take care of that when you take care of your destiny and when you take care of humanity and work for the Mother. I pray that you take great pride of what you do and who you are. Know what you do is a great honor, from Divine, me, and humanity. You are one of the greatest light beings, incarnated on earth to bring earth and humanity to eternity. What an honor that is. Be proud dear heart, and be happy you have this chance, this life to do this miraculous task for the Mother and Divine. Be proud dear heart, we, the Divine and company of heaven are proud of you, why not you dear heart? Be proud of who you are. You are my great love, Mother's great love and humanity's great admiration and love. Believe that and see that and be proud of thy self. I pray that you take great pride of what you do and cherish what you do and make a career out of it. Yes, sounds 3D, but yes, let use 3D term, make a career out of what you do dear light workers. A career for light workers, professional light workers and professional change agents. Be proud.
I love you dear heart. My love for you is eternal. Take my love by thy heart, and ride with it. Know my love and Mother's love is so strong, you can ride on it, ride with it to eternity. I love you. I am Mother Mary, so it is.


Guan Yin on wars and karma

Guan Yin says, dear heart, the war on terror had gone wrong in the sense that it didn't contain terror, it only created more terror. That is why I say it had gone wrong. You may ask then how we should handle terrorists. If we don't react, they will kill more innocent people. Dear heart, you may be right, and that is what terrorists do. They kill a...nd create fear so that they can have the power and control over people. No question about it. Terrorists are evil doers. And we can not tolerate that. But dear heart, remember also that the law of karma is in place. They kill, you react, and they kill more, and then you kill more, and the cycle goes on, and new karma is being created, and that is how humanity got to here in the first place. Humanity did not respect the law of karma, and was ignorant about self action, eventually all humanity was deeply buried in the cycle of karma, and cannot get out of it by itself. And that is why the company of heaven has been giving humanity divine dispensation over the ages in the hope to unload some of the karma so that humanity hopefully could somehow make it, somehow get it self out of the wheel of karma. But apparently it is not enough, quite frankly, the speed that humanity creates the cycle of karma is much faster than company of heaven can accommodate, and end result is the deterioration of Gaia and humanity only go s deeper into the dense and low realm, with almost no hope to go upward till we came in the started the ascension movement.
Now, humanity finally see the light, and is moving upward and forward. That takes company of heaven eons of work, plus, all of you, on the ground, finally we turned the wheel of karma for humanity, and led humanity out of the malicious cycle, and end the cycle of karma creation. For that, I am beyond thrilled and grateful.
Dear heart, I am Guan Yin, the Mother of humanity and you all. I come today to share my sentiments and share news. Humanity currently is again at a crossroad. One way is toward ascension, moving forward and upwards. The other way is to go back to create more karma, duke it out with so called terrorists and see who wins the battle. I say dear heart, stop where you are, no need to duke it out, and no need to react at all because when you react, you create a new cycle of actions and new wheel of karma, and that is the last thing humanity needs right now. The best course of action is to ignore the dark, and leave it to the company of heaven. We, on the other side of the veil, have been busy dealing with the terror creators. We are working at soul level, and that is much more effective and efficient. All you need to do is to pray for them, pray that their souls to see the light, and send them light, and leave the rest to Guan Yin and company of heaven, know Guan Yin is the Mother of all, including these so called terrorists, and Guan Yin knows how to deal with her children in general. Yes, some turned out to be the bad apples you would say. But dear heart, at the soul level, they are all good apples, good souls, it is just that they got lost, lost in the density and forget their true divine nature. I will remind them of that, and wake them up to their divine nature so that you won't have those bad apples to deal with any more. I know it is impossible for the human mind to understand how could they be so bad. But dear heart, it is all playing out because karma is at play. It is the law of karma on display. Nothing new, it is just that humanity has been in the dark so long it forgot the law of karma, forget all the universal laws, fell into a lawless state of being. I say, that is why you see so much chaos, and yet it seems there is no solution to it.
Dear heart, once you sank into the lawless state of being, nothing can work, there is no solution to the mayhem because the solution lies in the universal laws, and humanity is looking for the solution in all the places but universal laws. Then how can you find the true solution when you don't even know where to look for it? So, the bottom line is to ignore the terrorists, and let heaven take care of the rest. But it does not mean you don't take care of the innocent people, victims of wars and refugees. By all means, humanitarian efforts are needed and appreciated, war zones are indeed in need of help. Helping hand is really needed for the innocent people all over the world. So, please continue the help and support and pray for the lost souls.
I love you dear heart. On ascension front, humanity is doing a wonderful job. Humanity is ascending at a rapid speed, and dear light workers are most in a peaceful and loving space, it means almost at 5th dimension, some are there but a lot are still wobbling from time to time, but peaceful nevertheless and that is most important.
I love you dear heart. In this beautiful morning, I pray that you continue your efforts on the ascension path. I pray that you continue to help humanity, your brothers and sisters and ascend together with Gaia's children. I pray that all the so called terrorists heed my call, Mother's call, stop your nonsense, wake up to your own truth, your own divinity within, know Mother's love is with you, your soul is calling you home. So, stop the delay and come home to the Mother. I pray that all humanity's efforts will pay off, humanity and Gaia will prevail on the path of ascension. I pray that humanity heeds my call for loving each other, and walk together home to the Mother, know Mother Guan Yin is waiting for you to come home. It is time. I love you dear heart. I am Guan Yin, so it is.